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					                                                 PROCTOR             Est. 1848
                                                          Parent & Grandparent

                                                 Live to Learn • Learn to Live
Volume XVIII, No. 3                                                                                                   June, 2007

 “I went to www.wickedawe-
                                                   “We really do have an excellent          “Life is full of second chances.
   and purchased this speech
                                                     faculty. I’m fond of them.                What you do with them
          for $17.95”
                                                     Lee Carvalho may be the                  will largely dictate what
  —Student Speaker Josh Rosenholtz
                                                      best teacher I ever had.”              you will do with your life.”
                                                          —Salutatorian Irene Hussey            —Speaker John Prendergast

             In This Issue
   Senior Recognition ................2
   Underclass Awards ................4
   Newsmakers ...........................5
   Transitions ..............................5
   Spring Formal.........................8
   “They Said It!”........................8
   Spring Honor Rolls ................9
   Sports Award Winners .........10
   Sports Roundups .................10
   Earth Day ..............................15                                               “Only at Proctor are there two
   Spring Musical .....................16          Remember this day for years to come;       100-year floods in 1 year.”
                                                    there won’t be another quite like it.       —Valedictorian Jessica Emory
                         Senior Recognition
Awards Presented at Senior Dinner, June 1st
Science Award for excellence in Physics: Byung Ho Kong
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award to the student achieving the highest
scholastic record in science subjects: Irene Hussey
June & William Noble Award for excellence in Writing: Georgia Freed / Chris Landers
Theodore Parker Farr Award for excellence in French: Lucy MacNaught
Lee Carvalho Award for excellence in Mathematics: Irene Hussey
Bert Hinkley Native American Studies Award: Bert Hinkley
Clara Mae Currier Award for excellence in English: Danielle Duncan
Stanley V. Wright Award for excellence in History: Jess Emory / Taylor Tibbetts
John Schoeller Award presented to a member of the graduating class who em-
bodies our core beliefs about learning and has been transformed through the Proctor
                                                                                                 Carla Little: Best Athlete and Citizen
process. It is a testimony to hard work and motivation and a recognition of one young
person's rise to challenge and achievement of personal success. It is also an acknowl-
edgement of an attitude of gratitude for this experience: Emily Summers
Athletic Award for outstanding dedication, achievement, and ability in Proctor ath-
letics for three or more years: Carlos Bryant / Haley Creed
Athletic Council Award to seniors in recognition of their outstanding contribution to
Proctor athletics: Joe Fitzpatrick / Billy Adams / Nick Pintauro / Chris Land-
ers / Neil Ruffini / Emily Cox / Molly Weeden / Nick Green
“Doc” Howard Memorial Award for sportsmanship on and off the field: Joshua
Rosenholtz / Ashley Nichols
Sportsmanship Award for the seniors who have made the greatest contribution to
the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play: Tommy Moyon / Amanda Perry
Spencer V. Wright Award for athletic achievement and sportsmanship:
Emily Summers / Ethan Okma
Academy Theatre Award for excellence in Dramatics — Performance: Kinley
Viandier / Jacqueline Cooper / Georgia Freed / Mackenzie Hancock
                                                                                                 Alice Fowler Award winner Danielle Duncan
Academy Theatre Award for excellence in Dramatics — Technical: Carla Little
Photography Award for technical skill, creativity and enthu-
siasm for the medium: Coco Loehr
Music Award for developing artistry in the study of voice:
Jacqueline Cooper
Music Award for outstanding contribution to singing ensem-
bles: Will McCue
Music Award for outstanding contribution to instrumental
ensembles: Coco Loehr
Music Award for artistic progress in the applied study of mu-
sic: Coco Loehr
Weaving Award for technical skill, creativity and enthusiasm:
Joelle Deacon
Fine Arts Award to students who have shown marked improve-
ment in the use of original ideas in expressing him/herself in art:
Jaelyn Wolf / Caroline Deans
                                                                      Ceramics Award winner Samantha Veysey and Raf Fernandes. winner of the David
                                                                      Fowler and Lyle Farrell Awards

2 – Parent & Grandparent Newsletter
                                      Awards Presented at Senior Dinner, continued
                                      Nathaniel C. Wiggin Award for excellence in Boat Building: Buckman Brownell
                                      Francis Treadway Clayton Award for excellence in Metalworking: Jessica Baker
                                      Ceramics Award for improvement and achievement in individual skills:
                                      Kristina Gonzalez / Samantha Veysey
                                      Dance Award for excellence in Dance: Taylor Tibbetts
                                      ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS
                                      Aldo Leopold Environmental Award presented to the seniors who embody Leo-
                                      pold's land ethic by caring about our earth and the impact the human race has on it:
                                      Raf Fernandes / Irene Hussey
                                      John Cuthbert Memorial Award to the senior who has shown the greatest dedi-
                                      cation to the study of natural resources: Irene Hussey
                                      Polar Swim Award: Rafael Fernandes / Lucy MacNaught
                                      David Fowler Award to the senior who has demonstrated leadership and commit-
                                      ment to Mountain Classroom and related outdoor experiences: Rafael Fernandes
Savage Award winner Taylor Tibbetts   TECHNOLOGY AWARDS
                                      Robert M. Downey Award to a student whose achievement in image editing,
                                      animation and video reflects both ability and self-motivation: Helen Veasey
                                      Weitzman Technoid Award in recognition of contributions to the establishment
                                      and maintenance of the ProctorNet, her commitment to making computers acces-
                                      sible and comprehensible to users of all abilities, and her role as an assistant helpdesk
                                      technician and friend: Jessica Emory
                                      COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD
                                      Green Key Award to the seniors who, for three or more years, have given prospec-
                                      tive students and their families consistently good tours of the school:
                                      Haley Creed / Joelle Deacon / John Goheen / Chris Landers

