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									                             ISSUE 2
                                            TURF FIELD                                           UC’S “SPOOK-
              OCTOBER &
            NOVEMBER RECAP
                                              OPENS                       Noel Lima-Barreira                                    Jamie Ciocon
                                                                                                          ON OCTOBER 30, STUDENTS
                                                    ON OCTOBER 13, UNION CATHOLIC
                                                                                                 from all grades celebrated the only day
                                           held its blessing ceremony for its new track
                                                                                                 on which soda cans, milk cartons, and
                                           and field. Excited Union Catholic students gath-
                                                                                                 jellybeans come to life. This year’s Hal-
                                           ered in the visitors’ parking lot to witness the
                                                                                                 loween was festive as always, as stu-
                                           blessing and to catch a glimpse of the com-
                                                                                                 dents and faculty either dressed for the
                                           pleted complex. The blessing was overseen by
                                                                                                 occasion or cheered as the costumed
                                           the Superintendent of the Catholic Schools for
                                                                                                 students paraded through the hallways.
                                           the Archdiocese of Newark Monsignor Hanbury,
                                                                                                          Cash prizes and trophies were
                                           Principal Sister Percylee Hart, R.S.M., and in-
                                                                                                 handed out to the students who had the
                                           vited guests.
                                                                                                 best individual and group costumes.
                                                    For the last five years, Union Catholic
                                                                                                 Alex Bricki ’10 won the award for best
                                           has been in talks about renovating the track
                                                                                                 individual costume with his homemade
                                           and field because of the drainage problem be-
                                                                                                 astronaut outfit, which was complete
                                           hind the school. Since the field was always so
                             The Prophet
                                                                                                 with a giant helmet and spaceship!
                                           flooded, gym classes couldn’t go out for class
                                                                                                 Bricki’s creativity has impressed stu-
                                           because it was always very wet. Consequently,
                                                                                                 dents and faculty since his freshman
                                           UC started taking bids and donations; most of
                                                                                                 year, and his costumes have been recog-
                                           the donations came from alumni and friends of

                                                                                                 nized annually in the costume contest.
                                           UC in the spring of 2009 and construction of
                                                                                                 A group of seniors who dressed up as
                                           the complex began in late June.
                                                                                                 pieces of the popular electronic game,
                                                    "Believe it or not the environment
                                                                                                 Tetris, took home the award for best
                                           you’re competing in really affects your per-
                                                                                                 group costume, while another group of
                                           formance," said Conor McDonough ’10. “But
                                                                                                 seniors that represented the famous
                                           when you step on a new field, you become ener-
                                                                                                 Disney movie, Toy Story, earned second
                                           gized, and it really lets you perform your best.
                                                                                                 place in the group category. In addition
                                           Our field is something, that as a team, we can
                                                                                                 to dominating the costume contest, the
                                           take pride in."
                                                                                                 seniors also won the trophy for best
                                                    “Phase Two of the track and field reno-
                                                                                                 Halloween hallway decorations.
                                           vation complex is adding the track surface,
                                           bleachers, and a scoreboard,” stated Associate
                                           Principal Ms. Piasecki. “We are very excited by
                                           the opportunity this track and field complex
                                           will provide to the students of Union Catholic.”

                                                                                   The winners of the costume contest dazzled everyone
                                                                                   with their creative costume ideas.

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                                                                                                        Danielle Gruskiewicz
students who are 18 and over, here is a general profile on the major candidates who ran for NJ governor to help you un-
derstand the platforms of those who were in contention.
        NOTE: The winner of the gubernatorial election was Chris Christie. Because the election took place so close to our
deadlines, this story was written before the election to inform students of the major candidates running in the election.

        On November 3, Union Catholic held a mock elec-          Chris Christie (Republican)
tion for the New Jersey State Governor. The UC History
club, moderated by history teacher, Mrs. Caffrey, was the        Abortion: He is Pro-life and
organizer of the event and led each social studies class         believes that the life of every
down a decorated hallway to the library where the students       human being is precious.
could cast their vote via a laptop program set up by Web         Marriage: He believes that
Technician Mr. Johnson. During fifth period, the winner was      marriage is exclusively be-
declared to be Republican Chris Christie who received 44%        tween one man and one
of the vote. A close runner-up was the Democrat candidate        woman.
and previous governor Jon Corzine, who received 40%. Pull-
                                                                 Education: He wants to build
ing in an impressive 16% of the vote was the Independent         up colleges to support busi-
candidate Chris Daggett. Believe it or not, UC students actu-    ness and avoid "brain drain."
ally ended up predicting the outcome of the real-life elec-      He believes that the public
tion!                                                            education system is failing
                                                                 and wants to    increase ac-
                           Jon Corzine (Democrat)                countability.
                                                               Energy and Oil: He wants to make NJ a magnet for re-
                         Jon Corzine is the incumbent, or newable energy manufacturing.
                         current, governor of New Jersey
                         and was running for re-election.      Crime: He supports a 10-point plan to punish criminal
                         Foreign Policy: Supports continuing Government Reform: He would cut wasteful spending
                         foreign aid to Russia, Israel, & oth- and empower fiscal watchdogs.
                         ers. He voted yes on enlarging
                         NATO to include Eastern Europe.       Taxes: He would keep the property tax rebate program.
                                                               He would reduce New Jersey's Income Tax by making
                         Abortion: He wants to leave an across the board cuts for all taxpayers. He would pro-
                         abortion decision to a woman, her vide additional cuts or credits for NJ-based small busi-
                         doctor, & her family. He supports nesses and reduce the Corporate Business Tax Rate.
expanding embryonic stem cell research.
                                                               Environment: He would try to protect New Jersey's open
Economy: He voted no on $40B in reduced federal overall space and strongly enforce clean water and ocean pollu-
spending.                                                      tion laws.
Civil Rights: He favors requiring companies to hire more
women and minorities.                                                                   Chris Daggett (Independent)
Corporations: He voted ‘yes’ on repealing tax subsidies for                                 Environment: He believes
companies that move US jobs offshore. He voted ‘no’ on re-                                  that a strong environment
forming bankruptcy to include means-testing & restrictions.                                 and a strong economy go
Crime: He opposes the death penalty and made more strict                                    hand in hand. He will work
penalties for selling illegal drugs.                                                        with the private and non-
                                                                                            profit sectors and municipal
Education: He voted ‘yes’ on shifting $11B from corporate tax                               and county officials to clean
loopholes to education and on funding smaller classes in-                                   up brown fields and other
stead of private tutors.                                                                    contaminated sites, particu-
Social Security: He opposes privatizing Social Security.                                    larly in our cities.
Jobs: He created 26,000 jobs in transportation, construction & Taxes: His tax reform plan would extend the existing
energy while in office.                                        seven percent sales tax to a wide range of personal, pro-
                                                               fessional and household services, including services
Health Care: He delayed Medicaid changes that shift costs provided to individuals by professionals such as law-
from feds to states. He supports universal access to health yers, accountants and architects. The sales tax exten-
care, with restrictions.                                       sion would not include business- (continued on page 5)

 Page 2                                                                                            THE PROPHET
                                                                                                  Miguel Ferreira & Paul Savino
              NOTE: This article was written as a prediction for the World Series. Check out our next issue for
                              coverage of the 2009 MLB Champions, the New York Yankees!

                         IT MAY NOT BE THE SAME GROUND             A NEW STADIUM HAS BEEN BUILT
                         where Ruth and Gehrig set up shop         and a new legacy has begun. The
                         and began a tradition of dominance.       New York Yankees have made it to
                         It isn't the same field where DiMaggio    the World Series in search of their
                         and Mantle crushed balls into the         27th World Championship in their
                         friendly porch and the huge gaps.         first year in the new Yankee Stadium.
                         It's not the same place where Reggie      The new look Yankees team, led by
                         sent that third homer onto the black      newcomers Mark Teixeira and C.C
                         backdrop on one memorable October         Sabathia, is looking to break its nine
                         night.                                    year dry spell of not winning the
         But when you mention the name "Yankee Stadium"            World Series since beating the Mets in 2000.
and link it to "World Series" to any active Major League player,            The Yankees will have their hands full, having
the blood starts racing a little quicker and the hairs on the      to deal with the defending World Champion Philadel-
back of the neck stand at attention.                               phia Phillies, but they seem like they are up to the chal-
         The Phillies, however, can't afford to get caught up in   lenge after a hot post-season start. They started off the
ancient baseball history if they want to etch a chapter in his-    post-season with an impressive three game sweep of
tory of their own. The Phillies have a great chance to repeat a    the Minnesota Twins and then snuck by the Los Angeles
World Series win if they can get past the Yankees. The Phillies    Angels in a seven game series. The Angels proved to be
have great pitching and amazing chemistry. With new acquire-       a tougher match but series MVP C.C Sabathia made sure
ments featuring Pedro Martinez and Raul Ibanez, the Phillies       the Yankees took care of the Angels and went on to
look set for another World Series title.                           have a showdown with the Phillies.
         The hardest challenge that the Phillies will face will             In order for the Yankees to take this series,
be the experience and the dominance of the Yankees’ pitch-         they need to shut down Chase Utley and Ryan Howard’s
ers, which include CC Sabathia, A.J Burnett, and Mariano Rivi-     bats, and the Yankees need to keep up their shut-down
era. The Phillies might have a bigger advantage as they have a     pitching, led by Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Andy Petite, and
fresh memory of winning it all, unlike the Yankees who have-       Mariano Rivera. It would also help if Alex Rodriguez
n’t won the World Series in eight years. On the 29th anniver-      kept hitting home runs, averaging one every two games.
sary of their first World Series title, the Phillies became the             The new stadium might not have the same at-
first NL team to win consecutive pennants since the Atlanta        mosphere or bring back all of the amazing memories
Braves did it 13 years ago.                                        from the old Yankee stadium, but now the Yankees
         To many fans around the World, the Phillies probably      have a chance to make new memories, and every player
have the better chance of winning the World Series but in          has a chance to become a legend in the hearts of Yan-
baseball, anything is possible.                                    kees fans.

                                               Paul Savino
held on October 20 in the UC gymnasium. The fall ath-
letes were introduced and raced into the gym to be sup-
ported by a long and loud cheer from UC students and
teachers. The pep rally was hosted by Gerianna Pinto
’10 and Eche Nwizugbo ‘10
         After all of the athletes were inside the gym, it
was time for the cheerleading squad and gymnastics
team to perform. The cheerleaders performed a perfect
routine, and their energy excited everyone in the room.
Once the cheerleaders finished, the gymnastics team
performed and amazed everyone with its routine.
         Near the end of the pep rally there were a se-
ries of volleyball games in which the seniors came out
victorious, beating all the other classes and the teach-
ers. Miguel Ferreira ’10 said, “This year’s pep rally was            The UC cheerleaders pumped up the crowd with their
great, and I love getting together with all of my class-             smiles and enthusiastic yells.
mates and seeing all of the athletes.”

 Page 3                                                                                              THE PROPHET
     JUNIORS DON                                                   UC FALL SPORTS
     NEW “BLING”                               Alison Rebozo
                                                                       UPDATE                                      Brian Hartnett
Immaculate Heart of Mary church on the evening of              over a month now, and The Prophet now provides an update
November 4. The beautiful mass was held by Father              on how all of Union Catholic’s fall sports teams are currently
Joe Mancini, and his words truly had an impact on all          doing:
those who attended. Excitement filled the air as the
juniors filled the pews anxiously waiting for the cere-
mony to begin. Proud parents and family members
took pictures and watched as their children and loved
ones completed yet another chapter in their lives as
high school students. As the mass progressed, the stu-
dents listened attentively to the readings as they all
were messages to which each student could relate.
Each person received something out of the readings
that touched his or her heart in a certain way. Finally,
the moment came for which everyone had been wait-
ing, Father Joe blessed the rings and announced that it
was time to receive them. As each student received his
or her ring with joy, each felt an urgency to quickly
race back to the seats to try it on. “I think that the jun-
ior ring ceremony is something that really makes you                         The girls’ volleyball team now heads to the state
feel like                                                                    tournament for another shot at the state champi-
an upper-                                                                    onship.
classman,                                                      Volleyball:
and      to                                                    If putting together a long winning streak is one of the hardest
me, it is                                                      feats in sports, then what the girls’ volleyball team is currently
just what                                                      doing is simply amazing in many respects. The team is cur-
made       it                                                  rently on a sizzling winning streak of eleven games, the most
official,”                                                     important of which was a victory over Cranford for its second
Kiley                                                          straight Union County Championship on October 29. Once
Shaugh-                                                        again, strong senior leadership has been essential to this great
nessy ‘11                                                      success, as Colleen Sweeney ’10, Emily Wilman ’10, Gerianna
said                                                           Pinto ’10, and a host of other seniors have continued to leave a
proudly                                                        permanent mark on the program. However, great production
after the                                                      has also come from the junior and sophomore members of the
cere-              Junior girls proudly show off their rings   team, especially Julie Monroy ’12 and Annyssa Herlihy ’12.
mony. Smiles at the reception following the ceremony.          The big question now is can the team, currently ranked seven-
were        every-                                             teenth in the state, keep riding their hot streak all the way
where as the juniors finally held a token of their high        through the state championships. There is no doubt that the
school years.                                                  volleyball team will definitely be one of the favorites for the
          Following the Mass were refreshments located         state championship, but the major threat of Immaculate Heart
in the cafeteria. Flashes were everywhere as friends           Academy, currently ranked first in the state and the same team
gathered together to take pictures that will last as           that foiled the Vikings’ hopes last year, looms on the radar.
memories of this special day. Everyone was asking for
his or her ring to be turned, and everyone was happy           Cheerleading: The cheerleading team has shown its spirit and
with the final product. Hands down, the highlight of           has made its voice heard all over UC in the last month, cheer-
the day was receiving a ring and the most exciting part        ing at many important sporting events. Their biggest perform-
was being able to spend this day with classmates. But          ance thus far was at the Fall Pep Rally, where its upbeat and
as this was such a wonderful day, it was also a day to         exciting routine helped to make the gym come alive with
realize that this is a new chapter for juniors. It is a        school spirit. The team has also performed at several girls’
time to reflect on where we will go from here, and how         soccer games since the opening of the new turf field, and their
the future will make an impact on our lives. Such a            overall consensus is that the new field is great to perform on.
small object, like a ring, holds the power to make a           “The new field is a lot nicer,” said Megan Hely ’11. “It makes it
statement. From now on, each junior will be confident          easier to jump.” The team overall is very young, as half of the
to move forward and realize that he or she is not alone        team members are freshmen, but they appear to be adjusting
in this stressful process of being upperclassmen. To-          and performing very well, as their pep rally performance
gether we can accomplish anything. The tradition of a          showed. The team looks forward to cheering at both boys’ and
class ring is to commemorate a graduation, generally           girls’ soccer home games for the remainder of the season.
for high school and college (continued on page 10)             (continued on page 12)

