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Grown:                                    NEW MEXICO
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  Advertorial Supplement
to the Albuquerque Journal
                               Eaters’ Guide to a
                             Healthy New Mexico
Wednesday, July 29, 2009
2 Wednesday, July 29, 2009                                            Advertorial                                                    Locally Grown:

                                                                 The Place of Food in Our Lives
                                                                     Revolution. Evolution. De-   eat processed foods made          honey, and more. CSAs,
                                                                 evolution. Take your pick of     with high fructose corn           roadside stands, co-ops, and a
                                                                 nouns, but when it comes to      syrup. Maybe we are noticing      handful of other retailers are
                                                                 local food, there is something   our collective weight gain        also good resources for local
                                                                 noticeable —dare we say a        and the associated problems       food.
                                                                 movement—happening. It’s         of obesity and diabetes.             There are many profound
                                                                 an old idea whose time is ripe        Maybe we are just finally    reasons to eat local whenever
                                                                 again—grow your food closer      waking up from a slumber          possible, and we hope this
                                                                 to home and eat seasonally       that caused us to temporarily     guide helps point you in the
                                                                 when you can.                    forget that food—real             right direction. You can also
                                                                     The desire to eat local      food—has amazing flavor           visit our website any time
                                                                 is growing not just in New       and texture, and that it should   of year for the latest market
                                                                 Mexico, but across the           do much more than resemble        updates in your area.
                                                                 country. It can be seen          a food we used to know.
                                                                 in the increasing number              The freshest food is         Your friends in local food,
                                                                 of farmers’ markets, in          that which grows outside             New Mexico
                                                                 skyrocketing seed sales, in      your door, but if time or            Farmers’ Marketing
                                                                 school cafeterias where farm     inclination to grow your own         Association
                                                                 to school programs are on        food is in short supply, there
                                                                 the rise, on restaurant menus,   are other good ways get your      Special thanks for support of
                                                                 and in community gardens         hands on fresh, local food.       this publication to:
                                                                 that are sprouting as rapidly         At our state’s 56 growers’     • New Mexico Department
                                                                 as you can say volunteer and     markets you can buy directly          of Agriculture
                                                                 shovel.                          from farmers and ranchers           • Farm to Table
                                                                                                                                      • USDA Community
                                                                     Maybe we are starting to     who grow and raise fruits,            Food Projects
                                                                 notice how we feel when we       vegetables, meats, cheeses,

Mary & Elias Macias of Albuquerque’s South Valley have been
growing and selling their fresh produce for more than 30 years
at area growers’ markets.
Locally Grown:                               Advertorial                     Wednesday, July 29, 2009 3

More Than a                                                                  Grows in Our

Good Meal
                                                                             • Helps ensure our land
                                                                               and water continue to
                                                                               produce food
                                                                             • Keeps farming and
Compliments from dinner guests and                                             ranching knowledge
requests from your kids for seconds                                            and traditions alive
                                                                             • Helps protect a
on vegetables are always welcome. But                                          wide range of seed
when it comes to weighty issues like                                           varieties that can’t be
your health, the local economy, and                                            grown commercially
our environment, the act of eating local
is truly priceless. Follow the road from
farm to fork to see why eating local is
a simple idea with profound potential.

 Builds our Local
 • 100% of the food dollar
   goes to the farmer (at
   growers’ markets and in
                                                           Tastes Fresh & Delicious
   other direct sales)                                     • Food is usually picked within 24 hours
 • For every dollar that                                     of your market visit
   goes to farmers, at least                               • Super-fresh produce tastes better and
   $1.80 is re-circulated in                                 lasts longer (though you’ll want to eat
   the local economy                                         it right away!)
 • Helps support local                                     • Find varieties you never see in stores!

      Supports the                                                     Increases Food
      Environment                                                      Security & Safety
      • Market food travels an average                                 • Know the people who
        of 50 miles in New Mexico                                        grow your food
      • Reduces our carbon footprint                                   • Ask about farming
      • Puts water to good use,                                          methods—organic,
        preserves open spaces                                            pesticide-free, hand-raised,
                                                                       • Maintains and protects

Keeps New Mexico Healthy                                                 local food sources

• Fresh fruits and vegetables can be
  vital components of a healthy lifestyle,
  helping to reduce obesity and health
  risks like diabetes and heart disease.
4 Wednesday, July 29, 2009                                                      Advertorial                                           Locally Grown:

A Manifesto for
Good Food
    Every New Mexican should have access
to healthy, fresh food—locally-grown when
                                                         Currently 40 growers’ markets accept WIC
                                                     & Senior vouchers. (See market list on pages 6 &
available. This proposition is not always easy to    7). Moms and seniors who receive the vouchers
accomplish, particularly in a state as rural and     can look for bright pink signs posted at the tables
physically large as New Mexico.                      of participating market farmers.
    However, as an increasing number of                  WIC and senior voucher distribution began in
communities commit themselves to the creation        early July, and they are distributed regionally on
of farmers’ markets, community gardens and           a first-come, first-served basis.  
strategies for rural economic development, new           To apply for WIC or the Senior program
access points for local food distribution are        (vouchers may not be available again until next
rising up across the state.                          season), call NMDOH: 866-867-3124
    If you live in an area with a farmers’ market,       One note: It was senior program funding
shopping there supports both the farmers             provided by the state in 2006 and 2007 that
and your neighbors who benefit from having           helped attract an additional $337,000 of federal
a viable resource for local food. If you are a       funding that began last summer. If you have a
grower, consider participating in a community        chance, be sure to thank your state legislators
garden or farmers’ market to help bolster its        for their continued support of the state-funded
stability.                                           senior farmers’ market nutrition program.

