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                JUne MARKeT
                June 7 – 10, 2012
                Thursday - Sunday

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Showcase your product at the #1 order-writing market, offering:
exposure to qualified buyers • easy access to air travel • affordable hotels • highest-rated
customer service • lower booth rates

AtlANtA AppArEl hAS it All!
prEmiErE® CoNtEmporAry
You’ll be among fashion’s finest in this exclusive collection of women’s and men’s product, featuring premium
denim, and high-end/contemporary apparel and accessories.

Now! yoUNg CoNtEmporAry
Fun & trendy fashions at affordable prices. You’ll find everything from the hotest fashions in LA to the coolest
clothes in New York.

                                                          rEAdy! rEAdy-to-wEAr
                                                          From classic women’s apparel to casual and
                                                          everything in between, including resort/casual
                                                          lifestyle, moderate, sportswear, ladies suits, plus-size
                                                          sportswear and dresses, knitwear and outerwear.

                                                          The ultimate collection of jewelry, eyewear, fashion
                                                          accessories, handbags, watches, belts, leather goods,
                                                          millinery (hats) and more.

                                                          ShoE StUdio
                                                          Solely the hottest styles in footwear – from platforms
                                                          & pumps to fashionable flats, find an amazing range
                                                          of accessories to polish your look.

                                                          impUlSE: CASh & CArry
                                                          Timeless and trendy accessories for immediate

                                                          AmEriCASmArt’S ChildrEN’S world®
                                                          OVER 700 top apparel lines and everything else for
                                                          the world of kids — sweet and funky fashions, gifts
                                                          and accessories for infants, toddlers, children, moms,
                                                          and moms-to-be.
maximize your marketing                                                                                           JUNE 7 – 10, 2012
atlanta apparel

  Choose from among the following targeted marketing programs:

  1      Atlanta Buyer’s Guide Ads
         The indispensable Market directory no attendee is without.        4 Virtual Storefronts
                                                                                 Attract buyers 24/7 with your own virtual storefront on
         Increase your visibility at Market by advertising in this      Online advertising and market
         must-have. To learn more, contact phyllis Sangster at                   sponsorships also available. To learn more, contact
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  2      Personal Invitations
         Provide our Retail Services team with your top customers and
                                                                           5 Buyer Lists
         prospects and we’ll call to invite them on your behalf. Contact         Exclusive Offer: Send us your buyer list and receive a FrEE
         Kendall Stowell at 404.220.2426 or email:                               bold listing in the Atlanta Buyer’s Guide. A $400* value! Ask                                              your sales manager for more information.
                                                                                 *Only available to companies who have not previously shared

  3      Buyer Mailing Labels
         Target key customers and new prospects with mailing
                                                                                  their information within the past two years.

         labels sorted to your needs, such as by product/
         zip code. To learn more, contact Bonnie Kidd at                   6 FREE Evites
                                                                                 Promote your product by forwarding to your best buyers
         404.220.2456 or email:                           to come visit you at your booth in Atlanta.

  7      Best Booth Awards
         You only get one chance to make a first impression...
         The number of inquiries we have had regarding custom booth questions is promising a beautiful show floor! The “Best Booth”
         winner will have a $500 Booth CrEdit at the following 2012 show.

         Custom back wall and side walls –             Custom flooring – The existing exhibit     Custom fixtures – Standard draped
         Standard drape provided by Fern               hall carpet does not qualify as custom     tables provided by Fern Expo Company
         Expo Company is NOT an appropriate            flooring. You can bring your own floor     are not considered “custom” but can be
         background                                    covering or rent colored carpet from       customized by covering them with your
         for a custom booth. A hardwall or             Fern Expo Company.                         own fabrics or using your own display
         other fabric displayed to cover the                                                      fixtures.
         existing drape will create a custom

         The standard package included with your booth reservation is acceptable for you to use if you do not wish to compete for
         Best Booth. Remember, however, that the atmosphere you create is what helps pull buyers into your booth. You truly only
         get one chance to make a first impression.

  Focused on Your Success
  At AmericasMart,® we use a variety of effective tools to attract qualified buyers to the June Market:
  •   Direct mail campaign targeting current customers                     •   Atlanta Buyer’s Guide, the must-have directory for
      and new prospects nationwide                                             everyone at Market
  •   Emails sent to current and prospective buyers                        •   Market listed in all key publications’ industry
      promoting the June Market and encouraging buyers                         calendars for August and September
      to plan their trip to market
                                                                           •   Pre-Market publicity to key industry media
  •   Intensive telemarketing and field sales by our Retail
      Services team                                                        •   Exposure on, Facebook, Twitter
  •   On-site, high-impact signage
                                                                           •   At-Market special events and promotions
  •   Advertising in key industry publications

                                                                                            Kendall Stowell
                                                                                            Retail Services Manager
      BUyEr iNFormAtioN CoNtACt:                                                            Ph: 800.ATL.MART, ext. 2426 or 404.220.2426
                                                                                            Fax: 678.686.5118
    atlanta apparel exhibit space contract
    atlanta apparel                                                                                                                                            JUNE 7 – 10, 2012

