Emperor Penguins  1 by jennyyingdi


									 1.Introduction
 2.What is a Emperor Penguin
 3.Where do Emperor Penguins live
 4.What’s eating you, what do Emperor Penguins eat
 5.What eats me
 6.Where do Emperor Penguins live, where are Emperor Penguins Biome
 7.Where is Emperor Penguins Biome or home
 8.Conclusion
 9. Photo Album
•   Hey do you want to learn almost all the facts about
    Emperor Penguins?
•   Well if you do lets go into the tour about my favorite
    animals , well than lets get started!!
•   My favorite thing about Emperor Penguins is the way they
    waddle. The Emperor Penguins waddle because the skin
    is stuck together like a piece of glue, and so they born
    baby through a hole. They only have three colors.
•   They only have three colors we could never have as many
    colors as them the colors are, yellow, black,
    Emperor Penguins are so lucky they get to stay under
    water for 20 minutes!
What is a Emperor Penguin?
  Emperor Penguins got there names EMPEROR Penguins
   because there the biggest Penguins in the world!
  Emperor Penguins are dark silver and black when
   they're younger yellow, black, and, orange when
   they're older.
  Really the only thing Emperor Penguins do are hunt,
   swim, fish, and, born babies, we do way more than
   Emperor Penguins
  All Penguins can only have one baby at a time.
What do Emperor penguins eat
   Well, here we come REALLY ,REALLY ,GROSS part.
   The only thing Emperor Now I don’t know about you but I don’t want to eat that at all.
   Penguin’s Fish, Squid, and, Krill.
   Krill makes me feel like a bunny, don’t even ask why!
   Oh I can’t even think about it it’s so gross.
 What eats me
   The scariest thing to Emperor Penguins are Lepord Seals and Sea Lions.
   I wouldn’t want those animals to eat me.
   Lions are bad enough why Sea lions?
   Okay, I’m glad I’m not a Emperor Penguin!
   There is no way how I could eat a Emperor Penguin!!!
How are Emperor Penguins
adapted to there inviroment?
 Like the way we use coats they use they're coats and fur to keep them warm.
 Another way is them swimming to keep warm.
 I'm happy for Emperor Penguins they don't need to be walking in a big baggy thing.
 I hope the Emperor Penguins in happy feet are as warm as real Emperor Penguins.
 I want to be like a Emperor Penguin, and again do not ask why.
 So did you enjoy my tour? Yes no maybe so. Well if you enjoied it now you know some
  facts about Emperor Penguins
 You guys were the best group i had all day now i will miss you you can always come
  to: http://ladd09.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Emeror+Penguin-Gillian
  and you can see me. Bye
 Wait more things to tell you about i will be here for probbly summer but i know i'll be
  here all year long so you can learn so much you get it stuck in your
 You might even get it stuck in your head this will be great you will love Emperor
  Penguins they're so cute.
 I know it's weird but i want to know more facts about Emperor Penguins. Bye :)
Interesting facts!
 Emperor Penguins sound like kind of a squeek.
 Emperor Penguins can get merried but no big parties, like we would have.
 Penguins don't know what day they're babies Birthday is.
 If all the Penguins were all together there would be more then 200,000,000,000,000
 Emperor Penguins can't sleep under water.
Photo Album
Have fun with this information!
          Bye

           OOOO it’s so cold

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