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									2705 Swiss Avenue, Suite 130B
      Dallas, Texas 75204
Discover the Joy.

     Our vision is to be
     the motivational
     vehicle of choice for
     encouraging children
     to discover the joy of
     g lives.

      Earning by Learning
      of Dallas (EBL) is a
      program, based on
      encouraging children
      to read.
The NEED: The National
Statistics are Staggering
         •Among adults with low literacy skills, 43% live in poverty;
         17% receive food stamps
         •Nearly 2/3 of low income families own no books for their
         •Fewer than one of eight children, who are failing to read at
         grade level by the end of first grade, will ever catch up to
         grade level reading
         •75% of prisoners scored in the two lowest literacy levels of
         National Adult Literacy Survey; this means they cannot write
         a letter, explain an error on a credit card bill, or understand a
         bus schedule
         •PLEASE NOTE: If literacy levels in the United States were
         the same as those in Sweden, the US. GDP would rise by
         approximately $463 billion and tax revenues would increase
         by approximately $162 billion.
         (Sources Include: Alliance for excellent Education, 2003e,
         Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, Center on Juvenile and
         Criminal Justice, Digest of Education Statistics)
Here’s a look at TEXAS:
        •Texas has the 2nd largest number of
        undereducated adults in the United States
        •50% of those living in poverty do not have a
        high school diploma
        •Texas has the 7th highest drop out rate in the
        United States
        •Texas has the second largest number of under-
        educated adults in the United States.
        •Nearly 90,000 of Texas’ most serious offenders
        do not have high school diplomas.
        (Sources Include: Foundation for Community
        Empowerment/Dallas Indicators)
Here’s what’s Happening In
   Our Own Backyard:
               THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS: Only a little
               more than 1/3 of Dallas County 3 and 4year olds are
               enrolled in early childhood education.
          •Dallas ISD’s dropout rate is the 7th worst in the
          •As of 2005-06, Dallas ISD’s graduation rate was
          •Five districts had a lower rate of students taking the
          SAT/ACT than the state average in 2005 (Dallas,
          Garland, Mesquite, Irving, and Grand Prairie), with
          Grand Prairie ISD's rate ranking last at 44.8%
          •In two and/or four year colleges, Dallas ISD had the
          lowest percentage of graduates enrolled, at 36.7%,
          followed by Irving ISD (40.2%), Carrollton-Farmers
          Branch ISD (48.5%), and McKinney ISD (48.7%).
          (2005 data)
          (Sources Include: Texas Education Agency, Dallas Indicators, Texas
          Higher Education Data Website)
       CAN ACT…
        •Spending on K-12 education rose 33.4%;
        spending on incarceration rose 571.4%
        •The number of K-12 teachers fell 8%; the
        number of guards rose 250%
        •The number of K-12 schools rose 2.6%; the
        number of lockups rose nearly 200%
        •The number of students graduating high school
        fell 2.7%; the number of people in prison and jail
        rose more than 400%
        (Sources Include: Sourcebook of Criminal
        Justice Statistics, Center on Juvenile and
        Criminal Justice, Digest of Education
Here’s just ONE story…about ONE
man who wanted change….
                •One man, Francis Rudine,
                went to Communities
                Foundation of Texas with a
                simple idea, tried and tested
                with his own children.
                •“Let’s provide an incentive
                for children to read and see if
                (1) their motivation changes
                and (2) their academic
                achievement increases,” said
Rudine’s first premise comes true…
 children seemed to be motivated.
    •With the assistance of Communities Foundation
    of Texas , Earning by Learning was piloted with St.
    Philip’s School and Community Center and 2 Boys
    & Girls of Greater Dallas locations.

    •Though the pilot was small, with only 78 children
    participating, it proved successful. Children
    seemed motivated. The first of Mr. Rudine’s
    premise had come true.
               15 years later…
 Earning by Learning has grown from 78 students and 3
  sites to servicing thousands of children annually in the
      12th largest district in the country (Dallas ISD).
Earning by Learning has helped over 77,000 children and
   nearly 50 Dallas ISD elementary campuses to date.

