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We cordially invite you to attend. Please see some details regarding this program below.

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                                                                                       Trade Fairs in Made in Germany 2005-2006
Industrial classification                 Trade Fair name                          Trade Fairs Subject                   Place Even / Cities   Contact   Introduction pages link   Trade Fairs' Website

           63               GrindTec                                  International Trade Fair for Grinding Technology       Augsburg
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Elevator technology
           9                interlift                                                                                        Augsburg
                                                                      and Convention
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Fruit and Vegetable
           24               Fruit Logistica                                                                                    Berlin
         24.49              Internationale Grune Woche Berlin         Food Industry, Agriculture and Horticulture              Berlin
                                                                      International Building and Construction Trade
           9                bautec                                                                                             Berlin
                                                                      Fair Berlin
           82               ITB Berlin                                International Tourism Exchange                           Berlin
                                                                      International Trade Fair and Congress Water
           45               Wasser Berlin                                                                                      Berlin
                                                                      and Wastwater
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Media and Event
         87.94              SHOWTECH                                                                                           Berlin
                                                                      International Aerospace Exhibition and
           53               ILA                                                                                                Berlin
                                                                      conference Berlin Brandenburg
       30.42.87             IFA                                       World of Consumer Electronics                            Berlin
           45               CMS - Cleaning . Management . Services . International Trade Fair and Congress                     Berlin

                                                                      Meetingpoint Future - Innotrans - International
           83               InnoTrans - Treffpunkt Zukunft            Trade Fair for Transport Technology Innovative           Berlin
                                                                      Components - Vehicles - Systems
           46               Art Forum Berlin                          -                                                        Berlin
           28               aaa                                       Berlin Motor Show                                        Berlin
           56               EXPOPHARM                                 International Pharmaceutical Trade Fair                  Kohn
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Fish and Seafood;
           24               fish international                        Trading Market Technology, Logistics, Point of          Bremen
                                                                      International Trade Fair for tobacco products &
                            Inter-tabac                                                                                      Dortmund
           24                                                         smoking accessories
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Finance and
           8                DKM                                                                                              Dortmund
                                                                      Insurance companies
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Supply and Waste
           86               ENVITEC                                   Management with Congress
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Advertising
           94               PSI                                                                                              Dusseldorf
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Showmen and
           31               INTERSCHAU                                                                                       Dusseldorf
                                                                      Leisure park technology
          13                boot-Duesseldoft                          International Boat Show                                Dusseldorf
          10                cpd woman man                             -                                                      Dusseldorf
         19.22              INTERKAMA                                 1st for Automation in Process Industries               Dusseldorf
         33.94              EUROSHOP                                  The Global Retails Trade Fair                          Dusseldorf
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Pre-Media and
           67               IMPRINTA                                                                                         Dusseldorf
                                                                      Cross - Publishing with print & media congress
           50               GDS                                       International Shoe Fair                                Dusseldorf
           24               ProWein                                   International Trade Fair Wines and Spirits             Dusseldorf
                                                                      International Trade Fair for Professional
                            Beauty International                                                                             Dusseldorf
           44                                                         Cosmetics
           57               Tube                                      International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair                 Dusseldorf
           57               wire                                      International Wire and Cable Trade Fair                Dusseldorf