WIC & Senior                                         EBT Cards Accepted
Programs Popular                                        A growing number of growers’ markets
    Low-income mothers, children and seniors         now accept EBT cards that hold SNAP
are eligible to receive vouchers for fresh fruits    benefits, formerly known as food stamps. (See 
                                                                                                                                           NMFMA File photo, 2005
and vegetables at farmers’ markets when they         market list on pages 6 & 7.)                   Farmers’ Market Nutrition Programs for moms, children and
participate in either the Women, Infant and             The New Mexico Human Service                seniors are popular across the state.
Children Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program           Department (NMHSD) runs this federal
(WIC FMNP) or Senior Farmers’ Market                 program that helps many low-income
Nutrition Program (SFMNP).                           households buy the food they need to stay
    Both of these federal programs, along with a     healthy.
state-funded senior program, are administered           To apply for the SNAP program, call
by the New Mexico Department of Health.              NMHSD: 800-283-4465
 Locally Grown:                                                                     Advertorial                                        Wednesday, July 29, 2009 5

       Healthy Choices Abound
Small Scale Agriculture Delivers Highest Nutritional Value
    We all know that fruits          levels of protein, oil and amino
and vegetables are one of our        acids in 45 varieties of corn have
most important sources for           decreased by 30 to 50 percent.
the nutrients, minerals, and             Why is this happening?
vitamins that our bodies need to     Scientists are pointing to
function and be healthy. There       two major factors. First,
is new evidence, however, that       industrialized farming which
industrial farming methods have      relies upon fertilizers, pesticides,
actually made our food less          and other inputs has given us
nutritious than before.              greater yields, but lower mineral
    Years of scientific data         content in our foods.
on various fruits, vegetables,           Second, limiting the genetic
and grains have recently been        diversity of our food sources
rigorously reviewed by Donald        to breeds that produce the
R. Davis, a now (mostly) retired     largest quantities, provides
chemist from the Biochemical         fewer nutrients. Commercial
Institute of the University of       farming has shifted the focus
Texas. Davis found that while        from quality to quantity, mass-
new chemical inputs and genetic      producing plants that provide
selection have brought us more       foods heavy on sugars and
cheap food than ever before,         carbohydrates, but lacking
we are not receiving the same        vitamins and minerals.
nutritional bang for our buck that   What can we do?
we used to.                              If you’re looking for greater
     Published by HortScience,       health benefits from your food, 
a peer-reviewed journal by                                                  New Mexico’s wide range of produce is nutrient-dense and delicious.
                                     your best bet is to purchase it
the American Society for             from small-scale farmers who

                                                                                             New Mexico Produce
Horticultural Science, Davis’        use fewer industrial inputs and
findings shows that in the last      grow older, heirloom varieties.
50 to 100 years, we have seen            Look for these nutrient-dense
huge declines of vital nutrients     foods at farmers’ markets, farm
in our fruits and vegetables. For                                             See if you can guess some of the health benefits of the following New
                                     stands, food co-ops, or even             Mexico-grown products. Then, keep an eye out for these nutritious foods at
instance, modern wheat and           closer to home…in your own
barley have 30 to 50 percent         garden.
                                                                              your local farmers’ markets. Or, next time you are visiting a different part
less protein than 50 years ago,            (Source: “Declining Fruit and      of the state, be sure to investigate that county’s market. You never know
broccoli has lost about 65              Vegetable Nutrient Composition,”      what local delicacies you might find!
percent of its calcium, and the                HortScience, 2009; 44:15.)
                                                                               1. Figs                       A. They’re fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie,
                                                                                                                and delicious

        Did You Know?                                                          2. Tomatoes

                                                                               3. Sweet Peppers
                                                                                                             B. These are said to have 3x the antioxidant
                                                                                                                content of green tea and red wine
                                                                                                             C. Can help lower high blood pressure
   As soon as fruits and vegetables are
   picked they begin to lose their water-                                                                    D. One 1/2 ounce serving of these has the same
                                                                               4. Apples                        amount of protein as a full ounce of meat
   soluble vitamins (the Bs and C), protein,
                                                                                                             E. High in fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and only
   and antioxidants. The average fruit or                                      5. Pomegranates                  46 calories per cup
   vegetable takes 5 to 14 days to get from
                                                                               6. Butternut Squash           F. Makes a great iron substitute for vegetarians
   the field to the grocery store shelf. To
                                                                                                             G. These contain more vitamin C than oranges
   maximize the nutritional value of your
                                                                               7. Broccoli                   H. Contain lycopene, a powerhouse of prevention
   fresh food, make sure it’s really fresh
                                                                                                                for cancer and heart disease
   by shopping direct from the farmer (or                                      8. Casaba Melons              I. One of these contains the same amount of
   growing your own) whenever possible.                                                                         fiber as a bowl of bran cereal
   Your taste buds will thank you, too.                                        9. Artichokes                 J. Just 4 oz. of french fries contain 5 grams of
                                                                                                                trans fats, but for a tasty snack with zero
                                                                               10. Pecans                       grams of the bad stuff, try baking strips of this
                                                                                                                     AnSwerS: 1.C, 2.H, 3.G, 4.I, 5.B, 6.J, 7.F, 8.e, 9.A, 10.D
6 Wednesday, July 29, 2009                                            Advertorial                                                                                            Locally G