 Page 4                                                                                                  THE PROPHET
  77 UC STUDENTS                                                       UC ROCKS DC
                                                                                                         Cleo Murphy-Guerrette
                                                                           THE JUNIOR/SENIOR TRIP THIS YEAR TOOK
                                                                 place on October 15-18 in Washington, D.C. The buses

  ACHIEVEMENTS                                                   departed on Thursday afternoon and, after a six hour bus
                                                                 ride and a dinner and game stop at Dave and Busters, stu-
                                                Erica Gianella   dents unloaded their bags at the Embassy Suites Hotel.
                                                                           The next day, Friday, students took a tour of
                                                                 Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, and got to
ceremony was held on October 13 in the Union Catholic
                                                                 experience firsthand what his day to day life was like, as
Auditorium. A total of 77 students were inducted this year
                                                                 well as gain information on the family of our first presi-
into the National Honor Society, with 33 juniors and 44
                                                                 dent. Students also got to see the White House and took
seniors being named.
                                                                 an informative tour of the surrounding area. That night,
         The National Honor Society consists of students
                                                                 students dressed up and attended the dinner cruise on a
across America who have achieved a high level of academic
                                                                 Spirit Cruise Line ship. There was a buffet, a DJ, and a
success and who have demonstrated the four guiding prin-
                                                                 dance floor, which were all the students needed to have a
ciples of NHS: leadership, service, character, and scholar-
                                                                 good time. “Everybody had a great time dancing,” said
                                                                 Jillian Pienciak ‘10. “It was like a more laid back prom.”
         Principal Sister Percylee Hart R.S.M., began the
                                                                           On Saturday, students woke up early and toured
ceremony with an invocation, followed by opening remarks
                                                                 the Capital building. It was a very informative experience,
from the NHS Advisor, Miss Patty Nuwer. Miss Nuwer wel-
                                                                 and students got the opportunity to stand in the very
comed and congratulated the inductees on their advance-
                                                                 rooms in which the United State’s government was devel-
ment into the National Honor Society and stressed the im-
                                                                 oped. Students learned about the architecture and history
portance of the four principles of NHS.
                                                                 of the building. Next, there was a visit to Arlington Na-
         Afterwards, four senior inductees each spoke on
                                                                 tional Cemetery. Students got to experience the changing
one of the four guiding principles of NHS and what it has
                                                                 of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Unfor-
meant to them. Before each of the four seniors spoke,
                                                                 tunately, the area experienced a lot of rain the whole week-
they each lit one of the four candles, which surrounded
                                                                 end, so the soldiers were unable to perform the entire
one big candle in the middle. The four candles represented
                                                                 ceremony of the changing of the guards, which would have
the four principles of NHS. After the four senior inductees
                                                                 included some fancy rifle work. Regardless, students were
presented their speeches, all of the inductees stood up to
                                                                 led around the cemetery and got to see war monuments
recite the honor society pledge, in which they vowed their
                                                                 and the Kennedy graves.
loyalty to be a representative model of the UC Community.
                                                                           The students stopped for lunch at the Post Office
Soon after, each inductee was individually recognized as
                                                                 food court, where they got to shop around the stores and
they walked across the stage to receive their certificate.
                                                                 see a live band play. Next, there was a stop at the hotel to
         As soon as all of the certificates had been pre-
                                                                 rest before heading off to dinner at the Hard Rock Café.
sented to the inductees, Humanities teacher Mrs. Kim
                                                                 After dinner, students visited (continued on page 13)
Leegan addressed the newly inducted members with her
witty and inspirational speech. In relation to the movie,
The Wizard of Oz, Mrs. Leegan spoke how it is always best
to “follow the yellow brick road”. She stressed that the         PROFILE OF CHRIS DAGGETT
four principles of NHS will always be a valuable impor-
tance to our lives. “I thought that Mrs. Leegan’s speech was
                                                                 (cont’d from page 2)
very inspirational, said Stephanie Ramirez ’10 , “Mrs.           -to-business services. The expansion would add $3.9 bil-
Leegan stressed some very good points.”                          lion in tax revenue.
         Following the ceremony, the inductees and their
family and friends were all invited into the cafeteria for       Education: He would open an Office for Teacher Recruit-
                                                                 ment, whose job would be to bring the best young teach-
                                                                 ers to New Jersey.
                                                                 Political Elections: He would impose a “luxury tax” on po-
                                                                 litical candidates who spend more than twice the public
                                                                 financing limit in gubernatorial elections, with 33 percent
                                                                 of the excess to be shared among rival candidates in pro-
                                                                 portion to the amount of money they have raised.
                                                                 Abortion: He supports a woman’s right to choose and a
                                                                 ban on partial birth abortions unless a doctor determines
                                                                 that there is too great a risk to the health of the woman.
                                                                 He supports the use of stem cells to further scientific pro-
    Sister Percylee, Mrs. Leegan, and the seniors who spoke      Government and Bills: He would control rising utility bills
    on the pillars of the National Honor Society posed for a     by meeting peak demand in a way that does not drive up
    picture after the ceremony.                                  consumer costs.

 Page 5                                                                                              THE PROPHET
                               WE, THE PEOPLE                                                         Jordan Morrisey & Alexa Fee
as the middle ground, and sometimes the battleground, for political thought. The goal of this column is to provide the UC
community with a presentation of both neutral and balanced analysis of political ideas, events, and trends.
        This month we have a special new segment providing readers with both sides of a very important debate: Health-
care Reform. For this new segment, I will have the help of Alexa Fee, who will provide the conservative analysis, while I
will provide the liberal analysis. To focus this analysis more thoroughly, both sides are writing on the basis that some
form of healthcare reform must occur.
        According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 47 million Americans, or 20 percent of the population under the age
of 65, were without health insurance in 2008. This should not be the case in the United States, where basic rights are
protected by the founding documents of our government, but where the government cannot insure that all of its people
can survive to practice these rights.
                     THE LIBERAL SIDE                                                THE CONSERVATIVE SIDE
         Democrats who lie on all different sides of the left                One common misconception is that the conser-
are the major driving force behind our current health care          vative side does not belief in health care reform. How-
reform. Universal health care is a goal toward which De-            ever, conservative oppositions to the current health care
mocrats have strived for over 75 years. Democrats are               reform bills are not oppositions to health care reform.
now closer than ever to achieving their goal with bills be-         “If we stay the course and do nothing new with our na-
ing put to the test on the floors of both houses of Con-            tion's health care system, we threaten the American
gress. The current bills being looked at come from five             Dream,” explained Republican Senator Michael B. Enzi of
Congressional committees, all of which face nearly unani-           Wyoming, during a lecture hosted by the Heritage Foun-
mous opposition from the Republican front.                          dation.
         There are certain conditions that all of these bills                The issue is with the new bill itself. “Our future
have: the main points that Democrats want implemented               entitlement obligations will grow,” explains Enzi, “people
in the new system of health care. The bills would expand            will pay even more money, and they will receive less
coverage by making Medicaid accessible to more people.              care. They will have to fill out more forms and wait
The expansion of Medicaid would mean that more low-                 longer to get the tests and see the doctors they need to
income individuals and families could receive health care.          see. There will be fewer doctors, nurses, and health care
With the current health care system, there are many people          professionals to take care of an increasing number of
who do not quite qualify for Medicaid, but cannot pay for           patients.”
their insurance so they are, therefore, left stuck in the mid-               In short, conservatives generally feel that the
dle with no coverage.                                               new bill does not have enough safeguards. “Spiraling
         There are other constants that all of the Democrat         costs are also forcing more employers to cut back or
bills on the floor contain and that their drafters believe are      drop the health insurance coverage they offer to their
quintessential. Another expansion of coverage would be              employees,” continued Enzi. “The United States currently
the offering of subsidies to help moderate-income people            has the largest percent of its population uninsured of
buy insurance. The bills would also forbid insurance com-           any industrialized nation. And as recent unemployment
panies from denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing           numbers show a rise to nearly 9 percent, we are sure to
conditions. This would mean that no one could be turned             face a growing number of uninsured in the coming
away from receiving health care if they already have some           months.”
sort of disease, sickness, or disability. Insurance ex-                      Most conservatives agree that there are three
changes would also be created. These exchanges are new              main issues: the cost, the application of the program,
government-regulated marketplaces where individuals and             and determining who will benefit.
small businesses could come together to buy coverage.                        The cost of the new health care reform is yet to
Through this exchange, people could shop around for the             be determined. The current amount being set aside is
best policy, instead of being forced into a certain policy by       roughly $630 billion over ten years, which the current
an insurance company. The 160 million Americans who                 Administration acknowledges is not enough for the total
already have coverage through their respective employers            changes implemented by the health care bill. It continues
would stay with their current insurance. These bills re-            to be unclear how the rest of the money will be raised
quire that everyone get health insurance or face a penalty,         for this bill to be effective. Suggestions have been every-
as well as require businesses to provide coverage or con-           thing from an increase in taxes to the reduction of the
tribute to its cost.                                                amount of tax deduction available for charities that fall
         This then leads us to the most controversial part          in the top marginal tax rate. Many look to the idea of
of the new proposed health care reforms. In the bills that          reforming the employer-sponsored health insurance,
are currently on the floor, the most debated topic is the           arguing that the tax exclusion should be reformed in
inclusion of a public option. The public option would               order to bring more money to financing the bill. This,
mean that the federal government would create its own               however, does not work in accordance to the liberal
insurance plan as an option for those buying coverage               stance on the current employer-sponsored system, or tax
through the aforementioned exchanges. The creation of               systems either.
the public option will keep insurance companies from rais-                   Another concern is how the system will be run.
                                   Please turn to page 11 for the continuation of this debate.

 Page 6                                                                                                THE PROPHET
  DRESS TO SCARE &                                              HALLOWEEN LORE &
IMPRESS: HALLOWEEN                                                 TRADITIONS Brian Hartnett
   COSTUMES ‘09                                                        WHEN THINKING OF HOLIDAYS AND TRADITIONS,
                                          Adrianna DeGazon    Halloween is probably one of the first things that come to
                                                              mind. The traditions surrounding the day, such as trick-or-
                                                              treating, jack-o’-lanterns, wearing costumes, and mischief
off their sense of creativity and style through their cos-
                                                              night, are all well known to most people in the United States
tume. The recession led people to be more creative with
                                                              and around the world. However, has anyone really ever won-
their costumes, and so did 2009’s box office hits and
                                                              dered where these traditions came from and how they came
recent events. Even though the recession caused people
                                                              to be associated with the holiday? Better yet, has anyone
to turn towards homemade creations, costume stores
                                                              ever wondered about the origins of the holiday itself? Take
were still filled with people, eager to bring to life their
                                                              a second out of Halloween to read how these widely cele-
favorite characters.
                                                              brated and famous traditions came to create the great holi-
9. Transformers                                               day that is celebrated on October 31.
A favorite among children, the infamous Autobots,
                                                              History: Halloween has its origins in an ancient Celtic festi-
Megatron, Bubble-Bee, and Op-
                                                              val of the dead, which was practiced in Ireland even before
timus Prime were big sellers at
                                                              Christian missionaries had arrived. Around November 1, the
the costume stores.
                                                              Celts celebrated their biggest holiday of the year, which was
8. Jon and Kate (minus the 8)                                 a festival called Samhain. During Samhain, the Celts believed
With the recent tabloid expo-                                 that the ghosts of the dead were able to mingle with the liv-
sure and frenzied lifestyle, Jon                              ing, and the souls of those who had died during the year en-
and Kate costumes definitely                                  tered the netherworld. Thus, many people would make sac-
were seen this Halloween.                                     rifices and light bonfires to honor all those who had died.
From Kate’s feminine mohawk                                   However, this holiday all changed when Christian missionar-
hairstyle, to Jon’s Ed Hardy                                  ies started coming to Ireland in the sixth and seventh centu-
wardrobe, these costumes were                                 ries. As part of Pope Gregory I’s orders, the missionaries
big during Halloween weekend.                                 kept many of the Celtic religious beliefs intact, but had no
                                                              use for Samhain, which they considered to be a “pagan” holi-
7. President Barack Obama
                                                              day. Instead, the Christians tried to substitute the two new
With every new president,
                                                              feasts of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day for Samhain, but
come the jokes, impersona- Wigs that resembled the
                                                              these days were unsuccessful in eliminating the beliefs of
tions, and the costumes! hairstyle of Kate Gosselin,
                                                              Samhain. The Celts used their old beliefs about Samhain to
Obama masks accompanied the most famous mother in
                                                              celebrate the evening before All Saints’ Day, or All Hallows’
with a suit and tie were America, were popular this
                                                              Day, as a time of intense supernatural activity. On this eve-
seen all over the US. As Halloween.
                                                              ning, known as All Hallows’ Eve, the Celts still celebrated the
expected, “Yes We Can!”
                                                              wandering dead, but now saw the spirits as evil and tried to
catchphrases went along with the costume.
                                                              appeal to them by offering gifts of food and drink. The
6. G.I. Joe                                                   name of this celebration was changed as time went on, first
G.I. Joe has been around for years, but exposure due to       becoming Hallow Evening before attaining the name of Hal-
the summer box-office hit G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, has    lowe’en, or Halloween.
created a new generation of fans. Young boys (and girls)
                                                              Jack-o’-lantern: The tradition of making jack-o’-lanterns at
chose to dress as Storm Shadow, a stealthy ninja charac-
                                                              Halloween arises from an old Irish myth about a man named
ter from the movie and G.I. Joe comics, and Duke, the all-
                                                              “Stingy Jack.” This myth says that Stingy Jack invited the
American hero.
                                                              Devil to have a drink with him, but true to his name, Jack
                          5. Star Trek                        refused to pay for the drink. He then commanded the Devil
                          Star Trek lovers, or “Trekkies”,    to turn into a coin so that he could pay for the drinks and
                          were decked out in their Star-      after the Devil complied, Jack pocketed him and put him
                          fleet uniforms this Halloween,      next to a silver cross. This prevented the Devil from turning
                          but fans of the summer hit also     back into his real form and left him at the mercy of Jack,
                          were! Spock, the brilliant Vul-     who eventually freed him. However, Jack tricked him once
                          can, was a favorite among           again the next year, when he convinced the Devil to climb up
                          many, and so was Uhura, a           into a tree and then engraved the sign of the cross into the
                          communications officer and          tree. Jack passed away soon after, and both God and the
                          romantic interest to Spock.         Devil were left with a dilemma. Neither of them wanted to
The     costumes      of                                      claim his soul, so the Devil sent him out with only a burning
“Trekkies” were a salute 4. Swine Flu                         coal to guide him. Jack placed the coal into a burned-out
to Spock, the fearless You may be thinking, “How              turnip and has been roaming freely around the globe ever
Star Trek leader.        could you dress up like a vi-
                                                              since. The Irish referred to Jack as “Jack of the Lantern” and
                          rus?” but with a little creativ-
                                                              later shortened it to “Jack O’ Lantern.” In Ireland, people
ity, a pig snout, and tissues, a (continued on page 13)
                                                              began carving scary faces into (continued on page 13)