                                                                                                                Trade Fairs Made in Germany                                                               Page 2
                                         International Fair Packaging Machinery,
 61     interpack                                                                            Dusseldorf
                                         Packaging and Confectionery Machinery
                                         World Market Print Media, Publishing &
 67     drupa - print media messe                                                            Dusseldorf
                                         International Fair for Manufacturing technology
 57     METAV                                                                                Dusseldorf
                                         and Automation
                                         International Trade Fair for Logistics, Material
55.83   EUROCARGO                                                                              Suttgart
                                         Handling, Transport + Telematics
                                         International Exhibition for Industrial Furnaces
 35     THERMPROCESS                     and Thermic production Processes with               Dusseldorf
                                         Technology Forum
                                         International Exhibition for Metallurgical
 35     METEC                                                                                Dusseldorf
                                         Technology with Congress
                                         International Foundry Trade Fair with WFO -
 35     GIFA                                                                                 Dusseldorf
                                         Technical Forum
28.31   CARAVAN SALON DUSSELDOFT         International Caravan Salon                         Dusseldorf
 33     hogatec                          International Fair Hotels, Gastronomy, Catering     Dusseldorf
                                         International Trade Fair Frozen Foods, Ice
24.61   InterCool                                                                            Dusseldorf
                                         Cream, Refrigeration technology
 24     InterMopro                       International Trade Fair Dairy Products             Dusseldorf
                                         International Trade Fair for Meat, Cold Meats
 24     InterMeat                                                                            Dusseldorf
                                         and Sausage
                                         International Trade Fair for Visual Advertising
        VisCom                                                                               Dusseldorf
 94                                      Techniques and Signmaking
 50     GDS                              International Shoe Fair                             Dusseldorf
                                         International Trade Fair with special Show +
 9      glasstec                                                                             Dusseldorf
                                         International Trade Fair: World Market for
 61     IBA                              Baking … everything for Bakers and                  Dusseldorf
                                         International trade fair for those with special
 56     REHACare International                                                               Dusseldorf
                                         needs and those requiring care
56.72   A+A                              Occupational Safety + Healthy at Work               Dusseldorf
 47     K                                International Trade Plastics + Rubber               Dusseldorf
                                         World Forum for Doctors/ Surgeries and
 56     MEDICA - Veltforum der Medizin   Hospitals - International Trade Fair with           Dusseldorf
 8      IAM                              International Investors' Fair                       Dusseldorf
                                         International Trade Fair Plants, Technical
 49     IPM                                                                                    Essen
                                         Equipment, Floristry, Sales Promotion
                                         International Building Fair with AUSBAU +
        DEUBAU                           FASSADE national trade fair on interior work          Essen
 9                                       and facades
                                         Trade Fair and Congress for International
 23     E-WORLD energy & water                                                                 Essen
                                         Energy Industry
 74     EQUITANA                         Equestrian Sports World Fair                          Essen
 61     METPACK                          International Trade Fair for Metal Packaging          Essen
 74     FIBO                             World Fair for Fitness and Leisure                    Essen
 28     REIFEN                           World Market for the Tyre Trade                       Essen
                                         World Trade Fair & Conference for the
35.57   ALUMINIUM                                                                              Essen
                                         Aluminum Industry
 57     SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN           World Trade Fair Joining, Cutting, Surfacing          Essen

 72     SECURITY                         International Security Exhibition with Congress       Essen
                                         World Trade Fair Tuning, Motorsports and
 28     ESSEN MOTOR SHOW                                                                       Essen

