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									           Bashaw Elementary School PTO Meeting Minutes
                                    Noemi Szilagyi – President
                                          Oct. 6, 2011
I. Welcome and Introductions
         Meeting called to order at 7:03pm by Noemi Szilagyi.

II. Secretary's Report
         Brooke McDerment stated that the October Minutes will be posted on the bulletin board outside the
         school office, as well as on the PTO’s website.

III. New Business
         A. Fundraiser Report
                  1. Bounce-U Family Fun Night
                          With almost 100 children attending, PTO profit from the night was about $640.
                          Noemi received many complaints, though, from parents who either didn’t receive the
                          flyers PTO sent home with the students, or who received them after the event was
                          over. During a discussion about how to prevent this from happening in the future,
                          suggestions included coordinating flyers to go home along with teachers’ weeklies
                          and printing flyers on colored paper to make them more visible to parents. It was also
                          noted that events are publicized on the Bobcat News, by word of mouth, and on the
                          website, so that parents who want information have many options, even if they fail to
                          receive the flyers.

                    2. Box Tops Program
                          The summer contest was a great success with 72 submissions totaling 5677 Box Tops
                          ($567.70). This was a huge increase over last year's contest which brought in 52
                          submissions totaling 2703 Box Tops ($270.30). Coordinator Brooke McDerment
                          announced that the weekly contests would be resuming with the first winner being
                          announced the second week of Oct. She reminded parents sending in Box Tops to
                          please include their first and last names and their teacher’s name on or inside the bag.
                          She also encouraged parents to sign up at btfe.com where they can earn extra Box
                          Tops for the school by watching a Ford promotional video or by using the Box Tops
                          website as a portal for Internet shopping.

                    3. Fall Fundraiser
                           Early numbers show a profit of more than $4,000 (not including online sales, and
                           with late orders still trickling in to the office). Although this is a smaller profit than
                           last year’s catalogue sales, the number of students participating seems to have more
                           than doubled. After an initial mix-up requiring a second flyer to be sent home with
                           the students, the new online ID assigned to Bashaw is a permanent one and the online
                           store is open year-round. (It was also noted that any purchases made online with the
                           incorrect will be credited to Bashaw.)

                    4. Cans for the Kids
                             Noemi received $347 for the 578 lbs of aluminum cans collected this past year.
        B. Volunteers Needed
                       Conference Night – Nov. 3rd
                            Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve food and to distribute cookie dough.
                            PTO will utilize some of the high school volunteers to conclude food sales and
                            clean-up so that parent volunteers are free to attend the PTO meeting starting at
                            7pm this night.

                  2. Scholastic Book Fair – Nov. 10-18
                            Heather Williams will be organizing the volunteers for this event. Those interested
                            in helping can contact Heather through the Bashaw PTO website, where she is
                            listed as the “Kindergarten Grade Rep.” They may also contact Ms. Seekins.

                  3. Holiday Festival Committees
                            The first Holiday Festival planning meeting will be Monday, October 10 @ 6pm.
                            These meetings will continue weekly until the Festival on Dec. 3rd. Grade Reps are
                            expected to attend this first meeting. All others interested in helping with this event
                            are welcome. The Holiday Festival will be from 11am-3pm this year (rather than
                            10am-2pm as in past years.) Co-chair, Holly McAndrews plans to make vendors a
                            bigger component of this year’s event. A new tab devoted exclusively to the
                            Holiday Festival will be added to the PTO website to help parents stay informed.

        C. Additional Upcoming Fundraisers
                  1. Skate Night – Oct. 13 ($5 per skater, including regular skate rental. No presales this year.)
                  2. Chick-fil-A Spirit Night – Nov. 14
                  3. Santa Shop Opens – Nov. 29
                  4. New Limited Edition T-shirts—Parents can submit designs. PTO will narrow choices to 3
                     and students will vote on the final selection.

        D. New Fundraiser Ideas (open to floor)
             Ideas included a Papa John’s pizza night, a movie night at the Lakewood Ranch Cinemas, Little
             Caesar’s frozen pizza sales, and Bashaw Bobcat reusable cups.

        E. Purchase of a Laptop for PTO
              The PTO would like to purchase a laptop for use by the Treasurer so that all financial
              documentation can be easily handed off when someone new assumes the role. Alternate
              suggestions included renting online storage (such as Quicken or Google Docs) for all PTO
              financial records and/or using school media to request the donation of a used lap top. Ann Marie
              Stewart plans to do more research on pricing and bring it to the next meeting.

              On a different topic, Brian Kendzior proposed using PTO funds to buy a larger grill. Ann
              suggested waiting to see the final numbers of the Fall Fundraiser before making a decision.

IV Treasurer's Report
        The financial report for August was presented by Ann Stewart. Reports for Sept. and Oct. will be
        presented at the next meeting.

 Meeting was adjourned at 8:21 by Brooke McDerment and seconded by Brian Kendzior.
                    Minutes were submitted by Brooke McDerment.
Upcoming Events:
October  13 – Skate Night

November 3 – Conference Night, 4-7pm & PTO Meeting @ 7pm
         7 – Cans for Kids
         14 – Chick-fil-A Spirit Night
         29 – Santa Shop Opens

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