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									Aspire to the heights                                                No.2 2012 - Monday 26 March

             From sunshine & 27...
                                         Calwell High S

                                  Swimming Carnival

       raining & 4!

                                      Year 7 Camp

                 Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
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                          Principal’s Editorial
                          Peter Sollis

One Size Doesn’t Fit All                                 past few years. Some you will be familiar
No one would ever say all students are the               with but others you will not. It is important
same. Certainly no teacher or parent would               that all members of the community have
tell you that. Experience, as well as the                an awareness of the many learning
research we now have about the human                     opportunities students have. It is not only
brain, tells us that students are different,             beneficial to know what our students learn,
that they learn differently and have                     the content, but how they learn as well,
different likes, preferences, and needs.                 the process.
We have used the analogy of “One size                    The APOLLO courses for students with
doesn’t fit all” for years in education. We              outstanding ability in the Sciences and
know that students are different from one                Mathematics and the differentiated
another in height, size, shape, hair and eye             courses of study in English and SoSE give
colour, and background and experience.                   students access to opportunities that
Students differ from each other in physical              extend their learning boundaries. This
abilities and social development as well. A              leads to students being further challenged
‘custom fit’ education would be the ideal,               and the learning outcomes of these
where each student has a learning                        students being broadened and deepened.
environment designed to meet their                       This methodology applies equally with
individual learning needs.                               students in our Level 3 classes in all core
On a practical level, customized settings                learning areas. This streamed learning area
address the needs of children in ways often              provides appropriate learning experiences
impossible to implement, even so Calwell                 for students who for various reasons
High School has a number of structures and               experience frustration and/or failure in the
programs that meet the academic needs of                 literacy and numeracy areas but who
students. Others are tailored for                        could, with the development of literacy,
development of social and communication                  numeracy and organisational skills benefit
abilities in students. These programs                    from mainstream learning experiences.
include appropriate challenges for all                   The Independent Studies: Learning Support
students at school, to support them to                   Centre class provides a range of learning
achieve a level of success comparable to                 opportunities including life skills training.
their knowledge, skill levels and social                 Students are identified and placed in this
development.                                             program by the ETD, Student Support
I have listed a number of programs that                  Section. Students work towards a flexible
have been developed and refined over the                 individualised program which is catered to
                                               Page ~2~
                      Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                    Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
their personal academic ability and area of              low retention rates, low self-esteem and a
need. The aim is for students to apply the               lack of identity. These programs focus on a
tools and techniques acquired in the LSC to              specific subset of boys in Years 8,9 and 10
the appropriate academic and personal                    using an activity based learning approach
contexts. This class allows students time                with links to the real world. The results
and support to catch up on assignment                    have been that students feel more valued
work and class work. In addition our Youth               as members of the community, behaviours
Worker supports students in developing                   are positive, attendance levels have
appropriate relationship skills. Students                improved dramatically and the learning
participating in this class show an                      environment in normal classrooms has
improvement in their understanding of the                been enhanced.
subject matter, organisational skills, and               The LINC10 (Linking Individual Needs to the
ability to manage their workload, to work                Community) program has been designed
independently and to work with others.                   for Year 10 students who have
In Years 9 and 10 Science, a program has                 demonstrated difficulty in working in a
been designed to develop students in the                 traditional class setting where the
generic skills necessary to foster lifelong              presentation of work is delivered in a
learning and to support them in their                    sequential manner within a set timeframe.
transition to post Years 10 education,                   Students work at their own pace, in a small
whether that is College, CIT or the work                 group, where the teacher scaffolds their
force. The units centre on the core                      learning in an individualised and supportive
Australian Curriculum and provide students               manner. This was introduced in 2009 and
with the scope to extend their learning                  has resulted in a significant increase in
beyond this framework. The course is                     student engagement and decrease in
scaffolded on teaching students how to                   behaviour incidents.
capitalise on their own preferred learning               For the past 3 years Calwell High School
style, explicitly teaching students a variety            has had the highest number of high school
of learning strategies.                                  students participating in ASBAS in the ACT.
Closely aligned to the ASPIRE program and                The program is designed around an
under the auspices of the Pastoral Care                  Australian School Based Apprenticeship,
Program has been the development of                      with both on and off the job training. The
programs to support students who are                     intention of the program is to introduce
challenged in achieving academic success.                Year 10 students to the discipline of the
The TEAM8, RIVALS and VIPERS programs                    work environment and to potentially
have been developed, led by classroom                    follow a career in the industry of the
teachers that address many of the issues                 student’s choice. The aim is to assist
facing boys such as low literacy and                     students to achieve more purpose to their
numeracy levels, risk taking behaviours,                 life and a sense of direction for the future.

