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					                    Contract For SunnyBrook Haven
                                                                                 5594 Rainham Road
                                                                            Dunnville, ON N1A 2W8
 I, Helena Meyer, sold one CKC registered Havanese (colour) ______________________ male/female
                puppy, born on ______________________ out of CKC registered litter
Puppy’s new owners will be sent the registration paper once returned to breeder from CKC. This puppy
has been sold with limited registration. (Limited registration means the puppy is being sold as a pet, not
     for show or breeding purposes.) Said puppy should be spayed/neutered by the age of 6 months
  (approximate). All puppies will receive the appropriate CKC registration papers within 6 months of
                  Puppy was born from litter #________________________________
                                               Parents are;
    Sire: ____________________________________________ CKC # _______________________
    Dam: ___________________________________________ CKC # _______________________

 This puppy will be seen by my vet before leaving my home and will be issued a health certificate. The
 first set of shots will have been administered and the puppy will have been dewormed as a precaution.
 Puppy should receive the next three sets of shots by a licensed veterinarian. Approximate dates of next
                                                 shots are:
                                    11wks ________________________
                                    15wks ________________________

 The puppy will be picked up by new owners at his/her birthplace unless other arrangements have been
   made. If puppy is to be shipped, the cost is approximately $250 (cdn) which includes; vet health
                                 certificate, puppy carrier & flight.

 The cost of puppy is $ _________ plus shipping charges of $ _____________. A deposit of $500.00
CDN is required to hold a puppy with the balance due before the puppy leaves our home. Payments can
      be made in the form of cash, certified cheque or money order addressed to Helena Meyer.

This puppy is guaranteed against any congenital or hereditary condition until _______________, one year
of age. The guarantee will only be up to the purchase price of said puppy. This puppy MUST be checked
  by a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of being picked up by new owners. New owners are
     responsible for any vet fees incurred once they take ownership of puppy. Helena Meyer is NOT
  responsible for any fees once puppy has left. The parents of this puppy are healthy and have had their
                 eyes checked yearly by Dr. Michael Zigler of Oakville Ontario, Canada

 This puppy is sold only as a pet prospect. To the best of the breeder’s knowledge, this puppy is in good
health at the time of sale as per routine veterinarian examination. New owner must have puppy examined
 by a vet of his/her choice within 3 business days of possession at hi/her expense and send the completed
                           health guarantee back to Helena Meyer within 1 week.

  Should the dog develop one or more life threatening illness or genetic problems within the first year
   diagnosed by a veterinarian as precluding the puppy from living an otherwise healthy life as a PET
quality Havanese, the breeder is to be notified in writing within 48 hours of diagnosis and buyer will tben
 be entitled to a replacement puppy selected by the breeder. The breeder reserves the right to a possible
       waiting time of one year to make this replacement, as puppies are not available at all times.
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The breeder is not responsible for any charges incurred in returning or replacing the dog. The breeder is
 not responsible for any vet charges or fees in diagnosing or treating any illness or genetic disease. The
   dog will not be replaced if used for breeding, nor if any conditions resulted from abuse, neglect or
accidents resulting in death. The breeder is not responsible for ANY vet bills, loss, death or injury at any
                                       given time. ______ (initial)

                                         New owner agrees to:
               ~ provide dog with proper exercise, diet, shelter and general health care
                ~ give all immunizations and dewormings as recommended by the vet
  ~ have puppy checked for internal parasites every 3 months until 1 yr of age and annually thereafter
                                unless otherwise recommended by vet
          ~ place puppy/dog on heartworm preventative at 6 months of age and keep current
~ administer immediate veterinary care if any illness/accident occurs and follow all prescribed treatment
     ~ have puppy spayed/neutered by 6 months old or upon vet recommendation _______ (initial)

  If at any time, you are unable to keep the dog for ANY reason; new owner agrees to notify the breeder
   immediately. At NO time will the dog go to a shelter or pound!! The breeder will have the option of
finding a new home for the dog. However, no refund will be given if the buyer chooses to return the dog.
In the event of a “Resale” new owner must notify the breeder and provide the new owner’s name, address
              and phone number. Breeder will gladly accept return of the puppy at ANY age!
   New owner agrees that the breeder may repossess the animal upon evidence of neglect or abuse at no
                              expense to the breeder and no refund of money.
The new owner also agrees that the puppy will reside at the home of the buyer and shall not be chained or
    tied up outside. The pup will be socialized properly and become a member of the household. _____

                       This contract does not transfer from person to person.
New owner agrees that he/she is not acting as or on behalf of an agent, broker, pet store or dog business.
                                _____________________ (signature)

                    A non-refundable deposit of $500 has been received and a fee of
                     $30.00 will be charged to any NSF cheque. ________ (initial)

New owner: _____________________________ Date: _____________ Signature __________________

          Helena Meyer             Date: _____________ Signature ______________________

    Both new owner and Helena Meyer agree to the terms of this contract. This contract is binding.

                             A puppy is a lifetime commitment 

             ** Original agreement to remain with breeder and copy to go to new owner(s)

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