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                                                                        HW2020 Survey Results
                                                                             July 2009

                          Improving Health Across the Lifespan                                                       Achieving Health Equity

    Adequate funding for nutrition services for people.Greater emphasis on healthy      Adequate family income to provide healthy diets. Greater emphasis on healthy
    food; particularly eliminating overuse of high fructose corn syrup in many foods.   food; particularly eliminating overuse of high fructose corn syrup in many foods.
    Advertising controls on foods with poor nutritional value. Use media to infuence
    healthy choices; and back to basic foods.
  All DOH components must focus on this area to make a real impact on society;
                                                                               Get the message out to all income groups that reaches them where they are in
3 even CD must empahize the importance of adwauate and nutritious food to keep
                                                                               their communities.
  one healthy during an outbreak or to prevent reduced immunity levels.

  Assuring food is free from pesticides and chemicals as what we eat alters our         It would be nice to see more healthy choices offered in food pantries for those foods; no preservatives and analyzing what we feed our       food insecure. The food we offer needs to complement our bodies needs; rich in
  children in hot lunch programs across the state (or nation). We have obesity as       vitamins; low in fat; leading to avoidance for excessive weight gain and chronic
  we have high fat/carb foods routinely offered; then educate; educate; educate.        disease development.
                                                                                        Massive vitamin D-education program directed toward the public and toward
5 Assuring vitamin D sufficiency                                                        health care providers; with free or highly subsidized availability of testing for
                                                                                        serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D.
  Broad reaching continuous education on nutrition; good and affordable food            By giving incentives to participants in FoodShare and WIC through choosing
6 choices and easy food preparation are critical to get at this issue for all           healthier options in their food purchases will go a long way to encourage better
  populations of people in Wisconsin.                                                   eating choices long term.
  Collaboration across funded nutrition programs to align policies and health
                                                                                        Outcome: consistent; effective messages (in the broadest sense) that encourage
7 messages; using social marketing to determine what will have the most positive
                                                                                        appropriate food choices.
  effect on food choices.
  community education on what constitutes a healthy diet and the health
                                                                                        Access to healthy foods in dense urban areas. Those living in large cities need
  consequences of failing to consume healthy foods. Parents need to understand
                                                                                        easy access to stores that carry the healthy foods they need at a reasonable
8 early that they have a role in their children's longterm health; not just their
                                                                                        price. Often stores that provide these foods are too far away or not located in the
  immediate health and growth needs. They need to realize that poor choices early
                                                                                        neighborhoods that need them most.
  in life can lead to diabetes; obesity; and other chronic diseases.
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                                                                           HW2020 Survey Results
                                                                                July 2009

                            Improving Health Across the Lifespan                                                          Achieving Health Equity

  Consolidation of strategic plans for programs such as Nutrition and Physical
  Activity; WIC; MCH; Aging; etc so that food and nutrition system and nutritional
  health across the lifespan will be consistent and working towards the same goals
  for access to healthy foods for improved health. The outcome should not be a
  medical indicator such as BMI but focused on the result of policy/environmental
                                                                                     Assuring access to public health nutrition services which is the connector
9 changes which should result in an outcome in which making healthy food the
                                                                                     between food and nutrition systems and which will be key to equity.
  easy choice--(nutritionally and by access/availability). Because there is so much
  in this one focus area; the chances that another critical emerging area related to
  food saftey in the unregulated food system which is growing by leaps/bounds will
  not be addressed--this was weak in the 2010 plan and once again will not have
  the attention it needs.
   Continue to work within the schools to provide better nutritional meals along with
                                                                                             Allowing WIC and SHARE programs to utilize farmers markets and local fair in
10 information on why they are nutritional. Younger generation must be given the
                                                                                             the communities.
   tools to eat well after they graduate.
                                                                                             Gather baseline data to identify communities that have the greatest access
11 Creating policy to ensure nutritional environments
                                                                                             barriers. Identify barriers.
     Currently in Wisconsin; public health nutrition is nearly non-existent beyond the
     low-to-moderate income maternal and child health programs. Expanding the
     scope of public health nutrition from the existing base currently in maternal and
     child public health nutrition is needed to assure adequate and appropriate and          I believe achieving health equity begins with assuring all people have access to
12   safe food and nutriton for all. Providing public health nutrition services across the   health food at all times in a socially acceptable manner. People who face food
     lifespan will help address several of the 23 focus areas including chronic disease      inequities also face health inequities.
     prevention; environmental and/or occupational health; healthy growth and
     development; mental health; oral health; physical activity; and reproductive
13   Decreasing obesity rate in all age groups especially children.                          Assuring that all have access to safe and adequate food supply.
     Dietary guidelines and nutritional information that is understandable/accessable
     to adults who have developmental disabilities. The diabetes epidemic is hitting
     this group of adults and preventative care; which includes information for adults
     with cognitive disabilities; is critical.
     Educating the public about their eating habits and what is a normal portion size.       Educating the public about their eating habits and what is a normal portion size.
     Prevention.                                                                             Prevention.
                                                                                             Focusing more energy on collaborative partnerships with food pantries and
16 Education on food options for people of all ages.
                                                                                             possibly a partnership with low-cost food options.
   Eliminating high sugar and high fat compounds from diets; especially the low
17 income who may have access to these types of food rather than fresh fruits and            Change what foods are available from food vouchers
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                                                                       HW2020 Survey Results
                                                                            July 2009