 Page 7                                                                                              THE PROPHET
           TERRIFYING TV                                                            HOMEMADE
             SPECIALS                                          Jamie Ciocon
ness of Halloween and use the month of October to air the creepiest
movies and shows. Here are the three specials that we at The                                                      Stephanie Vasquez
Prophet could not wait to watch:                                                       EVERYONE WANTS THE BEST HALLOW-
                                                                               een decorations, but not everyone can afford the
3. ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween (October 19-31): It is just
                                                                               fancy lights and scary blow-up balloons. Here
not Halloween without the airing of classic family movies such as
                                                                               are some less costly ways to decorate for the
The Goonies, The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, and The
                                                                               holiday with everyday items that can be found
Mask. For thirteen straight nights, ABC Family delivered these and
                                                                               around the house. The ideas are simple yet still
other classics, including the 1990s Batman movies, a new addition
                                                                               very scary.
to the line-up. The network also showed more recent Halloween
movies like the animated Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, the 2005 re-               Hanging Ghosts: Squish a wad of toilet paper or
make of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Haunted Man-                tissues together to form a small ball about the
sion, which is based on the popular amusement ride at Disney                   size of a golf ball. Place the ball in the middle of
World. ABC Family even aired Halloween-themed episodes of Amer-                a white tissue. Gather the tissue around the ball
ica’s Funniest Home Videos. Since its debut in 1998, 13 Nights of              and tie a string around it. When its turned up-
Halloween has contributed to the spooky spirit of Halloween by                 side down, the hanging part of the tissue be-
hyping up its viewers for the holiday.                                         comes the ghost and the ball becomes the head.
                                                                               Use a black marker to draw a face on the ghost.
2. Disney Channel’s Halloweentown saga: The story of a town
                                                                               Attach a string or ribbon and hang it. To make
made up of trolls, living skeletons, and other fantasy beings sepa-
                                                                               bigger versions of a ghost, use larger paper,
rated from the mortal world is an absolute classic to those who re-
                                                                               such as sheets of newsprint or white paper
member the “good old days” of the Disney Channel. Halloweentown
                                                                               towel sheets. It is possible to use golf balls or
was first released in 1998, followed by Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s
                                                                               rubber balls instead of making paper balls.
Revenge in 2001, Halloweentown High in 2004, and Return to Hal-
loweentown in 2006. The saga follows Marnie Piper, a young girl                Icky Cobwebs: Cut some string into four foot
who first learns of her witch heritage in the first installment and            lengths and tape them to the ceiling. Using a
continues to develop her magic skills throughout the series. Audi-             very dim room for this and just before the vic-
ences found themselves cheering for her amidst the havoc in Hal-               tim arrives, hold a bowl of water up to the string
loweentown because she was headstrong and determined to save                   and get it wet. When people walk in, the wet,
the day whenever problems came along. With its simple sense of                 slimy string will brush across their foreheads
adventure characteristic of the Disney movies of the 1990s, Hallow-            and scare them!
eentown and its sequels are great reminders of the Disney Channel’s
                                                                               Living Room Decoration: Furniture covered
golden age, and nostalgic teenagers love watching the saga every
                                                                               with white sheets makes any house look as if it
                                                                               was abandoned years ago. Add in some ghostly
1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: This beloved cartoon                 window treatments by hanging shredded cur-
                                                based on the popular           tains in the windows and placing a hidden fan
                                                comic strip by Charles         near the curtains to create movement. Also cut
                                                Schulz is by far the most      out ghost silhouettes to hang in the windows
                                                important staple to Hal-       out of the curtains.
                                                loween.      Our favorite
                                                                               Trash Bag Pumpkins: One of the best things
                                                characters from Peanuts
                                                                               about the Halloween season is raking leaves into
                                                come to life and celebrate
                                                                               huge piles and then jumping into the leaves.
                                                Halloween.     As Charlie
                                                                               Stuff the leaves into giant, heavy-duty trash
                                                 Brown endures the mis-
                                                                               bags and decorate black trash bags as spiders
     Charlie Brown & the gang headed out fortune            of    receiving
                                                                               and white ones as ghost. Leave these trash bag
     to trick-or-treat in this classic special.  rocks instead of candy
                                                                               creatures on the front lawn as decorations. Most
                                                 while    trick-or-treating,
                                                                               grocery and hardware stores even sell orange
Linus and Sally wait together in a pumpkin patch for the arrival of
                                                                               trash bags with pumpkin faces that can be
the “Great Pumpkin.” The special’s first broadcast took place in
                                                                               stuffed with leaves.
1966; since then, it has been nominated for an Emmy Award and
released on home video several times, including a Remastered De-               Colored Lights: One of the most effective, not
luxe Edition released in 2008. To commemorate its fortieth anniver-            to mention easiest, ways to decorate for Hallow-
sary, a retrospective book titled, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie             een is with colored light bulbs. Replace your
Brown: The Making of a Television Classic was released in 2006 with            standard porch light bulbs with orange or black
a copy of the full script, storyboard excerpts, and exclusive photos.          bulbs that can be purchased at a hardware
The Peanuts gang has been warming hearts for decades, and their                store. It is also good to string Christmas lights
Halloween adventures never fail to entertain audiences of all ages.            that are in white, black and orange colors.

 Page 8                                                                                                    THE PROPHET
AN OPINION: WHAT’S WITH                                                                        FRIGHT
     THE VAMPIRES?                                                   Adrianna DeGazon
                                                                                              FEST: IT’S
Vampire hype has exploded in the last two years. However, the vampire storyline
hasn’t stuck to the “Dracula” plot, filled with garlic, crosses, capes, and coffins.
The vampires are modern, can go out in sunlight, live among the humans, and peo-                GOOD
ple all over the world have seemed to cave into the mesmerizing frenzy.                                 Cleo Murphy-Guerrette
          I read the Twilight Saga, TWICE! I loved it. It was a love story mixed in
                                                                                                    THIS YEAR’S SIX FLAGS
with vampires and fantasy. The book was written so well by the author, Stephanie
                                                                                           Fright Fest ran on the weekends
                                                   Meyers, that it actually seemed real.
                                                                                           from October first through No-
                                                   I found myself believing that there
                                                                                           vember sixth. The cost of entry
                                                   was such a thing as vampires.
                                                                                           varied; Fright Fest is a part of Six
                                                   “They seem really mysterious and
                                                                                           Flags general admissions but
                                                   beautiful, and if I was going to
                                                                                           some areas charge extra for the
                                                   school with the Cullens, I would try
                                                                                           haunted houses. Most of the Six
                                                   to sit at their table!” Daphne Abra-
                                                                                           Flags roller coasters and non wa-
                                                   ham ’12 said about the Twilight
                                                                                           ter rides were open for use during
                                                   vampires.      I’ll admit, something
                                                                                           Fright Fest.
                                                   about the mystery and sophistica-
                                                                                                    During the day, the park
                                                   tion of vampires has drawn me to-
                                                                                           catered to a more childlike ap-
                                                   wards anything that has to do with
                                                                                           proach to Halloween, featuring
     Why are the Cullens (portrayed here by their vampires. I even started watching        Looney Toons characters and fun
     respective movie actors) and vampires from the new show, Vampire Diaries, and         games. After dark, some parks
     other stories so enigmatic?                   have seemed to fall into the same
                                                                                           featured a "scare free zone" for
                                                   trap I did while reading Twilight,
                                                                                           the children. However, at night,
craving more and more for this fictional being. But why? Does it have to do with
                                                                                           the park became a more frighten-
the fact that modern writers of vampire plots have made them seem so human, yet
                                                                                           ing adventure. Each six flags park
so inhuman?
                                                                                           featured its own mix of spooky
          This new generation of vampires has caused so much uproar, but today’s
                                                                                           features. Fright Fest events in-
readers and lovers of this modern creature aren’t the only ones that have become
                                                                                           cluded: the normal Six Flags rides,
obsessed throughout the years. In the 1990s, the teen generation fell in love with
                                                                                           mazes, costumes ghouls, ghosts,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Charmed, shows which featured vampire char-
                                                                                           and spooky characters, dance
acters. In the 1960s, there was Dark Shadows. The lead vampire, Barnabas Collins,
                                                                                           shows, musical shows, haunted
was the textbook definition of a ‘typical’ vampire. He slept in a coffin; garlic acted
                                                                                           houses, and most of all, the per-
as a repellent; he wore a cape; a stake through his heart would kill them, etc. Yet
                                                                                           fect mixture of fear and fun.
throughout all these shows, and their different plots, people still gravitated to-
                                                                                           Since Fright Fest was Six Flags'
wards the story, the vampire. The character Dracula really was the catalyst in the
                                                                                           "last hurrah" of the season, it was
phenomenon. He has survived through generations of readers and movies and the
                                                                                           the perfect time to go all out. The
many adaptations of the story since Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula. Even back in
                                                                                           thrill of not knowing what was
1897, the mystique and awe of vampires captured mass audiences.
                                                                                           lurking in the shadows of Six
          As with most stories, there is some sort of romance that is involved. The
                                                                                           Flags was the perfect way to
same storyline always seems to appeal to readers. The vampire lures the girl to like
                                                                                           heighten the Halloween experi-
him, to trust him. They fall in love. Meanwhile, mysterious killings are happening
                                                                                           ence. While walking around the
all over, and the girl becomes suspicious. She starts seeing the eccentricities with
                                                                                           park, visitors were chased by
her boyfriend. She soon starts putting the pieces together and finds out that her
                                                                                           scary looking ghosts and zombies.
love isn’t human. He either then kills her, bites her, or they coexist together. Why
                                                                                                    “Fright Fest was awe-
is this appealing? Is it because it’s the ultimate example of “forbidden love?” The
                                                                                           some,” said Chaz Carter ’10. “The
object of the character’s desire that they know they want, but know they cannot
                                                                                           shows and the dancers were all
have. The one that seems to have an effect on them, who when they are apart,
                                                                                           great and their costumes were
seems to have a magnetic pull to where they are? “We are all ‘romanced’ or fasci-
                                                                                           surreal.” On Saturday and Sunday
nated [with] the characters.” Jamie Davila ’12 said. “Vampires are mysterious.”
                                                                                           afternoons during Fright Fest,
          There is no particular reason why some are drawn to the stories about
                                                                                           there were live music perform-
vampires. Some don’t even like the stories. I know that I find reading or watching
                                                                                           ances by local bands.
about vampires fascinating because each author has his or her own little twist to
                                                                                                    Even though this year’s
the story. The vampires seem so chic and act so effortless (maybe because they’ve
                                                                                           Fright Fest has put its zombies to
have all of eternity to get it right.) Their fictional immortality has been taken liter-
                                                                                           rest and has frightened its last
ally in the world, and it seems that they are living within the ‘realms’ of our real
                                                                                           fans, Six Flags will undoubtedly
world, never dying, and still luring us all into their mind games. And, it works. We
                                                                                           have more ghouls and ghosts in
still pick up a copy of Twilight, tune in to watch what happens next week, and just
                                                                                           store for next year’s Halloween.
can’t get enough of them.