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                      Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                    Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
The year has gotten off to a cracking start with            to be submitted by week 8, 9 or 10, depending
the introduction of the new Australian                      on the class. Students will be given
Curriculum for History. All SOSE classes are                approximately three lessons at school for
wrapping up their ‘overview’ of the period of               researching and writing. All other work on the
study; Year 7 - The Ancient World, Year 8 - The             assignments will need to be completed either
Ancient to the Modern World, Year 9 – The                   at home or in the school library at lunch time.
Making of the Modern World and Year 10 –
The Modern World and Australia.                             In week 10 Year 10 Students are given the
                                                            opportunity to complete the Road Ready
Our Year 7 and 8 Spanish classes have begun                 course at school to set them on their way to
the year with gusto. Students have been                     driving. Students who had already completed
introduced to the wide and wonderful                        the course or elected not to participate will be
diversity and character of the Spanish-speaking             engaged in an alternate study program.
world. A tapas cooking class and some chorizo
tasting gave students a chance to get a better              Students and parents should be aware that the
sense of the vibrant and often spicy nature of              Road Ready course is not designed by the
foreign cuisine. Students have also been given              teachers at the school. We are trained to
opportunities to develop their language skills              deliver the course to the standards required by
through varied tasks to better their listening,             ACT Government. Students who do not show
reading, writing and speaking in Spanish and                sufficient engagement with the program will
connect language concepts to their prior                    not pass as per our obligations to ensure we
knowledge. These opportunities can be                       encourage responsible driving with our young
strengthened further when we openly invite                  people.
any student to attend the Spanish Club. It will
commence its regular Thursday afternoon 3:30                A reminder that the Geography Competition
to 5pm time slot in the Library from this week.             will be in week 9 and costs $3 to participate
¡Hasta pronto!                                              and the History Competition will be in week 5
All SOSE classes are now beginning the ‘depth               of Term 2 and will cost $6. Please encourage
studies’. Year 7 will maintain the focus on                 your children to get involved and sign-up for
historical skills and investigation, Year 8’s topic         these competitions.
is the Vikings, Year 9 will be doing the
Industrial Revolution and Year 10 is working                Finally, we look forward to acknowledging and
hard on World War II.                                       displaying some of the students’ major
                                                            assignments and great work in the next
The students are now receiving their major                  newsletter.
assignments (except Year 7’s), which will need

