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					    Healing the Energetic Aspects
    Lyme Disease and Babesiosis

Lyme disease and Babesiosis, both tick related diseases, are rapidly spreading in North
America, Europe and Asia. They often have serious symptoms which can be effectively
addressed with Energy Medicine.
Claudia Schecter, NHC  has actively helped clients with Lyme Disease and Babesiosis since
2004. She is a certified expert in various techniques of Energy Psychology and uses these
as primary modalities or as a powerful adjunct to conventional treatment with allopathic
medicine, prescribed by your physician. Claudia has created a 9 week long telephone
support webinar to help clients heal the energetic/emotional aspects of tick borne diseases.

      Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Lyme or Babesiosis?
      Had a flu and never really recovered, leaving you with aches,weakness and anxiety?

      Have seen many professionals only to hear that there is nothing wrong with you?
      Is your memory failing and/or is it a challenge to remember what you just read?
      Have you suddenly developed allergies and/or multiple chemical sensitivities?

   Healing the Energetic Aspects Of Lyme Disease and Babesiosis
       Weekly Webinars from September 14th till November 9th 2011

Each week is under a different theme which sets the healing intention for that specific call.
Week 1       Releasing limiting beliefs around the illness and Opening to Healing
Week 2       Tapping for Pain and other Physical Symptoms
Week 3       Energetic Approach to Eliminating Lyme, Babesiosis & co-infections
Week 4       Stress  (Before and as a result of having Lyme/Babesiosis)
Week 5       Limiting Beliefs around Chronic Lyme/Babesiosis and Self
Week 6       Healing Trauma (Emotional Detox)
Week 7       Opening Channels for Physical Detoxification
Week 8       Re-integration into a life without sickness
Week 9       Embracing Joy, Living in Grace
                                                               Course Fee US$ 198.00
 All  sessions will be recorded so you can        To register and read testimonials visit:
 repeat the session at your convenience to
 receive deeper healing. This is important and
 highly desired. Clients often report deep
 relaxation, decrease of pain and a     
 feeling of joy from listening to these
 recordings.                                               Claudia Schecter

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