                                                                                   Trade Fairs Made in Germany   Page 3
                                                                International Trade Fair for home textiles and
        80            Heimtextil                                                                                    Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                commercially used textiles
     3.15.44          Paperworld, Christmaxworld, Beautyworld   International Frankfurt Messe                       Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                Tavola & Cucina, Prasen & Carat, Domus &       Ambiente                                                                                      Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                International Trade Fair for Musical Instruments,
      59.87           Musikmesse/ProLight + Sound               Musical Software and Hardware, Sheet Music          Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                and Accessories
                                                                International Trade Fair for Building and Energy
        70            ISH                                                                                           Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                Technology and The Bathroom Experience
                                                                International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles
        80            Techtextil                                                                                    Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                and Nonwovens
        10            FUR & FASHION FRANKFURT                   -                                                   Frankfurt/ Main
        46            Art Frankfurt                             The European fair for young Art                     Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                International Event for Marketing and
        94            Marketing Services                        Communication + Display Trade Fair for P.O.S.       Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                International Trade Fair for Architecture and
     9.22.70          Light + Building                                                                              Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical
      18.86           ACHEMA                                    Engineering, Environment Protection and             Frankfurt/ Main
       61             IFFA/IFFA Delicat                         -                                                   Frankfurt/ Main
      10.45           Texcare International                     World Market for Modern Textile Care                Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                International Trade Fair for Optics and
        64            OPTATEC                                                                                       Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                Optoelectronics   Tendence Lifestyle                        International Frankfurt Messe                       Frankfurt/ Main
         28           IAA                                       International Motor Show Passenger Cars             Frankfurt/ Main
         28           Automechanika                             Everything that makes autos move                    Frankfurt/ Main
         14           Buchmesse Frankfurt                       Frankfurt Book Fair                                 Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                European Trade Exhibition & Conference for
        8             European Banking Technology Fair                                                              Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                Banking and Financial Technology
                                                                International Trade Fair on Signmarking and
      67.94           PRO SIGN                                                                                      Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                Digital Printing
      94.99           Franchise                                 International Franchise Exhibition                  Frankfurt/ Main
                                                                International Trade Fair for Machines, Materials
                      INTERbrossa - BRUSHexpo                   and Accessories for the Brush, Paintbrush,             Freiburg
        99                                                      Paintroller and Mop Industry
                                                                International Trade Fair and Conference for
        23            Intersolar                                                                                       Freiburg
                                                                Solar Technology
                                                                International Trade Exhibition for General
                      AERO                                                                                          Friedrichshafen
        53                                                      Aviation
        74            OutDoor                                   European Outdoor Trade Fair                         Friedrichshafen
        74            EUROBIKE                                  International Bicycle Trade Exhibition              Friedrichshafen
        13            INTERBOOT                                 International Watersports Exhibition                Friedrichshafen
        47            Fakuma                                    International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing    Friedrichshafen
        49            KWF                                       Forest-Machinery Equipment Show                     GroB-Umstadt
                                                                International Trade Fair for Showmen and
        31            INTERSCHAU                                                                                      Hamburg
                                                                Leisure park technology
                                                                International Fair for the Hotel, Restaurant,
      24.33           INTERNORGA                                                                                      Hamburg
                                                                Catering, Baking and Confectionery Trades
                                                                ROOF + WALL - International Trade Fair and
        9             DACH + WAND                               Convention for Roofing, Wall and Insulation           Hamburg
                                                                Conference and trade fair for geodesy,
        12            INTERGEO                                                                                        Hamburg
                                                                geoinformation and land management
                                                                Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology -
        71            SMM                                                                                             Hamburg
                                                                International Trade Fair Hamburg
                                                                International Boat Show Hamburg with art
        13            hanseboot                                                                                       Hamburg
                                                                marime/hanseboot harbour

                                                                                                          Trade Fairs Made in Germany   Page 4
                                      Trade Fairs in Hannover and Worldwide - Please see brief information (Vietnamese + English) and shows sites at

                           DOMOTEX HANNOVER                       World Trade Fair for carpets and floor coverings      Hannover
                                                                  Information Technology, Telecommunications,
                           CeBIT                                                                                        Hannover
                 42.87                                            Software & Services
                                HANNOVER MESSE                          World leading Fair Industry                           Hannover
                           LIGNAplus HANNOVER                     World fair for the Forestry and Wood Industries       Hannover

                                                                  International Exhibition for Fire and Catastrophe
                           INTERSCHUTZ - DER ROTE HAHN                                                                  Hannover
                                                                  Prevention and Rescure Services
                57         EMO                                    The World of Machine Tools                            Hannover
                           IAA                                    International Motor Show Commercial Vehicles          Hannover
                                                                  International Sheet Metal Working technology
                           EuroBLECH                                                                                    Hannover
                57                                                Exhibition
                64         BIOTECHNICA                            International Trade Fair for Biotechnology            Hannover
                                                                  International Trade Fair Refrigeration, Air
                           IKK                                                                                          Hannover
                70                                                Conditioning, Ventilation
                                                                  International DLG Exhibition for Agricultural
                           AGRITECHNICA                                                                                 Hannover
                49                                                Machinery
                                                                  International DLG Exhibition for Livestock &
                49         EuroTier                                                                                     Hannover
                                                                  Poultry Production and Management
                                                                  International Trade Fair for Gems and Jewellery
                34         INTERGEM                                                                                   Idar Oberstein
                                                                  and Gemstone Objects
                           hortec                                 Trade Exhibition for techniques in Horticulare        Karlsruhe

