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                                                                                                               NEW STORES
              SPRING & SUMMER 2012
                                                             Animation Addict
                                                             Unique gifts and specialty items
                                                             from Hello Kitty, Tokidoki, Harajuku
                                                             Lovers, Angry Little Girls and more.

                                                                                                      LOCATION:    Ward Centre
                                                                                                      TEL:         808-946-9141
                                                                                                      CREDIT CARD: VISA MC DISCOVER
                                                                                                      STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                                                                   Sun 10am – 6pm

                                                             Basique Threads
                                    Contemporary, urban, fashion
                                                             forward men’s and women’s
                                      TEL : 591- 8411
                                                             apparel and accessories. Brands
                                                             include Insight, Comune, Neff,
                                                             Local Celebrity, Bleulab denim,
                                                             Upper Class Label, Someday’s
                                                             Lovin, Mad Love, and more.

Latest News!                                                 LOCATION:
                                                                            Ward Warehouse
                                                             CREDIT CARD:   VISA MC JCB AMEX DINERS DISCOVER
New Stores & Products                                        STORE HOURS:   Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                            Sun 10am – 6pm
      at Ward Centers!

Ward Centers is the favorite destination of Honolulu         Leloa Baby Collections & Keiki Boutique
residents for unique shopping, great dining, and fun         Hawaii’s newest and trendiest
entertainment. You'll find one-of-a-kind stores here         mommy & baby boutique. This
                                                             fashion forward boutique offers
that offer unique experiences such as hula lessons to        an array of infant to toddler wear
in-store demonstrations. You'll enjoy the selection of       & accessories, stylish gear and
over 125 specialty shops, including popular big-box          apparel for mothers to include
                                                             nursing lingerie, innovative baby
stores such as Nordstrom Rack, Ross, Sports Au-              essentials, to the sweetest nurs-
thority and Pier 1 Imports. There are over 40 places         ery décor. Whether you are a
to dine from fast food spots to relaxing sidewalk            mommy-to-be or a friend shopping
                                                             for a baby shower, you won’t be
cafes and a variety of 22 restaurants. Also here is          disappointed with their super chic
Honolulu's premier 16-screen megaplex and Dave &             ‘must have’ selection!
Buster's midway of games and high-tech entertain-
                                                             LOCATION:    Ward Centre (Streetfront)
ment for hours of fun for the whole family. Located          TEL:         808-591-1000
across from the famous Ala Moana Beach Park and              CREDIT CARD: VISA MC JCB AMEX
just minutes from Ala Moana Center, Ward Centers                          DINERS DISCOVER
                                                             STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
is easy to get to by bus, trolley, or taxi and offers lots                Sun 10am – 6pm
of free parking too.
                                                                                                       NEWS RELEASE Spring & Summer 2012             2


                     Men's Wearhouse
                     Known for high quality and service, Men’s Wearhouse
                     will offer men’s suits, sport coats, dress shirts, slacks,
                     casual clothing, shoes, tuxedos, tuxedo rentals and ac-
                     cessories, including Big & Tall. Premier services include
                     free lifetime pressing on all suits, sport coats, slacks and
                     tuxedos purchased at any of their 900+ stores nation-
                     wide; hemming of slacks while you wait; and 24-hour
                     tailoring. The 4,600 square foot store is now open at
                     Ward Entertainment Center next to Starbucks.

                     LOCATION:       Ward Entertainment Center
                     TEL:            808-593-9151
                     STORE HOURS:    Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm, Sun 11am – 6pm

                                                                The Patisserie
                                                                Quality, fresh baked goods including a gourmet bread line,
                                                                donuts, gourmet scones, danishes, signature cakes and pies,
                                                                and cupcakes. Also soups, sandwiches, salads and other deli.
Toys "R" Us Express
On-the-go parents, grandparents and last-minute
shoppers looking to purchase everything on little
ones’ wish lists in one quick trip will find a care-
fully selected assortment of playthings at the
conveniently located Toys“R”Us-Express store.
Shoppers can find dolls, games, action figures,
educational toys and perennial favorites to fit
every budget, including many items that can only
be found at Toys“R”Us.