 Page 9                                                                                                THE PROPHET
           SENIOR TIMELINE                                                        NEW EMAIL
               UPDATE    Jordan Morrisey
                                                                                 PROGRAM FOR
Catholic. Between all of the schoolwork and extracurricular activi-
ties, there seems to be little time for anything, but the seniors have                                             Jamie Ciocon
to stay on top of all of their college checklists.                                       ON OCTOBER 5, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL
                                                                              of Student Affairs Mr. Reagan announced to the
•    By this time, you should have a list of colleges to which you plan       senior class that it had been awarded a new
     on applying. Review this list with your parents and guidance             privilege for the year: the use of Google Mail
     counselor.                                                               (Gmail) as its emailing program. Gmail re-
•    Try to visit as many of these colleges as possible, in order to          placed Microsoft Office Outlook, the default
     make a more informed judgment of these schools.                          program for Microsoft users that, prior to this
•    Get application and financial information and deadlines for each         change, placed restrictions on the accessibility
     of these schools.                                                        of email by only allowing students to retrieve
          • By this point, you would be applying Regular Decision to          emails while at Union Catholic. Gmail now al-
              these schools. Regular decision deadlines usually fall          lows the seniors to send and receive emails
              between January 1 and February 15.                              from all places, validating UC’s “anytime, any-
•    Look to see which of the colleges on your list accept the Com-           where” laptop motto.
     mon Application.          This application is accessible at                         Web Technician Mr. Johnston stated
     www.commonapp.org.                                                       that in addition to greater accessibility, Gmail
                                                                              also has the benefits of better spam protection,
          • The Common Application is easier to use then the indi-
                                                                              more space – seven gigabytes in comparison to
              vidual applications of each school. There is a list of par-
                                                                              Microsoft Outlook’s ten megabytes – to hold
              ticipating schools that accept the Common Application.
                                                                              emails, the ability to be integrated into mobile
          • When using the Common Application, you must look to               devices, and useful services such as Google Cal-
              see if any colleges require an additional supplement to         endar and Google Documents. “Teachers can
              any information asked for in the Application itself. This       post their deadlines through Google Calendars
              information can be found on the college’s page on the           and even share items through Google Docs,”
              website.                                                        said Mr. Johnston. In fact, English teacher Mrs.
•    Work on your applications and pick up a packet in the guidance           Dellanno has already put Google Documents to
     office that explains what needs to be handed in to both guidance         use; her English 4AP students submitted their
     and the teachers that are writing you recommendations.                   first drafts of their college admissions essays
          • This packet will tell you to fill out transcript request          to her through Google Docs, and she was able
              forms, secondary school report forms, and teacher               to electronically edit them to perfection. Other
              evaluation forms (the last two are only if you are using        teachers have also taken advantage of Google’s
              the Common App).                                                services.
                                                                                         Mr. Johnston first implemented Gmail
                                                                              through a group of about twenty teachers who
JUNIOR RINGS (cont’d from page 4)                                             tested the program in March. The administra-
                                                                              tion loved everything that Gmail had to offer,
                                                                              and by May, all the teachers and faculty had
students. As a whole, these rings are a combination of school pride
                                                                              switched to Gmail. “It took quite a while be-
and entrance to the world of adulthood. The interesting part is that
                                                                              cause we transferred all the old emails [from
each ring is a specific symbol for the person wearing it. Not one ring
                                                                              Microsoft Outlook] into the new system,” said
is alike in any way, and each holds an individuality that separates it
                                                                              Mr. Johnston of the transition, “but pretty soon
from another. Each student customized their ring to best represent
                                                                              everyone was using Gmail and loving it.”
how he or she wished to be remembered after high school. Most stu-
                                                                                         Due to the fact that the email system is
dents included the ‘Viking’ as it is our school mascot, and most added
                                                                              hosted by UC, all emails sent to and from stu-
a sport he or she may play and any other activities in which the stu-
                                                                              dents are still monitored by the administration.
dent may be interested. Our rings show others what we are interested
                                                                              The ability to communicate by email remains a
in and who we are. “Coming into my junior year, getting my ring was
                                                                              privilege, and its abuse is not tolerated.
something I really looked forward to. It is a reminder of how far I have
                                                                                         Mr. Johnston mentioned that “a signifi-
made it in my life. The ring shows me that this is only the beginning
                                                                              cant part of the senior class has yet to sign in”
of the rest of my life,” said Joanna Sibala ‘11. If there is one thing stu-
                                                                              to their Gmail accounts and therefore, these
dents can agree on, it is that these rings will be held close to our
                                                                              seniors have not yet taken advantage of the
hearts as we continue to grow and mature as adults.
                                                                              current senior privilege. But will the privilege
         The day as a whole turned out to be a huge success! The turn-
                                                                              of Gmail be extended past the senior class to
out was great, and many juniors received rings. Whether you received
                                                                              the entire student body? Only time – and Asso-
a ring or not, it was a time to truly bond with classmates as this was a
                                                                              ciate Principal of Technology Miss Piasecki –
reminder that we will always be close at heart. These rings were a re-
                                                                              will tell.
minder of today, tomorrow, and each day to come.

 Page 10                                                                                                THE PROPHET
                           WE, THE PEOPLE (cont’d from page 6)
                THE LIBERAL SIDE (continued)                               THE CONSERVATIVE SIDE (continued)
the public option will keep insurance companies from rais-       What will the definition of public option? Many conserva-
ing prices that people will have to pay. The companies will      tives feel like the implementation of system with a pub-
have to keep their premiums lower so that they can still         lic option will lead to many employers opting out of pro-
receive business without everyone choosing the public op-        viding health care for their employees. There are multi-
tion. In the House, they are very close to receiving the 218     ple problems with this: one; that would lead to even
voted needed to pass a version a the bill that would in-         more people on an insurance plan, originally designed to
clude the public option, which is so coveted by the liberal      help those who did not have the option of insurance at
Democrats. As for the Senate, it appears that a public op-       all. That will lead to more demands on an already-
tion forced upon all states will not happen, but that an         experimental system, which leads to inadequate cover-
“opt-out” option could pass through. This would allow            age for both those who had originally not had coverage,
states to choose to not have the public option within the        but also for those forced to take the public option be-
insurance exchanges within their states. If the opt-out          cause there is no alternative option. This shows that not
measure passes, we will surely find that those states that       only is the current healthcare bill not necessarily taking
opt-out will be those that continually go “red” when it          into account all possible ramifications of its passage, but
comes to elections or support of bills and laws.                 it also shows how the current bill could lead to problems
          The question of who will pay for this new health       for more people than expected.
care reform is then at hand. Democrats have a plan to not                 Ultimately, the cost-benefit must be looked at.
only bring health care to everyone, but also a plan to pay       While it may seem as a pessimistic way to consider the
for it. The expansion would be financed through the col-         situation, but many conservatives consider this to be the
lection of penalties, paid by those who do not obtain insur-     case. The current national debt is reported to be at
ance. There will also be an 8 percent payroll tax on all em-     eleven trillion dollars, with a deficit of $1.84 trillion. The
ployers who do not offer coverage to their workers. Also         question is, can the United States afford to pass a bill
in the bill are the provisions to cut $500 billion from Medi-    that is not sustainable? The funding would have to come
care over the next decade. Within the House plan, there is       from the upper and middle classes – there is not enough
the proposal of a 5.4 percent surcharge on people with           government funding to keep the program running with-
incomes over $500,000 and families with incomes over one         out raising taxes. While the liberals focus on the money
million dollars. This tax to those with high incomes would       coming from the wealthy, there is no guarantee that is
raise $460 billion over the next ten years.                      enough to cover the additional costs that will ultimately
          There is some misunderstanding amongst some of         come from such a complicated program. Until there are
the opponents of this health care reform who believe that        more safeguards, and more planning, the bill will con-
middle class Americans will have to pay, while they receive      tinue to get opposition from the conservative side.
little or no benefit. What everyone must realize is that not
only will these people benefit, but so will the twenty per-      On November 7, the Affordable Health Care for America Act was
cent of Americans who are uninsured or who are falling           passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 220 to 215.
into economic despair because they cannot handle the fi-         This Act includes a public option as well as the other points that
nancial toll that their current plans are putting on them.       the Democrats pushed for. The ball is now in the Senate's court,
                                                                 as it will begin drafting its own bill for health care reform.

               NOVEMBER CHARITY SPOTLIGHT                                                                                Alexa Fee
Joslin Diabetes Center, a diabetes institution that emphasizes three major components of diabetes awareness: research,
care, and education.
         The Joslin Diabetes Center, with its headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts, puts a lot of effort into edu-
cating the public about diabetes. There are different forms of diabetes, such as Type 1 and Type 2. According to the Jos-
lin website, Type 1 diabetes (also known as juvenile diabetes) is a “chronic disease that destroys the body’s ability to
make insulin, a hormone used to break down and store energy.” Roughly one in five hundred children has Type 1 diabe-
tes, which thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Those who have Type 1 diabetes
have to monitor their blood glucose level and be aware that Type 1 can lead to the immune system attacking itself.
         Type 2 diabetes is another form of diabetes. Type 2 is the more common form, accounting for 90% to 95% of all
cases of diabetes. Type 2, or adult-onset diabetes, occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin, a condition
also known as insulin resistance. It typically occurs in people who are over 40 years old, overweight, and have a genetic
history of the disease. Factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and physical inactivity also contribute to the
development of the disease.
         What makes the Joslin Diabetes Center unique is that the center is focused on not only education, but providing
care for those who have diabetes, as well as promoting research to better understand the disease. The Center’s focus “is
on what we can do today and in the future to improve the lives of people with diabetes, [as well as] honor our past
achievements—on which those of today are built.” Founded in 1898, the Center continues to develop in accordance to the
changing nature of diabetes – expanding its care and research programs to accommodate the rising number of those di-
agnosed with the disease. For more on the Joslin Diabetes Center, check out its website at http://www.joslin.org.

 Page 11                                                                                                 THE PROPHET
LONGER FALL SPORTS (cont’d from page 4)
SCHOOL sports Country: in their fourmembers of the boys’ cross country team have contributed tosea-
              so much
                       The senior
                                      years here, and all of their hard work has truly paid off this

       son. The team brought home their second straight Mountain Valley Conference Champion-
 DAYS? ship and had a by theirsecond-place showing inwho Union County Championships. They were
       once again led
                                star, DJ Thornton ’10,
                                                              despite injuries, still took home both the
                Alexa Fee    individual conference and county championships with gutsy performances. Three other sen-
    EARLIER THIS YEAR,       iors, Kevin Mulligan ’10, Mike Cahill ’10, and Matt O’Donnell ’10, were also instrumental to the
President Barack Obama       team’s success, as each one finished in the top ten at the conference championship race. This
declared that reforms        group’s work is still not done, as they still have the Catholic Track Championships and the
be made to education in      State Championships coming up.
the United States. In                 While the girls’ cross-country team might not yet be champions, they have made sev-
March of this year,          eral important strides toward contending for a championship. The team placed fifth in the
President Obama pro-         conference championships and seventh overall in the conference championships. They have
posed that one of those      been led by Jenna Socci ’11, who finished in the top ten in both championship races, and have
changes should be the        received a great contribution from Grace Kelly ’13, who cracked the top ten in the conference
extension of the school      championship.
    “[The current aca-       Gymnastics: The gymnastics team has lived up to their expectations and has had a very solid
demic calendar] puts us      year thus far. The team has accomplished their goal of winning a few meets and has even
at a competitive disad-      scored in the high nineties, considered a very high score, in a meet. The team placed sixth
vantage,” he explained       out of eleven teams in the recent Union County Championships, with Nicole Pietrapertosa ’12
in a press release. “Our     finishing third overall in the vault competition. The team has also seen major contributions
children spend over a        from their new members, particularly their two freshmen, Sally Beriont ’13 and Jacqueline
month less in school         Fabricatire ’13. Overall, it looks like this year has already been a success for the team. “The
than children in South       team is doing really well, and I’m really proud of them for doing their best,” said Marissa Mas-
Korea. This is no way to     trocola ’11.
prepare them for a 21st
century economy.”            Boys’ Soccer: On paper, the boys’ soccer team might not have had the greatest year, but a
    Currently, students      closer look at the numbers reveals several close and competitive games that nearly went their
in the U.S. spend 180        way. The team started off slow, losing its
days in school, twenty       first five games, before ending the year
days less than countries     with a 4-12 record. They scored wins
like Thailand and 63         over teams like Roselle and Hillside, but
less that Japan. Presi-      they also held their own against some of
dent Obama and Arne          the top teams in the county, including a
Duncan, Secretary of         near-upset against top-ranked and unde-
Education, explain that      feated Cranford early in the season. The
current U.S. educational     team’s high point was a victory over rival
standards do not match       Roselle Catholic in the preliminary round             The boys’ soccer team came together to
up with other coun-          of the Union County Tournament. Stand                 celebrate their season at the Fall Pep Rally.
tries’, and that inequal-    outs for this team included Evan Gingrich
ity puts students in         ’11, Mike Veiksans ’11, Mark Osores ’11, and goalie John Hao ’10.
America at a global dis-
advantage. The U.S. De-      Girls’ Soccer: When talking about this year’s girls’ soccer team, resiliency is one big word that
partment of Education        comes to mind. “We didn’t give in,” said Sarah Cunha ’11. “We always tried our best to come
released analysis of         back to win or tie.” The team finished the year with a respectable 8-10-1 record and reached
how American students        the state playoffs, where they lost to DePaul in the first round. The team’s greatest victory
compare to those in          came in a thrilling victory in penalty kicks over a favored Summit team in the Union County
other     countries,   ex-   Tournament. Some major contributors to the team were forwards Alyson Guzman ’11 and
plaining that “In math,      Vicky Lopes ’12, who both scored many goals. The team also received strong contributions
our 15-year-olds’ scores     from freshmen Courtney McGovern ’13 and Dara Maguire ’13.
now lag behind those of
31 countries. In science,    Tennis: It can definitely be said that no other team at Union Catholic faced the unique chal-
our     eighth    graders’   lenge that the girls’ tennis team faced this year. Over half of the members on the team were
scores now lag behind        new, with some members having very little prior experience in the sport, and the team some-
their peers in eight         times had trouble fielding enough people for a match. Still, the team fought strongly and
countries that had also      even won a few matches, including a victory over Roselle. “The high point of the year was
participated in the origi-   around the time of the Pep Rally when the entire team came together,” said Colleen Cassidy
nal assessment. In read-     ’11. “We won a couple matches, and everyone was working together real well.” Some of the
ing, five countries have     noteworthy players for the team included captain and first singles player, Jaelynn Lee ’10,
(continued on page 16)       Avery McWilliams ’13, and Colleen Cassidy ’11.