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                         Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                       Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
Health, PE and sport at Calwell has had a brilliant         point extra time where the girls unfortunately lost.
amount of enthusiasm and involvement, both in               They finished up 3rd in the ACT which was a
and out of the classes. With all the recent rain, we        fantastic result based on their limited preparation.
were lucky to be blessed with a warm, sunny day
for the swimming carnival. The day was a great              Congratulations also to our 7/8 and 9/10 Boys Oz-
success and it was terrific to see our students             Tag teams. Our 7/8 boys lost their first game 5 – 4,
getting involved in so many events and striving to
                                                            won their second game 5 – 0, and lost their third
earn points for their house. Congratulations must
go to Gingera for their outstanding efforts and             game 5 – 1. Our 9/10 boys made the quarter finals
coming away with the win! It was also tremendous            but due to time restraints their quarter final game
to observe the social connections being made                was cancelled. Big thanks to David Fuka who
amongst friends whilst they were being active.              Captained/Coached the team throughout the day
 Most students will have                                                                      and all the boys
received their health                                                                         for their
assignments for the                                                                           competitive
term. And it is always                                                                        spirit.
worthwhile reminding
all students that they                                                                   Calwell High was
should be organising                                                                     represented at
themselves to make                                                                       the ACT Brumbies
sure the assignments                                                                     High School
are completed and                                                                        Rugby 10’s with
submitted on time.                                                                       two teams. We
                                                                                         had a team in the
                                                                                         year 7/8
                                                                                         competition and
On Friday 9th March,
                                                                                         a year 9/10 team.
staff members Kate
                                                                                         The 7/8 team
Bradley and Matt             Our 9/10 Rugby 10s team celebrates their success            performed very
Adams organised three
                                                      well on the day. Unfortunately they lost two pool
Oz-Tag teams to represented Calwell High at the
                                                      games by a try which placed them in the playoff for
ACT High School competition. All three teams were
                                                      5th and 6th place. A draw in the playoff ensured an
competitive throughout the day and were great
                                                      equal 5th final result. They showed great character
ambassadors for the school.
                                                      in all their games and should be very proud of their
A big congratulations to our 9/10 Girls Oz-Tag team   effort. The year 9/10 team had more success. They
who were undefeated in their six round games,         won both their pool games and progressed to the
successfully qualifying themselves for the semi-      final which they won to become ACT Champions.
final where they took on a strong and well drilled    The year 9/10 team now progress to the Southern
Merici team. The girls fought hard with the full      NSW/ACT finals on the 29th March. We wish them
time score being 3-3. The game went into golden       all the best for this upcoming tournament.

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                         Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                       Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
All students involved these sports should be proud           daughter is interested in these sports, encourage
of their efforts.                                            them to put their names down and get involved.

Finally, there are a number of sports that are also
coming up this term. Training for Basketball and
Rugby League 7’s has begun for all ages. The
competitions are on later this term. If your son or

                                              Are you interested in playing rugby league?
                                            The South Tuggeranong Knights are looking for
                                           players in the under 6’s to under 16’s age groups.
                                                  Cost: $110 (includes shorts and socks)
                                                 For further information please contact
                                      Tony Fisher on 0400150762 or Steve Pullen on 0407786307

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                          Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                        Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
The Shell Questacon Science Circus recently visited         future. Thank you to Mr Martin Lind, the
Calwell High School with our Yr 7 and 8 students            Waterwatch Coordinator from the Southern ACT
being treated to a free show on Pressure and the            Catchment Group who has been supporting the
States of Matter. Many of our students                      students with this project.
volunteered to be part of the action, launching
rockets and “shooting” the teachers with ping pong
balls. The liquid nitrogen demonstration was really         Yr 8 “Energy Snippet”
popular but my personal favourite was the water             By Hayley and Kelsey
rocket blasting past Mr Consola’s head!
                                                            Roller coasters are in all types of energy forms. I
The public exhibition held by Questacon at the              tightly close my eyes as the seat beneath me
school was also a huge success, thanks to all of the        plummets downwards. I can feel as the kinetic
community members who attended. People had a                energy moves us all from side to side. The electrical
great time experimenting with the interactive               energy pulls us to a halt before slowly moving us
exhibits in the gym and watching the science                back up before Gravitational energy takes over,
shows in the Calwell Performing Arts Centre. It was         dropping us back down one last time. I let out the
great to see so many budding scientists building            breath I had been holding onto. I admit it... I was
their enthusiasm for science.                               very uneasy, but easily reassured as I force myself
                                                            to think that the magnetic energy will keep us from
Our Yr 9 students have begun their visits to
                                                            sliding off the rails. Now that I think about it, so
Tuggeranong Creek as part of their unit on the
                                                            much energy is used in this roller coaster, including
Environment. Students are studying what the creek
                                                            mechanical energy! It’s hard to think that so much
was like in the past, what the impact of the
                                                            effort is used for just a few moments of mixed
concrete drain system has had on the catchment
                                                            emotions (eg: excitement, fear...etc.) and that
(including Lake Tuggeranong) and how the
                                                            energy is the blame for how this monster machine
Tuggeranong Community can make decisions
                                                            actually works
about the management of the creek into the

