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Journey Christian Church

   Honduras 2012 Mission Trip – Meeting #2
These trips are for teens and adults interested in spreading God’s Word and His love to
the needy people in Colonies Gonzales & Ocotillo, San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Must
be flexible, willing to adhere to Lifeline Christian Mission guidelines, and have a heart
open to God’s leading. KEY WORDS: Flexibility & Cooperation

   A.   Application completed (all copies made)
   B.   Passport completed (all copies made)
   C.   Immunizations (Hep A/B, Tetanus, Typhoid) completed
   D.   START Malaria Pills Regiment, bring Cipro (optional)
   E.   Payment completed

Meeting Agenda
    Collection & Packing of Items
        o Flipflops & Socks
        o VBS Supplies (plan for VBS – teaching plan, etc.)
        o Layette Items, Construction items
        o Gifts/Donations for kids
    Review what to wear/pack
        o Clothing Requirements & how to pack
        o Toiletries – shared items (hairdryers, etc)
        o Deet, Water bottle, work gloves, hat, glasses, sunblock
        o Swimsuit, money, other items
    Review Rules/Process
        o Flexibility & Cooperation of Team
        o Devos & Kitchen Crew – how this works
        o Cell phone usage, always in pairs, walking as group
    Plan for Trip
        o Departure & dropoff at Airport
        o Emergency Numbers
        o Pickup from Airport

Checklist of Actions
       Prep/Support for Ministry Activities
       Gather supplies for ministry needs
       Begin assembling work clothes for the trip
       Save for deposit and spending money
       Pray for the Honduran people, for the opportunity to share your faith.
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Journey Christian Church

Tentative Schedule


Other Notes
      Note: Mark shirts w/ Initials --- they do have a washer/dryer
      Pack our own carry-on with as much of our personal items as possible.
      Rolling your clothes rather than folding them tends to keep them from wrinkling.
      Suggest sandals to wear to church and out in the evenings
      Work shoes or tennis shoes while working or visiting in the villages
      Suggest old skirt or pants and a shirt for each work day
      Bring a few nicer things for church, shopping, and evenings.
      Have men & ladies pack to share/pack shampoo, shower gel, hair dryers…
      We won't need to take sheets, pillows, or towels. They will be provided.
      Note: If needed, we can take one mens & womens duffel for dorms
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Journey Christian Church

Items to bring:
   o Additional copy of Health History form, information pages and photo page
      of your passport to submit to Lifeline's leader in the mission field
   o Airline ticketing information
   o Bible
   o Blood type
   o Camera, extra film and batteries
   o Clothing
   o Devotions (1 per person)
   o Flashlight and extra batteries
   o Insect repellent
   o Insulated drinking bottle
   o Journal for a daily log/journal of your trip
   o Lock for your locker in dorm; you may also use the same lock as the TSA
      lock for your personal duffel
   o Malaria prophylaxis medicine
   o Money for tips, snacks, and food at airports ($20 - $50)
   o Money for souvenirs on shopping day in the mission field ($50 - $100)
   o Medications of a personal nature (pack in carry-on bag)
   o Passport and a copy of the first 3 pages of your passport.
   o Phone numbers and email addresses of parents, guardians, family and/or
      friends at home
   o Photo ID, such as drivers license (if you have one)
   o Shoes
   o Snacks for your personal use in the mission field; there is no opportunity
      to purchase them in Honduras.
   o Sunglasses
   o Sunscreen
   o Swimsuits, beach towel, sandals, water shoes
   o Toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, etc.)
   o Team Member Handbook and this Final Packet

Dress/Permitted Clothing:
   o Do not wear your best clothing to work in; it will get heavily soiled.
   o Shoes: Remember to have comfortable walking and work shoes - heavy
      duty/protective shoes for working and walking, sandals for casual wear
      and shower shoes/flip flops for dorms. Flip-flops and sandals NOT per-
      mitted at the worksites and NEVER GO BAREFOOT. Flip flops/shower
      shoes are never permitted outside of dorm/sleeping rooms.
   o Laundry facilities are available but limited in the field. Bring enough cloth-
      ing for 10 days. There may be laundry service on approximately 2 occa-
      sions but not guaranteed.
   o Ladies:
          o Dress is MODEST. Please wear conservative clothing.
          o Dresses or skirts/blouses required for two church services, Bible
             Study and VBS Programs. Skirts should be knee length; long skirts
             not required. No halter-tops, sundresses, tank tops, spaghetti
             straps or low cut blouses/dresses for church. Dresses or blouses
             are REQUIRED to have SHORT SLEEVES for all church services
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Journey Christian Church
              and Bible studies.
          o Slacks, culottes, jeans and Capri style pants ARE PERMITTED for
              work, recreation and shopping. No shorts, culottes or Bermuda
              length shorts permitted.
          o Sleeveless shirts ARE permitted at the worksites but NO spaghetti
              or halter type tops or straps.
          o Shorts ARE acceptable in the sleeping/dorm rooms only.
          o Tummies must always be covered.
          o Low-heeled flats or nice leather sandals are suggested for church.
   o Men:
          o Have clothing appropriate for church services but suits are NOT re-
              quired. Ties are required for those teaching or preaching. Men
              CANNOT wear jeans, shorts or tank tops to any church services.
          o Tennis shoes or nice leather sandals are acceptable for church and
              Bible studies; dress shoes are not required.
          o Men may wear shorts, jeans and tank tops to work in. Shirts must
              be worn at all times except when swimming. Men are not permitted
              to work without shirts at any time.

Not Permitted:
   o Alcoholic beverages and/or consumption of them
   o Arguing and/or conflicts, especially in presence of Honduran nationals
   o Cursing or profanity of any type
   o Derogatory conversations/remarks about leaders, Hondurans, staff, other
      team members, the mission work, etc.
   o Extreme hairstyles or coloring of hair (such as red, blue, etc.)
   o Females:
           o No halter-top type dresses or shirts
           o No bikini or two-piece swimsuits
           o No dresses above the knee
   o Females in males' sleeping rooms; males in females' sleeping rooms
   o Head sets
   o Leaving your group/team to go off alone into the communities
   o Males:
           o Earrings of any type
           o Ponytails/effeminate hairstyles or hair below the ears
           o Beards must be neat and cropped or face shaven; no beginning of
              a beard while on trip
   o Pairing off of couples that are dating on the teams. All such romantic rela-
      tionships MUST be put on HOLD for this trip. No handholding, kissing or
      other conduct that would draw attention to such a relationship.
   o Pairing off/romantic relationships between team members and Hondurans
   o Secular music
   o Smoking or smokeless tobacco of any type
   o T-shirts that display secular music groups, violence, or any slogans that
      would negatively impact Christian witness (beer, cigarettes, nudity, profan-
      ity, sexual inuendos or unwholesome conduct or talk).
   o Tattoos and body piercing must be covered at all times and/or rings, etc.

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