                                      Awards Presented at Graduation, June 3rd
                                      Philip H. Savage Award for outstanding leadership qualities: Taylor Tibbetts
                                      Charles A. Jones Award to the outstanding athletes: Isiah Moore / Carla Little
                                      Charles Levy Award to the Valedictorian: Jessica Emory
Emerson Award winner Chris Hague      Allan S. Bursaw Award for high effort and citizenship: Daniel Pendleton
                                      Carl B. Wetherell Award for the faithful and willing performance of all extracur-
                                      ricular responsibilities: Haley Creed / Jacqueline Cooper
                                      Citizenship Award to the best all-around citizens in the senior class: Joshua
                                      Rosenheltz / Carla Little
                                      Lyle H. Farrell Award to the senior who has performed outstanding service to the
                                      school and to his/her fellow students: Rafael Fernandes
                                      Fred Elroy Emerson Award to the student who, during the junior and senior years,
                                      has shown the greatest development in attaining the ideals of Proctor:
                                      Christopher Hague
                                      Alice S. Fowler Award to a student in the graduating class who best exemplifies
                                      strength of character, personal dedication, and commitment to the Proctor commu-
                                      nity: Danielle Duncan
                                      Robert J. Livingston Community Service Award to the student who has made
                                      outstanding contributions to the community through volunteer service to others:
                                      Irene Hussey
                                      John H. O’Connor Award for excellence in teaching: Tom Eslick
                                      Scott Pond Prize: Chris Hague / Lucy MacNaught
Wetherell Award winner Haley Creed

                                                                                             Parent & Grandparent Newsletter – 3
                         Underclass Awards
Presented at the Undergraduate Awards Assembly on May 22nd
Harvard Book Prize to the best all-around student in the next to the graduating
class: Kiersten Wulff ’08
Colby Book Prize to the junior who has shown outstanding academic achievement
and has made substantial contributions to Proctor and the community:
Morgan Saunders ’08
Mount Holyoke Book Prize Presented in recognition of academic excellence, spe-
cial qualities of leadership, and potential for significant contribution to the commu-
nity: Christina Pagano ’08
Frederick W. Johnson Memorial Award to the junior who, by his or her presence
and attitude, excites the spirit of conquering enthusiasm in a group: Britt Plante’07
Rensselaer Medal for proficiency in Mathematics & Science: Thayer Maclay ’08
Mathematics Award for excellence: Alex Hill ’08
Connie Appel Award for writing in the Social Sciences — United States History:
Daniel Loehr ’09
Connie Appel Award for writing in the Social Sciences — Electives: Kiersten
Wulff ’08
The “Actions Speaker Louder than Words” Award to the underclass student
                                                                                         Harvard Book Prize winner Kiersten Wulff
who put the most time into environmental community service over the past school
year: Alex Duane ’08 / Alison Brown ’09
Academy Theatre Award for excellence in Dramatics — Performance: Saam Ai-
ken ’09 / Teagan Morin ’08 / Olivia Shure ’09 / Lindsay Webster ’08 / Joey
Goulart ’08 / Jaguar Sasmito ’09
Academy Theatre Award for excellence in Dramatics— Technical: Harry Merck
’08 / Marissa Ray ’08 / Jessica Hamilton ’08
Music Award for for artistic progress in the applied study of music:
Ethan Black ’08 / Marissa Ray ’08
Music Award for developing artistry in the study of voice: Jaguar Sasmito ’09
Music Award for outstanding contributions to Proctor singing ensembles: Teagan
Morin ’08
Music Award for outstanding contributions to Proctor instrumental ensembles:
Stephen Malinowski ’08 / Walker Doubleday ’08
John and Grace Simmons Prize to the student who has shown unusual accom-
plishment in percussion involvement with ensembles or in music: Will Trask ’10           Johnson Award winner Brittaney Plante
Dance Award for excellence in dance: Irene Fortuna Gutierrez ’08
Fine Arts Award given to the students whose creative drive and spirit of individual-
ity has been marked by superior achievement: Hugh Shackleton ’08
Ceramics Award to students who have shown marked improvement in the use
of original ideas in expressing themselves in pottery: Lisa Fishman ’08 / Molly
Barash ’08 / Daniel Loehr ’09
Fine Metals Award for excellence in metal forming: Lia Arnzen ’08
Photography Award for technical skill, creativity and enthusiasm for the medium:
Duncan Sullivan ’09
Robert M. Downey Award for excellence in Graphics, Animation and Video: Pete
Arnold ’08 / Spencer Corkran ’09 Dennis Silvio ’08 / Tyler Erickson ’08
Broken Laptop Award in recognition of contributions to the maintenance of the
Laptop Program: Charles Bush ’08
Broken Cable Award in recognition of contributions to the maintenance of the
ProctorNet: Brian Bott ’08
                                                                                         Appel and Ceramics Award winner Danny Loehr

 – Parent & Grandparent Newsletter
Newsmakers                                        Won
Elected                                           The Renaissance Teacher Award for 2007 by
Lizie Loehr and Christina Pagano as               Karl Methven. The award was established in
School Leader and Assistant School Leader         2001 to recognize a Proctor faculty member who
respectively.                                     has gone above and beyond to make the expe-
                                                  riences of students at Proctor more meaningful
To represent their classes as part of Proctor’s
                                                  through their encouragement and support as a
student government in 2007-2008: Hillary
                                                  teacher, a dorm parent, a coach and a friend. The
Creed, Kate Lowell, Thayer Maclay and
                                                  recipient is elected each spring by members of
Charlie Willauer of the Class of 2008; John
                                                  the senior class.
Arnold, Hunter Fifield, Dan Loehr and
Rosie Loring of the Class of 2009; Oliver
Munsill, Henry Palmer, Courtney Sum-
mers and Caroline Wheeler of the Class
of 2010.

                                                                                                      Renaissance Teacher Karl Methven

                                                                                                      The Nance Patten Barrett Award to a non
                                                                                                      faculty member in recognition of his extraor-
                                                                                                      dinary service to the Proctor community, by
                                                                                                      Food Service Director Art Makechnie.
                                                  Marvin winners Sayre Limburg and James Cormier
                                                  The Marvin Awards for the spring term by
                                                  Sayre Limburg ’10 (varsity tennis) and James
Lizie Loehr and Christina Pagano                  Cormier ’08 (varsity baseball). The awards,
                                                  based on leadership, sportsmanship and abil-
                                                  ity, are presented each term to new students,
                                                  in memory of Proctor's former equipment
                                                  manager Richard A. Marvin.
                                                  The 2007 Green Dorm Challenge by Mac
                                                  House ($250), King House ($100) and John-
                                                  son House ($50). The challenge, announced
                                                  in January, was to encourage conservation
                                                  behaviors in dorms that will save the school
                                                  money and reduce environmental and health

                                                                                                      Nance Patten Barrett Award winner Art Makechnie
                                                                                                      and Head of School Mike Henriques

Erik, Nikolai and Ingrid Cole-Johnson

To Lauren and Erik Cole-Johnson, their
second child, first son, Nikolai Gabriel. on
December 26, 2006. He joins sister Ingrid.
To Gregor and Amy Makechnie, their fourth
child, third daughter, Paige Kinsley, on March
                                                                                                      The 2007 Green Lantern is dedicated to Terry Stoecker
24, 2007. She joins sisters Cope and Bryn, and                                                        (left) with editor Jess Emory. The dedicatee is selected
brother Nelson.                                   Amy and Paige Makechnie                             annually by the senior class.