LOCATION:    Ward Gateway Center, 2nd Floor
             (Entrance between Jamba Juice and Patagonia)
TEL:         808-593-7970
                                                                                                   LOCATION:      Ward Warehouse
                                                                                                   TEL:           808-596-2189
                                                                                                   CREDIT CARD:   VISA MC JCB AMEX DINERS DISCOVER
STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                                                   STORE HOURS:   Daily 9:30am-9pm
             Sun 10am – 6pm

                                                            Tiare Teiti "All Things Tahiti"
                                                            Tiare Teiti fashions made by de-
                                                            signer Ida Teiti. Each dress is hand
                                                            cut from a Tahitian Pareo and sewn
                                                            right here in the islands. They also
                                                            feature a Honey Girl Water Wear
                                                            and Little Honeys swimwear selec-
                                                            tion, locally designed.

                                                            LOCATION:    Ward Warehouse
                                                            TEL:         808-888-0719
                                                            CREDIT CARD: VISA MC JCB DINERS
                                                            STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                         Sun 10am – 6pm
                                                                                                       NEWS RELEASE Spring & Summer 2012                      3

       NEW PRODUCTS / POPULAR FAVORITES                                                                   

As Seen on TV Store Hawaii
As Seen on TV carries unique items
found on television infomercials,
whether they are kitchen, health and                                                Bose Entertainment Center
beauty, fitness, toys and children’s or
household cleaning items. As Seen                                                   BOSE® SHOWCASE STORE. Unique experiences. And
on TV has items not found anywhere                                                  a new world of sound. Take in the breathtaking new
else and in-store demonstrations are                                                show in their theater – and receive a personal demon-
available for various items.                                                        stration of the latest in sound.

                                                                                                               LOCATION:      Ward Entertainment Center
LOCATION:        Ward Warehouse                                                                                TEL:           808-591-2673
TEL:             808-593-7712                                                                                  CREDIT CARD:   VISA MC JCB AMEX DISCOVER
URL:                                                                         STORE HOURS:   Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
CREDIT CARD:     JCB VISA MC JCB AMEX                                                                                         Sun 10am – 6pm
STORE HOURS:     Mon to Fri 10am – 9pm
                 Sat & Sun 10am – 6pm                                                                                   Bose ® QuietComfort ®15 Acoustic
Like us on Facebook:                                                                                                    Noise Cancelling® headphones. Turn        Thomas Train pillow pet $29.95
                                                                                                                        them on and hear the noise around you
                                          and Gyrobowl $14.95
                                                                                                                        fade into the background. You can focus
                                                                                                                        on your music or quietly relax in peace.

Brian’s Hawaiian Kitchen /
Korean BBQ Express
                                 Serving delectable Hawaiian food
                                 and popular local dishes, Brian’s                  C. June Shoes
                                 Hawaiian Kitchen is both affordable
                                 and delicious! Daily specials are also             C. June Shoes has the best selection of unique, fun and
                                 available. Korean BBQ Express fea-                 exciting sandals on the island. Popular California, Spain
                                 tures Korean BBQ favorites includ-                 and Italy-made brands such as Ramon Tenza, Stuart
                                 ing Kal Bi, Chicken & Meat Jun, and                Weitzman, Donald J. Pliner, Delight, Dezario, Zalo and
                                 Bi Bim Bap. They also have the best                Helle Comfort. This is your one-stop shoe store with the
                                 vegetable selection on the island!                 widest variety in style and comfort footwear!
                                 Bi Bim Bap is $3.99 after 4pm.
                                                                                                                       LOCATION:       Ward Warehouse
                                                                                                                       TEL:            808-593-9744
                                 LOCATION:        Ward Warehouse
                                                                                                                       CREDIT CARD:    VISA MC JCB AMEX
                                 TEL:             Brian's: 808-596-9556
                                                                                                                       STORE HOURS:    Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                  Korean BBQ: 808-596-8023
1                                                                                                                                      Sun 10am – 6pm
                                 CREDIT CARD:     Cash only
                                 STORE HOURS:
2                                                                                                                      Fun shoes from Delight, made in
                                 (Brian’s)    Mon to Sat 9am - 9pm
                                                                                                                       U.S.A., starting from $130
                                              Sun 9am - 6pm
                                 (Korean BBQ) Mon to Sat 10am - 9pm
                                              Sun 9am - 6pm

                                 1: Loco Moco $5.25 (mini), $7.25 (regular)
                                 2: Meat Jun & Chicken combo at
                                 Korean BBQ Express $7.50

            Dave & Buster’s
            Dave & Buster’s is an American entertainment destina-
            tion featuring a restaurant, sports bar, pool and shuffle-
            board tables, game arcade, showroom and sunset bar.
            Whether it be just for a lunch or dinner, an afternoon
            cocktail in the open air bar, beer with friends over a
            sports game or spending time playing the latest video
            games in the Million Dollar Midway, Dave & Buster’s is
            the hottest place to be in town!