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                         Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                       Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
                                 Calwell High School – a Silver Level Maths Active school
                                 The Canberra Mathematical Association (the professional association of
                                 mathematics educators in the ACT) conferred the Silver level award in
                                 their Maths Active Schools program. This is in recognition of the
                                 participation of faculty members in the wider mathematics education
                                 community and in promoting the involvement of students in extra-
                                 curricular mathematics competitions and activities. We anticipate being
                                 re-accredited at the Silver level later in 2012.

Maths faculty members active in local and                    on Mathletics. Some Mathletics tasks set by
national professional associations:                          teachers may form a part of assessment.
Ms Ridley-Smith and Mr Paradowski are both
members of the Canberra Mathematical                         Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates are made
Association Council. Mr Paradowski is currently              available for students who attain certain point
Vice-President (Immediate Past-President) and also           levels. These are distributed regularly, however if
is the ACT representative on the Council of the              students have not received their certificate, or if
Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers.              you have any other question related to Mathletics,
Involvement by Calwell staff in these associations           please contact Mr Plenty.
brings direct benefit to the teaching of
mathematics at the school, through awareness of              Apollo Classes
current issues in mathematics education and the              Mr Sollis wrote in his Principal’s Report in the
benefits of widely networking with top educators             previous newsletter about the changed structure
across Canberra and Australia.                               of the Apollo classes. The classes are settling in to
                                                             the “new way”, and are beginning to demonstrate
Mathletics                                                   the benefit of a different approach to mathematics
It was mentioned in the previous newsletter that             teaching and learning. The 9/10 Apollo class are
all students at Calwell High have access to the              being asked to take greater responsibility for their
Mathletics program. Parents are reminded that                learning, with the opportunity to delve deeper and
this includes the ability to connect to Mathletics via       wider into the content. Whilst working
the Internet at home, as well as at school.                  independently, they are being encouraged to also
                                                             work collaboratively, to the benefit of the entire
Activities on Mathletics are usually matched to              group. They are also keeping a reflective journal,
work being undertaken in class, but the full range           where they are asked to write about their
of the Year level’s activities can be accessed by            experiences, including their feelings of success and
students at any time. This can be a useful aid to            frustration. Some students have been very
reviewing concepts not fully grasped in class, or for        perceptive in reflecting on how they learn. It is
students looking for more challenging work.                  hoped to publish some of their musings in future
Students who claim they have “no homework”                   newsletters.
could be encouraged to complete a section of work

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                          Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                        Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
The Arts classes this year are jam packed! Students          Dance classes, as usual at Calwell, are filled with
are already demonstrating keen enthusiasm for                enthusiastic students. Luckily the arts faculty have
performances throughout the year. The first official         met this need with extremely qualified and
Arts performance will be at Gala in Week 6 of Term           passionate dance teachers. Kym Degenhart has
2. The Arts faculty has changed some, with the               worked as both a professional dancer and
introduction of many new and very qualified                  journalist. Ellouise Carr is joining us from Sydney
teachers. Donna Sullivan will be returning as                and brings with her, her experience from many
Executive of Arts for semester two, while Tamsyn             years as a Ballet teacher and industrial designer.
Terry will be acting in semester one.                        Angela Heading has returned from maternity leave
                                                             and is eager to teach dance again. With all the
Ingrid Lockley returns to us this year taking charge         dance teachers having many years of experience in
of the Industrial Arts and is ready to create                showcasing the best of their students work, the
beautiful objects with all her classes. Renee                events this year are sure to be spectacular.
Newton remains with us in the Visual Arts this year
and is pleased to see all of her classes are bursting        Elaine Johnson will be heading up the Music and
at the seams with students who are ready to paint,           Band program this year with support from Ellouise
draw and sculpt.                                             Carr and Tamsyn Terry. The Performance Band will
                                                             be performing at several events over the semester
Cassandra Hall joins us from Perth and her drama             and year. Parents are welcome and encouraged to
classes are currently developing their performance           attend and support all performances.
skills, which will be on display at the Gala. It is
wonderful to have a specialist Drama teacher join            Tamsyn Terry, Elisha Jones and Cassandra Hall are
the Arts faculty. Miss Hall hopes that the                   hooking right into the Photography and Media
community will support the drama students when               units and we are looking forward to what the
they showcase their skills later this year.                  students will produce over the course of the
                                                                                          Be sure to listen out
                                                                                          for Arts events and
                                                                                          throughout the year!

