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									Financial Statements Questionnaire
Ensure this questionnaire is completed and included with your records

                                                                                                  Ph Mob:
Client Name                                                                                       Ph Home
                                                                                                  Ph Bus:
Balance Date
To: Skipper Lay & Associates Ltd
Terms of Engagement
I/We hereby instruct you to prepare my/our Financial Statements and Taxation Returns for the year/period ending                . I/We undertake
to supply all information necessary to carry out such services, and will be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of such
information. I/We understand that you will rely upon the information provided by me/us. Your services are not intended to, and accordingly
will not result in the expression by you of an opinion on the financial statements in so far as third parties are concerned, or in the fulfilling of
any statutory audit requirements. I/We understand that during preparation of the Financial Statements and Taxation Returns you will not be
specifically investigating non-compliance with laws and regulations – however should anything come to light of this nature during this
process you will bring that to my/our attention.
I/We understand that the Financial Statements and Taxation Returns are prepared for my/our own use and to determine my/our taxation
liabilities. If this should change in any material respect, I/we will inform you immediately. You will not accept any responsibility to any person,
other than me/us, for the contents of the Financial Statements.
All other terms and conditions of this engagement are the same as those referred to in the original Engagement Letter I/we signed when
I/we became a client.
I/We also accept that Skipper Lay & Associates Limited has the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate of 1.5% per month,
and that all accounts are due for payment by the 20th of the month following invoice date. The charging of such interest will be at the
discretion of Skipper Lay & Associates Limited. I/We accept that any collection costs incurred by Skipper Lay & Associates Limited will be
fully recoverable from me/us.
You are hereby authorised to communicate with my/our bankers, solicitors, finance companies and all government agencies to obtain such
information as you require in order to complete the above assignments.
You are to represent me/us as my/our tax agent. All income tax returns will be signed by me/us however you are authorised to sign any
other taxation return on behalf of myself/ourselves or any of my/our associated entities.

Signature ___________________________________________________                                               Date _______________________

Convenient time to call you is:
and the preferred phone number for contact is:
When do you want your accounts completed by?

Would you like us to supply an extra copy of your accounts?                         Yes      No       (Tick One)
Has the nature of your business changed in any way during the past 12 months (eg – have you experienced any major changes in income and/or
If yes, please provide brief details, specifying reasons for any changes.

Records Required                                                                                           Comment
Cash Books,Bank Statements, Cheque butts, etc
Where you supply information from a computerised accounting package please
 Backup disk as at the end of financial year or email files to us.
 Copy of Bank Reconciliation as at balance date for all bank accounts.
 Final Bank Statement for year for all bank accounts.

Where you supply a written Cashbook, please provide and include one month past
balance date:
 Cashbook, written up, analysed and reconciled to the bank statements
 Bank statement.
 Cheque & Deposit butts showing the nature of each payment/deposit.

Where no Cashbook is supplied, please provide and include one month past balance
 Bank statements.
 Cheque & Deposit butts showing the nature of each payment/deposit.
 If your property/s are managed by an agent copies of monthly statements or annual
  summary per property
 Suppliers’ invoices filed in date/cheque number order.
Interest & Dividend Income
Please supply copies of Interest Certificates and Dividend Advice Slips for all income
received from these sources.

Records Required                                                                                      Comment
Loan Statements
Supply a copy of any loan transaction statements for the financial year including up to the
end of your balance date.

Capital Expenditure
Attach details of assets purchased or sold during the year such as furniture, plant and
equipment and properties. Where applicable please provide the following details:
    Hire Purchase or loan agreements
    Lease agreements
    Lost, stolen or scrapped items
    Copy of Tax Invoice
    Copy of Chattels Valuation
Expenses paid in Cash or from Personal Funds
Please provide a list if applicable.

Legal Documents
Please attach any solicitor’s statements and Sale & Purchase Agreements relating to any
legal transactions during the year. Please also include Statements & Agreements relating
to any mortgages, hire purchase, leases or loans. Please include a copy of the latest
Government Valuation for any properties you own.
Please provide details from your log book of mileage travelled relating to rental property
Note: The IRD requires a log book to be kept supporting this claim.