            LOCATION:       Ward Entertainment Center
            TEL:            808-589-2215
            STORE HOURS:    Mon to Thrs 11am – 1am, Fri & Sat 11am – 2am, Sun 11am – 12mid
                                                                                                                  NEWS RELEASE Spring & Summer 2012                            4


                                                                                                          Downtown Gifthings
                                                                                                          Shop here for cute, trendy and functional
Executive Chef / Bath & Butler                                                                            gift items, fashion accessories, personal-
                                                                                                          ized jewelry and eco friendly products.
Hawaii’s best culinary tool store with over
13,000 different items to choose from.                                                                    1: Baggallini, designed by two
                                                                                                          flight attendants for ease when
1: Swiss brand Bodum French Press, comes with                                                             travelling or for everyday use. Va-
measuring spoon, Large $40.95, Small $28.95,                                                              riety of styles, lightweight, water
Travel Press tumbler, comes with 2 styles of caps -                                                       resistant, ID holder, lots of orga-
coffee/tea press cap and regular cap $ 28.95                                                              nized compartments $50 - $150
2: Peppermills $13.95 each, kalamata olive, red
apple, green apple, garlic and tomato.


                                              LOCATION:       Ward Warehouse
                                              TEL:            808-596-CHEF (2433)
                                              CREDIT CARD:    JCB VISA MC AMEX
                                              STORE HOURS:    Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm                                                                                       1
                                                              Sun 10am – 6pm
                                                                                                                                                2: Customizable stationery,
                                                                                                                                                mugs, pens and luggage tags!
                                                                                                                                       LOCATION:        Ward Warehouse
                                                                                                                                       TEL:             808-596-4966
                                                                                                                                       CREDIT CARD:     VISA MC AMEX JCB
          Honolulu Chocolate Company                                                                                                   STORE HOURS:     Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                                                                                                        Sun 10am – 6pm
          An elegant shop with unique gifts, hand-dipped
          chocolates made in the store, as well as pre-
          mium chocolates from around the world.

                                                                                                                      LOCATION:        Ward Centre
                                                                                                                      TEL:             808-591-2997
                                                                                                                      CREDIT CARD:     JCB VISA MC AMEX DINERS
                                                                                                                      STORE HOURS:     Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                        Toffee Pistachios $8.95, Chocolate Blueber-                    Sun 10am – 6pm
                                                                        ries $8.95, Chocolate Oreo Cookies $8.95
                                                                        and Chocolate dipped mango $14.95

Island Slipper
Island Slipper takes pride in hand manufacturing Hawaii’s finest                          Happy Haleiwa
sandals. With a factory right on Oahu, owner John Carpenter
                                                                                          Happy Haleiwa is a new local store
carefully selects the finest materials from around the world
                                                                                          with Happy Haleiwa logo gift items,
to produce dozens of styles and shapes of casual to dressy
                                                                                          ranging from chocolate macadamia
footwear. The store’s popularity among visitors and locals has
                                                                                          nuts to cute bags. You'll also find
primed the store at Ward Warehouse to move to an even larger
                                                                                          unique t-shirts, all produced in Hawaii.
location near the food court at Ward Warehouse.
                                    "Hokulani" (gold) $76.95, classic
                                    tapa cloth sandal "the Hawaiiana"
                                    $58.95                                                                                   1: Chocolate gift set – canvas lunch eco-bag con-
                                                                                                                             taining 6 boxes of Happy Haleiwa chocolates,
                                    LOCATION:    Ward Warehouse                                                              strawberry, pineapple and coffee flavors $30
                                    TEL:         808-593-8229                                                                2: "Happy Charm" $20, "Float Key Chain" $5.00,
                                    CREDIT CARD: VISA MC JCB DINERS                                                          "Shape Key Chain" $3
                                                 AMEX DISCOVER
                                    STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm                                                       LOCATION:          Ward Warehouse
                                                 Sun 10am – 6pm                                                              TEL:               808-591-1813
                                                                                                                             CREDIT CARD:       VISA MC AMEX DISCOVER
                                                                                                                             STORE HOURS:       Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                                                                                                Sunday 10am – 6pm