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                          Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                        Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
Hello from English!                                        project, ‘We’re Making History’. This task will be
                                                           in class though some students may wish to
What a great start to the year for English. Most
                                                           polish it at home (though this is not
classes are completing a novel or text study. We
ask parents to please encourage students to
have a go at reading their class text, as the              Ms Pam Blakeley is currently moving through
majority of assessment will be written with this           the English classes in Years 7 and 9 to provide
expectation by their English teacher.                      students with NAPLAN practice; this is a
                                                           valuable opportunity for our students to get
Most classes will be engaged in a written task
                                                           feedback and practice for the testing
over the next couple of weeks. Teachers in the
                                                           commencing in Term 2.
English faculty use these tasks to moderate our
students and our marking to ensure that we are             Please feel free to contact the English faculty if
consistent across the year groups. If you are              you have any questions or queries regarding
unsure of what your student will be doing                  your student.
please don’t hesitate to call your student’s
teacher to check.
Year 9’s should be completing their Exhibitions
tasks for English as part of the Exhibitions               English Faculty

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                        Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                      Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
Winter is Coming!!!
Thanks to all parents who have gone out and purchased the new school shirt, the students are looking
really great! With winter just around the corner, it is important that families are aware of the official
winter uniform for the school. This includes:
     The official fleecy school hoodie with emblem *(This can be purchased from Lowes in
        Tuggeranong Hyperdome)

      Black pants *(trousers, stockings, track pants, jeans)

    REMEMBER: Ugg style boots (including slippers) are not part of the Calwell High School official
     uniform, so please do not wear these to school 

Getting to School on Time…
Studies have shown a direct link to school attendance and student performance.

These results were put together by the Queensland Department of Education, depicting the linear
relationship between student attendance and scale scores achieved on the Year 7 literacy and numeracy
tests in 2006.
So the big question is…
                      Is my child’s attendance the best it could be?

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                         Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                       Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
Have you changed contact details recently?
It is vital that all contact details are correct. If you have moved, changed home, work or mobile
telephone numbers, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide the new details directly to the
Front Office staff. There have been several instances of late where staff have attempted to contact
parents or carers, only to find that the phone number or address provided were incorrect (in some cases
several years out of date).

A print out of your current details is included with this newsletter. We ask that you please check over
these details carefully, write any details that need to be corrected on the form and return it to the front
office. We greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Have you collected you student ID? They are available now from the
Library at a cost of $5.00.

Dear Calw ell High Community

Welcome to the 2012 School year. Already w e are half w ay through Term 1 and as I look
around the school it is really great to see most students in uniform.

On 22 February w e had our AGM. Your Committee for the year are:
President: Cheryl Turek
Vice President: Tracy Barker
Public Officer: Rachael Kennedy
Treasurer: Kerri Morrison
Secretary: Vacant
General Committee: Kathleen Rampant, Cate Low and Amanda Thornton.

We w ould love more people to join our committee, in particular w e need someone to take on
the role of Secretary. This is not a big task just requires someone to attend meetings (tw ice a
term) and w rite up minutes.

We also need support on Saturday 24 March for our BUNNINGS                              BBQ.   Please
contact me if you can spare 2 hours on the day to help out.

Cheryl Turek

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                         Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                       Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
Year 9 Exhibitions ‘We’re Making History’
A successful Exhibitions Launch was held on the 13thFebruary, to prepare students for their Exhibitions
Roundtables that will happen in Week 10 this term. They were introduced to this year’s theme ‘We’re
Making History’ and encouraged to think about the range of this topic and how they are involved in the
making of history in some way on a daily basis.

