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					                        Request for Proposals 2003
             High Throughput Computing Cluster – Phase I
                        Physics Department
                          CFI/AIF Project

                                  August 25, 2003

                              CLOSING TIME & DATE:
                     3:00:00 PM Atlantic Time, September 17, 2003

Note: Vendors downloading this file and responding are required to register with the
Procurement Services Department, St. Francis Xavier University, in order to receive any
amendments/addenda that may be issued regarding this Request for Proposals.

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                                 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS 2003
                             High Throughput Computing Cluster – Phase I
                                  INFORMATION TO PROPOSERS


DATE:                             August 25, 2003

PROPOSAL REFERENCE: High Throughput Computing Cluster – Phase I

TENDER OPENING:                   Will Be Private

All to be in accordance with the following and the attached:
1.    Information to Proposers: (Page No.’s: 2 to 4 )
2.    Specifications & Requirements: High Throughput Computing Cluster – Phase I (Page No.’s: 5 to 8)
3.    Terms and Conditions of Bidding: (Page No. 9)
4.    Terms and Conditions of Purchase Order: (Page No.’s: 10 & 11)
5.    Proposal Summary Form A: (Page No. 12)

Proposers are requested to submit one (1) original and two (2) copies of their Authorized Proposal,
including the completed and signed original Proposal Summary Form A, signed copy of each
addendum (if any) are issued, and any other documentation requested throughout the Request for
Proposals, or deemed relevant by the Proposer.

Copy of Original Proposal and two identical, clearly marked, copies of the original Proposal (as
above) with Form A are to be submitted.

It is the Proposer’s responsibility to ensure Proposals arrive at the University Procurement Services
Office, no later than the closing date and time specified, at the following address:

                                    St. Francis Xavier University
                             Attention: Manager, Procurement Services
                  19 West Street, PO Box 5000 MacKinnon Hall Building - Room 512
                                  Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2W5

It is the Proposer's responsibility to clarify interpretation of any item in this Request for Proposals, before
the closing date specified, by contacting:

Proposal Detail:         Lorris Keizer, Manager, Procurement Services E-mail: lkeizer@stfx.ca
or Alternate             Beverly Williams, Secretary, Procurement Services E-mail: bwilliam@stfx.ca
                         Phone (902) 867-3994; Fax (902) 867-2316

Technical Detail:        Peter Poole, Researcher – Physics Department
                         Phone (902) 867-2428; Fax (902) 867-2414; E-mail: ppoole@stfx.ca

Important:               Copies of all written communications relating to this Request for Proposal
                         must be sent to all the above individuals.
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                              REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS 2003
                          High Throughput Computing Cluster – Phase I
                               INFORMATION TO PROPOSERS


1.1   Supply all labour, materials, tools, equipment and incidentals required for the Supply and
      installation of High Throughput Computing Cluster – Phase I, CFI & AIF Project.
1.2   Show any quantity discount breaks and corresponding prices.
1.3   All equipment must meet applicable standards, and be CSA approved.
1.4   The acquisition of the equipment and/or services outlined below, is being acquired with funding
      from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) (see website: www.innovation.ca) and the
      Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF). Proposers must therefore consider the following factor when
      responding to this Request for Proposal:
      1.4.1 The total award by CFI is positively affected by matching funds from other entities, for
               securing “in-kind” contributions such as donations of equipment, discounts above regular
               educational discounts, etc. All Purchase Agreements resulting from this Request for
               Proposal (RFP) are subject to approval by CFI and AIF.
1.5   Proposers are requested to provide all the detail requested in this RFP with their Proposal


2.1   Proposals shall be accepted up to 3:00:00 PM Atlantic Time, Monday, September 17, 2003.
      Proposals received after this time shall be rejected.


3.1   Proposers are not required to provide any Performance Bonding in conjunction with this RFP.


4.1   Proposers are not required to attend any Site Visit in conjunction with this RFP.


5.1   It is intended that a contract award be made not later than 60 days following the RFP closing date.
      However, the University may at any time cancel the process without making an award at no cost
      to the University.

6.    TAXES

6.1   All prices shall be Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) extra.

6.2   Where applicable, the Proposer shall indicate HST as a separate item on all documentation. The
      successful Proposer shall provide their HST Registration Number on all invoices.