                                                 2009 New Mexico Fa
                                                  ALBUQUERQUE AREA MARKETS                         Rio Rancho Growers’ Market                        Chaparral Farmers’ Market, *W, S
                                                                                                   LOCATION: 24th Ave. & 10th St.                    LOCATION: 101 County Line,
                                                 ABQ Uptown Growers’ Market, *W, S, E              SCHEDULE: Fridays, 4 pm - 7 pm                    corner of County & State Line
                                                 LOCATION: ne parking lot of                       MARKET SEASON: July 10th - October                SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 9 am - 12 pm
                                                 ABQ Uptown Shopping Center                        CONTACT: Charles Shaheed, (505) 891-2230          MARKET SEASON: mid July - late October
                                                 (Louisiana ne & Indian School ne)                                                                   CONTACT: Sherry Blake, (575) 824-4220
                                                 SCHEDULE: Saturdays and Tuesdays,                 South Valley Growers’ Market, *W, S
                                                 7 am - 12 pm                                      LOCATION: Cristo Del Valle Presbyterian Church,   Clovis Farmers’ Market, *W, S, E
                                                 MARKET SEASON: June 27th - October 31st           3907 Isleta Blvd. Sw                              LOCATION: Corner of 4th & Pile
                                                 CONTACT: Ken Hays, (505) 869-2369                 SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8 am - 12 pm                 SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8 am - sellout;
                                                                                                   MARKET SEASON: May 23rd - October 31st            Tuesdays, 5 pm - sellout
                                                 Albuquerque Downtown Market, *W, S, E             CONTACT: rhonda reinert, (505) 877-4044           MARKET SEASON: June 20th - October 31st
                                                 LOCATION: 8th & Central at robinson Park                                                            or first freeze
                                                 SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 7 am - 11 am, Sept. & Oct.                                                     CONTACT: Denny wymore, (575) 389-9889
                                                 hours: 8 am - 12 pm                                  ELSEWHERE IN NEW MEXICO
                                                 MARKET SEASON: June 6th - October 31st                                                              Deming: Copper Street Farmers’ Market
                                                                                                   Alamogordo Farmers’ Market                        LOCATION: 214 S Copper St.
                                                 CONTACT: Carolyn espe, (505) 243-2230 ext. 127
                                                                                                   LOCATION: County Fair Grounds
                                                                                                                                                     next to Lifeways Health Store
                                                 Albuquerque Nob Hill Growers’ Market, *W, S       SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 7:30 am - 11 am              SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 9:30 am - sellout
                                                 LOCATION: Morningside Park, Lead &                MARKET SEASON: June 13th - October 10th           MARKET SEASON: May 30 - TBD
                                                 Morningside Se                                    CONTACT: ray Metcalf, (575) 437-6092              CONTACT: Page Hewitt, (575) 546-5974
                                                 SCHEDULE: Thursdays, 3 pm - 6:30 pm

 Finally, a Habit You
                                                 MARKET SEASON: May 21st - november 5th            Aztec Farmers’ Market, *W, S                      Deming: The Marketplace
                                                 CONTACT: Georgia Daves, (505) 869-3553            LOCATION: westside Plaza, 1409 w. Aztec Blvd.     LOCATION: Gold St. & Ash
                                                                                                   SCHEDULE: wednesdays, 4:30 pm - sellout           SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 9 am - 2 pm
                                                 Bernalillo Farmers’ Market, *W, S