                                                                                                            NEWS RELEASE Spring & Summer 2012                       5


Island Soap & Candle Works
Luscious handmade soaps and candles blended with tropical                             Jewel Flair
fragrances and scents of Hawaii. Watch the authentic tech-
niques of soap making right in the store.                                             Tucked away in Ward Centre is a hid-
                                                                                      den gem-Jewel Flair, a jewelry boutique
LOCATION:      Ward Warehouse                                                         that has style, class and flair. Earrings,
TEL:           808-591-0533                                                           bracelets, rings and necklaces with pre-
URL:                                                    cious metals, gemstones and glass, are
                                                                                      available from top local, national and in-
STORE HOURS:   Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                                      ternational designers Pandora, Kimberly
               Sun 10am – 6pm
                                                                                      Le, Tashi and Far Fetched.

                                                                                      LOCATION:       Ward Centre
                                                2                                     TEL:            808-593-1800
                                                                                      CREDIT CARD:    VISA MC JCB DINERS AMEX
                                               1: Handmade soaps made right in        STORE HOURS:    Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                               the store.                                             Sun 10am – 6pm
                                               2: Hand-cut chamomile lavender
                                               glycerin soap, made with essen-
                                               tial oils and herbs to hydrate and                                                   "Pandora" from $25 for beads,
                                               moisturize sensitive skin ($9), and                                                  from $65 for bracelet
                                               candles—2” x 3” Confetti Passion
1                                              ($10), 3” x 6” Tropical Fruit ($21)
                                               and 3” x 3” Pineapple ($14) are all
                                               hand-made in the store.
                                                                                         Kaka’ako Kitchen
                                                                                         Kaka’ako Kitchen is
                                                                                         known for being the
     Kua’Aina Sandwich                                                                   first restaurant to offer
                                                                                         quality gourmet plate
     Kua‘Aina’s award-winning local hamburgers and                                       meals that feature fresh,
     sandwiches are truly famous worldwide! Drop                                         locally grown produce.
     by the Ward Centre's location for a convenient                                      All baked-goods and deli-
     bite without the drive to the North Shore!                                          cious desserts are made
                                                                                         in-house daily.
     LOCATION:        Ward Centre (Streetfront)
     TEL:             808-591-9133
                                                                                         Spinach Salad with Crispy Cal-
                                                                                         amari – fresh spinach tossed
     STORE HOURS:     Mon to Sat 10:30am – 9pm
                                                                                         with red onions, diced tomato,
                      Sun 10:30am – 8pm
                                                                                         bacon and crispy fried cala-
                                                                                         mari, sweet chili vinaigrette.
                                                                                         Sautéed Mahi - simply sea-
                                                                                         soned mahimahi fillet topped
                                                                                         with lomi tomato and a suc-
                                                                                         culent ginger butter sauce.
                                                                                         $12.99                           LOCATION:      Ward Centre
                                                                                                                          TEL:           808-596-7488
                                                                                                                          CREDIT CARD:   JCB VISA MC AMEX
                                                                                                                          STORE HOURS:   Mon to Thu 8am - 9pm
                                                                               2                                                         Fri & Sat 8am - 10pm
                                               1                                                                                         Sun 8am - 5pm
     1: Restaurant exterior
     2: 1/2lb Pineapple burger $8.40 with medium fries $2.40 and a soft drink $1.80

               Martin & MacArthur
               Martin & MacArthur features the finest gifts made in Hawaii by
               the best craftsmen. We have the only Koa watches, Koa sun-
               glasses, and Koa-Tungsten rings in Hawaii. We also feature beau-
               tiful Koa jewelry boxes, feather leis, and bowls made in Hawaii.
               We are the preferred retailer for Malie Organics beauty care. See
               our wide selection of Koa furniture made by our own craftsmen.