 Page 12                                                                                               THE PROPHET
POPULAR COSTUMES                                          HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS (cont’d
(cont’d from page 7)                                      from page 7)
Swine Flu costume was a HUGE hit! Swine Flu has           turnips and other vegetables and placed them near doors to scare
been an epidemic sweeping the nation and has              Stingy Jack away. Irish and English immigrants to America
proven to be a harmful virus, but with a little hu-       brought the jack-o-lantern tradition with them and soon found
mor through a costume, many who wore this                 that an American fruit called a pumpkin made for the best jack-o’-
gained chuckles from their friends.                       lanterns.
3. Werewolf                                               Trick-or-Treating: The tradition of trick-or-treating very likely
With the new installment in the Twilight saga, New        dates back to earlier All Souls’ Day festivities in England and Ire-
Moon, coming out November 20, Jacob Black imper-          land. During these festivities, poor citizens would go around
sonators drove a lot of fans wild. Because were-          from door to door begging for food, and they would receive pas-
wolves are part human, jeans and lots of hairiness        tries known as “soul cakes” in exchange for promising to pray for
constituted a werewolf costume.                           that family’s deceased relatives and friends. This distribution of
                                                          “soul cakes” was seen as a means of replacing the ancient practice
2. Vampires
                                                          of leaving food and drink for roaming spirits. This practice be-
The age-old costume with fangs, a cape, and fake
                                                          came known as “going-a-souling” and was taken up by children,
blood make-up…how unoriginal! Although the
                                                          who would go around to each home and receive food and other
popular vampire costume image may seem played
                                                          treats. However, it is not exactly known how this tradition made
out, the Twilight craze and new vampire exposure
                                                          its way to America. There is no evidence that “souling” was ever
changed the whole look. The “modern” vampires of
                                                          practiced in America, and the first mention of a begging ritual did
today look fairly normal. Jeans and a tee-shirt with
                                                          not come until 1911. The actual phrase “trick-or-treat” did not
some fangs made many look like Edward Cullen,
                                                          appear in print until 1927.
and many, who wanted to conform to the tradi-
tional look, could have called themselves members         Costumes: The practice of wearing costumes at Halloween comes
of the Volturi, the ‘’bad guys’ of the Twilight series.   from the pervading fear of ghosts and spirits making their reap-
                                                          pearance to the earthly world. At the time this custom began,
1. Michael Jackson
                                                          winter was very uncertain and frightening, with food supplies run-
The King of Pop! Fans all over the world remem-
                                                          ning low and the dark days causing many people to be filled with
bered the late King of Pop with dancing and sing-
                                                          worry. The Celts and the English believed that ghosts would come
ing, and of course a black fedora hat. A sparkly
                                                          back to the earthly world on Halloween, and the people were
glove on the right hand, taped fingers on the left
                                                          afraid that they would encounter ghosts if they left their house.
and black high-waters with white socks and dancing
                                                          In order to avoid being recognized, the people would wear masks
shoes gave many Michael Jackson impersonators a
                                                          when they left their homes so that the ghosts would mistake them
“Thriller” look! Another MJ costume worn by many
                                                          for spirits. Like many of the other traditions, the practice of
fans was the red leather jacket, which Michael wore
                                                          wearing costumes was brought over to America and started to
in the Thriller video. All over the world this Hal-
                                                          become really popular in the early 1900s. They started to appear
loween, those who wore the costume had the ulti-
                                                          widely in stores at the beginning of the 1930s, when trick-or-
mate “Bad” look!
                                                          treating had become popular.

UC ROCKS DC (cont’d from page 5)
Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum. It was impressive to see the wax figures including, the Kennedys, Brad Pitt, Angelina
Jolie, Brittney Spears, the Obamas, and many more, and to earn about how they were made. “My favorite was Madonna,”
said Lindsay Brid ’10. “All the figures were posed so creatively.” The
night was finished off with a bus tour of the lit up Washington streets
                                               and buildings, with visits
                                               to the Lincoln Monu-
                                               ment, the World War II
                                               Memorial, the Jefferson
                                               Memorial, and the Viet-
                                               nam Memorial.
                                                        The next day,
                                               Sunday, consisted of go-
                                               ing to mass at the largest
                                               Catholic Church in the
                                               U.S., the Basilica on Despite the rainy weather, friends still enjoyed
                                               Catholic University cam- spending time with one another in Washington, D.C.
                                               pus, and a four hour
                                               bus ride home.
                                                        Unfortunately, some activities such as a motorboat tour had to be
  Students enjoyed posing with the wax figures cancelled because of weather. There was some frustration about the per-
  of famous people, such as the Kennedys.      sistent rain, but the trip was a success.

 Page 13                                                                                              THE PROPHET
     THE PROPHET                                             COLUMBUS: HERO
       TWEETS                                                  OR VILLAIN?
                                   Ally D’Aluisio                                                             Cate Munkittrick
site that allows participants to give status        honors fifteenth century Italian explorer Christopher Columbus for dis-
updates and reply to other “tweeters,” all in       covering the New World with a day off from school, and TV specials
140 characters or less. Despite the fact that       about his life and explorations on PBS and the History Channel. How-
it has been around since 2006, the Twitter          ever, a growing number of historians believe that Columbus does not
craze started early this year when celebrities      deserve credit for the discovery of America.
such as Miley Cyrus and John Mayer created                   Historians agree that in 1492, Columbus sailed west from Spain
accounts. Friends, or “followers,” on Twitter       with the hopes of finding an alternate route to Asia. Columbus acciden-
can subscribe to a certain person’s tweets          tally landed on the shores of the Caribbean Islands, which he mistakenly
and then receive those updates to their own         took for the West Indies. Even after his four voyages from the Carib-
Twitter accounts.      Users can respond to         bean to Spain from 1492 to 1504, Columbus remained convinced that
friends’, celebrities’, and even television         he had found the lands that Marco Polo reached in his overland travels
shows’ tweets by adding an “@” sign, fol-           to China at the end of the thirteenth century. However, Columbus was
lowed by the person’s twitter name, with the        not the first to reach the Americas. The Vikings from Scandinavia had
message they want to send. “Twitter is more         settled for a short time on the coast of North America in what is now
addictive than you would think,” said Stepha-       Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, during the tenth or early eleventh
nie Ramirez ’10. “If something exciting hap-        century. Although Columbus did not reach the New World first, his ex-
pens, my first instinct is to tweet about it.”      ploration had a greater impact than that of the Norse. Results of his
         Twitter is also a great way for celebri-   exploration include exchanges of plants, animals, cultures, and ideas
ties to connect with their fans on a more per-      between the two worlds as well as the deaths of millions of indigenous
sonal basis than ever before. Taylor Swift          American peoples from war, forced labor, and disease.
(@taylorswift13) has more than one million                   The question is, should Columbus be celebrated as a national
followers on Twitter, and tweets almost once        hero even after his cruel treatment of the Native Americans? Union
a day. “Grocery stores are wonderful,” she          Catholic History teachers Mrs. Kim Leegan and Mr. Bruce Douglas give
updated on October 3. “I passed by these            their views on Columbus, his exploration, and its future impacts.
brooms that smelled like cinnamon. It was                    Mr. Douglas said he doesn’t consider Columbus a hero or a vil-
100% winter. I was 100% happy.” Let’s face          lain. “I consider him courageous for taking the steps he took, but ulti-
it, how often would one hear a multi-               mately he failed with what he was trying to do [reach Asia].” Mr. Doug-
platinum recording artist talk to her fans          las said that Columbus’ harsh treatment and enslavement of the indige-
about brooms and cinnamon if Twitter was            nous people was typical a reflection of the times and the society in
not in existence?                                   which Columbus was from. He should not be blamed for the spread of
         While Twitter is a fun way for people      diseases because at the time people, including Columbus, did not under-
to stay connected, it can be argued that peo-       stand what an infectious disease was. He agrees that there is sufficient
ple have become obsessed with the site. On          evidence to prove the Vikings reached America before Columbus. How-
the public news feed, a recent tweet read           ever, he believes Columbus still deserves his national holiday because
“giving birth, be back later.” Miley Cyrus ac-      “he had the courage and vision to do something that no one else of his
tually deleted her Twitter account, stating         time was able to do.” Also, the Vikings only temporarily settled whereas
that she was becoming too addicted to the           Columbus began opened the door for future explorations and coloriza-
site and needed to physically remove herself        tions in the New World that would lead to colonial empires and eco-
from it to beat the addiction. Whether some-        nomic prosperities.
one is pro-Twitter or against it, kudos must                 Mrs. Leegan does not view Columbus Day as a celebration solely
to go to the small website that is now worth        focused on the explorer himself, but also a celebration of the Italian
$57 million. Just remember, keep it 140             culture. She said that although Columbus’ explorations came at a very
characters or less.                                 high cost to the indigenous people, “We wouldn’t be where we are today
                                                    regarding development of land and culture.” Columbus Day should
                                                    celebrate the beneficial results of Columbus’ explorations as well as sol-
                                                    emnly remember those who suffered because of it. She stated that Co-
                                                    lumbus’ treatment of the natives was typical of the era and society,
                                                    which was very sheltered at the time. Because of the lack of cultural
                                                    sharing, anything different from the norm was “foreign and frighten-
                                                    ing”, which spawned prejudices. Columbus’s misgivings and misunder-
                                                    standings of the indigenous people resulted in his cruel treatment to-
                                                    ward and enslavement of them. Mrs. Leegan credits Columbus with es-
                                                    tablishing the “connection between Europe and this continent that grew
                                                    with respect to trade, cultural and language exchange.”
                                                             Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Leegan agree that Columbus’ explorative
                                                    intuition led to the establishment of colonies in the Americas that
     Taylor Swift and other celebrities keep
                                                    would soon change the course of history.
     their fans updated through Twitter.

 Page 14                                                                                              THE PROPHET
     OCTOBER MOVIE                                               TEEN JOBS: HOW TO
        REVIEWS                                                     GET THE JOB
                                          Stephanie Vasquez                                                      Erica Gianella
PARANORMAL ACTIVITY                                                     WITH THE HOLIDAY SEASON RAPIDLY AP-
         These days, people have been getting used to re-       proaching, teenagers are scrambling to find ways to earn
cycled-horror films but finally something new and fresh         some extra cash, so they can purchase holiday gifts for
has surfaced with The Blair Witch Project. This is not a        their family and friends. Due to our economy gradually
bloody gore flick. Steven Spielberg brings a new type of        recovering from the recession, jobs are still limited. This is
horror movie to the screen. The good news is there is no        making it challenging for teenagers to find work simply
shaky camera angles in this movie because the camera is         because either employers are not hiring or teenagers are
actually on a tripod this time! Shot way back in 2006 in        competing with adults for low wage jobs.
just seven days and with a crew of three, first-time writ-              Fear not teenagers! Help is on the way. With these
ten-director Oren Peli used his own home as the setting         five easy steps, teens will be sure to land a job interview
for this modern take on the haunting of houses. Katie           and successfully be offered employment:
Featherston and Micah Sloath (the actors play characters
                                                                1.   Research: Take time out to thoroughly research the
named after themselves) decide to take their relationship
                                                                     type of job that interests you. Begin by looking at
                                             to the next
                                                                     “help wanted” ads in your local newspaper or also
                                             level by mov-
                                                                     kindly call the stores and politely ask if they are hir-
                                             ing    in    to-
                                                                     ing. If so, proceed to pick up an application. If not,
                                             gether. It's a
                                                                     politely thank them for their time and continue on
                                             typical subur-
                                                                     with your search.
                                             ban house by
                                             day, but at        2.   The Application: Once you have obtained an applica-
                                             night, things           tion, carefully examine and correctly enter the appro-
                                             start to go             priate information. On the application, when asked
                                             wrong. When             what days and hours you are willing to work, make
                                             the film be-            sure you are HONEST. Teenagers have hectic sched-
                                             gins,     Micah         ules with school and extra curricular activities; there-
Paranormal Activity makes use of low-        has decided             fore, it is imperative that employers are aware of this
budget filming to bring realistic horror.    to record eve-          information so that they can be flexible with the teen’s
                                           rything         in        work hours.
chance of an actual haunting. Katie and Micah are likable       3.   Once you have successfully filled out the entire appli-
and even kind of funny as they argue about the Ouija                 cation, immediately bring it to the store manager or
board. But the humor disappears after the first night.               supervisor. Queue in the most challenging part of the
Even with tricks like the door that slowly moves on its              job application process: waiting. Follow up with a
own builds an atmosphere that is simply bone-chilling.               phone call to the store manager or supervisor within
Shot with a small budget, the strange happenings are well            the next couple of days; this will show the manager
done with creepy shots that will freak you out. Though it            that you are serious about getting the job. If you are
does stay on one shot of the bedroom with no music, it               notified to come in for an interview, then CONGRATU-
creates a silence that is almost unbearable until the                LATIONS to you; you are one step closer to being
noises start and then you really start to get scared. And            hired. If you are not notified, do not become discour-
the weird part is that they are just sleeping but there is a         aged; continue your search because there is a job for
sensation that something is off and that is what keeps the           everyone.
viewer’s attention. What Psycho did for showers (and Blair
Witch tents) Paranormal Activity will do for the bedroom.       4.   The Interview: They are interested in you! This may be
Everyone has to hit the sack sometime, right? But can you            the deciding factor on whether you are offered the
actually sleep after seeing this? Good luck with that.               job. You want to be sure to make a memorable impres-
                                                                     sion on the interviewer, so dress appropriately. A
Where the Wild Things Are                                            pressed pair of jeans and a suitable top is appropriate
         Director Spike Jonze tries a different movie genre          for this occasion. Relax! Do not let those last minute
with this film, bringing the much-loved children’s book              jitters distract you during the interview; politely greet
“Where the Wild Things Are” to the screen. It is about a             the interviewer and shake his/her hand. During the
troublesome kid named Max (Max Records) who leaves                   interview, remember to JUST BE YOURSELF.
home to become king of monsters in the land of the Wild         5.   The manager has promised that they will get back to
Things. Jonze captures that childhood sense with emo-                you within the next few days; your fate lies in their
tions that are too strong to understand and deal with                hands.   If the manager informs you that you have
sometimes. Being mad about a snowball fight gone wrong,              been offered the job, kindly acknowledge how much
his science teacher and his mother (Catherine Kenner)                you appreciate their decision. Now, you need to obtain
reprimands Max. Consequently, Max wears his wolf suit,               the necessary legal working papers before you can
bites his mother, and runs away. After finding a boat and            begin working. If you were not offered the job, politely
sailing away, he comes to an (continued on page 20)                  thank them for their time. It is okay, just keep looking!