Following the introduction, students spent time with their Tutor Teachers, who now become their
mentors through the Exhibitions process. During this time, students were issued with their portfolio,
journal and Exhibitions handbook and discussion centred on the requirements and expectations of the

Students are currently involved with Exhibitions learning in each of
their subject areas and teachers are guiding them through the process
of organising, planning and time management.
Usually the most stressful tasks in the process for students are the
individual assignment and the round table. Tutor teachers again will
assist as much as possible and teachers are available for consultation
and advice.

All parents and carers of Year 9 students will be contacted over the next few weeks to make an
appointment time to be part of their child’s Exhibitions roundtable.

If you have any questions about the program, or would like to be a member of a round table, even if you
do not have a Year 9 student, please call me so I can add you to the list. It is a great opportunity to
listen to students talking about their learning.

Lalita Deo
Year 9 Advisor

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                        Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                      Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
Message from the ACT Chief Health Officer
After recent rain, ACT Health have issued another reminder not to pick wild mushrooms.
Death Cap mushrooms often grow near established oak trees, and are found when there is warm, wet
weather. In Canberra this usually occurs in autumn, but as Canberra is anticipating more summer rain, it
means Death Caps can be found growing now.

The fully-grown Death Cap mushroom cap is silky smooth, and its colour varies from white to greenish-
brown. The gills are white – unlike the pink or brown gills of the common field mushroom. The stem is
white to pale yellow-green. High on the stem is a skirt-like white ring, which is sometimes missing. The
bottom of the stem emerges from a white cup, which is partly buried in the soil. The small button Death
Cap can be very difficult to distinguish from an edible mushroom.

All parts of this mushroom are poisonous, and eating just one mushroom can be fatal. People should
not eat any mushroom unless they can be absolutely certain that it is not poisonous. It can be difficult
for even experienced collectors to tell poisonous and safe species of wild mushroom apart.

So unless people are completely sure, they should avoid any wild mushroom, and anyone who suspects
they might have eaten Death Cap mushrooms should seek urgent medical help, preferably at a hospital.
The sooner treatment begins, the better the patient’s chances of survival.

If you see them, please call Canberra Connect on 132281 to report the location.

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                         Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
                       Phone: 62056833 Fax: 62056827;
       Year 7 Camp 2012
The first thing that needs to be said about camp was that it was cold and it was wet. With this in mind,
let me launch into the epicness that was the Year 7 camp. The students were amazing. For them to
stand around in sometimes, ankle deep mud, and continue with enthusiasm to participate was inspiring.
Even more incredible was the amount of people canoeing in weather that was in single digits. The
activities were varied and on a scale of awesome, they were 11 out of 10. Canoeing was particularly
historic as we paddled by the tops of playgrounds, light-posts and next to signs we couldn’t read
because the water was so high. Students got a kick out of pulling their tutor peers to the top of the giant
swing, then cheering as they plunged to the student’s perceived deaths. The dirt buggies were a
highlight for the students and a heart attack in the making for me. I watched students’ try to figure out
which pedal was the brake and others careen around corners at speeds that had me closing my eyes
tightly. If you ask any student I am sure they will have many things to tell you about their time at Cooba
(they may give you advice about having wet feet). Special mentions must go to Tamsyn Terry for looking
after both your children and us. Thanks to all the tutor teachers who became surrogate parents and
dealt with soreness, tiredness and over excited children (for those of us who have none of our own it
was an experience). Also the Year 10 Quest Leaders and Corey McCann need to be applauded for their
gallant efforts at encouraging our tired, cold and wet Year 7s and at times myself. Despite the weather
thinking it was winter in March, we all made the most of it and came together to support and encourage
so that a great time was had by all.
Cassandra Hall (7E Tutor Teacher)

                                                       Left – Raft building in the rain
                                                       Below – Miss Hall canoeing alongside a light post

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                         Calwell High School, Casey Crescent, CALWELL ACT 2905
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