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7.1    Prior to any award the successful Proposer shall be required to provide proof satisfactory to the
       University that the Proposer has valid subsisting public liability and property damage insurance,
       and owned and non-owned auto insurance, showing the types of coverage, the amounts and the
       effective dates of the insurance, which shall not be less than $2,000,000.00 (two million dollars)
       for bodily injury and property damage inclusive limits or such greater amounts as elsewhere
       provided in the Proposal. The insurance policy shall remain in force for the duration of the
       contract. All insurance premiums shall be paid by the successful Proposer.


8.1    Proposers shall provide three corporate references along with information on the type and scope
       of business that you are providing these organizations. If you have been the Supplier for a
       contract similar in nature to the one envisaged in this Proposal, provide that information, along
       with the name and telephone number of a contact person. The University reserves the right to
       contact references without prior consent of the Proposer.


9.1    The University shall evaluate all valid Proposals and select the Proposal most attractive to the
       University and which, in the sole discretion of the University, is deemed to be in the best interest
       of the University.
9.2    Without limiting the meaning of the terms "most attractive" and "the best interest of the
       University", the following criteria normally will be included in the evaluation of Proposals:
       9.2.1 Compliance to Proposal Specifications
       9.2.2 Compliance to Contractual Terms and Conditions
       9.2.3 Total evaluated cost
       9.2.4 Delivery/completion time
       9.2.5 Experience of Proposer on projects of similar size and scope
       9.2.6 Superior design features considered advantageous to St. Francis Xavier University
       9.2.7 Operating and maintenance costs (where applicable)
       9.2.8 Reliability/reputation of product being supplied (where applicable)
       9.2.9 Adaptability and modification potential to meet future University needs
       9.2.10 Ease of integration with current University operations
       9.2.11 Environmental impact
       9.2.12 Corporate Ethics Policy
9.3    Where the University has stated specifications that must meet a "minimum" standard, a Proposer
       may include a project or product which exceeds said standards provided there are advantages to
       the University in terms of operating or capital costs or other relevant factors.
9.4    The University reserves the right to clarify any portion of a Proposal with any Proposer, and to
       negotiate with one or more Proposers during the evaluation process.


10.1   No smoking is allowed in University buildings. Smoking is only permitted beyond 12 feet or 4
       meters of any outside perimeter entrance.
10.2   No overtime charges of any kind will be permitted unless authorized in writing by the University
       prior to the start of the work.

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                                 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

                         High Throughput Computing Cluster – Phase I


1. Introduction

The computing cluster described here is being acquired with funding from the Canada
Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF). This funding is
secured. The total funding consists of approximately $800,000. Of this, $200,000 comes from
CFI and $600,000 from AIF. These funds will be expended over the next 18 months to create a
high performance computing (HPC) facility at StFX. Vendors will be required to provide in-
kind contributions to the creation of this facility totalling approximately $200,000. All purchase
agreements resulting from this RFP are subject to approval by CFI and AIF.

We will create the HPC facility in two phases. This RFP relates only to Phase I, in which we
will acquire the cluster described below, and install it in the Science Hall at StFX. In Phase II
(Fall 2004), we will spend the balance of funds remaining after Phase I on a second HPC cluster.
Phase II will see both clusters installed in the new Physical Sciences Complex at StFX, currently
under construction.

For Phase I, we do not have a fixed dollar amount in mind to spend. However, we are unlikely
to spend more than approximately 1/2 of the available funding in Phase I. Hence, vendors are
advised that proposals that will consume substantially more than $400,000 of the $800,000 of
cash funding are unlikely to be chosen.