 Page 15                                                                                              THE PROPHET
     PUTS ON AN              PARAMORE’S
                Kayla Klein
                                                                                                                Brian Hartnett
time now, and it’s great to say that all of its hard work is starting            WHEN THINKING OF MUSICAL GROUPS
to finally pay off. The group                                           that have really made huge strides in 2009, the al-
opened for the popular band Car-                                                                       ternative-rock     band
tel at the School of Rock in South                                                                     Paramore might not
Hackensack, New Jersey, on Octo-                                                                       immediately come to
ber 20. You can tell that the band                                                                     mind.    However, this
members from This Providence                                                                           group, best known for
genuinely love their fans and their                                                                    the songs “Misery Busi-
fans, without a doubt, love them                                                                       ness,” “That’s What
back. Dan Young, lead singer of                                                                        You       Get,”     and
This Providence, was shocked by                                                                        “Decode,” has accom-
the fact that so many people                                                                           plished so much that it
waited on line outside the venue                                                                       is difficult to believe
before the show during a thunder-                                                                      that they were only
storm. That’s called dedication!                                                                       formed in 2004. After
         The School of Rock isn’t L-R: Andy Horst (drums),              opening for No Doubt on their wildly popular sum-
exactly the biggest spot to put on Gavin Philips (lead guitar),         mer tour, the group released an album, Brand New
a show, but that wasn’t necessarily Dan Young (vocals/guitar),          Eyes, on September 29. Although their album has
a terrible thing. Countless fans David Blaise (bass)                    only been out for less than a month, it is already
appreciated the fact that because                                       pretty clear to see that this album will be their
it was such a tight space, it was actually possible to meet the band    greatest success yet; in its first week of its release,
members and take pictures. A big hit was the merchandise, stuff         the album reached second on the Billboard 200 and
the bands sell to promote themselves, like their CD’s, shirts that      topped the charts in multiple countries, including
have the band’s name on it, and posters. The School of Rock is not      Australia and the United Kingdom.
only an inspirational place for young kids, but also a wonderful                 Brand New Eyes features eleven songs, all
place to meet new people. Many young bands that have had les-           written by members of the band. The second song,
sons at The School of Rock have made a name for themselves. For         “Ignorance,” was pre-released as a single and
example the band “Action Item” first started playing together as        reached number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100. The
band there. Now they tour to different states. Dan Young surely         album also features another single, “Brick by Boring
noticed that vibe, considering he did post a picture of the wall        Brick,” which is due to be released on November 17.
inside the venue on his Twitter.                                        The remaining nine songs on an album feature a
         Christine Osmak, a huge fan who’s been to numerous             variety of up-tempo pop songs, such as “Looking
This Providence concerts, said “The minute I bought my ticket, I        Up” and slow, powerful songs, such as “Misguided
started counting down the days for THIS day because every time I        Ghosts.” Several songs on (continued on page 22)
see This Prov live it’s like seeing them for the first time all over
again!” Before This Providence actually performed, The Bigger
Lights and The Summer Set played before them. The bands were            LONGER SCHOOL                              DAYS
all very impressive and talented in their own ways. The Summer
Set got the entire crowd stoked for This Providence, so when they
                                                                        (cont’d from page 12)
                                                                        improved their performance and surpassed our 4th
came out everyone was filled with excitement and ready to rock
out. They opened with the song “Waste Myself,” from their EP, The
                                                                                 Proponents of the extension say that more
Bright Lights, released in 2008. It was amazing to hear all the
                                                                        time in school can lead to students’ scoring higher
voices reciting and singing the lyrics word by word along with
                                                                        on tests. However, critics of the idea argue that ex-
This Providence. The flashing lights from the cameras wouldn’t
                                                                        tending the school year will put schools that are
stop once when they were on stage. It’s because people wanted to
                                                                        already having budget issues at a disadvantage,
capture every moment and every move they could while This
                                                                        since they will not be able to finance the additional
Providence played because who knows when they’d be back in
New Jersey. The best and worst part of the show was when This
                                                                                 “It’s a tough issue,” said Conor McDonough
Providence played their last song. It was the worst because that
                                                                        ’10. “On one hand, it would be great if students
meant the concert was ending and their time on stage was almost
                                                                        could improve their education and became more
done. On the other hand though, it was incredible because they
                                                                        competitive on the global scale. On the other hand,
played their recent hit, “Letdown.” Check out the music video fea-
                                                                        it would be tough to extend the day and still en-
tured on MTV all the time if you haven’t already. This Providence
                                                                        courage students to be involved in jobs and outside
played each of their songs equally excellent and they were every-
                                                                        activities. I’m really curious to see how this works
thing but a “letdown.”

 Page 16                                                                                              THE PROPHET
                                                  Arielle Gonzalez                                                Sarah Surma
fantastic start this year! At its first meet, the team placed        taste of magic, or just being classic, fashion experi-
fourth overall amongst ten teams from their league, and team         enced a new revolution in Paris for Fashion Week.
members won several individual awards in categories ranging          Some of the top designers at Fashion Week included
from debate to drama.                                                Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent,
         The forensics, or public speaking, team is club dedi-       and one of the most popular British designers, Alexan-
cated to fostering the love of public speaking in the UC com-        der McQueen. Each designer came up with the develop-
munity. In past years, the club has been successful sending          ment of his or her shows, which all wanted to be
team members to compete at annual National completion held           unique and catch the interest of many trendsetters.
in a different city each year. This year is no different.            Luckily, all the shows were staying on track except for
         This year’s team had a lot of rebuilding to do after        one important aspect that would affect all the design-
over half the team, many of whom were notorious for going to         ers, which was the weather. In the designer’s favor, the
nationals each year, had graduated, but, in true forensics team      weather cleared up from the nasty skies and then the
fashion, they prevailed and added over 15 new members. One           sun came out. So everyone got out their sunglasses
would that think having so many new members would hinder             and got ready for the fashion show to start.
the success of the team, but that theory was obviously de-                     At the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show, it was any-
bunked after the first meet where a majority of the new mem-                                      thing but ordinary. Who said
bers placed in their categories!                                                                  fashion should ever be so
         Among the successes of the day was the team of Alexa                                     simple? Not any of these de-
Fee ’10 and John Cierpial ’10, two returning members, who                                         signers. Marc Jacobs was the
placed fourth in Public Forum which is a two on two debate of                                     creative director of the Louis
current events. Also, new members Taylor Diken ’13 and Greg                                       Vuitton show and came up
Gagliardi ’13 placed first and fourth, respectively, in Lincoln-                                  with afros, faded denim,
Douglas, or one on one debate. First time member, Rosa Cup-                                       fringed shoes, and raccoon
pari ’13 placed first in JV Extemporaneous Speaking, writing an                                   tails attached to the models’
impromptu speech on current events. In Duo Interpretation, a                                      pants. Each new ensemble the
reenactment of a play, book, or movie with two people, the                                        model walked in had a new
team of Justine Mujica ’10 and Arielle Gonzalez ’10 placed                                          tail to go with it. For the
fourth with their piece of The Little Mermaid. Annie Cierpial          Gigantic afros were back Spring 2010 collection, Vuit-
’12, Katie Brown ’13, and Brandon Rotondo ’12, who all com-            in style at the Louis Vuit- ton was most popular for
peted in Declamation or a reiteration of speech already given,         ton Fashion Show.            his metallic knit sweaters,
placed sixth, fifth, and fourth, respectively, making up over                                       kitten heeled boots and of
half of the finals group!                                            course the signature afros on the models. According to
         Clearly, there are big things in store for this team, and   many onlookers, the show felt like high school, as it
with the second meet only a few weeks away the members are           included many models in football jerseys, quilted
hard at work. “Someone is always practicing,” said Robert Ma-        skirts, or even band jackets with a lot of metallic. “We
gella ’10. “We are working very hard to make this year one of        wanted it to be entertaining for all, which is what fash-
the best forensics years ever!”                                      ion is all about” Marc Jacobs said.
         For more information on the forensics team, and how                   Who ever said fashion can’t go country? If you
to get involved contact English teacher, Mr. Gottilla; Assistant     did, ya’ll are wrong according to Chanel. “I spent part
Principal, Mr. Reagan; or Director of Recruitment, Mr. Luciano.      of my childhood on a farm” said Karl Lagerfeld. Karl
                                                                     Lagerfeld’s life has changed severely as he now is
                                                                     working for one of the top designers in the world. The
                                                                     runway truly made you feel like you were on a farm
                                                                     between the hay stacks and barn doors you felt you
                                                                     were in the middle of a good old country farm. Some
                                                                     beautiful pieces that were presented at the Chanel
                                                                     Fashion Show were linen skirts, suits and dresses cov-
                                                                     ered with lace, and beautiful colors and patterns that
                                                                     were made for dresses. One of the all-time favorites
                                                                     was Chanel’s classic quilted handbags. Along with the
                                                                     high-fashion clothing, there were also high class celeb-
                                                                     rities at the event, including a special performance
                                                                     from British pop star, Lilly Allen, performing her hit
                                                                     “Not Fair”. Along with Allen were many other celebri-
   The Forensics team gathers for a group photo at the end of        ties, such as Prince, Kate Moss, Rihanna, and Katy
   the meet. The next meet is scheduled for November 14 at           Perry, just to name a few.
   Montville High School.                                                      Is fashion going to the (continued on page 20)

 Page 17                                                                                               THE PROPHET
        BRODEUR IS                                                       GOLDEN CLASS
       RECORD-BOUND                                                     TAKES IT TO THE
                                                  Cate Munkittrick
Devils hockey team, has the opportunity to tie the record of
                                                                            FIELD                          Noel Lima-Barreira
most career regular season shutouts on Wednesday, November                     ON OCTOBER 9, UNION CATHOLIC HELD its
4, when he faces the Washington Capitals. Tying the record on         annual Freshman Field Day. After an introduction in
the 4 would be particularly momentous for Brodeur because             the auditorium, the freshman were divided into teams
the game will be played at the Devil’s home arena, the Pruden-        by homeroom with distinguished colored shirts and
tial Center.                                                          participated in a variety of activities which included a
          The record of most career regular season shutouts is        three legged race, dizzy bat race, tug of war, potato
                                     currently held by Terry Saw-     sack races, balloon relay, spoon races, and a poster
                                     chuck     (1929-1970)     who    contest. There was a whole new event this year for
                                     played 21 seasons in the         freshman, called the gold rush. Since the Class of 2013
                                     National    Hockey     League    is the “Golden Class” (the year in which Union Catholic
                                     (NHL) with the Detroit Red       marks its 50 year anniversary), they held a ‘gold rush’
                                     Wings, Boston Bruins, To-        in which gold coins were scattered all around school
                                     ronto Maple Leafs, Los Ange-     and outdoors, and freshman were to pick them up and
                                     les Kings and New York           put them in their assigned buckets.
                                     Rangers, and recorded 103                 Members of the Student Council ran all the
                                     regular season shutouts.         events and activities, along with the Big Brothers and
                                      Brodeur earned his 102nd        Big Sisters who guided the freshman to their events.
                                     career shutout and first         “Freshman Field Day was so much fun, I got to meet
                                        shutout of the season on      new people and they are now my friends,” says Samuel
   Brodeur’s quickness and accuracy
   in guarding the goal are the keys
                                        October 17, when the          Reyes ’13.
   to his success.                      Devils beat the Carolina               There were two top prizes at the end of the
                                        Hurricanes 2-0.      While    day, the Spirit Award and the 1st Place Award. The
playing the Hurricanes, Brodeur’s 102nd shut out was not on           Spirit Award was given to the homeroom that showed
his mind; rather, he was focused on the fact that it was game         the most it had the most spirit. The slight rain and the
seven of the first round of the 2009 playoffs. In that game,          cold breeze didn’t stop homeroom 207 from winning
Carolina scored twice in the last 80 seconds of their game to         the 1st place award!
defeat the Devils and end their season on an upsetting note for                Mrs. Leegan, the Student Council supervisor,
the Devils. For Brodeur, this game was not about building a
record; it was about avenging last season’s disappointing play-
off match. "You don't forget these things,” Brodeur said. “You
try to learn from it."
          Coach Jacques Lemaire agrees that achieving this re-
cord is not what is most important on the team’s mind. "We
don't think like that," he said. "I don't see any players thinking
we have to get a shutout so he gets his record."
          Brodeur has several other records under his belt, in-
cluding most all-time, regular season, and playoff wins; the
most shutouts; games and minutes played by a goalie; shots
faced; points by a goalie; losses, ties, and goals allowed; as well
as lowest goals-against-average and highest save percentage of
any goalie. He even has the record for the most combined
shutouts (regular season and playoffs) with 118 shutouts. He
is the only NHL goalie to ever score a game-winning goal, and
is one of two NHL goalies to score a goal in both the regular
season and the playoffs, sharing this honor with Ron Hextall.          Homeroom 207 celebrated its victory at the end of the
Brodeur led the Devils to winning the Stanley Cup in 1995,             day. Social studies teacher Mr. Bace’s homeroom has
2000, and 2003.                                                        been on a winning streak, taking home the first-place
          Brodeur says he owes much of his success to the hard         trophy each year for the past several years.
work and prevailing defense from his teammates. "It's the
commitment of the players… When you get these tight games,            reflected back on the day. “It was a day where fresh-
and I've played a lot of them through my career, the margin of        man got to bond with each other as a homeroom and
error isn't just on me. It's on the defense, on everybody to          as a class.” she explained. With that said, and with the
make sure we shut down everything for us to win…” Depend-             looks on the freshman’s faces in the halls now, it sure
ing on the performance of Brodeur and the defense of his              did prove to be a success.
teammates, Wednesday night’s game could be very memorable
for Martin Brodeur, the Devils, and their fans.