                                                                                                                  Parent & Grandparent Newsletter – 
More Newsmakers

                                                                                                    Social Science teacher Lynne Meterparel and
                                                                                                    Student Activities coordinator David Kenney
                                                                                                    (above). The couple plan to marry on August 18.

                                                                                                    The 2007 Ocean Classroom Award, selected by
                                                                                                    the ship’s crew, by Tristan Jones ’08.

To membership in the Allan S. Bursaw Chapter of the National Honor Society, (above) seniors Irene
Hussey, Byong Ho Kong, Jessica Emory, Danielle Duncan and Taylor Tibbetts. Member-
ship in the society is based upon academic achievement, character, and community service.

                                                                                                    OS Award winner Tristan Jones

                                                                                                    An Andover Lions Club Scholarship for stu-
                                                                                                    dents from Andover and Danbury, and the Nic
                                                                                                    Meier Scholarship awarded by the Andover
                                                                                                    Service Club, by Samantha Veysey.

To membership in the National Art Honor Society (above, with faculty advisors Patrice Martin
and Robin Asbury): Lisa Fishman ’08, Hugh Shackleton ’08, Samantha Veysey, Caroline
Deans ’07, Jess Baker ’07 and Pete Arnold ’08. Not pictured: seniors Kristina Gonzalez,
Jaelyn Wolf and Coco Loehr. Membership is based on scholarship ( a B average in all art
courses) , leadership, character and service to the community

Coach of the Year by the Northern New England Lacrosse Coaches: Proctor varsity lacrosse coach
Ian Hamlet.
An All-American, one of only two in Northern New England: Proctor’s Chris Landers ’07.
Chris is the first Proctor athlete to earn All America status. He has signed to play lacrosse for
Wheaton College next year.
                                                                                                    Scholarship winner Samantha Veysey

 – Parent & Grandparent Newsletter
Competed                                               Celebrated                                     Transition
                                                       Earth Day at Proctor on April 26, 2007. The    Bert and Dani Hinkley, who came to Proc-
                                                       observance included workshops, an assembly     tor in 1975, are moving west at the end of the
                                                       featuring a keynote speaker and three hours    summer. Bert has taught in the Social Science
                                                       of community service work by advisee groups,   Department. Dani has taught in the Art and
                                                       both on and off campus. (Pictures page 15)     Science Departments, and coordinated student
                                                                                                      activities. Both have coached and been dorm
                                                                                                      parents. Lee and Bert Carvalho, who arrived
                                                                                                      in 1981, are moving to Spain, where they will
                                                                                                      co-direct the Proctor in Segovia program with
                                                                                                      Lee’s bother Derek Mansell. Lee chaired the
                                                                                                      Mathematics Department from her arrival until
                                                                                                      earlier this year, while Bert, also a math teacher,
                                                                                                      was Director of Studies from 1982 until 2005,
                                                                                                      and coached the boys’ varsity basketball team
                                                                                                      from 1989 until 1995. The Hinkleys and the car-
Sugarbush competitors Chris Ruez, Pete Arnold,Tucker                                                  valhos have taught at Proctor for an aggregate
Pearson, and Cam Webster of Team Shotta Sauce.                                                        112 years; they will be greatly missed.
In the annual Sugarbush Triathalon on April
8, sixteen people from Proctor on four teams:
Men in Tights (Ross Young, Bert Hinkley,
Drew Donaldson, Greg Allen) who finished
                                                       Earth Day Coordinator Alan McIntyre
fourth overal; Tetris (Chris Hollinger, Ali
Brown, Lia Arnzen, Corinne Cline); Whit-
tlers Anonymous (Chris Hague, Dan Pend-
leton, Alex Duane, Gunnar Stratton); and
Shotta Sauce (Chris Ruez, Pete Arnold, Cam
Webster, Tucker Pearson) who finished 37th
overall and first in their class. The “triathalon”
actually includes four events: running, cycling,
paddling and XC skiing.

                                                       Bert Hinkley: 32 years                         Dani Hinkley: 30 years

Dave Kenney and Andrew Osarczuk

By Andrew Osarczuk ’10, the trophy for
catching the largest fish, on a deep sea fish-
ing trip on Sunday, May 20th, off the coast of
Portsmouth, NH.                                        Lee Carvalho: 25 years                         Bert Carvalho: 25 years

                                                                                                                 Parent & Grandparent Newsletter – 7
                                                                 They Said It!
“Do you often get bored on rainy days and of-            “ I am not Rudy Giuliani and I am not Barack
ten wish to yourself,“Why don’t I have a sweet           O’Bama, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express
video camera so I can record sweet stuff and             last night.”
edit it to be backwards?” Or possibly you are
                                                         “Proctor is in your blood forever. Having
often camera-less when on the mountain the
                                                         this particular school in your blood is a good
moment before your friend is about to yard-
                                                         thing.”Commencement Speaker John Pren-
sale a 200 foot jump? Here is your chance to.....
have a camera!” Oliver Munsill ’10, selling
a video camera                                           “How is New Hampshire responding to global
                                                         cllimate change? By reducing the number of
“Don’t give anyone a fruitcake. Ever. ” Drew             state cars, changing the composition of the state

“It’s a hoax! The toaster oven [offered for sale]                                                                  Jan Pendlebury
is a radioactive artifact from the space age and
                                                                                                                   fleet to gas efficient hybrids, and encouraging
Kelly’s only reason for dumping it on some
                                                                                                                   communities and cities to set and exceed energy
poor undeserving soul is that its potency (half
                                                                                                                   conservation goals. How are New Hampshire
life, if you will) has long since expired.”Daniel
                                                                                                                   businesses responding to environmental
                                                                                                                   challenges? Stoneyfield Farm reduced energy
“Paddy Stratton got a haircut!!!” Erik Major                                                                       consumption, uses efficient lighting, reuses or
“How do I know that James Fenimore Cooper                                                                          recycles 60% of waste, and donates 10% of its
was one of America’s first novelists? I’m mar-                                                                     profits to environmental organizations.” Earth
ried to the chair of the English Department.”                                                                      Day speaker Jan Pendlebury
                                                         Chuck Will: well informed
Director of Communications Chuck Will