Vendors should also be aware that StFX is a co-applicant of a proposal currently under
consideration by CFI to create “ACEnet”, a regional HPC consortium, similar in size and in
mission to other HPC consortia in Canada, such as SHARCNET and WestGrid. Should this
proposal be funded, significantly more funds will be available for Phase II of the StFX HPC

2. Hardware, Software and Partnership Requirements

2.1 Overview

For Phase I, we require a “throughput engine”. At this time, most of our computational
requirements are to run large numbers of floating-point-intensive serial-code jobs, such as
molecular dynamics calculations. We will also be developing parallel applications, and the
hardware acquired in Phase II will likely be more focused on parallel computation. Our mass
storage requirements are relatively modest, requiring only a few hundred GB of hard disk

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In the first instance, we have in mind to acquire an IA-32 Beowulf cluster. This notional system
consists of 48 dual-processor computes nodes, and 2 dual-processor front-end nodes, for a total
of 100 cpu’s. The processors are fast (2.8 GHz or higher) Intel Xeon cpu’s. The nodes are
interconnected via a Gigabit Ethernet switch. Space is not a particular concern, so “blade”
solutions should not be proposed if they significantly increase the cost.

That said, we are eager to consider other processor technologies that give a cluster with
comparable serial throughput. We are particularly interested in solutions using AMD Opteron
processors and Intel Itanium processors. Where possible, we therefore encourage vendors two
submit two configurations:

1. A cluster based on dual Intel Xeon nodes, having a total of 100 cpu’s.
2. A cluster based on another processor technology, with a sufficient number of cpu’s to
   approximately match the throughput capacity of the Xeon-based cluster.

2.2 Specific Hardware and Software Requirements

For the Intel Xeon cluster, note the following requirements. For clusters based on other cpu
technologies, the number of compute nodes may be varied.

48 compute nodes, each having,
     2 cpu’s
     2 GB of RAM. Configurations with faster memory and larger cache sizes will be
      considered favourably.
     one hard disk with at least 18 GB of storage. We prefer to have IDE disks on the
      compute nodes because of their lower cost. However, we will consider configurations
      using SCSI disks.
     at least one Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet network interface

2 front-end nodes, each having
      2 cpu’s
      4 GB of RAM. As above, configurations with faster memory and larger cache sizes will
         be considered favourably.
      at least 280 GB of SCSI hard disk storage. The chassis should have the capacity to host
         at least four physical disk drives.
      at least one Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet network interface
      one high-performance graphics adapter

Vendors are invited to suggest variations on the above requirements if they improve the cost
effectiveness or total performance of the solution.

The system will be,
    rack mounted
    All nodes (front-end and compute nodes) to be interconnected by a high-quality Gigabit
       Ethernet switched network.

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      All nodes will be directly accessible from a single console for management purposes,
       using an appropriate kind of management network. This may be achieved with KVM
       switches, a serial console switch, or whatever other technology the vendor feels is most
       appropriate. We also prefer if this technology is able to monitor the physical health of
       the nodes, including for example, cpu temperature, fan speeds, etc. Proposals should
       clearly describe the technology and capabilities to be provided.
      A rack mounted flat panel monitor, and keyboard/mouse will be provided for system
       management purposes.

Installation and software: The quoted price will include,
    Cost of delivery to Room 5 of the Science Hall at StFX.
    Assembly and integration of the cluster hardware into a functioning state, including
        mounting of nodes into the racks; integration of the power distribution components and
        cables within the racks; and integration of the networking hardware and cables within the
    As appropriate, vendors should include services relevant to their technology for
        physically placing the system in its final location, and bringing the system into a
        functioning state, both with respect to hardware and operating system software.
    Installation of the operating system on all nodes. We strongly prefer Linux. We are
        willing to consider proprietary versions of Unix, but vendors should clearly indicate the
        cost in their quotes.
    Installation of appropriate cluster management software tools.
    Installation of C and Fortran compilers, numerical and parallel libraries, and
        queuing/scheduling/grid-computing software is desired. Vendors should clearly indicate
        what specific software is included with the system, and its incremental cost.

Engineering specifications: Proposals should clearly describe,
    The electrical power requirements of the complete system, including peak power
      requirements, specifications (volts and amps) of the input circuits required, and the total
      number and type of power cord receptacles that will be required to operate the system.
    The air conditioning cooling requirements of the complete system.
    The amount of floor space and clearances to be allowed for the complete system.

Warranties and Support Services: Proposals should clearly describe,
   The coverage of standard warranties included in the purchase price.
   Vendors are welcome to provide descriptions and pricing information for addition levels
     of hardware and software support contracts. However, these prices should not be
     included in the purchase price of the cluster, but rather listed separately as “options”.
   Preference will be given to vendors who have established local service available (e.g.
     within 200 kms of Antigonish). Vendors should describe the number and location of
     their service personnel in the region.