 Page 18                                                                                              THE PROPHET
  CLASS OF ‘13 REPS                                             UC OPENS ITS DOORS
     ELECTED                                                     TO PROSPECTIVE
                                        Miguel Ferreira
                                                                    STUDENTS Gruskiewicz
ning and Union Catholic has organized its first class
of ’13 elections, which were extra close to ponder                   IS UNION CATHOLIC WHERE I WANT TO BE? THIS IS
on. This year’s elections were for the Class of ‘13         what many sixth, seventh, and eighth graders were asking them-
and it was the first time the freshman came together        selves at this year’s fall open house. The open house was held
and voted on an important issue.                            on October 8 at 7:00 p.m, and was run by the Admissions De-
         Freshman elections are always memorable            partment, Student Ambassadors, and the Emerging Leaders
as it’s an important first collective step for the class    Club. Young students and their parents walked and explored all
to take to becoming one group. This year’s represen-        throughout the building, while trying to make that very difficult
tative winners include Taylor Campbell ‘13, Rosa            decision of what is the best place to prepare them for their fu-
Cuppari ‘13, Aspen Jennings ‘13, Joe Mastrocola’13,         tures.
Barrington Palmer ‘13, and Thomas Wang ‘13.                          There were 350 families and 900 students that attended
         Only time will tell if the first freshman elec-    this year’s open house. When students arrived, they were first
tions will bring positive things to the class of 2013.      given many important and
Taylor Campbell said, “I’m very honored to be part          some fun things. These in- Union Catholic will be holding a
of this election and win my classmates’ confidence.”        cluded a new UC viewbook “Discover UC Night” on Novem-
                                                            and folder, containing infor- ber 17 at 7:00 PM. If you or
                                                            mation on the COOP test, someone you know is interested

  BOOK CLUB KICKS                                           Freshman for a Day, registra- in learning more about our
                                                            tion, UC’s six levels of learn- school, make sure to spread the

     OFF YEAR                                               ing, among others. Students news of this event!
                                                            were also given their first
                                        Arielle Gonzalez    piece of UC merchandise: a UC flag and pen. The night was split
                                                            into two parts. First, there was an informational assembly in the
          THE UNION CATHOLIC COMMUNITY’S BOOK               auditorium. After that, the families had a schedule to follow
Club is up and running this year, and cannot wait to        that took them to three classes, and an elective period. During
inform UC on all the latest happenings in the world of      the elective period, families could go to the cafeteria for re-
literature. Humanities Curriculum Specialist Mrs. Del-      freshments and see the many displays of different UC clubs.
lanno, and English teacher Ms. Mintel are very excited               The assembly started off with a prayer from Peer Minis-
to be starting the Book Club once again this year, and      try, and then the national anthem sung by Tejah Larkin ’10. The
are hoping to gain an even greater following.               auditorium was jam packed. There were so many people that
          The UC Book Club is devoted to promoting          many were standing against the back wall of the auditorium.
the love of reading in the UC students. The club            The first speaker of the night was Mr. Luciano, Director of Re-
meets every club period and would like to start meet-       cruitment, then Principal Sister Percylee Hart, R.S.M., followed
ings on Friday mornings to discuss the book they            by Mr. Reagan, Assistant Principal. “Teachers care about stu-
have chosen for the month.           For example, this      dents,” said Sister Percylee. She explained to the families about
month’s book is Kindred by Octavia Butler which Mrs.        UC’s 3 worlds: the real world, the virtual world, and the spiri-
Dellanno describes as a “sci-fi, history, love story,”      tual world. “Students have a need to succeed,” said Mr. Reagan.
          Along with reading fascinating books the          “Each student is treated as an individual.”
club is also interested in reaching out to the reading               In the second half of the open house, families went to 3
community. Ms. Mintel has suggested perhaps Skyp-           periods. During period one, families watched a DVD about UC,
ing, internet video chatting, with an author, and orga-     period 2 was about UC’s science department, and period 3 was
nizing a field trip took a library or bookstore. The        about UC’s math department. The student ambassadors and
club would also like to create a “Staff Favorite” list of   emerging leaders quickly directed families to different rooms in
books or an “if you liked this book, you’ll love that       the building while trying to navigate around the extremely
book” list as well.                                         crowded hallways. There were many handouts and Power Point
          The club, which has eight students arrive at      presentations in each classroom ready to inform families all UC
its first meeting, is very interested in obtaining new      has to offer.
members and encourages everyone to spread the                         The night commenced with an elective period where
word. The club states that it is appropriate for any-       families could go down to the cafeteria for refreshments and
one and everyone who has a love of reading, and dis-        learn about UC clubs, or go to the gym and learn about UC
cussing what he or she has read. “I would hope that it      sports. Many UC clubs and activities had displays set up such as
(the book club), will help students experience reading      R.E.A.C.H, French Club, and P.A.C. In addition, in the cafeteria,
in a new way,” said Mrs. Dellanno “They won’t read          families could learn about UC’s transportation system and the
book just for school, but for the shear enjoyment of        books that UC students’ use. “The turn out for this year’s open
discussing what they’re read.”                              house was very positive,” said Mrs. Thornton, Director of Ad-
          For more information on the book club and         missions. Judging from the amount of students who attended,
their upcoming events see Mrs. Dellanno or Ms. Min-         UC has a long and bright future.

 Page 19                                                                                             THE PROPHET
PARIS FASHION                                      MOVIE REVIEWS (cont’d from page
WEEK (cont’d from                                  15)
                                                   island where giant and fuzzy monsters are having trouble getting along,
page 17)                                           especially a beast named Carol (voice of James Gandolfini) who likes to
                                                                                                smash things every time he
White House? At least not right now it’s not                                                    does not get his way. To avoid
but if you want to go for a more reserved and                                                   being eaten by these creatures,
classic look you may want to look at the Yves                                                   Max quickly makes up one of
Saint Laurent Fashion Show pictures. The                                                        those run-on stories kids usu-
fashion included many simple pieces for the                                                     ally tell about his own super-
upcoming Spring collection. The designers                                                       powers and battles with Vi-
wanted to focus on a more political angle for                                                   kings. The Wild Things believe
their upcoming designs, using more neutral                                                      every word and make him
colors like black, white, nude, grey and tan                                                    their king. But Max realizes he
colors. Many of the main pieces of the collec-                                                  has been put into the parent
tion were collared shirts and pencil skirts. If                                                 role and that being in charge is
you want to dress the outfit up, the designers                                                  a big responsibility. Each crea-
added a belt to make the outfit have more of                                                      ture has its own personality
an edge.                                             Where the Wild Things Are is one of the but kids will love the big
         Move over Anna Wintour and Prince           most classic children’s books of all time.   furry creatures. There is not
because, you two are not the only ones who                                                        a whole lot of narrative, but
have reserved front row seats. Yes, “regular       there is a ton of emotional truth to the film. Not every plot point in the
people” were able to attend Paris Fashion          book is covered, but the spirit of the book is there. If you ever loved the
Week, and need I say in the front row. Many        book as kid or parent, you might cry.
designers, including British designer Alexan-
der McQueen, have given many fashionistas          Michael Jackson’s This Is It
the ability to tune into their fashion shows.               There is a certain genius and sadness about this film. March
There was video of the fashion shows stream-       through June 2009, Michael Jackson had a crew shoot his tour rehears-
ing live on the internet as the shows were         als for his sold out London extravaganza. His sold out 50-show London
going on. Many people were watching                tour called “This Is It” was both his comeback and curtain call. Director
through large internet websites, such as Face-     Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) was brought on as a creative col-
book, which consistently crashed due to how        laborator for the live show. But because of
many people were watching. While watching          the singer’s death, Ortega was asked to
from your computer screen, you felt as if you      make a concert-that-never-was out of more
were actually at the show. On the computer,        than 100 hours of film and in four months
the show had the same effects as the live          time. However, the movie was always going
show. An example of this was McQueen’s fan-        to be much more than a mere film. For many
tasy effects he had done at his show.              fans across the world, the biggest star on
McQueen made news with his fantasy- styled         the planet died. And while millions watched
runway with reptile themed clothes and even        the memorial on television, this film made it
added crab claws to go with it! It was an          seem like the more proper way to not only
amazing show to watch, and it was amazing          be amazed by Michael Jackson’s unforgetta-
to see the creativity that runs through the        ble moves and incredible voice but to finally
designers’ minds as they prepare to sell their     say goodbye. There are small moments Or-
products in Spring 2010. The big question on       tega includes that show Michael in a
all of the designers’ minds was if all the fash-   way he never would have been seen The “King of Pop” reigns supreme
ionistas are going to be able to wait until the    to us. Seeing Jackson tell a musician even after his death with This Is It.
springtime? We will find the answer soon           he is not being funky enough is not
enough soon enough.                                only funny but it also shows his human na-
         If you want to replicate any of the       ture. You cannot help but wonder if Jackson was still alive if we would
outfits or ideas the designers had given, there    have ever seen these moments. Many of the classics are shown, but
are many ways to find you own version of           "Smooth Criminal," "Billie Jean," and "Human Nature" definitely stand
their styles at a low cost. For great prices you   out. While some of the footage is in HD, a portion of it was shot in stan-
may want to look into shopping at forever21,       dard definition. The special effects only make the singer what he truly
Wet Seal, Heritage 1981 or H&M. For those          was - a force of nature. You cannot take your eyes off him with every
who have the urge to splurge and treat them-       signature move and some new ones! You get few glimpses during a re-
selves there are always great stores like Ur-      hearsal of “Billie Jean” with Michael alone on stage and the performers
ban Outfitters or TopShop. Remember, it is         cheering him on and you see that the chance for them to work with Mi-
always good to express oneself through             chael was all they ever wanted. Everything is genuine in this film and
clothing, and of course do not forget to be        that is something many people had not seen in Jackson for far too long.
unique, because being unique always makes          So for all the fans who bought their tickets to see Michael Jackson’s last
you stand out.                                     performance will not be disappointed. Thankfully, This is It is just that.

 Page 20                                                                                               THE PROPHET
               PLAYING                                THE PROPHET TRAVELS:
                                                      WELCOME TO “FUN-DON”
               FOR PINK                                                                                         Ally D’Aluisio
                               Cate Munkittrick              WHILE MOST OF THE JUNIORS AND SENIORS WERE SPENDING
               ON OCTOBER 2, THE WEST-             their weekend exploring Washington DC, I took a trip to a historical
               FIELD HIGH School Girls’ Volley-    city a little bit further away. On Tuesday, October 13, I arrived in the
ball team hosted the “Play for Pink” fundraiser    beautiful city of London, England. Upon arrival, I was not sure what I
to both raise awareness about breast cancer        should expect. I quickly came to realize that it would take me a little
and raise money for the Susan G. Komen Race        while to adjust to the new culture into which I had been thrown, start-
for the Cure, an organization dedicated to         ing when a man looked at me like I had two heads when I asked him
raising awareness and finding a cure for           where the bathroom was. I later found out that everyone there calls it
breast cancer. The night included Junior Var-      the toilet. Despite the fact that there were many differences, it turned
sity and Varsity volleyball matches against        out that London really was not that much different than a city we all
Union Catholic High School, a serving contest,     know quite well: New York City.
and a silent auction with chances to win                     Yes, the accents may be slightly different, and the buildings
prizes. Baked goods were also available, and       are definitely older and prettier, but overall, the city of London is very
all proceeds from their sale went to the Susan                                                      similar to Manhattan.
G. Komen Foundation. Those wearing pink to                                                          Piccadilly Circus, which
support breast cancer awareness were admit-                                                         rivals Times Square, is
ted for free; otherwise, students paid $2 and                                                       filled with bright lights,
adults paid $5 for admission. Students from                                                         hustle and bustle, and a
UC and Westfield High School quickly filled                                                         theatre district that ri-
the stands and proudly sported pink apparel                                                         vals Broadway.        The
in support of the cause.                                                                            “tube,” like our subway,
         The JV volleyball game started at                                                          is one of the most com-
5:30pm, with UC turning out victorious. At                                                          mon means of transpor-
6:45pm, the serving contest began and was an                                                        tation for businessmen,
enjoyable “seventh inning stretch” for fans                                                         students, and tourists
between the JV game and the following Varsity               The majestic main gate to Buckingham who, like me, dare to
game. UC won the game two matches to none                   Palace is made of solid gold.           whip out a map and fig-
after an exhausting display of hard work and                                                        ure    out   where    the
skill on both sides of the net.                    “Jubilee Line” takes you. Bond Street, similar to 5th Ave, starts with
         At the end of the game, the Westfield     Louis Vuitton and ends with a Porsche Dealership, with many other
High School team was all smiles despite their      high end stores sandwiched in between. Finally, the famous Harrods’
loss. It was time to honor their coach, Beverly    department store is a larger version of Macy’s Herald Square, with an
Torok, who came up with the idea of “Play for      additional floor dedicated solely for foods from around the world.
Pink” and is a breast cancer survivor herself.               London has never been known to have the best food, and I can
According to Torok, “I saw a similar event         say honestly that I do not disagree. Classic British foods, such as York-
called “Dig Pink” but since it was a national      shire pudding, fish and chips, and my personal favorite, mushy peas,
event, I wanted to create something that           are delicious, but others, such as bubble and squeak and black pud-
would be specific to Westfield. I am a breast      ding, are not so much. Bubble and squeak is a dish made from leftover
cancer survivor and I have had students and        vegetables that are mashed and densely packed together. The combi-
players with moms, aunts and grandmas af-          nation of cabbage, potatoes, peas, and carrots does not sound too
fected by this disease, so I thought it was im-    strange, but when they are thrown together in one mushy bite, your
portant to spread awareness,” said Torok.          original image of the vegetables begins to change. Black pudding,
         Amidst powerful cheers from the           which is not a pudding at all, is a type of sausage made by cooking pig
stands and players and a flurry of pink bal-       or cow blood until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled. Oatmeal
loons, Coach Torok and a few other distin-         and sweet potatoes are often used as fillers for this aspect of the tradi-
guished women were given flowers for their         tional English breakfast that is usually eaten on Sunday mornings. I
bravery in their fight against cancer. “The real   did not have the stomach or desire to try this English delicacy, but ac-
winners are the brave women being honored          cording to the waitress, it is a “lovely dish” that does not get enough
tonight,” said UC volleyball player Gerianna       credit. I guess I will have to take her word for it, because blood sau-
Pinto ’10.                                         sage will never be very appealing to me, no matter how nice the restau-
         Overall, the night overall was a suc-     rant is.
cessful one for both UC and Westfield High                   Even with all of the strange foods and new terms, I would not
School, with UC bringing home a JV and Var-        trade my journey to London for anything. I learned so much about
sity win and Westfield High School raising         European History, saw a culture that isn’t very far from our own, and
about $8,000 for the Susan G. Komen Race for       observed the differences in people all around the world. Most impor-
the Cure.                                          tantly, however, I learned that a bathroom is called a toilet, and a sub-
                                                   way is not an underground train. Overall, my “lovely” trip was a
                                                   “brilliant” experience that I will never forget.