Spring Formal: May 5th at Ragged Mountain

Helen Veasey, Bobby Veasey, Will McCue and ChiChi Ryan   Above: Britt Plante and Charlie Willauer. Below: Louisa
                                                         Loring and Ryan Kaulbach

                                                                                                                   Above: Josh Carlson and Madde Fan. Below: Laurie
                                                                                                                   and Allegra Zimmerman

Above: Taylor Tibbetts, Chris Leach, James Cormier and
Carly Dwight. Below: Lauren Harris and Spencer Hebert

 – Parent & Grandparent Newsletter
                                                     Spring Honors Lists
            Head's List*                                          Honor Roll*                                  Effort Honor Roll
     Nicholas Aiken                Eliza Loehr           William Adams                 Kelsey Hughes       Elizabeth Arnzen               Teagan Morin
       Bryn Appe                  Louisa Loring          S. L. Saam Aiken             Elizabeth Hunt        Alison Berman                Tucker Pearson
      Jessica Baker             Roseanna Loring           Haley Alonso               Hannah Johnson           Ryan Bishop               Daniel Pendleton
     Robert Baxter              Katherine Lowell          Ethan Argov                 Kayla Johnson         Teandra Clarke              Nicholas Pintauro
      Taylor Berns               Thayer Maclay             John Arnold                Gardner Kelley         Corinne Cline                 Marissa Ray
     Alison Brown              Lucy MacNaught         Christopher Baldwin            Joshua Kershaw        Caitlin Crossland              Elizabeth Ryan
   Buckman Brownell                Will McCue            Molly Barash              Christopher Landers      Leah Croteau                  Harrison Smith
    Kayla Dansereau                 Al Milley             Lydia Barrows               Aubrey LeBlanc          Erin Daigle                Chelsea Stevens
     Nielsen Davis                 Eric Moores            Raymon Beach                Glenna Ledoux         Joanna de Peña              Rosemary Sullivan
Frances Deamer-Phillips         Vika Mykolenko          Katherine Blagden               Carla Little        Nicholas Fairall            Courtney Summers
   Walker Doubleday              Ashley Nichols          Charles Bush                Matthew Lohan          Hunter Fifield                William Trask
    Danielle Duncan            Rebecca O’Connor         Andrew Cantella               Santi Maggio         Kristina Gonzalez             Adam Van Dusen
     Annie Durkin              Christina Pagano           Peter Chase               Elizabeth Maloney      Hannah Goodnow               Hannah Yarowsky
     Jessica Emory               Caroline Pond              Erin Clayton            Christopher Massey     Kathleen Lehmann              Christian Yemga
     Tyler Erickson                Judith Rice           Jacqueline Cooper           Timothy Meehan          Ian Makechnie                Sang Ah Yoon
Becca Freyman-Bucchieri        Morgan Saunders          Katherine Copeland           Matthew Milley        Lauren Matthews
     Bridget Gilroy             Trenholm Smith             Haley Creed               Emily Mitchell
    Jimmy Hanlon               Elizabeth Stearns          Hillary Creed              Keegan Mitchell
   Kathryn Homan                Gunnar Stratton          Coral Cyzewski                Janie Morin
     Paul Huenke                 Taylor Tibbetts         Christopher Dale            Eleanor Morley
    Irene Hussey                 Kristen Turpin              Alice Daly               Oliver Munsill
    Kelsey Isbester             Kinley Viandier            Joelle Deacon              Jeremy Niles
   Thomas Jennings                Anne Wagner             Caroline Deans             Taylre O’Byrne
      Emma Jones                Harris Williams       Serena DeGreaffenreidte         Sara Paulshock
     Tristan Jones                 Jaelyn Wolf             Gabrielle Dorr            Megan Phippen
   Kyung Seok Lee                Kiersten Wulff          Alexander Duane             Brittaney Plante
     Coco Loehr                    Eli Zaleznik          Charlotte Dwight             Molly Prudden
     Daniel Loehr                                         Zachary Dwyer               Laura Richins
                                                           Madde Fan                 Joshua Rosenholtz
                                                        Rafael Fernandes               Ryan Ruddock
  *Names in italics are also on Effort Honor Roll.
                                                        Tuckerman Ferris               Ariel Sackett
                                                          Kaitlin Fifield             Jaguar Sasmito
                                                          Molly Flam                    Cole Shea
                                                         Anthony Fortes               Dennis Silvio
                                                          Taylor Franchi              Trilbey Smith
                                                         Hannah Frantz
                                                          Georgia Freed
                                                                                    Blair Southworth
                                                                                       John Sowles
                                                                                                                          Parent &
                                                        Zachary Frumkin             Sabrina Stedman
                                                        Jennifer Galligan            Emily Summers
                                                          Haley Gerber               Conor Systrom         Editor
                                                          Joseph Goulart            Samantha Veysey              Brenda C. Godwin
                                                         Annabelle Gray               Tyler Violette       Contributors
                                                         Nicholas Green             Virginia Watkins             Spring Sports Coaches
                                                          Irene Gutierrez           Lindsay Webster              Brenda C. Godwin
                                                       Christopher Hague             Molly Weeden                Patrice Martin
                                                         Jessica Hamilton           Caroline Wheeler             Dale Milne
                                                       Mackenzie Hancock              Emily White                Chuck Will
                                                      Ashley-Marie Hanlon            Heidi Whitman               Town & Country Reprographics
                                                         Spencer Hebert               Amanda Will
                                                          Alexander Hill            Hyung Kyoo Woo           The Parent & Grandparent Newsletter is pub-
                                                                                                             lished thrice annually in December, March and
                                                       Catharine Holmes
                                                                                                             June. We welcome feedback! To comment on
                                                                                                             an article, or to suggest topics for future news-
                                                        *Names in italics are also on Effort Honor Roll.     letters, please call, write or e-mail the editor
                                                                                                             at 603.735.6222 • P.O. Box 500, Andover, NH
                                                                                                             03216 •