 Won’t Want to Break
                                                                                                   MARKET SEASON: July 15th - mid-late October       MARKET SEASON: May 2nd - December 12th
                                                 LOCATION: west side of Camino del Pueblo (Hwy.    CONTACT: Pauline Pao, (505) 334-3290              CONTACT: Margaret Moraga, (575) 544-054
                                                 313) and south of Our Lady of Sorrows Church
                                                                                                   Bayard Farmers’ Market, *W, S                     Please note: mostly a crafts market
                                                 SCHEDULE: Fridays, 4 pm - 7 pm
                                                 MARKET SEASON: July 10th - October 30th           LOCATION: 809 Central Ave.                        Dixon Co-op Farmers’ Market, *W, S
 Once you get hooked on the taste of             CONTACT: Bonnie Hill, (505) 867-9054              SCHEDULE: wednesdays, 3 pm - 6 pm                 LOCATION: 215 Hwy. 75
                                                                                                   MARKET SEASON: April 22nd - October 28th
 locally grown food, you may never               Corrales Growers’ Market, *W, S                   CONTACT: Louis Baum Sr., (575) 313-5767
                                                                                                                                                     SCHEDULE: wednesdays, 4 pm - 7 pm
                                                 LOCATION: recreation Center, 500 Jones rd. &                                                        MARKET SEASON: June 3rd - mid October
 look at produce quite the same.                 Corrales rd., south of the post office            Belen Growers’ Market, *W, S, E                   CONTACT: Dan & Barbara Pollock, (505) 57
 Most growers’ markets in New                    SCHEDULE: Sundays, 9 am - 12 pm, wednesdays,      LOCATION: Anna Becker Park,                       Doña Ana Farmers’ Market
                                                 3 pm - 6 pm                                       Hwy 309/reinken Ave.                              LOCATION: Doña Ana Plaza, Cristo rey St.
 Mexico open in June or July, and                MARKET SEASON: April 26th - October 25th          SCHEDULE: Fridays, 4:30 pm - 7 pm                 SCHEDULE: Sundays, 9 am - 12 pm
 depending on when the first hard                Winter Market                                     MARKET SEASON: May 1st - October 30th             MARKET SEASON: July 5th - first freeze
                                                 MARKET: First Sunday of each month,               CONTACT: Jenniffer Singleterry, (505) 401-4390    CONTACT: roseanne Camuñez, (575) 532-8
 frost hits, they generally stay open            10 am - 1:00 pm
                                                                                                   Bloomfield Farmers’ Market
                                                 SEASON: november - April                                                                            Eagle Nest: Moreno Valley Farmers’ Mark
 through October. A precious few                 CONTACT: Mary Jane rodriguez, (505) 898-7927
                                                                                                   LOCATION: Bishop Square, near the intersection    LOCATION: Golden eagle rV Park,
                                                                                                   of highways 550 & 64                              1 block south of eagle nest on Hwy. 64
 markets continue through the winter.            Edgewood Farmers’ Market, *W, S                   SCHEDULE: Thursdays, 4:30 pm - 6 pm               SCHEDULE: Fridays, 11 am - 3 pm
                                                 LOCATION: wildlife west Park, 87 n Frontage rd    MARKET SEASON: July 30th - October                MARKET SEASON: June 19th - September 19
 Getting into the habit of going                 SCHEDULE: Thursdays, 3 pm - 7 pm                  CONTACT: Laverta Johnson, (505) 632-8312          CONTACT: (575) 377-6188
                                                 MARKET SEASON: July 9th - October 15th
 to market takes time, but with a                CONTACT: Craig noorlander, (505) 281-7851         Capitan Farmers’ Market (ATAC)                    Eldorado Farmers’ Market
                                                                                                   LOCATION: 115 Smokey Bear Blvd.                   LOCATION: Agora Shopping Center on Aven
 little practice, you will become                Los Ranchos Growers’ Market, *W, S                SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 9 am - 11 am                 Vista Grande, next to Las Chivas Coffeeh
                                                 LOCATION: City Hall, 6718 rio Grande Blvd. nw
 an expert in no time. Delicious,                SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 7 am - 11 am (opens at 8
                                                                                                   MARKET SEASON: July 1st - October
                                                                                                   CONTACT: George Tippin, (575) 354-7021
                                                                                                                                                     SCHEDULE: Fridays, 4 pm - 7 pm
                                                                                                                                                     MARKET SEASON: May 22nd - TBA
 healthy food will keep you coming               am Sept. - nov.)
                                                                                                   Carlsbad Downtown Farmers Market
                                                                                                                                                     CONTACT: Susan Tarver, (505) 466-3143
                                                 MARKET SEASON: May 2nd - mid november
 back, and markets are a great                   Winter Market                                     LOCATION: eddy County Courthouse Lawn at the      Española Farmers’ Market, *W, S, E
                                                 MARKET: 2nd Saturday of each month,               corner of Mermod & Canal                          LOCATION: 1005 n railroad Ave.
 place to regularly interact with your           10 am - 12 pm                                     SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8 am - 11 am                 SCHEDULE: Mondays, 10 am - 5 pm
 community.                                      SEASON: December - April                          MARKET SEASON: June 20th - TBD                    MARKET SEASON: June 15th - October 26th
                                                 CONTACT: Sue Brawley, (505) 890-2799              CONTACT: Pat Kearney, (575) 706-6597              CONTACT: Sabra Moore, (505) 685-4842