               LOCATION:        Ward Centre (Corner of Auahi and Kamakee Street)
               TEL:             808-591-1949
               STORE HOURS:     Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm, Sun 10am – 6pm
                                                                                           Exclusive Wood Watches, only at Martin & MacArthur,
                                                                                           made with Koa and other Hawaiian woods. Prices
                                                                                           start at $119.
                                                                                                                NEWS RELEASE Spring & Summer 2012                          6


                                                                                        MisFortune Hawaii
      Honolulu Cookie Company                                                           MisFortune is one of Hawaii’s premier select shops showcasing
                                                                                        fashion forward women’s apparel and accessories. The owners
      Delicious Hawaiian shortbread cookies baked fresh daily in
                                                                                        travel the globe, from New York to Los Angeles, to Asia to Europe
      Honolulu using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Beau-
                                                                                        to find the trendiest prêt a porter fashions. Brought in limited sup-
      tifully packaged, delightfully scrumptious and only available at
                                                                                        ply, items from designers such as Cecico, Lani, Ark & Co., Gaya,
      Honolulu Cookie Company!
                                                                                        Rebel Yell, Melie Bianco, Lafine, House of Harlow 1960, Holly-
                                                     No Ka Oi Pineapple Shape           wood Made, By Boe, and John Masters Organics give that added
                                                     Gift Box $18.95 This box           feeling of exclusivity for Hawaii’s fashion conscious.
                                                     includes 21 cookies in all 15

                 LOCATION:         Ward Warehouse
                 TEL:              808-597-8182                                                                                     1: Interior
                 URL:                                                                               2: MisFortune Hawaii carries By Boe,
                 CREDIT CARD:      JCB VISA MC AMEX                                             2
                                                                                                                                    House of Harlow 1960, and Ettika by
                 STORE HOURS:      Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm, Sun 10am – 6pm                                                            Ettie and Joey Rafaeli
                                                                                               LOCATION:         Ward Centre
                                                                                               TEL:              808-593-7886
                                                                                               CREDIT CARD:      VISA MC JCB DINERS AMEX DISCOVER
Clay Café                                                                                      STORE HOURS:      Mon to Sat 9am – 10pm, Sun 10am – 6pm

You’ll have hours of fun painting your
own pottery at Clay Café. The studio
offers a variety of different pottery                                                       Patagonia
pieces, including figurines, plates                                                         Patagonia designs and builds high-quality clothing for out-
and bowls to select from. Prices are                                                        door pursuits. They use organic cotton, recycled polyester
on the bottom of each piece - under                                                         and nylon, hemp, Tencel® and chlorine-free wool to mini-
glazes, brushes, stencils, stamps, and                                                      mize their environmental impacts and donate 1% of sales
experienced help included. A number                                                         ($40 million to date) to support environmental activism.
of classes are available. Please call to
set up a reservation for a class on any                                                     LOCATION:    Ward Gateway Center
weekday, except holidays, between                                                           TEL:         808-593-7502
11am to 6pm.                                LOCATION:    Ward Warehouse
                                                                                            CREDIT CARD: VISA MC AMEX
                                                                                                         DISCOVER JCB
                                            TEL:         808-589-1808
                                                                                            STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat
                                            CREDIT CARD: VISA MC JCB DINERS
                                                                                                         10am – 8pm
                                                                                                         Sun 10am – 6pm
                                            STORE HOURS: Mon – Sat 10 am -9 pm
                                                         Sun 10 am- 6 pm                    Patagonia Mens & Women’s
                                                                                            R1® Full-Zip Jacket $149
                                                                                            Style No. 40136
                                                                                            The optimal full-zip midlayer or
                                                                                            baselayer for alpine endeavors in
                                                                                            demanding conditions. Made with Regulator® grid
                                                                                            fleece for outstanding stretch, breathability, com-
                                                                                            pressibility and durability in the backcountry.
                  My Little Secret
                  Discover many traditional island favor-
                  ites including precious Hawaiian-style
                  quilts, hand-crafted toys, home and
                  garden decor and a wide selection of
                  unique gifts.