                 Trade Fairs organised by Koelnmesse in Cologne and Worldwide - See brief information (Vietnamese + English) and shows sites at and

               11.58       imm cologne                            The International Furniture Fair                        Koln   

                           ANGA Cable                             Fair for Cable, Satellite and Multimedia                Koln    

                           Cologne Antiquarian Book Fair          Cologne Antiquarian Book Fair                           Koln   
                                                                  International Trade Fair for Sauna Pool
                           aquanale                                                                                       Koln   

                           Asia-Pacific Sourcing                  Products for Home, Garden and Ambience                  Koln   
                                                                  The audio book convention parallel to the
                           AudioBooksCologne                                                                              Koln   
                                                                  international literary festival - lit.COLOGNE                                                                            

                           CARBON EXPO                            Global Carbon Market Fair & Conference                  Koln   

                           Chilled Food                           The congress trade fair for chilled food                Koln   
                                                                  The leading European Exhibition for Customer
                           CRM-expo                                                                                       Koln   
                                                                  Relationship Management                                                                                                       
                                                                  International Trade Fair and Convention for
                           Dach+Wand                                                                                      Koln   
                                                                  Roofing, Wall and Insulation Technology                                                                                      

                           DMS                                    Digital Management Solutions Essen                      Koln   

                           ecclesia                               Church Fittings and Religious Life                      Koln   
                                                                  The International Trade Fair for the Vending
                           Eu'Vend                                                                                        Koln   
                                                                  International Trade Fair for Exhibition and
                           exponatec                                                                                      Koln   

                                                                  International Trade Fair and Convention for
                           exponet                                Networking Technology, Enterprise Computing,            Koln   
                                                                  Internet and Telecommunication
                                                                  International Trade Fair for Amenity Areas,
                            FSB                                                                                           Koln   
                                                                  Sports and Pool Facilities                                                                                                   
                                                                  International Fair for Transport, Logistics and
                           EuroCARGO                                                                                      Koln   

                                                                                                             Trade Fairs Made in Germany                                                                                             Page 5
                                                            At the International Furniture Fair, Cologne. The
                    imm cuisinale                           Exciting World of Kitchen                                Koln   
                                                            International Trade Fair for Carnival and
                    Inter-Karneval                                                                                   Koln   

                    INTERauto                               INTERauto Fair                                           Koln   
                                                            International Trade Fair for Motorcycles and
                    INTERMOT KÖLN                                                                                    Koln   

                    MacExpo                                 The Fair around Macintosh                                Koln   
                    Modell Railways with 4th Cologne Real   International Exhibition of Model Railways and
                    Steam Get-Together                      Accessories, Toys and Hobbies                                                                                                

                    Organic Trade Forum                                                                              Koln   

                    ISM                                     International Sweets and Biscuits Fair                   Koln   
                                                            International Baby to Teenager Fair Cologne
        43          Kind + Jugend                                                                                    Koln   

        10          VIBES4U                                 The New interjeans                                       Koln   
                                                            International Exhibition for Household
        38          HomeTech                                                                                         Koln   
                                                            International Hardware Fair/DIY'TEC- World of Practical World                         tools - World of security, locks and fittings -          Koln   
                                                            World of Home Improvement/ DIY
        20          IDS                                     International Dental Show                                Koln   

