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									                                                              PVA MINUTES
Mill Springs Academy PVA Minutes
September 21, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Susan Holmgren at 1:30 p.m.

Officers in Attendance
Susan Holmgren, President
Jacki Gass, Vice President
Michele Baloh, Treasurer

Approval of Minutes
The minutes were read from the August 24, 2009 meeting and approved as corrected.

Irene Ganter has resigned as Secretary. Sheree Crowe was nominated as the new Secretary. A motion to
    elect Sheree was made and seconded. All present voted in favor, and Sheree Crowe was confirmed as
    the new Secretary.

Monthly Financial Report
Michele Baloh gave an update of the PVA financials:
   Approximately 10 new members
   4-5 new Chick-fil-a orders. Chick-fil-a lunches gross approximately $150/week plus snacks.
   School store has leveled out since beginning of school.
   PVA membership dues made out to the school need to be reconciled for reimbursement to PVA.

New Business
   Membership Committee – Sharon Davis will co-chair memberships. A second co-chair has not responded.
   Job Descriptions – need to create PVA job descriptions for each position and committee
   Nominating Committee – initiate and activate a PVA Nominating Committee
   Suggested Fundraiser/Mom’s Night Out
         o   Showcase MSA Mom’s activities (Pampered Chef, jewelry, etc.)
         o   Included w family dinner?
         o   Sell tables or take percentage
   Suggested Level Activities
         o   Debbie Waldstein suggested giving basket of fruit for each level
         o   Also suggested Smoothies instead of ice cream (Smoothie King $2.25/each)
         o   Debbie will volunteer, talk to principals and come back with info
   Wish List Proposal for September 2009
         o   Requested items and suggested allowances presented by Susan Holmgren
         o   Total $17,560.00 motion to approve by Deb Goodelman. Passed unanimously.

        o   Susan will notify level principals of deadline to submit receipts for allowances. Money not spent
            will be used for future distributions.
        o   MSA requested approximately $45,000 for small bus. Discussed and no vote was taken. Susan
            will get some more info from Robert.
   Wish List Procedures
        o   Establish a new PVA Wish List Committee
        o   Members of PVA board and interested PVA members will meet at least three times each year to
            review “wish Lists” submitted by MSA teachers and staff as well as PVA member’s suggestions.
        o   PVA Wish List Committee will determine what to present to the Pva membership for a vote
        o   Wish list deadlines will be May 20, September 20 and January 20 each year.
        o   Responses will be determined by vote at the MSA PVA meeting the following month.
        o   PVA Board is allowed to authorize wish list expenditures up to but not to exceed a total of
            $1,000 between voting periods.
        o   New Wish List Procedures were approved unanimously.

Activity Reports
   QSP Fundraiser
        o   Jacki Gass reported $1600 online orders this morning. $2000-$3000 total orders. All schools are
            involved. Middle slightly higher. Financial goal $8000 (40% of total sales). Turn-in days are
            Wed/Fri this week and next. We need volunteers for morning collection and afternoon prizes.
   Holiday Market
        o   Donna Foster is chairman. She has experienced working with Hallmark. The Holiday Market is
            scheduled MTW after Thanksgiving in the Comm Arts Great Room.
   Family Dinner
        o   Sharon Davis is co-chair but a second co-chair is needed.
        o   Shelley Robinson, Middle teacher, wants to include an adult 5k. $20 to enter + t-shirts including
            sponsors for t-shirts. Jacki Gass and Jenny Ergle offered to help.
        o   Deb Goodelman remembered Xboxes had been purchased previous years for student
            competitions during family dinner. Where are the Xboxes?
   Teacher Appreciation Week
        o   Jenny Ergle, Hospitality Committee chair, will plan activities
        o   Teacher Appreciation Week is week after Spring Break 4/12/2010
        o   Jenny and Michele Baloh will plan a budget to present
        o   Students bringing flowers was a good idea last year
        o   Suggested including Pay Day candy bars on pay day
   Teacher Conference Lunches
        o   Jenny Ergle, Hospitality Committee chair, will plan lunches with Level Reps
        o   Budget $10/teacher for each day of 2-day conferences for each level
        o   Suggested box lunches by Jason’s Deli with desserts/decorations by level reps

Next Meeting
October 26, 2009, at 1:30 p.m., Comm Arts Great Room

Motion to adjourn was made and was passed unanimously.

MSA PVA Wish List -- September 2009
Approved 9-21-09

Requested Items
$2,800.00   Large Smart Board, Projector, Blue Tooth Connector
            Michael Adams, Pre-Upper
 $600.00    Reinstall old smart board in Hank Jones’ room, Upper
        (installation $250, light bulb $200, ceiling mount $150)
$1,600.00   Glow in the Dark Chemistry Show
            Martha Muir, PreUpper
$1,060.00   Large Plant-Mobile, Gro-Lux Tube
            Judy Martin, PreUpper
$1,500.00   Ultimate Frisbee Golf, course and Frisbees
            Upper, CommArts

$7,560.00 Total

Spending Allowances
$1,500.00   Lower School
 1,500.00   Middle School
 1,500.00   PreUpper School
 1,500.00   CommArts School
 1,500.00   Upper School
   500.00   Counseling
 1,000.00   Fine Arts
 1,000.00   Media Center
   500.00   Physical Education
   500.00   Technology

$11,000.00 Total         (To be spent by December 31, 2009)

This includes an addition of $1,000 to spending allowances that were approved on 9-21-09. PVA Board
     members voted favorably on the additional allocation of PVA funds on 9-29-09.


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