Relocation Phase I Equipment and Software to New Physical Sciences Complex (Separate
Price): Proposals should clearly describe,

      Procedure and timeline to be followed for disassembly, relocation and reinstallation of all
       Phase I equipment and software in New Physical Sciences Complex in fall of 2004.

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2.3 Required Partnership Elements

Since this purchase is the first of at least two (perhaps more if ACEnet is funded by CFI)
required for the creation of HPC facilities at StFX, we seek vendors who have the potential to
become long-term partners in the development of this infrastructure. Vendors are encouraged to
describe ways in which they can support our long term goal to become a pre-eminent centre for
scientific computing in the region and the nation.

In addition we require the following:

1. Vendors must be able to provide an in-kind contribution to the cost of purchase equal to at
   least 20% of the “best educational price” that is known in the public domain. This is required
   to satisfy the conditions of funding set by CFI and AIF. It will be the responsibility of the
   vendor to provide the necessary documentation to ensure that this in-kind contribution is
   accepted by CFI and AIF. If CFI and/or AIF subsequently reject the justification of any
   portion of the vendor’s in-kind contribution, the vendor agrees to make up the difference as a
   cash contribution to the project.
2. The successful vendor will be required to enter into a written memorandum of understanding
   or agreement with StFX whereby the vendor agrees to assist in commercializing computer
   code or other technologies arising out of the mathematical modeling and computer simulation
   work associated with biofilms modelling research being carried out under the conditions of
   our AIF funding. This assistance might, for example, take the form of helping StFX to
   identify software firms that would be interested in partnering directing with StFX to
   commercialize code. The successful vendor will not be asked to ensure that the software is
   eventually commercialized. We are required by our agreement with AIF to use “best efforts”
   to achieve this goal, and to seek assistance from our HPC vendor-partner in these efforts.

Vendors should clearly indicate in their proposals that they will satisfy the above two

3. Technical Assessment

Hardware solutions described in proposals will be assessed with particular attention to the
1. Price per unit performance. Many of our applications have a computational performance that
    scales well with the SPEC “CFP2000” benchmark. (See www.spec.org.) One way we will
    compare proposals will be to calculate the cost per SPEC CFP2000, by dividing the total
    cluster cost by the total number of CFP2000 units generated by all the nodes. Our estimates
    will be based on the CFP2000 results posted on the SPEC website. However, vendors are
    encouraged to provide there own estimates of the CFP2000 benchmark for their technology.
2. We understand that solutions based on Opteron or Itanium cpu’s may have a higher price per
    unit performance than those based on Intel Xeon cpu’s. The added advantages of these 64-
    bit processors will be taken into account in our decision making.

4. Availability and Delivery
Proposals should provide firm timelines for the delivery and installation of the equipment. We
require a solution that will be delivered to us by November 28, 2003, at the very latest. We
require that the facility be physically operational by December 15, 2003. Vendors that are able
to deliver solutions significantly before these dates will be preferred.
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                                         TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BIDDING

1.1   These terms and conditions constitute an integral part of this Request for Proposals (RFP) and the
      Proposer (Proposers) acknowledges acceptance by responding to this RFP. Proposal submissions
      (Proposals) are to be submitted on the forms provided and/or in the format specified in the RFP.
      Furthermore, Proposals that do not include one signed copy of the Proposal Summary Form may be
1.2   All communication regarding this RFP shall be directed to the University contact names in the RFP.
      The University will not assume responsibility for verbal instructions or suggestions. Should the
      Proposer find discrepancies in, or omissions from the specifications, or should the Proposer be in
      doubt as to the meaning of any part of the RFP, the Proposer shall notify the University, who may
      issue written addenda to all Proposers.
1.3   The submission of a Proposal shall be deemed proof that the Proposer is satisfied as to all
      provisions of the RFP. The University will not entertain claims based on assertion by the Proposer
      that it was uninformed or unaware of specifications, terms or conditions.
1.4   All Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelope and must be received in writing. Electronic
      Proposals, and amendments thereto, (e.g., phone, fax, email) will not be considered.
1.5   The RFP project title must appear on all Proposals, including the outer packaging. The Proposer
      should initial each page of the Original Proposal.
1.6   All Proposals shall be in enough detail to allow the University to determine the Proposer's position
      from the documents received. The University may refuse to consider any Proposal that does not
      include documentation or other information specified in the RFP.
1.7   All materials submitted in response to this RFP shall become the property of the University.
1.8   All costs incurred in preparing a Proposal, or presenting or elaborating upon a Proposal, shall be
      borne solely by the Proposer.
1.9   The University reserves the right to accept or reject all or any part of a Proposal as may be in the
      best interests of the University, and to waive any informality therein. The lowest or any Proposal
      will not necessarily be accepted.