        61          Anuga FoodTec                           International Food Technology Fair                       Koln   
                                                            International Trade Fair for Paint, Decoration,
        18          FARBE                                                                                            Koln   
                                                            Building Protection                                                                                                            
                                                            Cutting-out machines, garment machinery,
        81          IMB                                     ironing machines, wewing machines, sewing                Koln   

        39          interzum cologne                        Furniture production and Wood Interiors                  Koln   
                                                            International Fair for Editions, Art Brut, Post-
                    KUNSTKÖLN                                                                                        Koln   
                                                            1980 Art and Photography                                                                                                        

                    Marathon Fair Cologne                                                                            Koln   
                                                            International Baby to Teenager Fair Cologne
        43          Kind + Jugend                                                                                    Koln   

        10          VIBES4U                                 The New interjeans                                       Koln   

                    gafa                                    International Garden Trade Fair                          Koln   

                                                            International Trade Fair for Creative Textiles
                    handarbeit & hobby                                                                               Koln   
                                                            Handicraft, Craft and Hobby Supplies
                                                            International Trade Fair for Sports Goods,
      49.74         spoga gafa                              Camping equipment and Garden Furniture/                  Koln   
                                                            International Garden Trade Fair
        74          IFMA Cologne                            The international bicycle trade show                     Koln   

        56          EXPOPHARM                               International Pharmaceutical Trade Fair                  Kohn   
                                                            Information-Technology for the Textile and
                                                            Apparel Industry                                                                                                                
                                                            International Fair for Recycling and Waste
                    ENTSORGA                                                                                         Koln   
      45.86                                                 Disposal                                                                                                                        

        30          photokina                               World of Imaging                                         Koln   

                                                                                                        Trade Fairs Made in Germany                                                                                              Page 6
                                               International Trade Fair for Packaging
        Pacovent                                                                                       Koln   
                                               International Exhibition and Conference on
        Passenger Terminal EXPO 2005           Passenger Terminal Design, Security,                    Koln   
                                               Technology and Management                                                                                               
        PRACTICAL WORLD                                                                                                                                                     
                                               International Trade Fair for Coach Travel and
        RDA Workshop                                                                                   Koln   

        Poultry show                           Poultry show                                            Koln   
                                               International Fair for Stamps, Coins and
        Philatelia and CoinExpo                Accessories                                             Koln   

        Rheingolf                              Show for golf, wellness and lifestyle                   Koln   

        Sports                                 MOVE & BE INSPIRED                                      Koln   
                                               Exhibition and Conference for Tire Design and
        tire technology EXPO 2005                                                                      Koln   
                                               Trading Event on Food and Non-Food Volume
        Tradexpo Koeln 2005                    Goods and Stocklots, previously Stocklots               Koln   

        Westdeutsche Kunst Messe Köln          West German Fine Arts Fair                              Koln   

                                               Bakery products, Beverages, Catering, Coffee,
                                               Confectionery, Dairy products, Deep-frozen
                                               Food products, Fast Food, Fish, Foodstuff,
        Anuga                                  Franchising, Fruits, Grills, Health Foods,              Koln   
                                               Icecream, Industrial Cooking Equipment, Luxury
                                               Foodstuff, Meat Products, Pasries, Preserves,
                                               Vegetables, Vending Machines
                                               International trade For amenity areas, sports
 45     fsb                                                                                            Koln   
                                               and pool facilities                                                                                                           

 46     ART COLOGNE                            International Art Fair                                  Koln   

                                               International Trade Fair for Furnishing and
 15     ORGATEC                                                                                        Koln   
                                               Management of Offices and Office Facilities
                                               International Trade Fair for Tanning products
44.56   SOLARIA                                                                                        Koln   
                                               and Equipment                                                                                                                   

        WIR                                    The lifestyle fair                                      Koln   