      Go early to get the best selection of produce                                   Talk to growers about how their food is grown (with or
                                                                                                                                                                             Shopping Tips for
                                                                                                                                                                             Growers’ Markets
                                                                                      without pesticides, etc.)
      If price is a consideration, late shoppers often find bargains
                                                                                      If you drive to market, bring a cooler to keep your produce
      walk around the market before you buy to see what’s                             fresh and cool until you get home.
      available and to compare prices and quality
      If you can, go without a shopping list and plan your menus                      Be eco-conscious and bring your own bags
      by what’s in season
                                                                                      Take your time to enjoy the market!
      If you don’t know what something is, ask the farmer!
                                                                                      Growers’ markets are a great gathering place for friends
      Buy produce at the peak of its season for the greatest                          and families of all ages
Grown:                                                                                             Advertorial                                                 Wednesday, July 29, 2009 7

armers’ and Growers’ Markets
          Farmington Growers’ Market, *W, S               Ojo Caliente Farmers’ & Ranchers’ Market        CONTACT: Lester Peck, (575) 627-2239              Sunland Park: Ardovino’s Desert Crossing
          LOCATION: Animas Park, on Browning Parkway      LOCATION: St. Mary’s Church parking lot         San Felipe Farmers’ Market, *W, S                 Farmers’ Market, *W, S
          SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8 am - 11 am;              SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 9 am - 2pm                 LOCATION: I-25 exit 252 on the west side of       LOCATION: Ardovino’s Desert Crossing,
          Tuesdays 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm                      MARKET SEASON: late July - late September       Casino Hollywood                                  Ardovino Drive
          MARKET SEASON: July 11th - first hard frost     CONTACT: Caterina Di Palma, (505) 583-2908      SCHEDULE: wednesdays, 4 pm - 7 pm                 SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 7:30 am - 12 pm
          CONTACT: Jan Tomko, (505) 632-8008              Pecos Farmers’ Market                           MARKET SEASON: July - October                     MARKET SEASON: May 23rd - late October
                                                          LOCATION: Beloved Pecos Gallery,                CONTACT: whitney Jacks, (505) 867-3381            CONTACT: robert Ardovino, (575) 589-0653 ext. 3
          Gallup Farmers’ Market, *W, S
          LOCATION: Downtown walkway                      67 Cowles Hwy.                                  Santa Fe Farmers’ Market, *W, S, E                Taos Farmers’ Market, *W, S
          between Coal and Aztec                          SCHEDULE: Sundays, 9 am - 1 pm                  LOCATION: Farmers’ Market Pavilion,               LOCATION: Town hall lot, next to the public
          SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8:30 am - 12 pm            MARKET SEASON: May 3 - October                  1607 Paseo de Peralta at Guadalupe                library
          MARKET SEASON: July 11th - October 10th         CONTACT: robin reindle, (505) 757-2518          SCHEDULE: Saturdays & Tuesdays, 7 am - 12 pm      SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8 am - 12 pm
          CONTACT: Carole Palmer, (928) 729-2291          Pojoaque Valley Farmers’ Market, *W, S, E       MARKET SEASON: April 25th - november              MARKET SEASON: May 16th - October 31st
9                                                         LOCATION: 78 Cities of Gold, off Hwy. 84/285,   Winter Market                                     CONTACT: eytan Salinger, (575) 751-7575
          Gila Valley Backyard Growers’ Market                                                            SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 9 am - 1 pm
                                                          next to Poeh Pueblo Cultural Center                                                               Taos Pueblo: Red Willow Farmers’ Market, *W, S
          LOCATION: #414 Hwy. 211
                                                          SCHEDULE: wednesdays, 2 pm - 6 pm,              MARKET SEASON: november - mid April               LOCATION: red willow education Center,
          SCHEDULE: Tuesdays, 4 pm - 8 pm
                                                          Sundays, 12 - 4pm                               CONTACT: Tim Vos, (505) 983-4098                  885 Star rd.
          MARKET SEASON: June 23rd - early Fall
                                                          MARKET SEASON: May 13th - October               Santa Fe Southside Farmers’ Market, *W, S, E      SCHEDULE: wednesdays, 3 pm - 7 pm
          CONTACT: Teleah Dabbs, (575) 535-2729