 Page 21                                                                                             THE PROPHET
       NEW YORK FILM                                                    PARAMORE’S BRAND
                                                                        NEW EYES (cont’d from
         FESTIVAL                                                       page 16)
                                          Alison Rebozo & Kayla Klein
                                                                        the album are based on the band’s internal strug-
                                                                        gles after the release of their second album, dur-
tember have been reserved for the love of movies. How exactly did
                                                                        ing which they came close to breaking up. How-
such an exciting event get started? The Film Society of Lincoln Cen-
                                                                        ever, these struggles seem to be long behind
ter was founded for the pure love and enjoyment of worldly cinema.
                                                                        them, as the title of this album alludes to seeing
The society’s main purpose is to recognize outstanding directors,
                                                                        everything with a brand new perspective. In addi-
explore the talents of new filmmakers, and draw awareness of new
                                                                        tion to the popular response from audiences,
talent toward a diverse audience. This film festival includes new
                                                                        many reviewers have also highly praised the al-
upcoming works that are being premiered especially for the day.
                                                                        bum. “Brand New Eyes presents Paramore as a
With an audience of over 200,000 people from every age and race, it
                                                                        stronger, leaner, and altogether more consistent
is no wonder that the festival has become such a popular event! The
                                                                        band,” said Andrew Leahey of Allmusic.com.
New York Film Festival (NYFF) is the most famous and prominent in
                                                                                 Paramore’s busy schedule is still getting
the country because of its location, which is in the heart of one of
                                                                        busier, as they are currently on an American tour
                                               the busiest cities in
                                                                        that began the same day Brand New Eyes was re-
                                               the nation. The Walter
                                               Reade     Theater   is   leased. The tour’s New Jersey stop was at the
                                               widely used for the      Wellmont Theatre in Montclair on October 16.
                                               screenings of these      The Swellers and Paper Route opened up with a
                                               few movies. Not only     variety of rocking songs before Paramore came
                                               does the festival in-    on. Paramore’s set list consisted of seventeen
                                               clude motion pic-        songs, which were both old favorites and new
                                               tures, but it also in-   stand outs. Lead singer Hailey William’s perform-
cludes lectures, discussions, and even a Korean Film Festival. The      ance was electrifying and got the crowd jumping
most intriguing part of this event is that entries are accepted from    on several songs, particularly “Ignorance.” De-
all over the world and range from new and inexperienced filmmak-        spite the fact that the Junior-Senior trip was the
ers to a more intermediate level. This mixture of films and ideas       same weekend, several UC students attended and
collaborate to come together and become something truly one of its      enjoyed the concert. “My favorite part of the
kind, an unexplainable love for a piece of work.                        night was when [Paramore] played “I Caught My-
         The films themselves vary in some categories: American         self” because that’s my favorite song,” said Ca-
independents, documentaries, human rights, religious interests, and     resse Simmonds ’11. As one of their new song
many international cultures. Tickets range from ten to forty dollars    titles suggests, things will definitely be looking
depending on the day on which you are (continued on page 23)            up for Paramore.

                         FROM CLASSIC TO RETRO,
                         FASHION HAS NO LIMITS                                                               Sarah Surma
you ever wonder what happens to old photos and magazines that have been famously published around the world? Or
what happens to the clothing used during fashion shows and magazine spreads? The question for many people is where
do they all go? Anyone asking this question should have gone to the Model and Muse Museum at the Metropolitan Mu-
seum of Art in New York City.
         Over the summer, I had one of the best experiences in my life. I was lucky enough to visit the Model and Muse
Museum hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The Metropolitan Museum of Art presented this
exhibit to many fashionistas from May 6 – August 9. The Model and Muse Museum gave many people the privilege to see
famous dresses worn by famous models, and old Vogue magazine covers, which are the real originals that date back to
the 60’s. At the exhibit, there were famous photos of models such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and my
personal favorite, Twiggy.
         While walking through the museum, visitors saw beautiful dresses draped on mannequins. There were dresses
and outfits from that ranged from retro to classy. There were the long- flowing classical gowns and then in a flash, you
see the 60’s short sequins dresses that always seem to catch everyone’s eye. From flash to class, all of the dresses and
gowns were made out of the some of the finest fabrics and accessories in the world.
         Throughout the whole museum, many onlookers were struck in awe from the beautiful clothing to the finest
handbags and accessories and all the way to historic the fashion magazine cover shoots. It was amazing to see how the
exhibit made many people interested in fashion. There were a wide range of people slowly filing through the exhibit,
making sure they did not miss one thing. There were elderly people, teens, children with their parents, fashion students,
fashion hopefuls, and people from other countries, such as Japan. Walking through the exhibit, (continued on page 23)

 Page 22                                                                                           THE PROPHET
NYC FILM                                MODEL AND MUSE EXHIBIT (cont’d
FESTIVAL                                from page 22)
(cont’d from                            visitors saw many fashion designers getting ideas for their latest trends. Along with
                                        the fashion, one of the most memorable parts for me was when I saw two young
page 22)                                girls. One of the girls was American, while the other was from France. It was amaz-
                                        ing to see them talk about how they viewed their ideas of fashion. All of a sudden
                                        many women just suddenly stopped in their tracks. I was wondering why, and then
attending. This year many people        I looked up and saw everyone in awe. There was a one of a kind Louis Vuitton hand-
treasured the fact that the NYFF        bag on the mannequin, which explains why every single women was about to jump
sold “rush tickets.” There are only     on the stand and grab the bag. The bag was very old, but beautiful, and a definite
a few rush tickets given out so the     classic. With guards surrounding the mannequin protecting that one of a kind bag,
audience has to “rush” and get          all the women could do is just stand in awe, dreaming that one day that bag may be
them before they’re all out. The        theirs.
best part was that the tickets were              A picture is really worth a thousand words! The hundreds of pictures on
only $10! There are many options        the wall all meant something special to each and every person looking at them. One
and ways to get tickets but this                                                              of the things I love about fashion
idea seemed to stand out the most                                                             is that it has its own meaning to
because of its creativity.                                                                    every person out there. One of my
         What is the sole purpose                                                             favorite pictures was a photo-
of this event one may ask? The                                                                graph of a girl with a black hat,
structure of this festival is to send                                                         pea coat, and high boots diving
a visual message to all audiences                                                             into a swampy lake. There were
and open their eyes to a new envi-                                                            also the classic pictures no one
ronment of films. Most people are                                                             forgets, such as the old Vogue
so accustomed to seeing the                                                                   photo shoot from the 70’s with
works of famous directors at                                                                  models in a ballroom wearing
movie theaters that they do not                                                               masquerade dresses. It is easy to
come across the distinctive work                                                              see that fashion is unique and has
that is put into each movie. At                                                               the ability to take any object and
this event, all who attend have the                                                           make it a trademark that people
opportunity to connect with what
is being shown in one way or an-           The picture above was taken by designers pre- remember for their entire lives.
                                           paring for one of the sets at the Model and Muse            “I remember reading this
other. The main idea is for the
                                           Museum. Many of the dresses on the manne- exact issue and thinking about
director to show the world an in-
                                           quins were both fierce and classy, just like they how I could save money to get
terest or talent that is not seen on                                                         those earrings because, honey, at
                                           appear on many runways!
a daily basis. One is sure to have a                                                         that time I was 16 and flat broke”
great time as they experience           Eleanor, a now well dressed elderly women said about an old Vogue magazine.
original works of others. Entry in      Vogue has been around for 117 years and has never lost its class. Along with cloth-
this festival is open to anyone         ing, accessories, and designers, Vogue magazine has had one of the greatest influ-
who is a filmmaker, and it is           ences in the fashion world. Vogue is known around the world as a high- class fash-
widely encouraged that works of         ion magazine that features only the best of the best. This reputation probably
any category be submitted. This         would not have happened if it was not for someone I admire, Anna Wintour.
festival is a great way for aspiring    Wintour has kept Vogue magazine running for years, and the magazine has never
filmmakers to promote them-             lost interest with people who love fashion. At the exhibit, all one saw was old Vogue
selves and a beneficial way for         magazines, and each magazine they saw has impacted fashion to this day. Another
them to challenge themselves and        favorite I saw was a unique jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was like no other it had rhine-
see how people react toward their       stones and Vogue magazine covers all over it. The jumpsuit was definitely an eye
work. However, acceptance is            catcher and trademark for Vogue because the whole jumpsuit consisted exclusively
highly competitive. You must be         of covers of Vogue magazines.
selected from a committee. This                  One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was seeing the accomplishments of
opportunity gives people a chance       one of my idols, Twiggy. The exhibit had many of Twiggy’s magazine covers and
to stretch their abilities and have     pictures, as well as clothing worn in some of her famous spreads. Twiggy has been
the confidence to create some-          someone I have looked up to for a long time, and she has greatly impacted the art
thing big out of their work.            of fashion. Twiggy impacted fashion in such a great way that I feel she is irreplace-
Whether attending because of an         able, and her history in the fashion world will reign forever. Twiggy has left her
aspiration to be in the directing       mark on fashion through her big eyelashes, petite figure, and page boy haircut. I
field, or just being a movie lover,     feel that she has taken risks in the fashion world that no one else would think of
the festival is sure to be a hit to     taking. Her choice of fashion and modeling has greatly impacted fashion, which is
people of all ages. Since this year     seen in that fact that most of the pictures in the museum were of her. “At sixteen, I
was such a success, many people         was funny, skinny little thing, all eyelashes and legs said Twiggy, and then, sud-
cannot wait for next year!              denly people told me it was gorgeous. I thought they had gone mad,” said Twiggy.

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                             MEET YOUR STAFF!
                                                                               The fearless Editors-in-Chief of The Prophet
        This year, your friendly neighborhood Prophet has the biggest staff it has had in years! Our next few is-
sues will contain introductions to our staff, so feel free to get to know us!

        Before each story is added to the layout, it passes through the editorial staff twice. The editorial staff, led
by Copy Editor Alexa Fee, checks for spelling, grammatical, and style errors and makes other corrections so that
the story is ready to be published.

Name: Alexa Fee ‘10
Position: Copy Editor
How do you plan to use your journalism skills in the future? “Well I plan on pursuing a career in journalism,
and hopefully, I can use what I’ve learned in high school, such as self-editing skills and learning how to look for
an interesting angle, to make me a better reporter in college.”
If you could be any punctuation mark, what would you be? “I would be an upside-down question mark (used in
the Spanish language) because it looks awesome. For the record, I don’t even speak Spanish. It just looks awe-

Name: Brian Hartnett ‘11
Position: Junior Editorial Staff
What are you most looking forward to during your first year in journalism? “I’m looking forward to having a
big part in the paper and helping to spread the news to UC students.”
What celebrity would you like to have dinner with and why? “I’d have to go with Derek Jeter because I’m a
huge Yankee fan, and he’s the most clutch player in history.”

Name: Adrianna DeGazon ‘12
Position: Junior Editorial Staff
What's the advantage of taking journalism in your sophomore year? “I'm getting the experience of learning
how to write about different topics and learning first-hand about the editor position, which I hope to reach by
senior year.”
What song describes your life and why? “I would have to say it’s ‘No Drama’ by Eden's Crush because it really
talks about not letting the world bring you down and living stress-free, and that is just what I'm about right now.”

          Be sure to check out our next issue for more introductions to our staff!

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                     Junior Editorial Staff: Brian Hartnett & Adrianna DeGazon

                                  Assignment Editor: Noel Lima-Barreira

                   Sports Editors: Miguel Ferreira, Paul Savino, & Brian Hartnett

               Reporters: Ally D’Aluisio, Cleo Murphy-Guerrette, Jordan Morrisey,
                  Alison Rebozo, Kayla Klein, Sarah Surma, Cate Munkittrick,
                   Danielle Gruskiewicz, Stephanie Vasquez, Erica Gianella

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