        Zukunft Personal                       Exhibition for Human Resource Management                Koln   
 10     Fashion Look Mit Body Look (Fruhahr)   Leipzig Fashion Fair (Spring)                          Leipzig
                                               International Trade Fair for Environment
 86     TerraTec                               Technologies and Services and Enertec-                 Leipzig
                                               International trade Fair for Energy
 23     enertec                                International Trade Fair for Energy                    Leipzig
 14     Leipziger Buchmesse                    Leipzig Book Fair                                      Leipzig
        Leipzig Fair AUTO MOBIL                with Specialist Trade Fair AMITEC (05.04-
 28                                                                                                   Leipzig
        INTERNATIONAL                          09.04.2003)
                                               Trade Fair and World Congress for Orthopedics
 56     ORTHOPADIE + REHA-TECHNIK                                                                     Leipzig
                                               and Rehabilitation Technology
 10     Fashion Look Mit Body Look (Herbst)    Leipzig Fashion Fair (Autumn)                          Leipzig
                                               MIDORA - International Clocks, Watches and
 34     Leipziger Uhren - & Schmucktage                                                               Leipzig
                                               Jewellery Trade Show Leipzig
                                               European Fair for Cultural Heritage,
 9      denkmal                                                                                       Leipzig
                                               Conservation and Urban Renewal
 9      BauFach                                Construction Trade Fair Leipzig                        Leipzig
                                               International Trade Fair for the Restaurant,
        GASTE                                                                                         Leipzig
 33                                            Hotel and Catering Business

                                                                                          Trade Fairs Made in Germany                                                                                             Page 7
                                                   International Trade Fair for Building Materials,
  9       BAU                                                                                             Muchen
                                                   Building Systems, Building Renovation
                                                   International Trade Fair for Sports Equipment
          ISPO                                                                                            Muchen
10.74                                              and Fashion (Winter)
                                                   International Trade Fair for Watches, Clocks,
  34      inhorgenta europe                        Jewelry, Precious Stones, Pearls, Silverware           Muchen
                                                   and their Manufacturing Equipment
  74      FAIRWAY                                  Golf Course Congress with Exhibition                   Muchen
                                                   International Trade Fair for Small and Medium-
  37      I.H.M                                                                                           Muchen
                                                   Sized Enterprises
                                                   International Trade Fair for Construction
  9       BAUMA                                    Machinery, Building Material Machines,                 Muchen
                                                   Construction Vehicles and Equipment
24.33     HOGA Muenchen                                                                                   Muchen
                                                   International Trade Fair for Environment, Waste
45.86     IFAT                                     Water and Waste Disposal; Water, Sewage,               Muchen
                                                   Refuse and Recycling
                                                   International Trade Fair for Logistics, telematics,
  83      transport logistic                                                                              Muchen
                                                   Instrumental Analysis, laboratory Technology
  64      ANYLYTICA                                and BioTechnologies, International Trade Fair          Muchen
                                                   and Analytica Conference
                                                   International trade Fair and International
  64      LASER. World of Photonics                                                                       Muchen
                                                   International Trade Fair for Sports Equipment
10.74     ispo                                                                                            Muchen
                                                   and Fashion (Summer)
                                                   International Trade Fair for Forestry and Forest
  49      INTERFROST                               Technology with Scientific Conferences and             Muchen
                                                   Special Shows
                                                   International Trade Fair for Machines,
                                                   Equipment, Plant, Processes and Raw
  9       CERAMITEC                                                                                       Muchen
                                                   Materials for Ceramics and POWDER
                                                   International Trade Fair for Materials
          MATERIALICA World of Products
  55                                               Applications Surface Technology ad Product             Muchen
                                                   Engineering with Congress
                                                   International Trade Fair for Motorcycles and
  28      INTERMOT Muenchen                                                                               Muchen
  61      drinktec-interbrau                       World Fair for Beverage technology                     Muchen
  74      GOLF EUROPE - Muenchen                   International trade Fair for Golf                      Muchen
                                                   International Commercial Real Estate
          EXPO REAL                                                                                       Muchen
  8                                                Exposition
                                                   INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION FOR AIRPORT
  53      INTER AIRPORT                                                                                   Muchen
                                                   EQUIPMENT, TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES
                                                   International Trade Fair for Information
  42      SYSTEMS                                  Technology, Telecommunications and New                 Muchen
                                                   International Trade Fair for Electronic
  22      Productronia                                                                                    Muchen
                                                   International Trade Fair for Components and
  22      electronia                                                                                      Muchen
                                                   Assemblies in Electronics
                                                   International Trade Fair for Amusement and
  33      IMA                                                                                            Nuernberg
                                                   Vending Machines
31.73     Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair   International Toy Fair Nurnberg                       Nuernberg
3.24.86   BioFach                                  World Organic Trade Fair                              Nuernberg
   33     HOGA                                     Hotel and Catering Exhibition Nurnberg                Nuernberg
                                                   International Trade Fair for Hunting and
  74      IWA & Outdoor Classics                   Sporting Arms, Outdoor Articles and                   Nuernberg
                                                   Trade Fair for Machinery, Equipment and
  39      HOLZ HANDWERK                                                                                  Nuernberg
                                                   Supplies for the Wood Craft