                        Improving Health Across the Lifespan                                                        Achieving Health Equity
   Enforcement of school wellness policy implemented in 2007Promote walkable          Increasing funding for Economic Support to allow increased participation in Food
   and bikeable neighborhood planning                                                 ShareContinued and Expansion of the WIC program
                                                                                      Limiting the type of food those receiving goverment assistance can buy- people
     Focusing healthy nutrition/diets for people in the High school/college age
19                                                                                    with low income tend to eat more comfort foods to compensate for depressive
     demographic- this is the time where most people get into poor diet decisions.
                                                                                      provide families and individuals the opportunity to participate in community
20 food insecurity is unacceptable
                                                                                      vegetable gardens
                                                                                      In regard to health equity in the nutritional area; populations need to have access
                                                                                      within their means including local grocery stores which typically have even higher
                                                                                      priced produce that families can not afford. Nutritional equity means not only
                                                                                      access; but education regarding the reasons why it is important for a balanced
   Healthy diets need to be accessible and affordable. Our School; WIC and
                                                                                      diet and physical activity. I would support work based programs in factories;
   Headstart Programs need to collaborate with public health initiatives for improved
21                                                                                    construction sites; schools; etc. regarding the importance of nutritional sources
   nutritional programs . Policy change needs to support these entities who
                                                                                      and preparation of foods. These type of worksites do not provide for opportunities
   effectively implement healthy; nutritional choices and availability.
                                                                                      to learn about self-help ways to improve their health such as those with higher
                                                                                      education; higher income have achieved. If we are going to make progress; we
                                                                                      need to look at the families in the lower; middle class who do not have access to
                                                                                      foods as well as educational opportunities to learn while working.

   I believe it is reducing obesity. Obviously there are various factors; including but
   not limited; physical activity; food deserts; food security; and dietary choices.
                                                                                        To address foods offered in schools and other organizations that serve youth.
   Preventing obesity starts at birth w/ breastfeeding and encouraging early healthy
22                                                                                      This would include revising foods offered through vending machines; school
   eating habits and routines. It we continue to address obesity it will help prevent
                                                                                        fundraisers; cafeteria; and school lunches.
   many of the chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes which are a
   major concern in our state; accross various ethnicities.
                                                                                      reduced disparities in nutritional intake among children - low SES compared to
23 Improved eating habits of children (eg. fruit/vegetable consumption increase)
     Improvement in breastfeeding rates; especially among low-income women and        WIC should not give out free formula. The money spent on formula should
     women of color.                                                                  instead be spent to support home visits to new mothers by lactation specialists.
   Improving food served at schools. This includes vending machines (junk food &
   improving the school lunch program and providing continuous repeated               Evaluating the school food programs and working with health departments to
   information to children at school and to parents.                                  provide nutritional information and school and parent programs.
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                                                                        HW2020 Survey Results
                                                                             July 2009

