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					                                                               Drug Defense Attorney
                                                               in Muskegon, Grand
                                                               Rapids & West Michigan
                                                                                                                      When you start looking for an
                                                                                                                      attorney to represent your interests in
                                                                                                                      a drug-related crime in the West
                                                                                                                      Michigan area, you need to make a
                                                                                                                      common sense choice. Due to the
                                                                                                                      seriousness of this crime, it may seem
                                                                                                                      like the one who promises you that
                                                                                                                      you that they can return a “not
Attorney Matthew T. Miller brings a wealth of
comprehensive legal knowledge and expertise to
                                                                                                                      guilty” verdict or get the case
many areas of the law in West Michigan to include                                                                     dismissed is the one to choose. Think
Criminal Defense, Family Law/Divorce, Drivers                                                                         again – as that verdict or dismissal is
License Restoration just to name a few. Attorney                                                                      not in the hands of the attorney
Miller’s impeccable case law preparation, aggressive
style and legal know how has earned him numerous               making that kind of promise! What you do need is a Drug Defense Attorney in Muskegon MI
trial wins throughout his extensive career including: A        who will represent your case to the fullest, and has had success in returning a “not guilty”
stolen vehicle trial; assault and battery trials; an           verdict for his clients, by his competent knowledge of the drug crime legal system. Attorney
indecent exposure trial; a breaking and entering –             Miller is very experienced in matters of Michigan law as it relates to drug crimes, and has full
illegal entry trial; a fighting in public trial; a breach of   working knowledge of the kinds of drugs involved – both legal and illegal. Contact us today
contract trial; and many divorce and child custody trials      for a free initial consultation! 231-726-3333
and motions.
                                                               Muskegon Drug Defense Lawyer, Matthew T. Miller will strive to return that “not guilty” verdict
From the initial call to Matthew T. Miller, you will have      for you. There are several drug classifications – all having varying laws regulating the different
his full attention from the beginning to the very end of
                                                               drugs. Those drugs not sold over the counter are “scheduled” by the Federal government, in 5
your case. Attorney Miller not only possesses years of
                                                               different schedule categories. Schedule I drugs are ones that have no medical uses in the
experience and excellence in legal representation and
                                                               United States, such as heroin or LSD. Schedule II drugs are the most restricted ones – including
delivery for his many clients, he prides himself on
                                                               most of the addictive narcotics, and require strict procedures for prescribing and refilling
going the extra mile for his clients even if that means
                                                               prescriptions. The least restricted drugs are in the category of Schedule V. All the common
calling him in the middle of the night. Unlike most
                                                               “street” drugs have many different effects on those who use them, and many of the effects
Lawyers and Law Firms in West Michigan, Attorney
                                                               change when used in different ways, such as snorting or intravenously, and have even further
Miller is available 24/7 on his cell phone 231-670-2959
                                                               effect changes if mixed with different substances. Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys
because he realizes that there are times when you
                                                               must have working knowledge of these drugs to make your case under the law, and Attorney
need to speak to your attorney NOW!
                                                               Matthew T. Miller should be the first one to call – 231-726-3333 – for competent, dedicated

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