                                                                                              Trade Fairs Made in Germany   Page 8
                                              Exhibition and Congress Nursing, Therapy and
  56       Altenpflege + HealthCare                                                                   Nuernberg
                                              Care + Patient Care, Hospital Management
  52       BILDUNGSMESSE                      Trade Fair for Education and Training                   Nuernberg

                                              International Trade Fair for Mechanical
35.56.72   POWTECH/ TechnoPharm/ Explorisk                                                            Nuernberg
                                              Processing Technologies and Instrumentation

                                              International Trade Fair Window and Façade -
   9       fensterbau/frontale                                                                        Nuernberg
                                              Technologies/Components/Prefabricated Units

           EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW             Coatings, Construction Chemicals, Adhesives             Nuernberg
                                              International Trade Fair for Used Machinery and
 41.42     RESALE                                                                                     Nuernberg
                                              Sanitary, Heating, Air-Conditioning Equipment           Nuernberg
  70       IFH/IMTHERM
                                              System Integration in Micro Electronics/
  22       SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING                                                                       Nuernberg
                                              Exhibition and Conference
                                              International Trade Fair Natural Stone and
   9       Stone+tec                                                                                  Nuernberg
                                              Stone processing technology
  57       FAMETA                             International Trade Fair for Metal Working              Nuernberg
  31       Interzoo                           International Trade Fair for Pet Supply                 Nuernberg
                                              International Trade Fair for Urban Green and
                                              Open Spaces. Design - Construction -
 45.49     GaLaBau                                                                                    Nuernberg
                                              Maintenance Design - Construction -
                                              Trade Fair for Packaging and Labeling
  61       FachPack + Printpack                                                                       Nuernberg
                                              European Trade Fair for the Beverage Industry -
  61       BRAU Beviale                       Raw materials - Technologies - Logistics -              Nuernberg
  19       SPS/IPC/DRIVES                     Electric Automation - Systems and Components            Nuernberg
  50       I.L.M. Essentials                  International Leather Goods Fair                        Offenbach
  50       I.L.M. Winter Styles               International Leather Goods Fair                        Offenbach
  50       I.L.M. Summer Styles               International Leather Goods Fair                        Offenbach
  74       EUROCHEVAL                         European house fair                                     Offenburg
                                              International fair for leather and shoe
  50       plw - leather and more                                                                    Primasens
                                              components (Spring)
                                              International fair for leather and shoe
 50.51     GO…IMS + plw - leather and more                                                           Primasens
                                              components (Autumn)
  1        Saarmesse                          International Saarland Fair                            Saarbrucken
  87       CAR + SOUND                        Trade Fair for mobile electronics                       Sinsheim
           Control                            International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance          Sinsheim
                                              International Trade Fair for Assembly and
 19.55     MOTEK                                                                                      Sinsheim
                                              International trade fair for roller shutters,
   9       R+T                                                                                        Stuttgart
                                              doors/gates and sun protection
                                              International trade fair for the hotel, catering and
  33       INTERGASTRA                                                                                Stuttgart
                                              International Trade Exhibition for viticulture and
 49.61     INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA             enology, cultivation and processing of fruit,           Stuttgart
                                              bottling and packaging techniques
                                              Windows, glass, metal construction
  9.57     FGM                                                                                        Stuttgart
                                              International Trade Fair for façade technology
  57       AMB                                International exhibition for metalworking               Stuttgart
                                              International Trade Fair for swimming pools,
 45.74     interbad                           pool and bath technology, saunas,                       Stuttgart
                                              physiotherapy, and wellness
           CAT Engineering - Computer-aided   International Trade Fair for innovative product
  19                                                                                                  Stuttgart
           Technologies                       development and Engineering
                                              International Trade Fair for industrial image
  42       VISION                                                                                     Stuttgart
                                              processing and identification technologies