                              Improving Health Across the Lifespan                                                       Achieving Health Equity
     In addition to the obvious objective of ensuring adequate and appropriate
     nutrition; it is important that the adequate and appropriate food people are eating
27   are safe. As food supply and eating habits change; the system must also change
     to ensure a safe food supply; from farm to fork; research; education and
     standards should be set at each level
     including special bonuses to the food stamp program to purchase fresh; local
28                                                                                         increasing food stamp eligibility
     Increase access to fruit and vegetables including legumes. (for example build
     grocery stores at walking distances and/or increase public transportation routes
29                                                                                         Same as above.
     to grocery stores).Improve school meals by using more fresh; locally grown
     produce.For food security....JOBS
     Increase consumption of real food verses processed convenience foods is a
30                                                                                         Access to good food (not processed foods).
     program outcome.
     Increased nutrition education available in schools; senior meal sites; and the        increased guidelines for use of food stamps to exclude non-nutritious intake i.e.
     general public                                                                        chips; soda; etc. and encourage healthy food purchases
32   Limiting or eliminating harmful food sources (example: trans-fats)                    Improvement in nutrition education
     Looking into what is served to low income families whose children recived free
                                                                                           Push to reduce the amount of obease and overweight children; causing future
33   lunch and breakfast and school; the nutritional value of these meals; the amount
                                                                                           chornic health problems: such as high b/p; heart disease; ect
     of preservatives and additvies.
     More farm subsidies (fruits; vegetables)More funding for schools to adopt school Change federal poverty income guidelines to include more working poor families
     breakfast programs; improve quality of child nutrition meal at schools.          (increase maximum household income guideline for eligibility0
                                                                                        More emphasis on portion eating; especially for diabetics; cardiovascular
35 More focus upon obesity among adults; children.
                                                                                        Access to affordable healthy food including but not limited to fruits and
36   move people to make healthy eating choices most days
                                                                                        vegatables; lean sources of protein and whole grains
     Nutrition belongs in all focus areas and shouldnot be isolated as a separate focus Improved assess to Foodshare and improved access to quality foods in our inner
     area.                                                                              cites.
     Older adults understand the strong relationship between eating enough healthy
     food and remaining physically and cognitively strong; and older adults have        Low-income children and older adults will have daily access to fresh fruits and
     access to healthy food. The numbers of older persons admitted to hospitals with vegetables.
     an underlying condition of malnutrition will decrease.
39   Program Outcome: Improve healthy food choices                                      Program Outcome: Prevent child and adult overweight and obesity
     Promote increased farm production focused on locally-grown; nutrient dense food
                                                                                        Improve availability/affordability of nutrient dense foods. Promote a tax on foods
40   crops.Remove incentives to over-produce commodity crops that require
                                                                                        of minimal nutritional value (soda; chips; candy; cookies).
     extensive processing before consumption.
     Promote the consumption of mostly raw fruits and vegetables as a means to          Deliver the raw fruit and vegetable message to ensure that it gets to all
     better health and longevity.                                                       socioeconomic and cultural groups.
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                                                                        HW2020 Survey Results
                                                                             July 2009