         Other collaborative partners include:
         Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas
                     Circle of Support
             Jeffries Street Learning Center
             St. Anthony Community Center
        St. Philip’s School & Community Center
         West Dallas Community Centers, Inc.
The format is simple.
                  •There are one-two EBL sessions
                  (fall and/or spring).
                  •Suggested grade level is 2nd.
                  •100 children may participate per
                  •Children read pre-approved books
                  at their readability level. Book
                  selections include fiction and non-
                  •Through computerized software
                  book quizzes such as Accelerated
                  Reader, mentoring, and cash
                  incentives, student reading habits
                  and skills are enhanced.
                    Number of Books Read
             In 2005, EBL began to service only Dallas ISD thus the
                book and incentive decrease. In 2009, Earning by
                 Learning began to provide $1 per book to most
              participants and conducted the EBL model in the fall




  40,000                                                                 Books Read
                                                                         In 9-15 weeks



           1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
                    IT DOES WORK
                                 Incentives Given
                 In 2005, EBL began to service only Dallas ISD thus the book and
                   incentive decrease. In 2009, incentives were reduced to $1 per
                                    book with most participants.

                                              Money Given




                                                                                               Money Given




          1999    2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010
The Evidence is Clear
     Average Books Read Per Student
                                               Avg Books Read




                                                                                          Avg Books Read



     1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004    2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010
    Program Success in the Dallas
     Independent School District
• Earning by Learning currently services nearly 50 schools
  within the Dallas Independent School District.
• Earning by Learning students have read over 726,000
  books with over 67,000 books above the 20 book limit.
                1996 - 2010

 Participants            77,613

 Books Read              726,638(67,676)

 Cash Incentives         1,433,876

 Avg. Book / Per Child 11

 Overall Participation
                PROGRAM success

           Harvard Universtiy /EBL findings

• Earning by Learning has just completed a two year Harvard
  University research study. The principal investigator is
  renowned Economic Professor, Dr. Roland G. Fryer. The
  study’s purpose was to look at incentives and its effect, if
  any, on academic achievement.
• All of the participating schools and students selected for the
  study were newcomers to the Earning by Learning program.
                      PROGRAM success

                Harvard Universtiy /EBL findings (2 of 3)

• Students who participate in Earning by Learning show substantial increase in
  reading comprehension, overall language development, report card grades and test
  scores versus non-EBL students. In just 15 weeks of Earning by Learning’s
  program implementation, students gained nearly 4 months in academic growth.
• Earning by Learning Latino and African American male students showed an even
  higher gain than their female counterparts.
• EBL students also received the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory and the results
  showed that incentivizing students does not ruin a child’s love for learning. The
  intense argument/ anxiety by some educators and social psychologists seems
  unwarranted. A year after paying students to read and pass a comprehension test,
  EBL students are still significantly outperforming the students in the control group.
                PROGRAM success

          Harvard Universtiy /EBL findings (3 of 3)

• There was almost a 2 point standard deviation in the study. There
  have been only three research studies in the last 3 decades with this
  type of gain: Headstart, Classroom Size Reduction, and Incentives
  for Quality Teachers to go into Urban Districts. Now Earning by
  Learning stands alongside those groundbreaking studies. This type
  of EBL gain comes at a much lower cost.
• Our qualitative and quantitative research puts Earning by Learning
  on a tremendous path to sustainability. To learn more about the
  study read Dr. Fryer's published paper. Log onto
  www.edlabs.harvard.edu and click onto the link “in the news.”
 Dallas ISD research studies on EBL

• EBL students read more
  outside of class.
• Although the cash reward
  was welcome, it was not the   100
  primary motivator for          90
  students to read.              80

• The program was appropriate    70
  for ESL students.              50
• Increased reading              40
  comprehension.                 20
• TAAS results were very         10
  favorable where the EBL             5th grade
  program was implemented.

EBL Reading Celebrations

    The true success of
    Earning by Learning
    lies in a community
    that cares.
A SOCIAL return
        Earning by Learning
        partners with key
        stakeholders who desire
        a social return on their
         Our stakeholders
        understand that helping
        children read is a short-
        term investment with
        long-term dividends for
        our city.
 STRATEGIC partners
Richard A.(Ricky) Rudine Memorial Fund
  of the Communities Foundation of Texas