                                                          CONTACT: Cindy Talamantes, (575) 581-4651       LOCATION: Santa Fe Place parking lot at           MARKET SEASON: July 15th - October 14th
          Jemez Farmers’ Market                           Portales Farmers’ Market, *W, S                 rodeo rd. & Zafarano Dr.                          CONTACT: Gordon Hirsch, (575) 751-1746
          LOCATION: red rocks, at the north end           LOCATION: Corner of w 1st & Ave B               SCHEDULE: Thursdays, 3 pm - 6:30 pm               Taos Sunday Market, *W, S
          of the pueblo                                   SCHEDULE: Mondays & Thursdays, 5 pm - sellout   MARKET SEASON: June 18th - September              LOCATION: KTAO Solar radio Station parking lot,
          SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8 am - 12 pm               MARKET SEASON: July - October                   CONTACT: Tim Vos, (505) 983-4098                  9 Sr 150
          MARKET SEASON: August 15th - October 31st       CONTACT: Margie Plummer, (505) 760-0690                                                           SCHEDULE: Sundays, 10 am - 2 pm
h         CONTACT: Steve Blodgett, (575) 834-3203
                                                                                                          Shiprock Farmers’ Market, *W, S
                                                          Ramah Farmers’ Market, *W, S                    LOCATION: Shiprock Chapter House                  MARKET SEASON: May 31st - September
48                                                                                                                                                          CONTACT: Dylan Felt, (575) 613-2057
          La Union Farmers’ Market                        LOCATION: 1/2 mile west of ramah on Hwy 53,     Parking Lot, Hwy. 64
          LOCATION: Corner of Telles St. &                next to ramah Valley Diner                      SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8 am - 6 pm,                 Truth or Consequences: Sierra County Farmers’
          Campo Santo rd., La Union Park                  SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 10 am to 1 pm              wednesdays 3 pm - 6 pm                            Market, *W, S
          SCHEDULE: Sundays, 8 am - sellout               MARKET SEASON: June 13th - early October        MARKET SEASON: August 1st - October 10th          LOCATION: ralph edwards Park, downtown T or C
          MARKET SEASON: July 5th - TBD                   CONTACT: Jackie rossignol/Denis Black, (505)    CONTACT: Yvonne Todacheene, (505) 947-7921        SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8 am - 11 am
          CONTACT: Diane Ludwig, (575) 882-2242           783-4440                                        Silver City Farmers’ Market, *W, S, E             MARKET SEASON: May 16th - October 31st
79-9199                                                   Raton First Street Market                       LOCATION: 701 n Main, between 7th & 8th           CONTACT: Bill Schiller, (575) 894-0327
          Las Cruces Farmers’ & Crafts Market, *W, S
          LOCATION: Downtown Mall                         LOCATION: 100 block of historic downtown,       at the Big Ditch                                  Tucumcari Farmers’ Market, *W, S
          SCHEDULE: Saturdays & wednesdays,               on First St.                                    SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8:30 am - 12 pm              LOCATION: route 66 & Date St.
          8 am - 12:30 pm                                 SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 2 pm - sellout             MARKET SEASON: May 2nd - October                  SCHEDULE: Saturdays & Tuesdays, 5 pm - 7 pm
          MARKET SEASON: Year round                       MARKET SEASON: July 4th - September/October     CONTACT: Asunda Uribe, (575) 534-9458             MARKET SEASON: July 11th - mid October
8270      CONTACT: Olivia Hennessey, (575) 541-2288       CONTACT: Cathy naylor, (575) 455-5166           Socorro Farmers’ Market, *W, S                    CONTACT: Yolanda nava, (575) 461-8531
          Please note: mostly a crafts market             Roswell: MainStreet Roswell Farmers’ and        LOCATION: Socorro Plaza Park                      Tularosa Farmers’ Market, *W, S
                                                          Gardeners’ Market, *W, S                        SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 8 am - noon or sellout,      LOCATION: Central Ave. & north Bookout St.
          Las Cruces: Mountain View Market, *W, S
                                                          LOCATION: Chavez County Courthouse lawn         Tuesdays, 5 pm - 7 pm                             SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 7:30 am - 11 am
          LOCATION: north side of Idaho Crossings
                                                          SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 7 am - sellout             MARKET SEASON: June 16th - October 31st           MARKET SEASON: June 13th - October 10th
          parking lot at el Paseo and Idaho
                                                          MARKET SEASON: July 11th - late September       CONTACT: nadine Ulibarri-Keller, (575) 835-8656   CONTACT: Loretta Johnson, (575) 585-2297
9th       SCHEDULE: Sundays, 10 am - 2 pm
          MARKET SEASON: May 3rd - november 22nd
          CONTACT: Heather Cook, (575) 523-0436
nida      Las Vegas: Tri County Farmers’ Market, *W, S
house     LOCATION: 6th – St. & University
          SCHEDULE: Saturdays & wednesdays,
          7 am - sellout
          MARKET SEASON: May 16th - november 1st
          CONTACT: Daniel Hern, (505) 799-8315