                                                                                                                    Parent & Grandparent Newsletter – 
   Spring Sports Roundup                                                                                           Varsity Girls Undefeated!
                                                                                                                       2007 was a highly successful season for the
                               The 2005 Varsity Boys’ Tennis Team                                                  girls’ varsity tennis team. Proctor was 7-0 in
                                                                                                                   Lakes Region match play, and took 2 of the
                                                                                                                   4 honors in the post-season Lakes Region
                                                                                                                   Round Robin Tournament.
                                                                                                                       Led by Marvin Award winner Sayre Lim-
                                                                                                                   burg ’10 and Kate Lowell ’08, both unde-
                                                                                                                   feated for the season, PA defeated KUA 6-3,
                                                                                                                   Brewster 7-2, New Hampton 7-2, Tilton 7-0,
                                                                                                                   Holderness, 5-4, KUA again 8-1, and Dublin
                                                                                                                   8-0. At #3 singles, Ali Berman ’07 was 4-2;
                                                                                                                   at #4 and #5 singles, Lisa Fishman ’08 was
                                                                                                                   6-1; at #4 and #5 singles, Chi Chi Ryan ’07
                                                                                                                   was 5-1; and completing the lineup at num-
                                                                                                                   bers 5 and 6 were Taylor Tibbetts ’07 (2-0),
                                                                                                                   Kristina Gonzalez ’07 (2-0), Madde Fan
                                                                                                                   ’08 (1-0), Molly Weeden ’07 (1-0), and Helen
                           The Varsity Girls’ Tennis team: the queens of spring!                                   Veasey ’07 (0-2).
Standing: Coach Whitey Joslin, Helen Veasey, Madde Fan, Molly Weeden, Taylor Tibbetts, Lisa Fishman Kate
                                                                                                                       Most matches were decided by the results
Lowell, Ali Berman, Coach Dani Lejnieks. Kneeling: Caroline Deans, Chi Chi Ryan, Kristina Gonzalez, Sayre Lim-
burg, Ariel Sackett. Not pictured: Betsy Maloney.                                                                  from singles, so the doubles tandems in the
                                                                                                                   lineup varied with each match.
                                                                                                                       The Lakes Region individual tournament
                                                                                                                   was moved indoors due to rain. Proctor, Hol-
                                                                                                                   derness, and Brewster sent girls, and we each
                                                                                                                   played a round robin format so that each #1
                                                                                                                   girl played each other team’s #1 girl, each #2
                                                                                                                   girl played each other team’s #2 girls, and the
                                                                                                                   #1 and #2 doubles teams did the same. Sayre
                                                                                                                   Limburg won her 2 matches to garner the
                                                                                                                   award at #1 singles, and Chi Chi Ryan and
                                                                                                                   Helen Veasey (undefeated at doubles during
                                                                                                                   the season) won both matches to take home
                                                                                                                   the #2 doubles plaque. Kate Lowell was 1-1,
                                                                                                                   dropping an 8-6 decision to Holderness, and
                                                                                                                   our #1 doubles team of Ali Berman and Lisa
                                                                                                                   Fishman split their matches, also losing to
                                                                                                                   Holderness. So, Proctor split the award hon-
                                      Spring Athletic Award Winners                                                ors and match wins with Holderness.
Back: Al Milley, Carlos Bryant, Wilson Land, Nick Pintauro, Ethan Black, Ali Brown, Dan Pendleton, Oliver Mun-         Overall, this year’s team had a great deal
sill, Amanda Will, Sayre Limburg, Trenny Smith. Front: Tyler Swertfager, David Fleming, Billy Adams, Nick Green,   of depth with several players vying all season
Danny Loehr, Charles Bush, Abby Webb, Aubrey LeBlanc, Molly Prudden
                                                                                                                   long to play at different positions. Having
                                                                                                                   an undefeated 1-2 punch in Kate and Sayre,
                                                                                                                   backed by having Ali, Chi Chi, and Lisa at
                                                                                                                   positions 3-5 gave the coaches the opportu-
                                                                                                                   nity to play all members of the team in the
                                                                                                                   remaining positions throughout the snow and
                                                                                                                   rain-shortened season.
                                                                                                                                          —Head Coach Whitey Joslin

                                                                                                                             Most Valuable Players
                                                                                                                         Sayre Limburg and Kate Lowell
                                                                                                                               Most Improved Player
                                                                                                                                 Taylor Tibbetts

                                                                                                                   Varsity Tennis Betsey Maloney (far left) and MIP Taylor
                                                                                                                   Tibbetts (near left)

10 – Parent & Grandparent Newsletter
Varsity Boys’ Season a Pleasant Surprise
    Question: “How do you make a year with so many obvious signs of trouble and despair into
one of your best in years of coaching?”Answer: “Make sure you coach a team that includes
seniors Adam Van Dusen, Kinley Viandier, Josh Carlson, Nick Pintauro, and Will Mc-
Cue, as well as Zach Frumkin ’08, Chris Massey, Duncan Sullivan ’09, Tristan Jones
’08, Nick Winship ’10, and Thomas Jennings ’10.”
    Guys: I want to say “Thank You. ”Thanks for showing up for shoveling day after day and
never complaining. Really, never complaining. Thanks for good practices in the gym, rink and
fitness center. For showing up every day ready to play and competing well all year. Thanks to
my five seniors, some in their first year on varsity, for setting not a good, but a great example.
Thanks to my captains Adam and Nick.
    True, our record was not perfect or even close to perfect. We finished with 4 wins and 7 loss-
es. We had moments where we could have played better and others when we could not have
played better. Case in point: Van Dusen and Viandier’s #1 doubles win over “the bros” from KUA
where they used strategy to beat a physically gifted team; or, Adam’s singles loss in third set
tie-breaker to a Brewster player 18-16 in a match that I know he still thinks about, or Duncan’s
win in singles on a day when most of us lost or our team win over Holderness!
    This was the team with the best overall attitude in my eight years at Proctor, and for that I
am thankful.
                                                                                 — Coach Ted Mastin
                                                                  Most Valuable Player
                                                                    Kinley Viandier
                                                             Most Improved Player                      Varsity MVP Kinley Viandier
                                                                  Nick Pintauro