                        Improving Health Across the Lifespan                                                         Achieving Health Equity
   Promoting health and to reduce the risk for chronic diseases through diet and
42                                                                                     Insure access to sufficient food.
   physical activity.
                                                                                       Providing school lunches that are nutritionally sound and providing the nutrition
   Providing school lunches that are nutritionally sound and providing the nutrition
                                                                                       education to go along wih them. Get junk food and vedning machins out of
43 education to go along wih them. Get junk food and vedning machins out of
                                                                                       school and get school nurses in them. Poor children often get more of their daily
   school and get school nurses in them.
                                                                                       food intake as school than any other place.
   regulating food pantries so that the food supplied is consistently healthy and      (same as above):regulating food pantries so that the food supplied is consistently
   nutritious; including fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins. One         healthy and nutritious; including fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins.
   important factor here would be to restrict the amount of food donated for tax       One important factor here would be to restrict the amount of food donated for tax
   credits by large mail order food businesses and vending businesses                  credits by large mail order food businesses and vending businesses
                                                                                       Develop nutritional/food intake recommendations for adults across the lifespan
     Require published recipes; in newspapers; magazines; newsletters; internet;
45                                                                                     that improve health similar to those established for growing children. This should
     television programs; and other media to include accurate nutritional content.
                                                                                       target young adults as well as middle and older adults.
                                                                                       $ support for every school to offer 2 meals a day for every child that wants to eat
                                                                                       there. Make cost reasonable for all; cheap for just over poverty level; and free
                                                                                       for those below. Give them better & more choices for fruits & veggies. Less
   School breakfast & lunch offered / available to ALL children in every school daily. carb loading ! Feed the kids; as often the parent doesn't/won't/can't... well fed
   Open Mon- Fri even in summer ! Allow access for every child over 3.                 kids are healthier kids ! Many kitchens would need updating/expansion... more
                                                                                       staff required to run the operations 52 weeks/year.... BUT the benefits would be
                                                                                       noticed ! CAN NOT MANDATE this without 98% financing it.... schools DO
                                                                                       NOT have resources for this.
   Schools need to provide healthy fresh food-especially fruits and vegetables. In
   addition; curriculum should be required throughout the state that addresses
   healthy choices grades K - 12. In order for a child to carry the message
   home...families must be involved with meals at the school and classes.
   Incentives to come to the school -- free meals as a family. Free and reduced
   meals should be fresh food
                                                                                       Recommend that public health have a greater impact than farm subsidies that
                                                                                       promote junk food (frequently made from corn) and high fat; high calorie dairy
                                                                                       products. Overcoming the lobbying of the tobacco and tavern/alcohol industries;
48 see below.                                                                          so as to make sure that we can breathe in public areas without tobacco polluting
                                                                                       the air. Note also; that the federal government's food pyramid does not promote
                                                                                       healthful eating. See and contrast with Harvard's updated food pyramid. It
                                                                                       should not be about profits above health!
49 Standards for school lunch programs and contents of school vending machines.
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                                                                      HW2020 Survey Results
                                                                           July 2009

                             Improving Health Across the Lifespan                                                    Achieving Health Equity
     Support for community gardening. The outcome is: 1-increased access 2-
50   increased physical activity 3-food security 4-community building (mental health;
     networking) and knowing where your food comes from.
51   Taxing all sugared drinks ie. soda; sugared fruit drinks; etc.                     link school funding to average BMIs of children in grades K-4
     taxing foods that are not nutritious enough and mandating posting of nutrtion
52                                                                                      nutritious food needs to be available and affordable for everyone
     information at chain restaruants
     Teaching proper dietary habits by modelling with school lunch. May also need to
53                                                                                      culturally focused nutrition messaging for obesity.
     consider dental programs for elders.
                                                                                        I THINK YOU HAVE ADDRESS THIS IN YOUR SURVEY IF YOU JUST
                                                                                        CONTINUE TO WORK TOWARD THIS PROJECT AND STREAMLINE THE
                                                                                        PROCESS AND HAVE THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN PLACE TO GET THIS
54                                                                                      OBJECTIVE AND GOAL DONE. ONE OF YOUR GREATEST PROGRESS
                                                                                        SHOULD BE TO WORK TOWARD A ONE SHOP QUALITY HEALTH SYSTEM
                                                                                        AND PLAN THAT WILL LEAD THE WAY FOR A BETTER OUTCOME FOR
                                                                                        WISCONSIN TO GET THE BEST CARE AND SYSTEM FOR IT'S MONEY.
     The school systems is where kids need to be taught how to eat right. The fast
55   food industry has done better; but this is where the youth and parents are not     Again; the school system is where kids need to find the right choices to eat.
     making the right choices when it comes to nutrition.
     This has to do with appropriate diet and weight control. Starts in schools with
56   increased activity in area of physical education for kids as well as increased     Increase Physical Education time in schools
     exercise at home.
                                                                                        Hopefully a change in Wis. beer tax would be a way for funding the needs of
57 Using and abusing; followed by addiction of alochol and drugs.
                                                                                        rehab & prevention.
   We have to begin at the very early in life:Promote and policy development
   inNursing breast feedingadequate addition of fruits and vegetables in diet of        Mandatory requirements for school nutritional programsIncentives for breast
   pregnant mothersschool nutritional choices and availability of foods in vending      feeding (6 months to one year)tax incentives
   working with stores; restaurants; manufacturers to improve food choices              Food Security is the most important area of this focus area. Systmes change in
   available to the community                                                           the area of affordable food and access to food.

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