                                                                                          Trade Fairs Made in Germany   Page 9
                                                                      International Trade Fair Confectionery and
        24.61          InterKondiCa & Gast                                                                              Wiesbaden

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Trade Fairs Made in Germany   Page 11
<Code No> <Industrial Classification>
01 General Trade Fairs for Capital and Consumer Goods
02 Trade Fairs for Capital Goods
03 Trade Fairs for Consumer Goods
04 Regional Consumer Exhibitions
05 Ophthalmic Optics
08 Banking, Investments, Real Estate
09 Building Technology and Machinery, Interior Construction
10 Clothing, Fashion
11 Lighting
12 Mining, Geodesy, Geoinformation
13 Boats, Boat Accessories
14 Books, Prints, Libraries
15 Office Equipment, Office Supplies
18 Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
19 C-Technologies, Factory-Automation, Measuring and Control Engineering
20 Dental Medicine, Dental Technology
21 Hardware, Tools
22 Electrical Engineering, Electronics
23 Energy (conventional and renewable energies)
24 Food and Beverage
28 Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles, Caravans, Parts and Accessories
30 Photography, Film, Audio-Visual
31 Leisure, Hobby, DIY
33 Hotel and Catering Equipment, Shop Fittings
34 Gifts, Watches & Clocks, Jewelry, Crafts
35 Foundry, Metallurgy
37 Craft Equipment
38 Household Goods, Glasswares, Ceramics
39 Woodworking, Furniture Production
41 Industrial Equipment, Maintenance
42 Information Technology, Telecommunication
43 Nursery Equipment, Children's Clothing
44 Cosmetics
45 Public Services, Cleaning, Water Technology, Waste Disposal
46 Arts, Antiques
47 Plastics and Rubber Processing
49 Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture, Viniculture, Fisheries, Animal Breeding
50 Leather, Leather goods, Shoes
51 Leather Processing and Shoe Machinery
52 Education and Training
53 Aerospace, Airport Technology
55 Materials Handling, Logistics, Gears and Drives, Conveying and Storage
56 Medical Technology, Health, Pharmacy
57 Metalworking, Welding Technology
58 Furniture, Interior Design
59 Music
61 Foodprocessing and Packaging Machinery
63 Surface treatment
64 Optics, Laboratory and Analysis Technology, Biotechnology, Science and Research
67 Paper and Printing Technology
70 Plumbing, Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning
71 Shipbuilding, Port Equipment, Offshore Technology
72 Safety and Security
73 Toys
74 Sporting Goods
78 New Technologies, Inventions, Innovations
80 Textiles, incl. Home Textiles
81 Textile and Clothing Machinery
82 Tourism
83 Transport and Traffic
86 Environmental Protection
87 Consumer Electronics, Broadcast and Television Technology
93 Defence Technology
94 Marketing, Advertising, Trade Fairs, Conferences, Events
96 Subcontracting
97 German Specialized Exhibitions
98 World Expositions
99 Other Specialised Trade Fairs

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