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Food Prep by jennyyingdi


									                        Advanced Culinary Arts
                        Bonney Lake High School

Instructor: Mr. Ahina
School Phone: 891-5700

Course Overview: This is the third and final class in a series of three courses exploring
different facets of the Culinary Arts Industry. Students are immersed in the restaurant and
food service environment. Students work in small teams and rotate to various stations
within the commercial kitchen. Stations include baking, the hot cooking line, school
foodservice & inventory. The following topics will be specifically studied:

Safety and Sanitation Practices in the            Seafood
Commercial Kitchen                                Meats
Stocks and Soups                                  Career Readiness
Baking                                            Catering experiences outside of class
Equipment Operation                               time will also be required to apply
Dining room Service                               course content to industry practices.
        Top Chef: This class ends with a coking final, “The BLHS Top Chef”. All
students are required to prepare specific ingredients to cook your own meal. The winning
team from the semi-final and final round will be crowned the 2012 BLHS Top Chef”!
Come to class, Learn, Prepare, and Cook. You could be the BLHS Top Chef!
        Competition: Students in this class may be selected to participate in this year’s
2012 ProStart Culinary Invitational. This is an advanced statewide culinary competition.
Participants experience rigorous industry experience and extensive industry training.
        ProStart is the National Restaurant Association education element. Visit for more information.
        A $10 course fee is required. This fee directly funds consumable food supplies
used in this class. Pay the BLHS Bookkeeper at the beginning of this course.

                                 Student Materials:
    A valid Food Worker’s Card (due 9-16-11 to be posted in the kitchen)
          o If you need to update or get one, you can now do this online at:
          o it takes about 1 hour and
            is $10, you need a credit card for online payment.
    Blue or black ink pen
    Paper to take notes on
Required Dress Items- failure to dress appropriately will result in a 0 for the day as
health code & safety policies require these standards
    Chef Hat & Chef Coat
           o Chef Hats- Students are required to wear a clean chef hat whenever in the
              Culinary Kitchen
                   Students will check out a chef hat for the semester (like a textbook)
                      and are required to keep them clean and presentable
                   Chef Hats are valued at $7.00 and will be fined if damaged, lost or
           o Chef Coats- Students are required to wear a clean chef coat whenever in
              the Culinary Kitchen
                   Students will check out a chef coat for the semester (like a
                      textbook) and are required to keep them clean and presentable
                   If you are interested in purchasing your own personalized chef
                      coat, we will place an order in the first month of class
                   Chef Coats are valued at $40.00 and will be fined if damaged, lost
                      or stolen
    Pants
           o Pants covering the entire length of your legs must be worn. Pants with
              holes or hanging below the waist are not acceptable. Shorts, skirts and
              dresses are not acceptable
    Footwear
           o Shoes that completely cover your toes and heels and protects your feet
              from liquids (water repellant) and spills (slip-resistant shoes suggested)
           o Slip-resistant shows can be purchased in retail stores (like Payless Shoes)
              for as low as $30.00
    Personal Hygiene
           o All kitchen personnel are required to maintain general personal hygiene.
              This included personal cleanliness, trimmed and clean; hair, facial hair,
              nails, neutral perfumes and other sanitation requirements.(see Dress Code)

*Note: Classroom lockers will be assigned! Student are responsible to keep their own
chef hat and chef coat clean and ready to use everyday. Locker space is provided for
having your required materials (your hat, coat, paperwork, & shoes) available daily.
*Remember- Not having your complete uniform will make you ineligible to participate in
the kitchen and result in a 0 for the day

Grading Scale: grades will be places based on the number of points accumulated
throughout the semester and weighted as follows:
     Kitchen Performance/ Employability 50%
     Daily/Homework Assignments            10%
     Assessments/Competencies              30%
     Leadership Activities & points        10%

A      94-100%                  B+     87-89%                   B-     80-82%
A-     90-93%                   B      83-86%                   C+     77-79%
C      73-76%                   D+       67-69%                    F       below 60%
C-     70-72%                   D        60-66%
Grades are always available online.