     New Car Dealers Association

           Harvard University

              Inwood Bank

Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation

         Esping Family Foundation
    MORE great EBL stakeholders
Smith Richardson Foundation (in collaboration with Harvard University)
              University of North Texas Dallas Campus
                   The Lightner Sams Foundation
                             Alliance Data
                       The Dallas Foundation
                           BBVA Compass
                          Dallas Chocolates
             Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages
                  The Harold Simmons Foundation
                     The Dallas Morning News
                       Don Herring Mitsubishi
             Foundation for Community Empowerment
         OTHER partners
            The Freeman Companies
               Northrop Grumman
Don Herring Mitsubishi North and South Dealerships
              Meadows Foundation
OTHER key stakeholders
 Jupiter Chevrolet Oldsmobile
         Prestige Ford
 American Transfers & Tours
           KSTR -TV
  Barnes & Noble Bookstores
       DFW Book Bank
       Dallas Arboretum
          96.3 KSCS
        Bank of America
       American Airlines
     Dallas Public Library
Goodson AcuraToyota of Irving
          What’s happened…
           2 Round Table Discussions

Chamberlain’s, our official EBL restaurant, hosted two
 roundtable discussions and lunch with EBL students,
  coordinators and other prominent citizens within our
 communities. The roundtable discussions focused on
making reading a top priority in Dallas. Keeping children
                   and literacy first!
 Earning by Learning promotes
healthy savings habits to students.
      Earning by Learning has partnered
      with financial institutions and the
      Dallas Independent School District
      in order to assist EBL students in
      the importance of saving.

      Washington Mutual/Chase
      Inwood Bank
      BBVA Compass
Earning by Learning encourages its
  students to be contributors
        to the community
        It is a novel way to teach children
        the power of reading and the
        gratification of helping others.
        • All proceeds earned by the     students
          are donated to the library.
        • EBL students help the librarian to select
          the books purchased.
        • Their name is recorded on the inside of
          each book donated.
Setting our goals high…
    Earning by Learning introduces
 Read and Graduate…from College
                 Each semester, many of the area's
                 most successful college graduates
                 are invited to discuss all aspects
                 of attaining a college degree, from
                 initial challenges to life-long

                 Ultimately, Earning by Learning
                 students walk away with a real-life
                 association between current
                 reading and long-term success.
DFW BOOK Bank at
          Dallas Public Library
    An educational-
    entertainment program
    combining the art of
    ventriloquism, song and
    an important message
    about reading.
   Interactive novel study in the
DeGolyer Estate Library with a nationally
    acclaimed children’s author.

    Author shares literary perspectives and the process of
       research, development and publication of stories.
Entertainment, food, and a tour of the botanical gardens of the
                        Dallas Arboretum.
            City Wide
EBL allows corporate, foundations, school, non-profit and
   civic organizations to partner in a city wide effort to
                     promote literacy.
VOLUNTEER opportunities

   Guest Speakers
   Advisory Board
Young Professional Donor
HOW CAN you help?

        •   Financial Contributions
        •   Volunteer Opportunities
        •   Become a Guest Speaker
        •   Sponsor a Reading Event or
        •   Be a Program Intern
        •   Adopt a School
        •   Be a Prominent Sponsor at
            our annual Fairway to
            Literacy Golf Tournament
        •   Sponsor the EBL bookmobile
        •   Sponsor a Teacher
            Appreciation Event
        In the
Earning by Learning believes that reading is a
           right and not a privilege.
              A New
The Stand for Children and Literacy is an ever evolving
 process. Today simply marks the beginning of a new
      moment in time to refocus and recommit.

  It’s a new day, not yet promised,
                  to get it right.
Thank you to our board, advisory
 council, reading /operation advisors,
 and staff that make it all possible.
          Board of Directors                         Ex Officio
       Sammy and Kristen Bickham                  Drew Campbell
            Bickham & Bickham                 New Car Dealers Assoc.
                  Sha Butler                        Ed Fjordbak
               Civic Volunteer
                 Jane Didear                    Texas Capital Bank
                  Dallas ISD                          J. Cook
                Scott Flannery             Communities Foundation of Texas
           Scott Gibbs-President                  Advisory Council
     McGriff, Seibels and Williams of TX
              Joseph Hardeman                  The Honorable Ron Kirk
               BBVA Compass                   The Honorable Royce West
                Raul Hinojosa                      Carolyn Green
             University of Dallas                  Dr. Mary Morris
               Lucy Livingston
               Civic Volunteer                       Carol Reed
              Rosemary Morice                       Andy Siegel
               Civic Volunteer                     Benjamin Turk
                 David Shaw
                                           Reading and Operations Advisors
                                                    Leslie Beatty
                                                    Peggy Marrin
                                                    William Toles
                                                 Founding Director
                                                Thelma Morris-Lindsey
   All rights reserved. No part of this
presentation may be reproduced without
 written permission from the Earning by
            Learning of Dallas.

 Copyrights 2003 Earning by Learning of Dallas

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