2.1   The Proposer declares that the Proposal submission is not made in connection with any other
      Proposer submitting a Proposal for the same goods or services and is in all respects fair and without
      collusion or fraud.
2.2   The Proposer represents that it does not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, sex, marital
      status, age, national origin, or disability.
2.3   It is the responsibility of the Proposer to ensure that no representative extends entertainment, gifts,
      gratuities, discounts or special services, regardless of value, to an employee of the University, or
      any member of the University Board of Governors, Senate, Faculty or Departments. Proposers
      shall report to the Manager of Procurement Services, any attempt to obtain such favours. Further,
      Proposers shall disclose if any University employee is involved with the Proposer's company in any
2.4   All documents, information, specifications, tracings, or attachments provided by the University and
      pertaining to this RFP remain the property of the University and shall be treated in strict confidence
      by the Proposer. No part of this RFP may be transmitted to, or discussed with a third party, nor
      reproductions made thereof, without prior written consent of the University.
2.5   Proposers are advised that no commitment shall exist under this RFP until such time as the
      successful Proposer receives official written notice from the University.
2.6   The University reserves the right to cancel this Proposal Process at any time. In the event of any
      such cancellation, the University shall not be obligated to pay any costs, damages or claims of any
      type or kind to any Proposer or potential Proposer.
2.7   The successful Proposer shall agree to all University Terms and Conditions of Purchase Order.
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                                   TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE ORDER

1.   Unless waived or otherwise agreed in writing by the University, this Purchase Order and its terms and conditions shall
     not be altered, amended, varied, or modified. Any inconsistent or additional terms or conditions proposed by the
     Supplier are hereby rejected and shall not bind the University in any way. In the event that the terms and conditions of
     this Purchase Order are in conflict with, or differ from, the Supplier's terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of
     this Purchase Order shall prevail.
2.   All documents, information, specifications, blueprints, tracings, or attachments provided by the University and
     pertaining to this Purchase Order must be treated in strict confidence by the Supplier and must not be transmitted to, or
     discussed with, a third party, nor reproductions made thereof, without prior written authorization of the University.
3.   Unless otherwise specified, all shipments shall be delivered FOB destination, offloaded and installed (where specified),
     freight prepaid and included. It is the Supplier's responsibility to arrange full and complete protection of all shipments to
     the University. No additional charges of any kind, including charges relating to boxing, packaging or cartage will be
     allowed unless specifically agreed to in writing by the University. All packaging must adequately protect the goods
     given their specific nature. The Supplier shall ensure that University's property is kept clean of any rubbish or surplus
     materials resulting from the supply of goods or services. Title to goods, and the risk of loss or damage to such goods,
     shall transfer from the Supplier to the University upon delivery of the goods to, and acceptance of them by, the
4.   The Supplier guarantees that goods or services will be delivered in accordance with the specification, drawing, sample,
     or quotation referenced or attached hereto, and agrees that this guarantee shall survive acceptance of goods or services by
     the University. Goods or services delivered which are not in accordance with this condition may be returned to the
     Supplier, or rectified by the Supplier, at the Supplier's expense, at the option of the University.
5.   In the event of the Supplier's failure to deliver as and when specified, the University may cancel this Purchase Order in
     whole or in part without prejudice to other rights and remedies, and may return part or all of any shipment at the
     Supplier's expense.
6.   Payments will be made in Canadian funds unless otherwise stated on this Purchase Order. Where applicable, the dates
     and amounts of cash discounts shall be established by receipt of correct invoice or correct material according to the
     terms of the Purchase Order, whichever is later.
7.   Where applicable, the University may withhold any and all payments due under this Purchase Order until the Supplier
     furnishes a statutory declaration as provided by a notary public stating that all invoices for labour and material provided
     to the Supplier relating to this Purchase Order have been paid in full.
8.   Regardless of payment, all goods and services shall be subject to inspection and approval by the University without
     limitation as to time. The University may reject the goods and/or services, in whole or in part, and/or terminate the
     Purchase Order if, in the opinion of the University, the goods and/or services, in whole or in part, are unsatisfactory,
     non-conforming to Purchase Order specifications, or if the Supplier has breached any term or condition of this Purchase
     8.1 In the case of rejected goods, the University may either return the goods to the Supplier at the Supplier's risk and
            expense, or, advise the Supplier to remove the rejected goods, at the Supplier's risk and expense, whereupon any
            responsibility of the University with respect to the rejected goods shall absolutely cease.
     8.2 In the case of rejected services, the University may either require the Supplier to re-perform the services at the
            Supplier's expense, or terminate the Purchase Order without payment and obtain the services from another source,
            at the Supplier’s expense.
9.   In addition to the University's rights at law and any Supplier warranties, and regardless of payment, the Supplier shall, at
     its own expense, replace any goods or parts thereof or redo any services which become defective or unusable as a result
     of faulty manufacture, design, material or workmanship for a minimum period of one (1) year (unless otherwise
     specified) from:
     9.1 The date of acceptance of work and/or materials in the event such goods and services are purchased for the
            University's use; or,
     9.2 The date of the acceptance by the University of the entire project for the purposes of which the University ordered
            the goods and services covered by this Purchase Order.
     9.3 Specific warranties relating to goods or equipment shall survive this clause. The Supplier warrants that the goods
            or services covered by this Purchase Order are fit and safe for the purpose or use for which they are intended.