                                                   JV Girls Ends Season with
                                                   Three Big Wins
                                                       I want to start off by thanking all the girls
                                                   who played JV Tennis this spring – for your
                                                   dedication to the sport, your willingness to
                                                   work hard and improve your game, and your
                                                   cheerful smiles even when we had to shovel
                                                   snow for the first few weeks of the season.
                                                   The 13 girls on our team came together from
                                                   very different backgrounds. Some had never
                                                   picked up a tennis racquet before our first
                                                   practice in March, while others had been
                                                   playing for years. But despite these differenc-
                                                   es in ability, our team pushed each other to
                                                   become the best we could possibly be. Behind
LV’s Teddy Suehsdorf                               the fearless and very energetic leadership
                                                   of our two captains, Glenna Ledoux ‘09
JV Boys Develop Skills                             and Kayla Johnson ‘08, the JV girls’ team
                                                   improved immensely over the course of the           JV Captains Glenna Ledoux and Kayla Johnson
    The Boys’ JV Tennis team created a lot of
                                                   season and finished strong with big wins over
energy this spring as they strove to improve
their skills. Comprised of a number of unique      Brewster, KUA, and New Hampton.                     Baseball
individuals, the team could range from com-                                — Coach Lindsey Allenby     Varsity: Fast Start Slowed by
petitive to combative to downright hilarious                                                           Injuries and Narrow Losses
as these Proctor boys learned the game of                    Most Improved Player
                                                                                                           This year’s summation from both a coach’s
tennis. Every member contributed to the ef-                    Aubrey LeBlanc ’10                      and a player’s perspective are probably very
fort and the energy, and they now have skill                      Coaches’ Award                       similar. It was a rollercoaster of a season that
in a sport that will serve them well.                             Amanda Will ’10                      had its moments of exhilaration and its mo-
                            — Coach Larry Ballin                                                       ments of challenge. It was great working
            Most Valuable Player                                                                       with such a strong group of guys. We had 10
             Danny Loehr ’09                                                                           seniors on a team of 15; and, at the beginning
                                                                                                       of the year when we voted on captain, three
            Team Leadership Award                                                                      seniors were tied at the top and 4 more were
               Charles Bush ’08
                                                                                                       one vote behind. So it was clear right away

                                                                                                                 Parent & Grandparent Newsletter – 11
that we were a group of leaders. We had four games cancelled due to the snow at the begin-
ning of our season, but despite the setback, we jumped out to a 4-1 record off great pitching
and a solid offense. We had been battling illness and injury over the last 4 games of the season,
and although we rarely played at 100% strength, we managed to give undefeated New Hamp-
ton a run for their money twice, losing both heartbreakers by only a one-run margin. I would
like to recognize our seniors for a great season, hopefully you created some lasting memories
this year to take with you, whether it was LJ Cangiano ’07 hitting two grand slams, Dan
Yanofsky ’08 striking out a batter to get out of a bases loaded late inning-jam, or senior Nate
Blouin’s 7th inning double to break up a Holderness no-hitter. I would also like to thank
Greg Duperey ’09, our manager, for all of his hard work and dedication to the team this year.
Lastly, I would like to thank Jay Garrels for all of his help with the team this season. There are
few coaches I’ve met that are as consistent, as energetic, and as caring as Jay is. He genuinely
wants to help his players be the best they can be, and he goes about doing so with a passion.
So, a big thank you goes out to him.
                                                                     —Head Coach Mark Tremblay
                                                           Most Valuable Players
                                                   David Fleming ’07 & James Cormier ’08
                                                                  Coaches’ Award
                                                                  Nick Green ’07                     Varsity MVP James Cormier

                                                  JV Notch 2 Walk-Off Wins
                                                      The JV Baseball team got off to a 3-1 start
                                                  this year with back to back walk off wins, but
                                                  dropped a couple close games in the second
                                                  half of the season. We had great production
                                                  from everybody on the team, as each indi-
                                                  vidual was a key part to each win. We wish
                                                  we could have played a few more games, but
                                                  the weather simply did not allow it. It was a
                                                  pleasure coaching this group, and there are
                                                  going to be some players who contribute sig-
                                                  nificantly at the varsity level in coming years.
                                                  Congratulations on a great season guys!
                                                                              —Coach Scott Allenby
Varsity Coaches’ Award winner Nick Green
                                                                  Coaches’ Award
                                                                  Al Milley ’08
                                                             Most Improved Player
                                                               Carlos Bryant ’07

                                                  Lacrosse                                           Coaches’ Award winner Jon Morin
                                                  Varsity Boys Finish 7-4
                                                     With a 7-4 overall record, including two fourth quarter comebacks, this has been the most
                                                  successful season the boys’ varsity lacrosse team has had in four years. The talent, heart, and
                                                  class this team showed earned them respect from opposing coaches and teams throughout the
                                                  league. Mike and I were extremely proud to coach this fine group. I would also like to acknowl-
                                                  edge some players who received some league awards. Jamie Maguire ’07 and Tyler Violette
                                                  ’08 earned 2nd Team All-League status this year. Juniors Charlie Willauer and Hunter Car-
                                                  man earned 1st Team All-League status. In all of Northern New England Lacrosse, which in-
                                                  cludes more schools than just the Lakes Region, there were two All-American Lacrosse players
                                                  chosen – one of these was Chris Landers. ’07
                                                                                                                          — Head Coach Ian Hamlet
                                                                                           Coaches’ Award
                                                                                           Jon Morin ’08
                                                                                       Most Valuable Player
JV Capatin and Coaches’ Award winner Al Milley                                           Chris Landers ’07

12 – Parent & Grandparent Newsletter
Varsity Girls Improve on Offense, Defense
    Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse was a tight group of players that worked well
together and improved throughout the season. The three senior cap-
tains, Emily Cox, Haley Creed, and Emily Summers, were out-
standing leaders that made each practice enjoyable and every player
feel at home. Our two goalkeepers, Hillary Creed ’08 and Chelsea
Stevens ’08, pushed each other to improve all season. The defense
also continually improved with the hard work of Courtney O’Brien
’08, Nicole Fernandez ’09, Vika Mykolenko ’08, Kaitlin Fi-
field ’08, Blair Southworth ’09, Patty Dansereau ’08, Alice
Daly ’08, and Teandra Clarke ’08. Offensively, we became more
of a scoring threat as the season progressed with players like Bridget
Gilroy ’09, Taylre O’Byrne ’09, McKenzie Poirier ’08, Trenny
Smith ’09, Courtney Summers ’10, and Addie Fisher ’08 scoring
goals. We also could not have been successful without our wonderful
manager, Linsley Truesdale ’09, whose hard work and profes-
sionalism kept us on time and outfitted. Some of the highlights of the
season were beating Holderness in the KUA Jamboree, Hillary Creed
scoring her first goal, wonderful passing from defense to offense, and
watching the Proctor team work together to find success.
                                           —Head Coach Lynne Meterparel
                            Coaches’ Award
                   Treeny Smith and Emily Summers                           Varsity Lax cap[tains Haley Creed, Emily Summers and Emily Cox

