Lunch Menu - Jan 08 by shensengvf


									                                January 2008
                                   Lunch Menu

     Monday                   Tuesday            Wednesday              Thursday                  Friday

                         1                   2                     3                      4
                                                                          Beef Stew           Corn Dog
                                                                         Corn Muffins      Buttered Noodles
                                                                            Soup          Chick. Noodle Soup

7                        8                   9                     10                     11
     Baked Pasta              Chick-fil-A          Beef Burritos        Chicken Breast
       Meatballs                                    Mex. Rice          Mashed Pot/Gravy       Stir Fry Over Rice
     Garlic Bread                                 Refried Beans          Green Beans           Veggie Eggrolls
    Mozzarella Sticks                             Nachos/Cheese          Warm Rolls

14                       15                  16                    17                     18
     BBQ Pork Sand            Chick-fil-A           Chili Mac       Hot Meatball Sand       Gr. Cheese Sand
    Broccoli Casserole                             Warm Rolls           Potatoes             Tomato Soup
        Tater Tots                                 Green Beans           Corn                Potato Skins

21                       22                  23                    24                     25
       No School
                              Chick-fil-A         Cheeseburger            Beef Stew           Hot Turkey Sand
                                                    Fr. Fries                Rice             Mashed Potatoes
                                                    Veggies              Corn Muffins          Corn Pudding

29                       30                  31

       Chili Dog              Chick-fil-A            Ravioli
       Tater Tots                                   Meatballs
     Vegetable Soup                                Garlic Bread

Breakfast served daily                               Daily Lunch Menu Includes:
   7:00 - 9:00 a.m.                           Hot Entrée    Side Items     Specialty Salads
                                          Small Salads   Soups     Deli Sandwiches      Pizza
                                          PB&J Sandwiches     Yogurt      Yogurt Parfaits Fruit
                                        Desserts Ice Cream Hot Pretzels Snacks Baked Chips

Beverages:          Milk, Choc. Milk (Skim,1%,2%), O.J., Bottled Water and
                     100% Fruit Juices

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