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10.   The Supplier warrants and agrees that it has complied, and will continue to comply, with all applicable Workers'
      Compensation and Employment Insurance Laws in the Province of Nova Scotia, and all other applicable laws, codes,
      regulations, rules and orders. The Supplier agrees to indemnify the University and save the University harmless if the
      Supplier fails to comply with the foregoing and, in the event of such failure, the University may cancel this Purchase
      Order without penalty. The Supplier further warrants that the prices set forth in this agreement are valid under all
      pertinent laws, orders and regulations.
11.   Where work is performed on University premises, or is performed at other premises on behalf of the University, the
      Supplier may be required to provide proof satisfactory to the University that the Supplier has valid subsisting public
      liability and property damage insurance, and owned and non-owned automobile insurance, showing the types of
      coverage, and the amounts and the effective dates of the insurance, which shall not be less than $2,000,000 (two million
      dollars) combined limit each accident or occurrence for bodily injury and property damage inclusive limits. Where the
      work to be performed warrants it, the University may require that the Supplier’s liability insurance include the
      University as an Insured with respect to work performed by, or on behalf of, the Supplier.
12.   Dangerous goods shall be shipped in compliance with all applicable environmental laws, rules, regulations and
      procedures. For all goods or materials subject to Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)
      legislation, Material Safety Data Sheets shall accompany the goods, and all applicable packaging shall bear the
      appropriate WHMIS labels.
13.   The Supplier agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, the University, its Board of Governors, Senate, employees,
      students, servants and/or agents from and against all loss or expense by reason of the liability imposed by law upon the
      University, its Board of Governors, Senate, employees, students, servants, and/or agents, for damage, injury or expense
      because of bodily injury, including death, at any time resulting from, or sustained by any person or persons, or on
      account of damage to property, including loss of use thereof, arising out of or in consequence of the performance of this
      Purchase Order due to negligent or wrongful acts or omissions of the Supplier. The Supplier further agrees to indemnify
      and hold harmless the University, its Board of Governors, Senate, employees, students, servants, and/or agents from all
      claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, actions, suits, or proceedings initiated by third parties arising from the
      negligence or wrongful acts or omissions of the Supplier, its employees and other persons for whom the Supplier is in
      law responsible.
14.   The Supplier shall pay all royalties and patent license fees required for the performance of this Purchase Order, and at
      the Supplier's own expense, defend all suits and proceedings against the University and indemnify the University against
      any award of damages, demands, losses, charges or costs made against the University if such suits or proceedings are
      based on any claim that any of the products or services supplied constitute an infringement of a patent by the Supplier. If
      any of the goods or services constitutes an infringement of patent and its use is enjoyed, the Supplier shall, at the
      Supplier's own expense, procure for the University, the right to continue using the product or service, replace or modify
      the product or service so it becomes non-infringing and meets the needs of the University, or pay the University for loss
      of use of the product or service.
15.   It is the responsibility of the Supplier to ensure that no representative of the Supplier will extend entertainment, gifts,
      gratuities, discounts or special services, regardless of value, to an employee of the University, or any member of the
      University Board of Governors, Senate, Faculties or Departments. The Supplier shall report to the Manager,
      Procurement Services, any attempt to obtain such favours. Further, the Supplier shall disclose if any University
      employee is involved with the Supplier’s company in any way.
16.   Fire, flood, explosion, strikes, lock-out, epidemic, accident, shortage of transportation, or other causes beyond the
      reasonable control of the University or the Supplier, which prevent the Supplier from delivering or the University from
      receiving and/or using any of the items covered by this Purchase Order, shall operate to suspend deliveries during the
      period required to remove such cause, subject however, to the University's right to cancel any such delayed order.
17.   The Supplier shall not assign or sub-contract its interest in this Purchase Order without the prior written consent of the
      University. The Terms and Conditions of this Purchase Order shall survive any assignment, and shall not relieve the
      Supplier of its contractual obligations.
18.   The law applicable to this Purchase Order shall be the law in the Province of Nova Scotia, an appeal to the Supreme
      Court of Canada excepted. The agreement between the parties shall be binding upon them and their successors,
      executors and administrators.
19.   Time shall be of the essence in the performance of this Purchase Order.