JV Boys Just Miss .500 Season
                                                                            JV Girls, 32 Strong, Lead League in Wins
    The Junior Bees started and ended the season well and posted a
                                                                                First glance at the JV Lacrosse team, people are usually impressed
respectable “almost 500” season. The players new to the sport provided
                                                                            by the sheer space that 32 fun-loving lacrosse players take up on the
much humor and hustle, beginning with Mark Woo ’10 and Kelly
                                                                            field. Then as they watch the girls play they become impressed with
Emery ’09, two line mates who provided suspense and spontane-
                                                                            the talent, depth, speed, and heart of this team. From freshman Eliza
ity whenever they stepped on the field. Nobody, and I’m pretty sure
                                                                            Perry’s draw control, the uncanny ability of Lizzie Hunt ’09, Lizie
nobody, knew what was going to happen when they played. Our
                                                                            Loehr ’08, Katie Holmes ’08, Kayleigh Lutz ’09, and Becca
UK Connection of Phill Wait ’07 and Matt Williams ’08 enjoyed
                                                                            O’Connor ’08 to speed past people as if they were walking, the level-
themselves as much as anybody and contributed well on defense
                                                                            headedness and skill of Becca Freyman-Bucchieri ’08, Kerstin
due to their athleticism, funny accents, and witty repartee. Orlando
                                                                            Middleton ’10, Erin Clayton ’08, and Annabelle Grey ’09, the
Aponte ’10 brought his style, sneaker collection, and quick laugh
                                                                            guts it took Molly Flam ’10 to have to just step out onto the field,
until injured late in the season. Young guns Josh “McWhopper”
                                                                            sophomore Emily Mitchell’s dedicated support from the bench as a
McPhee ’10, Gardner “Special K” Kelley ’10, Dylan “& Wil-
                                                                            wounded player, the breathtaking goals by Eliza Perry ’10, Molly
lin” Evans ’10, Marc “Better Late than Never” Buckland ’09,
                                                                            Prudden ’08, and Annie O’Byrne ’09, the growth of Jenny Gal-
Tucker “Two Tone” Danell ’10, and Niels “Lean & Sometimes
                                                                            ligan ’10, Cait Crossland ’07, and Abbie Webb ’10 (always with
Mean” Davis ’10 provide cause for excitement and a return engage-
                                                                            a smile on her face) as legit lax players; from the sheer tenacity of
ment next year. This new Hornet talent will be backed by our older
                                                                            Kayla Dansereau ’10, Crystal Williams ’09, Emily White ’10,
and wiser Johnny “Secret Squirrel” Sowles ’09, John “Nothing
                                                                            and Erin Daigle ’09 to the wall of aggressive defenders like Han-
Runs like a Deer” Arnold ’09, Ethan “No Quack” Black ’08,
                                                                            nah Carlson ’10, Anne Wagner ’09, Leah Croteau ’10, Hannah
Jon “Cuisine” Levine ’08, Tyler “Silent but Deadly” Reardon
                                                                            Yarowsky, Hannah Frantz ’10, Katie Lehmann ’10, and Kier-
’10, Hugh “Polar Express” Shackleton ’09, Tyler “Steamroller”
                                                                            sten Wulff ’08 who swarm like the hornets that Proctor has so aptly
Swertfager ’09, and the veteran seniors Nick Fairall, Sean Kaul-
                                                                            chosen as our mascot. If they got past those girls then they had to con-
bach, Santi Maggio, and Buckman Brownell.
                                                                            tend with Taylor Berns ’09 or Justine Hewitt ’08 as our keepers,
                                               —Coach Peter Southworth
         MVP                                                                                           which is no easy task. We led the league with
  Tyler Swertfager                                                                                     wins and only one loss because of the unique
    Coaches’ Award                                                                                     talents and spirit that each player brought to
    Ethan Black                                                                                        the field. We were big and we were mighty!
                                                                                                                        —Head Coach Sarah Whitehead

                                                                                                                Most Valuable Players
Right: JV Lax seniors Nick
   Fairall, Sean Kaulbach,
                                                                                                              Molly Prudden & Annie Wagner
   Buckman Brownell and                                                                                            Most Improved Player
              Santi Maggio                                                                                               Abbie Webb