                  1: Regency Toys ABC Playmate $27, Regency
                  Toys Ocean Activity Bag $21, Regency Toys
                  Hawaii ABC Book $35, Regency Toys MuuMuu
                  Doll $14.50 and Ilima Double Lei Hawaiian quilt.                                          1
                  2: New quilted handbags. Brown and green
                  hibiscus square tote $37.95, purple pineapple      LOCATION:       Ward Warehouse
                  round tote $37.95 and small blue flipbag with      TEL:            808-596-2990
                  hibiscus $21.95                                    CREDIT CARD:    JCB MC VISA AMEX DINERS                                              2
                                                                     STORE HOURS:    Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                                     Sun 10am – 6pm
                                                                                                                  NEWS RELEASE Spring & Summer 2012                    7


Native Books / Na Mea Hawaii
Filled with the best locally made gifts, clothing, food and art, as
well as the most complete collection of books about Hawaii and
the Pacific. You'll also find a section of hula implements and pa'u
skirts and an art wall of contemporary Hawaiian artists.
Cultural Activities: Ukulele Lessons, Hula Lessons, Hawaiian
Language Lessons, Music fair 1st Sunday of every month.                                                       LOCATION:        Ward Warehouse
                                                                                                              TEL:             808-596-8885
1: 808 Maui T-shirt $18-$20, cap $17.95 and Maui gathering bags available in                                  URL:   
24 designs with various colors $54                                                                            CREDIT CARD:     VISA MC AMEX JCB
2: Plum, koa and bone plumeria bracelet, $14, matching 18kt necklace by artist
                                                                                                              STORE HOURS:     Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm, Sun 10am – 6pm
Curtis Wilmington of Honolulu Hawaii $23.95, a Milo wood box with lid by art-
ist Paul Gephart of Paipakou, Hawaii, $165

                                                                                          Red Pineapple
Noa Noa                                                                                   Red Pineapple carries Dean & Deluca food
Fashions for men and women in fine batik fabrics, painted by hand                         products, items found from New York to LA
with comfort and ease in mind. Fabrics include: cotton, linen, silk,                      and on Oprah Winfrey’s “O” list of items that
rayon, and hand-woven cotton. Unique hand-made jewelry to                                 are trendy and of great quality. Home accents,
complement our beautiful selection of clothing is also available.                         food products, accessories, and useful items
                                                                                          are all available at Red Pineapple. You can also
                                            LOCATION:    Ward Centre                      find us on Facebook @ RedPineapplehonolulu.
                                            TEL:         808-593-0343
                                            CREDIT CARD: JCB VISA MC                      LOCATION:    Ward Centre
                                                         AMEX DISCOVER                    TEL:         808-593-2733
                                            STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm            CREDIT CARD: VISA MC JCB AMEX
                                                         Sun 10am – 6pm                                Union Pay
                                                                                          STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                            Ginger dress –one of the most popular                      Sun 10am – 6pm
                                            dresses worn around the neck.
                                            Cotton $122 and Rayon $149
                                            Sash Skirt dress –Ties in 20 different
                                            ways and can be used for Hula.
                                            Rayon $120

Novel-T World                                                                               Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
Hawaii’s largest selection of
                                                                                            At Menchie's, a rotating selection of eclectic frozen yogurt
T-shirts, from famous characters
                                                                                            flavors and every topping under the sun are available. From
to local designs to even custom
                                                                                            fresh, locally grown fruits to classic rainbow sprinkles and
looks. For custom printing right
                                                                                            hot fudge, mix up as many flavors and toppings as your little
in the store, there are many
                                                                                            heart desires. Pay by weight, not by topping, so you can have
choices to make including shirt
                                                                                            as much or as little of everything you want.
color, size, style, front versus
back printing and a wide variety
                                                                                            LOCATION:        Ward Warehouse
of print selections!
                                                                                            TEL:             808-592-9292
LOCATION:        Ward Warehouse                                                             CREDIT CARD:     VISA MC JCB                                               2
TEL:             808-596-8057                                                               STORE HOURS:     Sun to Thurs 11am – 10pm
URL:                                                                      Fri & Sat 11am – 11pm
STORE HOURS:     Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                 Sun 10am – 6pm
                                                                                                       You can create your own dessert,
1: Shop interior, covered with T-shirts.                                                               45 cents per ounce.
2: Spam T-shirt $20.95 available in sizes from S - 2X, Spam hat
$17.95, Hawaii Five-O Wave T-shirt $13.95 available in sizes from S
– 3X, Hawaii Five-O badge hat $19.95