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                                        St. Francis Xavier University
                                                 Request for Proposals
                                        “High Throughput Computing Cluster”


1.1 Supply of a High Throughput Computing Cluster – Phase I in accordance with enclosed specification and RFP
    requirements. Total approximate budget for Phase I is $400,000.00 including HST. Vendors should seek to maximize, but
    not exceed the total funds available.
1.2 Where mutually agreeable between St. Francis Xavier University and the successful Proposer, the agreement may be
    extended into Phase II, with the same level of commitment for discounts on comparable or superior hardware.
1.3 Proposals must show Manufacturer Model Number, List Unit Price (Excluding HST) Educational Discount or Educational
    Price, CFI In-Kind Contribution, Net Unit Price (Excluding HST) Total Price (Excluding HST), Warranty Details and
    Delivery in Weeks.
1.4 All equipment proposed must meet applicable standards and CSA approval.
1.5 The acquisition of the equipment and/or services outlined is dependent on receipt of a proposal that is acceptable to the
    University, CFI and AIF. CFI approval is positively affected by matching funds from other entities, for securing “in-kind”
    contributions such as donations of equipment and discounts above regular educational discounts etc. To assist Proposers
    with understanding the CFI program see website:www.innovation.ca
1.6 Proposers are requested to provide detailed specifications with their Proposal responses.
1.7 Proposers are requested to provide maintenance contract details with their proposal including cost, response time and
    location of service personnel.
1.8 In issuing this Request for Proposal, the University does not guarantee the purchase of any item, from any Proposer.


2.1 The undersigned Proposer acknowledges they have carefully examined every part of the Request for Proposal
    and proposed contract and thoroughly understands its stipulations, requirements, and provisions.


3.1 All prices shall be in Canadian Dollars, FOB University, offloaded, installed and insured, freight prepaid and
3.2 If a Proposal is accepted, the successful Proposer may make no variation of any quoted prices except for tariffs,
    or decreases in the price of technology.
3.3 Terms of Payment will be minimum Net 30 Days from date of acceptance of completed installation.


4.1 Proposals are to be firm for sixty (60) days and the University will consider all Proposals irrevocable and valid
    for acceptance for this period. Sixty (60) day period will commence from Proposal closing date.


5.1 It is the intention of the University that if awarded, to award the Proposal if possible to one bidder.

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