                                                                                                                 Parent & Grandparent Newsletter – 13
Kayak Racing
    Historically, the spring kayak program has been made up of experienced paddlers who start
paddling in the fall, build skills, learn to roll, and know they enjoy being wet, cold, and nervous.
    This year the group wavered from that model. Yes, there were the three seasoned veterans
from last year - Lia Arnzen ’08, Ali Brown ’09, and Cam Webster ’09 who were joined by
a fall season teammate, Greg Sinnott ’08. But somehow the team size doubled.
    The spring season is backwards. The water is high and the weather cold at the beginning,
when new paddlers have no skills. Then, by the time they improve, the leaves come out, the
rivers drop. and the blackflies come out. The season is over. So, I do my best to discourage neo-
phyte paddlers from attempting this sport of high consequences in the spring. Here, this year, I
failed. Three students from project period, Pete Arnold ’08, Oliver Munsill ’10, and Edith
Kuzma ’10 petitioned to join. I tried to talk Daniel Pendleton ’07 out of joining when he
asked me at the end of winter term and I failed here. too. He came to the group knowing less
than any of the others.
    I cannot call it a season to rebuild. It was building on new ground. I did not see it as a
season to reload. That would imply we had some heavy ammunition. It was more a season of
rebirth; these were “baby” paddlers. I started the term hoping that taking on these beginners
would not be something I would regret. I was forced to rethink how to deal with these skill
    So the snow continued to come down in March and April. We paddled almost everyday.
Nobody quit. The water was so high that most rivers were too high for experienced paddlers.
We stayed close to home. Everyone improved. Everyone was happy. We fixed boats. We remade              Golf MVP Billy Adams
gates when the flood swallowed the old ones. Everyone was happy. We drove 4.5 hours to
Bangor, Maine. People were smiling. We drove 4 hours to West Cornwall, CT and camped in                Golf
the rain. These guys were giggling. We ate a pizza marathon while a middle-aged Italian lady               The 2007 Hornets did not fare well as a
giggled at us.                                                                                         team this year, going 0-7. But the individual
    Results were secondary in my plan when I accepted all of these people. Remarkably, the             performance and achievement was evident
results came. This peculiar pack of Proctor Paddlers posted plentiful podium performances. To          throughout the campaign. We had several
predict this in March would have been preposterous.                                                    players compete for the first time and others
    In his second race Daniel Pendleton nearly beat the coach from New Hampton School and              show marked improvement in their game. All
finished 2nd in the K-1 class. Rookie Oliver Munsill, in a heavy, plastic river-running kayak,         in all it was a valuable experience for every-
won the Jr. K-1 class in that same race in Montpelier, Vermont. Alison and Lia went one and            one involved. The performance of two players
two in every race they entered. Other people would come and register for classes that our pad-         was particularly outstanding.
dlers were not in. Peter Arnold got into a race boat for the first time in Connecticut and won             Junior Wilson Land’s commitment to
the Junior K-1 class with Cam Webster in 2nd and Oliver in 3rd. Edith Kuzma, who missed                practice and pre-match preparation allowed
6 gates in her first race in Maine paddled her second run in Connecticut making all 21 gates.          him to take his game to the next level. After
That was the goal we had set.                                                                          working hard in the weight room during our
    So, no regrets from me. I watched them finish race runs with a sense of relief and respect. I      extended pre-season, Wilson reaped the fruits
would not replace this season with any other group.                                                    of his labors and torched the competition
                                                                               —Coach Bert Hinkley     with his consistent play. With #1 and #2 play-
                                                                                                       ers moving on, Wilson will be looked upon to
                                                                                                       be a leader of next year’s team and after his
                                                                                                       performance this year, he appears to be up to
                                                                                                       the task.
                                                                                                           Senior captain Billy Adams’ commit-
                                                                                                       ment to excellence and extremely competitive
                                                                                                       nature have allowed him to achieve at a high
                                                                                                       level, and this year was a prime example of
                                                                                                       what he has accomplished during his career.
                                                                                                       He played in every match, no matter the
                                                                                                       conditions. He was our go-to guy all season,
                                                                                                       frequently playing #1, taking on the other top
                                                                                                       golfers in the league, and most often com-
                                                                                                       ing away with points. He is an example of
Lia Arnzen                                                                                             what can be accomplished when you dedicate
                                     Most Improved Paddler: Daniel Pendleton
                                                                                                       yourself to getting better each day.
                                       Most Dependable Paddler: Alison Brown
                                                                                                                                   —Coach Mike Walsh
                                        Most Excited Paddler: Oliver Munsill

1 – Parent & Grandparent Newsletter
                                                   Earth Day: April 26, 2007

                                                                                                     Above: Greg Allen and Nikki Fernandez. Below: Wynn
                                                                                                     Berns and Al Milley. Bottom left: Mike Henriques and
                                                                                                     Serena DeGreaffenreidte
                                                  Above: Addie Fisher

Golf MIP Wilson Land
          Most Improved Player
            Wilson Land ’08
           Most Valuable Player
              Billy Adams ’07

Berns, Cline and Osarczuk Lead Bikers
    New England Prep school cycling has several levels of competition: A, B, and C boys. The         great role model for the new riders, often tak-
majority of Proctor’s team were new riders this year and thus raced in the C category. They          ing them aside and discussing race tactics or
were Tuckerman Ferris ’10, Louis Morin ’09, Saam Aiken ’08, Chris Dale ’10, Geoff                    explaining difficult parts in a particular race
Bonewald ’08, Robert Baxter ’09, Alex Bertrand ’08, and Andrew Osarcuzk ’10. In                      course, and for that the coaches say “thank
their races, the C team was a force of teamwork and strength. They won their second race, and        you, Wynn.”
third race, got second in two other races, and a Proctor team won the team time trial. They also                      —Head Coach Drew Donaldson
amassed enough team points over the season to be the number one C team in the league.
    Geordie Sousa ’08 was impressive as Proctor’s solo Boys B rider. He went into every race                         Coaches’ Award
with determination, and impressed his teammates and coaches with his hard work. Geordie                               Wynn Berns
was able to sneak himself into the top ten of three races this year and was part of the team time                Most Improved Player
trial that got 4th place down at Exeter. Great job, Geordie!                                                       Andrew Osarczuk
    Corinne Cline ’08 was the only girl on the team this year. Like Geordie, she was a solo
rider in a field that had full teams. At the KUA track race she was a dominant force. She won
several of the sprints and earned enough points to win the race. During practices she never let
up. Corinne came to cycling every day with a smile on her face and put all of her effort into be-
coming a better cyclist.
    Andrew Osarczuk’s list of accomplishments consist of one race win, 4 top 10 finishes, and
a second place overall rider in the C category for the New England Cycling League. Andrew
has worked hard in practices and has embraced the idea that cycling is a suffer fest - he always
wants to be the first one up the hill or over the finish line. This hard work has paid off and his
coaches look forward to working with him in the future
    Wynn Berns was the team’s only senior (and only A rider), thus making him the only four-
year rider. Over those past four years, Wynn’s endurance and determination have grown to
impress not only his coaches, but also other schools’ coaches. At the KUA race this year a coach
commented on Wynn’s solo attack in the last few laps of the race, and while Wynn did not
come in first the coach was impressed that Wynn had tried when his own school’s riders were
content to finish in the main field. In addition to his hard work on the bike, Wynn has been a       Cycling’s Wynn Berns

                                                                                                               Parent & Grandparent Newsletter – 1
The Spring Musical: May 25 & 26
Guys & Dolls

Kinley Viandier, Kelsey Hughes, Drew Donaldson                               Amanda Will, Dani Lejnieks, Alllegra Zimmerman, Edith Kuzma, Jessica George

                                                                                                         Kelsey Hughes, Jackie Cooper

Mike Walsh, Drew Donaldson                       Eli Zaleznik, Joey Goulart, Sam Payson

                                                                                                         Jess Emory, Ian Makechnie
Teandra Clarke

Olivia Shure                                     John McNamee                                            Jaguar Sasmito
1 – Parent & Grandparent Newsletter

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