Vehicle Description (including cc rating): _____________________________

Total Annual km travelled: _______________________
Home Office Expenses                                                           Property Details
If you own more than 1 rental property and collect your own rents,             Please provide us with the addresses of any rental properties you
with part of your home set aside principally for use as an office              have.
area, please provide the following details:
                                                                               1.     Address:______________________________________
Business Area _______sq metres Total Area _______ sq metres
Power                    $______________                                       2.     Address:______________________________________
Insurance (Building only)     $______________                                  3.     Address:______________________________________
Interest (House Mortgage) $______________
Rates                         $______________                                  If a property was not rented for a full 12 months, please provide details
                                                                               of why it was vacant.
Repairs & Maintenance         $______________
Other                         $______________                                  _______________________________________________________
Total                        $______________                                   _______________________________________________________
Cost of House and Section $______________                                      ________________________________________
Cost of Section             $______________

Overseas Investments
In order to calculate your income from overseas investments please provide documents relating to:
          the market value of your investments at the beginning of your income year
          company names and share classes you have invested in
          the number of shares owned at the beginning of your income year
          shares acquired and/or disposed of during your income year
          the monetary value of any gross dividends received
          the date of the transactions
          the currency in which the transactions were conducted
          the foreign currency conversion rate to NZ$ at the time of transaction
      the market value of your investments at the end of your income year if you wish to use the CV method
Personal Tax Details
It is your responsibility to disclose ALL income both NZ and overseas from business, wages, interest, dividends, rents, superannuation, withholding
income, Accident Compensation, Family Support etc. Please supply these details

Donations, Housekeeping and Childcare Tax Rebates
Do you wish us to complete your rebate form .                        Yes                  No
If yes, please supply further details or receipts for amounts
paid for donations or childcare.
Working for Families Tax Credits (formerly Family Assistance)

Due to the government changes in legislation last year these tax credits are now available to a much larger range of
our clients. In order for us to make accurate as possible calculations of your entitlement, we need the following
Have you previously completed a Family Assistance Form (FS1)
to register for Family Assistance or received Family Assistance Payments?                   Yes       No

Please use bottom of this page to provide details for all children.

Share Care (Custody)
Do you share the day-to-day care of any child with an ex spouse/partner?                     Yes      No
If yes, please supply the number of days the child is in your care during the year _______________

Child Support Received
Do you receive Child Support payments from:
(a) Inland Revenue Department                                                             Yes         No
(b) A private arrangement                                                                 Yes         No
     - If yes, please supply figures ____________________

Child Support Paid
Do you make Child Support payments to:
(a) Inland Revenue Department                                                             Yes         No
(b) A private arrangement                                                                 Yes         No
     - If yes, please supply figures ____________________

Hours of Work
Did you work:
(a) 20 hours or more per week if a single parent family                                   Yes         No
(b) Combined hours of work of 30 hours or more per week if a two-parent family        _______________
(c) If you stopped working the above number of hours during the year please indicate
      the dates started and/or stopped                                               Started __/__/__ Stopped __/__/__

Child’s Name                      DOB                        IRD No.                     Attending School
___________________               ___/___/______             ____-____-____                  Yes       No

___________________                ___/___/______             ____-____-____                    Yes    No

___________________                ___/___/______            ____-____-____                     Yes    No

___________________                ___/___/______             ____-____-____                    Yes    No

___________________                ___/___/______             ____-____-____                    Yes    No

___________________                ___/___/______             ____-____-____                    Yes    No

If child stopped attending school during the financial year, please give name
and date left school                                                                       _______________       __/__/__
Do you receive an orphan’s benefit, unsupported child’s benefit or foster
care board payments for any of these children                                                Yes      No

                                    Thank you for completing this questionnaire

                                            Don't forget to sign the front page

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