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					Value chain

                                   Many consumers will ask: "brush cell phone and bank card
                                   brush there is any real difference?"
                                   The answer is no difference.

                              This will be one of the biggest obstacle to universal mobile
                              payment and to change the monetary nature. The concept of
                              mobile payment - a device to electronic payments - is still a
                              relatively unknown concept. No matter how many payment
                              processors and financial institutions want consumers to bring a
new form of money, consumers will still easy to use, reliable, convenient, and bring them to the
maximum value of payment.

Harvard University's digital communications and communication services director Perry Hewitt
(Perry Hewitt) said: "brush smartphone subway, buy a latte and bagels, and the phone as the ID
card to enter the building, it may be a field of privacy nightmare, but also a busy city a small
white-collar dream. "

The best: smart phones is not only your wallet can also be used to access multiple accounts, to
provide you with added value, not just from one entry to another entrance of the pipe.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (the Electronic Frontier Foundation) the Xiqiao En Loeb
Rawski (Jon out of every four) said: "Maybe after the bank card will contain the password of
multiple accounts, people have done some serious discussion on the alternative form of currency
When the economy becomes increasingly unstable, this discussion will be more. I think this
innovation - evolution is not only a medium of exchange, the value it represents. "

Trust is a big problem. Research institutions Opus Research data show that 35% of consumers in
mind the phone to the cashier. In addition, security is also an important concern. Banks, payment
processors, and digital wallet developers need to ensure the feasibility of the transaction, so that
consumers can be reassured embedded into the credit card processing gateway smart phone on
the money. Security monetary evolution of a less dazzling, but it might be a link in the value

The Pew report an anonymous critic wrote: "This is a very difficult thing, but for most people,
both convenience and privacy and security guarantee is sufficient. We were first custody money,
and then began to trust the banks, then trust credit card companies, more convenient methods
of payment will be welcomed by everyone. "

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