         Employability & Kitchen Performance 50%: This is a Career & Technical
Education (CTE) class. Students are learning about and receiving hands-on training to
work in the restaurant and foodservice industry. Active participation and proper
professional behavior expected in job settings are also expected in this class as though we
are “on the job”. Inappropriate behavior or language, tardiness and disregard of
classroom and school rules will result in a deduction of your points in this category for
every infraction.
         Kitchen Performance: We are extremely fortunate to have a unique learning
setting here at BLHS. Our classroom is located in the Commercial Kitchen of our high
school. The foodservice department operates under strict School District and Department
of Health regulations addressing proper attire, handling equipment handling food, &
sanitation. Students are required to rise to these standards and perform as a hired
employee as we will work with the foodservice staff and share work space. When a task
is given, students are expected to accept the task, make a plan with the group assigned,
perform the task and finish with complete cleaning & sanitizing. Refer to the “Kitchen
Lab Performance Evaluation” sheet for lab grading categories.
               Each day is worth 50 points and based on “Kitchen Lab Performance
               Lecture days are graded on Employability standards (above)
               Excused absences can only be made up by assisting the foodservice staff
                  from with morning prep (6:45 am through 7:15) within 2 weeks of your
                  absence. A signed (by Roberta or Susan) and completed “Foodservice
                  Make-Up Form” must be submitted for full points.
               Unexcused absences will result in a 0/50 points
         Daily/Homework Assignments 10%: All assignments are to be completed in
grammatically complete format. The use of pencil, blue ink or black ink is required. Any
assignments turned in late will receive a zero. NO CREDIT! When you are required
to do a task, do it well and do it on time!
                                        No Name = No Credit!
         If you do not put your name on your work, You will not receive credit.
         Assessments/Competencies 30%: A variety of assessments will be given.
Written and Performance-based competencies will measure student knowledge and
abilities. Students absent on test days will get one week from the testing day to take the
test missed. Competencies must be made up on student time of if convenient, during
class. It is the student’s responsibility to take the test by this deadline or a zero will be
         Leadership Activities and Points 10%: Students are required to extend what
they have learned in the classroom into their own lives. A Leadership Point Record Sheet
(yellow) has been provided to give you ideas on how you may do this and record your
time. A total of 300 points are due near the end of the term. Common activities include
cooking classroom recipes at home, participating with catering activities outside of class
time, and performing classroom maintenance tasks as assigned.
Activities that cannot be made up: Missed activities such as guest speakers, student
presentations, and other group activities will result in a zero.

Tardiness is unacceptable and distracting from not only your own learning process but
also your fellow classmates as well. If tardy to class, quietly complete a tardy slip located
inside the classroom door and hand it to the instructor. Discipline: Refer to page 19 in the
Panther Planner for disciplinary procedures. One tardy to class = a warning. Additional
tardies result in discipline. Be on time and come ready to get involved!

Student Expectations: This class is designed to give you the hands-on experience of
working in a commercial kitchen. Students are expected to behave as though they are in
on-the-job. This consists of arriving to class on time, prepared with materials and a clean
lab uniform for lab days. If one element of your required dress (see above description) is
missing or sub-standard, you will not be allowed to participate and receive a zero or you
must solve the problem and loose Kitchen Performance points. Giving complete answers
on assignments, showing respect to everyone including equipment, and participating in
class is expected. Following school rules as well as culinary kitchen rules/standards is
expected. Drinking water is the only outside food/beverage allowed to be brought into the
classroom or kitchen. Detailed student expectations are posted in the classroom.

Dual Credit/Internships: This class offers opportunities to obtain college credit for the
successful completion (80% and above) of this class and the required competencies. This
opportunity is free! Each student is responsible to register on-line. Specific college
classes you may earn credits in are:
Renton Tech College:      CULAR 107 -Culinary Arts 1 (14.5 credits)
Bates Technical College: CUL 114 –Delicatessen (3 credits) (if you took Food Prep 2)
                          CUL 119 –Bakery Basics (3 credits)
                          CUL 121 –Dining Room Service (3 credits)
                       Leadership Organizations: Get Involved!

