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									Australian Capital Territory

Animal Diseases (Endemic Diseases)
Declaration 2005 (No 1)*
Disallowable instrument DI2005–236

made under the
Animal Diseases Act 2005, s 16(1) ( Declaration of Endemic Disease )

1.      Name of instrument
        This instrument is the Animal Diseases (Endemic Diseases) Declaration 2005
        (No 1).

2.      Commencement
        This instrument commences on the day after notification.

3.      Declaration
        I declare that the Endemic Diseases listed in Schedule 1 to be Endemic Diseases
        for the purposes of the Animal Diseases Act 2005.

Jon Stanhope
Minister for the Environment
10 October 2005

*Name amended under Legislation Act, s 60
                       Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel’s Office

Mammalian Diseases

Australian bat lyssavirus
Bovine anaplasmosis
Bovine babesiosis
Cattle tick infestation (Boophilus microplus)
Enzootic bovine leucosis
Equine infectious anemia
Equine herpes virus 1 (abortigenic and neurological strains)
Footrot of sheep
Hendra virus infection
Menangle virus infection
Ovine brucellosis (B. melitensis)
Paratuberculosis (Johne’s disease)
Porcine brucellosis (B. suis)
Porcine myocarditis
Post weaning multi-systemic wasting syndrome

Avian Diseases

Pullorum disease (Salmonella pullorum)

Bee Diseases

American foulbrood
Small hive beetle

Finfish Diseases

Aeromonas salmonicida atypical strains
Epizootic ulcerative syndrome (Aphanomyces invaderis)
Epizootic haematopoietic necrosis – EHN virus
Viral encephalopathy and retinopathy

Crustacean Diseases

Spherical baculovirosis (Penaeus monodon-type baculovirus)
Spawner-isolated mortality virus disease
Gill-associated virus

Mollusc Diseases

Infection with Bonamia species
Infection with Marteilia sydneyi
Infection with Mikrocytos roughleyi
Infection with Perkinsus olseni/atlanticus

                        Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel’s Office

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