Sushi at Ward                                                                                                              2    LOCATION:    Ward Warehouse
                                                                                                                                TEL:         808-597-8404
With taste-tempting bento, Maki Mono,
                                                                                                                                CREDIT CARD: VISA MC JCB AMEX
Nigiri specials, Hoso Maki, as well as local                                                                                                 DINERS ($5 minimum)
spins on traditional sushi like bacon and                                                                                       STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 9am – 9pm
egg roll, spam and egg roll and Portuguese                                                                                                   Sun 9am – 6pm
sausage roll, Sushi at Ward manages to
maintain affordability without compromis-
ing taste and quality. Temaki Party platters
and take-out are also available.                                                         1: 8 piece Futo Maki $4.39
                                                                                         2: Spicy Ahi Donburi $6.99
                                                                                                       NEWS RELEASE Spring & Summer 2012                                      8


Sedona                                                                         ZPizza
An award-winning store dedicated to personal and spiritual growth.             Originally opened in Laguna Beach,
Angels • Aromatherapy Oils • Metaphysical Books • Statuary • Crys-             California in 1986 to create a pizza
tals • Divination • Dragons • Feng Shui • Fountains • Gifts made in            that’s lighter, healthier, delicious and
Hawaii • New Age Music • Power Stones • Runes Stone Carvings •                 more creative, ZPizza uses healthy
Psychic Readings • Ancient Memory Oils and More.                               and organic ingredients like 100%
                                                                               certified organic tomato sauce, 100%
LOCATION:        Ward Centre                                                   certified organic wheat flour, low-
TEL:             808-591-8010                                                  fat mozzarella, gluten-free options,
                                                                               reduced-fat MSG-free pepperoni, etc.
STORE HOURS:     Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
                                                                               Also available are salads, pastas, sand-
                 Sun 10am – 6pm                                                wiches and 7 vegetarian selections.
                                                                               Also working to help the environment,
1: Ancient Memory Oils are                                               1     ZPizza uses environmentally friendly
one of the exclusive items                                                     packaging.
to our store. The six newly
launched scents of 2012.                                                       LOCATION:             Ward Centre (Streetfront)                  California Salad small $7.95,
2: Exclusive Hawaii-made “Ro-                                                  TEL:                  808-596-0066                               Mexican Pizza small $12.95,
mance Angel” spray comes in                                                    URL:                                     Pollo Latino $8.50
5 new scents in 2012. Available                                                CREDIT CARD:          VISA MC JCB AMEX DISCOVER
in store this Spring.                                                          STORE HOURS:          Sun to Thurs 10am – 9:30pm
                                                                                                     Fri & Sat 10am – 10pm

                                                                           Taj Clubhouse
DOLCE                                                                    Offering clothing, stamps, toys, quilts and accessories for people
DOLCE is a women’s clothing                                              of all ages, from newborns to adults, Taj Clubhouse prides itself on
and accessories boutique, featur-                                        the original cute local character designs. Items for both boys and
ing the latest brands and styles                                         girls are available, with diaper shirts, shorts and dresses also in aloha
that Hollywood celebrities are                                           print patterns. Prices range from as low as $6.25 to $58.95. Join Taj
wearing like Gypsy 05, Lauren                                            Clubhouse every Saturday as they have a stamp club, arts and craft
Moshi, Chan Luu and Tolani. Local                                        activities for the entire family.
designers will also be featured in                                         LOCATION:    Ward Warehouse
this store.                                                                TEL:         808-592-1900
LOCATION:    Ward Centre                                                   CREDIT CARD: VISA MC JCB DISCOVER
TEL:         808-596-9436                                                               DINERS AMEX
CREDIT CARD: VISA MC JCB AMEX                                              STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
             DINERS DISCOVER                                                            Sun 10am – 6pm
STORE HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am – 9pm
             Sun 10am – 6pm

                                           Melissa Slippers $55,
                                           Lauren Moshi Tank top
                                           $96 and Tolani Scarf $85

          Honolulu Airport / Downtown           Waikiki / Diamond Head
                                                                                          WARD AVE


                                                                                                                                           Ward Village Shops
                                                                                                          Ward Entertainment
                                                                                              Ward Gateway      Center
                                                                                                                                              Ward Centre

                                                                                                     Ward Warehouse                                                 ch P
                                                                                                                                   VD                     oana
                                                                                                                     ALA   MOANA BL                 Ala M

                                                                                                              Kewalo Basin

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