             Culinary Club                                      FCCLA
Eligibility: All Culinary Arts students        Eligibility: All students
Activities: afterschool cooking, catering      Activities: various community services,
meals & events, industry work                  family & community focused activities,
experiences, state competition                 conferences, workshops, state and
Club dues: $15.                                national conferences
Meeting Days: Thursdays 2:30-5:30              Club dues: $16.
Location: Room 104/Kitchen                     Meeting Days: Tuesdays 2:30-3:30
Web:                        Web:

Opportunities for parents to volunteer!
        If you are able to share your knowledge, skills, or time related to our course
content, I would love to have your assistance. I welcome outside knowledge and parent
participation. Specifically, I am looking for assistance in the following areas:
     Guest Speakers (Industry Professionals)
     Food Lab Assistance- Assist students while in the kitchen
     Assist with catering projects
     Please feel free to contact me with anyway you may want to contribute to our
        Culinary Arts program.
Sumner S.D. & Culinary Arts Class
   Food Service Department
                     Dress Code
The Bonney Lake High School kitchen is a professional food preparation site utilized by
the Sumner School District and BLHS Family and Consumer Sciences Education
courses. In addition to the Bonney Lake High School Dress Code, students and staff who
are teaching and learning in the Food Services Kitchen will adhere to these additional
dress expectations. Students or staff who do not follow these safety and sanitation
expectations will not be allowed to work or learn in the professional kitchen.

Hair must be restrained with a hairnet or a chef hat at all times while you are on duty.

Shoes must be skid resistant and water repellent. The shoe must cover and protect the
entire instep. No open toe or open heel.

White knit polo shirts, white blouses are acceptable, as are colored tops and t-shirts. No
low-cut tops that show cleavage at any time are allowed. No sleeveless tops. No
advertisement of alcohol, drug, or cigarettes on clothing. Your shirt must cover the
midriff area and must not ride above the top of your pants.

Long sleeved blouses, turtlenecks, and sweaters may be worn in the kitchens as long as
the sleeves are rolled up or pushed above the elbow and they stay up. Clothing must be
worn underneath the apron. No part of the clothing should be allowed to swing freely in
order to avoid injury. Clothing worn while working must not interfere with your ability
to safely move about the kitchen or interfere with your ability to safely operate kitchen

Pants or jeans may be any solid color. Pants or jeans must be size appropriate, no Capri
pants or shorts. Clothing worn to work must be neat, clean and pressed. No faded,
tattered, stained or unhemmed pants are allowed. Sweat pants, stretch pants, stirrup pants
or leggings are not appropriate.
                      Signature Form
                               Student and Parent
           Please retain the first two pages for parent and student reference.
         Return this sheet to class by Monday, September 12th for class credit.

I have read and fully understand the classroom rules, expectations, and consequences of
this course. All questions have been answered and I agree to comply with the
requirements of Mr. Ahina’s class. There will be a quiz in class on this information to
ensure understanding.

I agree to purchase and use the required materials as described. Feel free to contact Mr.
Ahina to make alternative arrangements if this is not possible.

Student Name Printed Clearly:_____________________________

_______________________________               Date______________
      Student Signature

_______________________________               Date_________________
      Parent/Guardian Signature

Please return this signed sheet to Mr. Ahina by the first week of class (counted as a
homework assignment).

**It is essential that students are prepared with the required dress items (listed above)
during the first week of class. The Food Workers Card is also imperative to participate!

Is your student allergic to any food substance or something they may come into contact
with (laytex gloves, dish detergent, plastic band-aids, food products)?

                                      Student Interest
From what you know about this class, what are you looking forward to?
(specific topics, activities, equipment, teamwork)

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