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									                                                     Hervey Bay Queensland

      One of the most visited places in the Sunshine Coast is Hervey Bay. It is the main access point if
      you are interested in traveling to Fraser Island and it offers a wide range of activities for tourists
      such as fishing, whale watching, bush walking, water skiing, scuba diving and many more. It is
      also tagged as the whale watching capital of the world - the playground of the ever-famous
      Humpback Whales in their journey to the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. In addition, during the
      war Hervey Bay was also used as the training grounds for the famous Z-force. Indeed, there is no
      other place like Hervey Bay. Hence, if you are planning to explore Hervey Bay, here are the scenic
      attractions you will absolutely love:

      Fishing Grounds!
      Yes! There are lots of fishing grounds around Hervey Bay! Its placid waters are overflowing with
      marine life. One can enjoy beach fishing, sports fishing and deep sea fishing. Here's a tip just for
      you! Have fun catching pelagics, reef fishes, flatheads, breams, whitings, giant trevally, tunas and
      mackerels along Urungan pier!

      Pristine Bay and Beaches!
      Hervey Bay's cool blue water is perfect for swimming while its pristine white sand beaches are
      great for many beach activities such as playing beach cricket, beach volley ball or even building
      sand castles! One may also take a long nice walk along the seashore or go biking. There is also
      the Hervey Bay's Water Park which offers a lot of water play attractions and an outdoor science
      museum which features the different properties and nature of water. The water park also features
      beautiful fountains, jets and spouts. It is open to public free of charge but with pay for use
      Aside from these things, you can also enjoy whale watching in here. The migrating humpback
      whales will pass along this side of the Sunshine Coast between late July and early November so
      don't miss it!

      Botanical and Floral Gardens!
      If you want to find complete peace and relaxation just drop by at Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens!
      The garden is teeming of brightly colored flowers and several varieties of plants. It has also
      colored birds, ducks and other native fauna.

      Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum!
      Explore Hervey Bay's rich and meaningful history by visiting the Hervey Bay Historical Village. The
      museum features 20 historical buildings which houses over 8,000 plus of exhibits. These exhibits
      consists of a cane harvesting machinery, the Goodwood Railway Station, a fully-furnished slab
      cottage, the first Dundowran Hall, a fully equipped blacksmith shop, a horse drawn buggies
      shed, he original Dundowran State School, restored IHC three horse power engine, a petrol driven
      washing machine and Hervey Bay's original Methodist Church.

      Burrum District Heritage Museum!
      Another historical icon located in Hervey Bay is the Burrum District Museum. The museum is
      stuffed with collections such as the mining history specifically linked to the Burrum Coal Fields and
      the historical development of the townships & settlements of the Burrum District.

Fraser Island Discovery: Fraser Island Tours - 186 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD 4566   T   (07) 5449 0393, info@thediscoverygroup.com.au
       Want to know more about Hervey Bay's indigenous heritage? Just come over to the Korrawinga on
       Scrub Hill Road. In here, you can tour the whole farm with a guide that will explain unto you the
       colorful history of the Butchulla Tribe. You will also have the opportunity to see the healthy
       vegetable gardens and plants which gives supply to many local restaurants and nurseries around
       the bay.

       Matthew Flinders Memorial!
       Matthew Flinders Memorial is located in Dayman Park, it marks the place where Captain Matthew
       Flinders embarked from his HMS Norfolk near Hervey Bay. Captain Flinders is the one who
       discovered that Fraser island was not part of Hervey Bay mainland, as the famous Captain Cook
       had thought when he sailed the coast in 1770.

Fraser Island Discovery: Fraser Island Tours - 186 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD 4566   T   (07) 5449 0393, info@thediscoverygroup.com.au

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