          Los Alamos Farmers’ Market, *W, S
          LOCATION: Mesa Public Library, Central & 20th
          SCHEDULE: Thursdays, 7 am - 12 pm
          MARKET SEASON: May 7th - november 5th
          CONTACT: Cindy Talamantes, (575) 581-4651

          Los Lunas Farmers’ Market, *W, S
          LOCATION: Bosque river View Park at Main St.
          SCHEDULE: Tuesdays, 4:30 pm - sellout
          MARKET SEASON: June 16th - October
          CONTACT: Loretta Torres, (505) 869-9409

          Mora Valley Farmers’ Market, *W, S
          LOCATION: Mora Valley ranch Supply Store
          in downtown Mora, Hwy. 518
          SCHEDULE: Fridays, 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm
          MARKET SEASON: June 26th - September 25th
          CONTACT: wendy Capek, (505) 387-5435

                             *w, S, e
            These letters indicate the market accepts     August and September are peak harvest months in New Mexico, a great time to visit your local market and
            wIC and Senior vouchers, and eBT cards.       enjoy a wide variety of the best-tasting, healthiest foods.
8 Wednesday, July 29, 2009                                                      Advertorial                                       Locally Grown:

More Than One Way                                                          CSAs – Membership Has Its Advantages
to Skin a Local Apple                                                      Many farms offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) memberships,
                                                                           allowing members to receive weekly boxes of produce and/or other products.
                                                                           Some CSAs operate year-round while others are seasonal. Memberships are often
                                                                           limited, so call today!
Getting to market has its            • Join a “slow food” chapter 
challenges. As a country used          (
to 24/7 conveniences, making
                                                                           • Beneficial Farm – Santa Fe area      • Los Poblanos* – ABQ, Santa Fe,
                                     • Eat at a restaurant that sources      505-470-1969                           Los Alamos, 505-681-4060
time for market shopping takes         locally grown food and tell
conscious effort and planning.                                             • Cerro Vista Farm – Taos/Cerro          *Avg. annual local produce 25%
                                       your favorite restaurant to
If you live in an area with one        use more local ingredients            575-586-0877                         • Pollo Real – Santa Fe
or more farmers’ markets, or           (Check out the farm to
                                                                           • Community of Hope – Las Cruces,        (Poultry & eggs), 505-838-0345
a market that happens several          restaurant project at www.
times a week, your odds of    or other          work shares available                • Santa Cruz Farms – espanola &
finding a good time to stop            programs like this www.                     Santa Fe, 505-514-1662
there increase. But if getting
to market presents more                                                    • Dragonfly Farms – Albuquerque        • Morningstar Farms – Taos &
                                       farmerchef)                           505-363-3776                           Arroyo Seco, 575-776-1757
challenge than opportunity,
here are some additional ways        • Read a book by Michael 
                                       Pollan                              • East Mountain Organic Farms          • Old Windmill Dairy – ABQ &
to consider getting involved
with local food.
                                                                             Tijeras, 505-281-5083                  Santa Fe, 505-384-0033
                                     • See the new movie “Food Inc.”
                                     • Try a hundred mile diet for 
                                                                           • Erda Gardens – Albuquerque           • Rio Arriba Farms – Abiqui
Get Local                              a meal, a day, a week…                505-610-1538                           505-216-5151
• Plant your own garden                (                   • Green Tractor Farm – Santa Fe/       • Ross’ Gardens CSA – estancia
• Join a CSA (see box at right)      • Get your local school,                La Cienega, 505-471-0089     
• Visit a co-op or other retailer      workplace cafeteria or
  that buys locally grown food                                             • Hondo Seco Farms – Taos &            • Squash Blossom Farm – Taos
                                       produce section manager to
                                       buy locally grown food when           Arroyo Seco, 575-776-8636              575-751-4681
• Stop at a roadside stand that 
  sells locally grown food             possible
• Visit a U-Pick operation with      • Be a good food citizen: raise 
  your family                          awareness when you can
Locally Grown:                                                         Advertorial   Wednesday, July 29, 2009 9

Preserve the
Season’s Best
    New Mexicans regularly
freeze green chile because
                                 peaches dripping with juice,
                                 consider doing just what you
we are painfully aware that      do with green chile—storing
whatever we get during the       it for later. Freezing is easy
harvest season has to last the   and works well for many kinds
full year ahead. Depending on    of produce. Usually a quick
how much chile we put away, it   blanch or flash freeze is all 
may take a few hours of work,    food needs before you zip-
but it’s always well worth the   lock it away. Or, cook up big
effort.                          batches of tomato sauce, label
    This year, when you see      and freeze. You can also dry or
the green beans piled high,      can foods. Whatever method
the tomatoes piling up or the    you choose, once winter rolls
                                      around you’ll be glad you
                                      planned ahead.
                                          Have questions? Borrow
                                                     a book from
                                                     the library,
                                                     call your local
                                                     office or 
                                                     check out the
                                                     internet for
                                                     many great
                                                     resources on
                                                     your favorite

10 Wednesday, July 29, 2009                                                Advertorial                                                         Locally Grown:

              How to                                                                                                           Cucumbers


              Your Own
                                                                                                           3 types of potatoes
                                                                                                                rots            2 types of melon


Buying food directly from the people who grow it—either at a
growers’ market or from a nearby “U-Pick”—brings your fork                                                  Garlic
closer to farm.                                                                                                                  Parsley
                                                                                                                                 Basil, thyme,

Pick Your Own Store
                                                                                                             Artichokes             rosemary, cilantro
   Do your kids know where food comes from? If they say
the grocery store, it might be time to visit your local market or
take a day trip to a nearby U-pick Farm. When you visit a farm,
you’ll save money, get the freshest produce possible, and create
                                                                                Sounds like a great grocery store list, doesn’t it?
a memory that will last far beyond the season. Call these farms         Actually, this is what Nissa Patterson is              She insists you do not have to be a
that allow you to “pick your own” for details.                      growing on a regular suburban plot in the              horticulturalist, master gardener or masochist to
                                                                    northeast heights of Albuquerque. Last summer,         grow such bounty. Although, she says, all those
Heidi’s Raspberry Farm – Corrales                                   she and her family did not buy any vegetables for      things might help. The best advice comes from
SEASON: August 30-first frost                                       five months, other than the odd lemon or avocado.      Nissa herself:

DAYS/TIMES: Sat/Sun: 9-3
                                                                             I find many people don’t take up this sort of gardening for two reasons; concern they do
PRODUCTS: raspberries                                                        not have the skills or knowledge and concern they don’t have the ‘knack.’
Joe Lujan Farms – 1200 Lujan Hill rd., Las Cruces                                 The thing with gardening is that really what you need to start is a willingness to try, a
SEASON: August-October                                                willingness to learn and persistent optimism.
DAYS/TIMES: Fri-Tues, 7-4:30                                              For example, when you take out all your grass in the front yard you have to be open to your
(575) 526-5918                                                        own bright idea to plant a garden. And your husband has to be willing to go along cheerfully.
                                                                          And when you have no idea how a certain plant grows you just have to be willing to go to
PRODUCTS: chiles
                                                                      the farmers’ market and ask a vendor how they grow it. Then apply this knowledge to your own
Lavender Spring Ranch – 15.7 mi n of Tinnie (Lincoln Co.)             garden.
SEASON: Mid June-first frost                                              There will be trials, failures, and lots of hard work. There will also be the certainty of knowing
DAYS/TIMES: Sun: 10-5, Sat: 9-4, M, w, Th, Fri: 9-5                   exactly how the vegetables were grown and what is on them. There will be taste that curls your
PRODUCTS: berries & veggies                                           toes and brings your children over to the ‘vegetable side.’
(575) 653-4992                                                            Most importantly there will be the deep joy that comes from walking out to the back or front

Laughing Sheep Farm – 1-1/2 miles w of Lincoln
SEASON: year-round
                                                                      yard garden to pick dinner and to eat what you grew. Growing, harvesting and preparing our own
                                                                      food is perhaps one of the most deeply human things we can do.
                                                                          So have faith that somewhere in you is the knowledge you need to grow your own backyard
DAYS/TIMES: wed-Sun: 9-6                                              grocery store.
PRODUCTS: fruits & vegetables
                                                                               During word war II,

McCall’s Pumpkin Patch – Moriarty                                              six million gardens
SEASON: Fall                                                                   were planted in the
DAYS/TIMES: weekends: 10-5                                                     US, and these gardens                                                     produced 40% of our
PRODUCTS: pumpkins                                                             fruits and vegetables.
Mesilla Valley Maze at Lyle Family Farms – Las Cruces
SEASON: August 30-first freeze
DAYS/TIMES: wed: 8-2, Sat/Sun: 8-7
PRODUCTS: variety of vegetables
San Patricio Berry Farm – San Patricio, Hwy 70 milepost 279
SEASON: late July-late September
DAYS/TIMES: wed-Mon: 9-5
(575) 653-4502
PRODUCTS: blackberries & raspberries
                                                                                                                               Nissa Patterson transformed her
                                                                                                                               Albuquerque yard into her very own
                                                                                                                               urban farm.
 Locally Grown:                                                                 Advertorial                                       Wednesday, July 29, 2009 11

Enjoy Your Community
    Not only are farmers’           AUGUST                             8/16 – Historic Tractor Show
markets the best source for         8/15 – Taste of the Market,            & Music from West Ella,
high-quality, fresh foods, but          Albuquerque Downtown               Corrales Growers’
they are also a terrific place to       Growers’ Market. Come              Market
find great community events.            cheer for your favorite root
Here is just a sampling of                                             SEPTEMBER
                                        vegetable or chef, and taste
events at the Albuquerque area                                         9/6 – Fire Department
                                        their fantastic creations
markets. If you live elsewhere,                                            Fundraiser & Health
                                        direct from the farmers to
check your local newspaper                                                 Show with music by
                                        you while you enjoy music
listings or ask your market                                                Rex Warren, Corrales
                                        by the Squash Blossom
manager if they have an e-mail                                             Growers’ Market
list for a market newsletter. You                                      9/19 – Market Harvest
can also check our website at           Green & Sustainability Fair        Festival, Albuquerque                & Cooking in the Village           Downtown Growers’
for a list of current market events     with Jennifer James, Los           Market, a festival
around the state.                       Ranchos Growers’ Market            celebrating the peak of the
                                                                           season’s delicious produce

 More Resources for Locavores                                              and featuring music by
                                                                           Young Edward
  Ecoversity: A non-profit education center for the public,            9/27 – Harvest Festival &
  providing classes on everything from urban gardening, to                 music by the Squash
  composting, to bee keeping.                           Blossom Boys, Corrales
  New Mexico Co-op Extension: Have a question about                        Growers’ Market
  gardening? Co-op extension is your source for everything
  from pest control to raising chickens.             OCTOBER
                                                                       10/25 – The Great Pumpkin
  Edible Santa Fe: A quarterly publication that promotes and
  celebrates the abundance of local foods in north Central
                                                                           Fiesta – Albuquerque
  new Mexico.                                        Downtown Growers’
                                                                           Market, dress up the
  La Montanita Co-op and Distribution Center: Identifying and              kids and come out for the
  creating new relationships with farmers across the state.                costume contest, pumpkin
  Call 877-775-COOP or                                carving competition           Growers’ markets are
  New Mexico Wine Growers’ Association: everything you                     and all the tasty treats      wonderful community
  need to know about new Mexico wines – maps, listings,                    available, featuring music    gathering places for friends
  festivals, and more.                                      by Los Radiators              and families of all ages.

12 Wednesday, July 29, 2009   Advertorial   Locally Grown:


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