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					                                  CHRISTIAN HERITAGE ACADEMY - 2011-2012 Dress Code
In order to teach the children good judgment and discretion in matters of their appearance, CHA expects that clothing, hairstyles, make-up and
jewelry that students choose to wear will promote cleanliness, neatness, and modesty and do not distract from the climate of Christ-centered
learning at CHA. At no time are the following acceptable: logos or graphics that represent violence, illegal activities, or any subjects deemed
inappropriate in the Christian school. The guidelines below are for all clothing worn for school or for extra-curricular activities. The
Administration shall be the final authority in these matters on a day-to-day basis.
Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1: These grades are Dress Code Optional. However, we insist that all students abide by the shoe guidelines
of an athletic shoe with closed toe, closed heel (either Velcro or ties) that is safe for play. Regarding fabric patterns, please no tie-dye or

Grades 2-8:          These grades must follow all Dress Code guidelines.
Acceptable tops                                                    Fit guidelines
  Solid colors, striped, or plaids only                              All shirts should extend below the waist of the student and the waistband of the
  Collars required                                                   slacks or skirt. If a student’s midsection can be seen at any time, the shirt should
                                                                     not be worn to school. Here are two good tests:
  Sweaters with collars, or over a collared shirt
                                                                            When you raise one hand above your head, if your midsection can be
  “Hoodies” (fitted, lightweight style, solid, striped, or                  seen, the shirt is too short.
  plaid) worn over a collared shirt,. No Sweatshirts!
                                                                            If you bend or sit, and your shirt is too short or tight and rides up to
  Cap sleeves, short sleeves or longer                                      expose your midsection, your shirt is too short.
  Logos other than CHA must be small, approximately                  Clothing should not be too tight, or too loose (pants must stay up at your waist).
  1 X 2 inches
                                                                     Necklines may not be lower than the collarbone. (This also means that buttons
  CHA logo wear                                                      cannot be unbuttoned below this) Tops may be layered. If layered, outer shirt
  Must follow the “fit” guidelines                                   must be buttoned up to the collarbone.
                                                                     Shorts must be a modest length, longer than the student’s fingertips when arms
                                                                     are placed at their sides. If this is not modest, or if shorts tend to ride up, then an
                                                                     even longer length is requested.

 Unacceptable tops
    T-shirts (including crew neck t-shirts)                          Designs other than                  Sheer material
                                                                     solids, stripes and plaids
    Sweatshirts                                                                                          Tattered or ragged
    Slogans, messages, logos                                                                             Sleeveless tops of any kind, unless worn
                                                                     Jean jackets, jean vests            layered with another shirt that is short or

 Acceptable guys’ and girls’ slacks, girls’ skirts, footwear, etc.
 Solid Colors only               Skorts                              Corduroy, cotton twill, chino, and similar casual fabrics
    Slacks                       Gauchos                             Must follow the “fit” guidelines (including skirts worn over leggings).
    Pants                        Dresses                             K – 5 shoes must be closed toe, closed heel, with either Velcro or ties. An
                                                                     athletic shoe that is meant for active play on the playground is the
    Shorts                       Jumpers                             recommendation
    Capris                       Cargo pants                         Grades 6-8 may wear shoes of their preference.
    Skirts                       Cargo shorts                        Dresses do not need a collar if they meet the fit guidelines.

 Unacceptable slacks, girls skirts, footwear, etc.                                                                    Casual Days for K-8
                                                                                                                      First & Third Friday of Student Atten-
    Jeans                                           Pajama pants                Sweats or sweat style clothing        dance Each Month. Casual Days
                                                                                is not acceptable in any fabric       Posted on Veracross Calendar.
    Athletic wear including nylon                   Denim
                                                                                such as terry, velour or velvet,
    basketball shorts or pants with                                                                                   Jeans, athletic wear, patterned tops,
                                                    Designs                     etc.
    a stripe                                                                                                          dresses, skirts or pants, T-shirts (with
                                                    Camouflage                  Tattered or ragged                    appropriate slogans or logos) and
    Stripes down the sides (Any
    trim or ornamentation must be                   Tie dye                     K-5 No crocs, clogs or sandals        sweats are acceptable, but all clothing
    subtle and barely noticeable)                                                                                     must follow the “fit” guidelines.
                                                    Bleached, faded look
                CHRISTIAN HERITAGE ACADEMY UPPER SCHOOL - 2011-2012 Dress Code

”Our goal with the Upper School Dress Code is for the students to learn to present themselves with modesty and
professionalism that brings glory to God. Professionalism refers to the fact that our appearance should encourage
concentrated study and should in no way distract from the learning process.”
                                                                                              Soli Deo Gloria, Dr. Roth

Grades 9‐12
   Clothing should be clean, neat, and modest.
            No tears or distressed look (intentional "wear and tear", holes, etc.).
            No camouflage.

   Collared shirts, crew neck shirts, hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, and pullovers are acceptable.
            Slogans and logos are allowed. They must be appropriate.
            Necklines should be modest.
            No bra straps, cleavage, or midriff should show at any time.

   Casual slacks/pants/skirts are acceptable.
            No jeans or sweats, except on casual day Fridays.
            No baggy or droopy pants. Pants for boys and girls should sit at (and cover) the hips. No words on buttocks.
            Leggings or lycra pants may not be worn as pants. They may be worn under a skirt.
            Length of shorts (for girls and boys) should be longer than the tip of the finger when arms are at one's side.
            Skirts must be knee length.

    Upper School Casual Day - Every Friday -
    (unless it is a Parent/Grandparent attendance day or all-school chapel. )

            T-shirts and jeans are allowed
            All clothing must meet modesty/cleanliness standards.

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