COMPANY NAME                                                                                  CONTACT NAME
                                                                                                                                                      2 Select Booth Size:
                                                                                                                                                      J.F.A. AccESSoRIES, Floor 3
MAILING ADDRESS                                                                                                 COUNTRY
                                                                                                                                                      ❏   10x10    =   $1575    ❏ 10x30 = $4725
                                                                                                                                                      ❏   10x15    =   $2363    ❏ Other 10x __ =
                                                                                                                                                      ❏   10x20    =   $3150    ($15.75 per SQFT)
CITY                                                                        STATE                               ZIP                                   ❏   10x25    =   $3938

OFFICE                                                                      MOBILE

FAX                                                       EMAIL                                          WEBSITE

	                ❏ Yes, I would like to be considered for a
                   front corner location and have included
                   my catalog for review.
                                                                                     4 Authorized Signature & Deposit
                                                                                                                                                            for more information,
                                                                                                                                                            please contact:
                   (Applies to all temporary floors; $400 additional fee;            This application properly executed by applicant (“Exhibitor”)
                   assignments based on booth presentation.)
                                                                                     and timely returned along with the payment indicated herein            Lecy Sebastiani
If you exhibited in the previous market, please                                      to AmericasMart Real Estate, LLC, a Delaware limited liability
specify location preference: (check one)                                             company, acting by and through its managing agent, AMC,
                                                                                                                                                            P: 404.220.2852
❏ Same Location ❏ Location Change ❏ N/A                                              Inc. (“AMC”), shall constitute a valid and binding contract
                                                                                                                                                            F: 678.686.5311

Preferred location, if applicable:
                                                                                     (the “Contract”) to exhibit in the June 7 – 10, 2012, Atlanta
                                                                                     Apparel Market (the “Show”) after confirmation is sent to
                                                                                     Exhibitor by Show management.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications must be accompanied by a
catalog, brochure or website address for booth placement/
                                                                                     X                                                                     Application Deadlines
relocation.                                                                          SIGNATURE                                                             Senior Exhibitors:
                                                                                                                                                           April 15, 2012
Are you a manufacturer or manufacturer’s
                                                                                                                                                           New Exhibitors:
representative? (check one)                                                          PRINT NAME
                                                                                                                                                           April 30, 2012
❏ Manufacturer ❏ Manufacturer’s Representative                                                                                                             Final Payment Deadline:
Are your products currently represented in a                                                                                                               May 8, 2012
                                                                                     TITLE                                                   DATE
permanent showroom at AmericasMart®?
                                                                                     All booth assignments are based on a binding contract                 AmericasMart will continue to accept
(check one)                                                                                                                                                applications until the market is
                                                                                     seniority, product AND booth presentation. Location requests
❏ Yes ❏ No                                                                           MUST be in writing. AMC will accommodate requests as                  completely sold out.
                                                                                     space permits, but does not guarantee any space. Category
If Yes, please specify showroom name & number:                                       placement is determined by AMC. AMC reserves the right to
                                                                                     alter floor plan and/or re-assign Exhibitor booth location as
                                                                                     it deems appropriate. All deposits will be processed upon
                                                                                     receipt of application. AMC reserves the right to reject ANY
                                                                                                                                                            Return Contract
                                                                                     application for ANY reason. AMC reserves the right to amend            Fax or mail completed application, prod-
	❏ Request an e-vite for your customers.                                             category locations and rates as specified on this application.         uct information and $650 deposit to:
   It’s an electonic marketing tool—the                                              Upon confirmation, all monies are nonrefundable and
                                                                                                                                                            Fax:       678.686.5304
   quickest way to reach your customers!                                             nontransferable. No exceptions. Following booth assignment
                                                                                     (the “Exhibit Space”), Exhibitor may not change, transfer or           Mail: Apparel Trade Shows–
   We’ll send you an email that you can
                                                                                     cancel Exhibit Space location except upon written approval                   June 7 –10, 2012
   forward to your customers, promoting                                                                                                                           AmericasMart® Atlanta
                                                                                     by AMC. This contract is subject in all respects to the
   the show & dates. You’ll be able to                                               Terms and Conditions attached hereto and incorporated                        240 Peachtree St, NW,
   personalize it, email it & use it on our                                          herein by this reference. Exhibitor agrees to abide by                       Suite 2200
   website & all other social media sites                                            said Terms and Conditions. By signing and executing this                     Atlanta, GA 30303–1327
   related to your business.                                                         Contract, Exhibitor consents to receiving communications
                                                                                     from or on behalf of AMC via telephone, email, and/                    Make checks payable to AmericasMart.
                                                                                     or facsimile at the telephone number(s), email address(es)
                                                                                     and facsimile number(s) indicated above.
                  Company #: ______________________________
    FoR oFFIcE
    USE onlY:

                  Category: ________________________________

                  Points: ___________________________________
exhibit space booth payment form.
atlanta apparel                                                                                                                                        JUNE 7 – 10, 2012

submit your payment in one of these easy ways:
 1      Payment by CheCk or money order
attach to this form a company/cashier’s
                                                                                                                                                    Financial Questions?
                                                                   AmericasMart® Atlanta
check or money order payable to                                    240 Peachtree Street NW                                                          Contact Cheryl rakestraw at
americasMart® and mail to:                                         Suite 2200 — Apparel Tradeshows/June 2012                                        crakestraw@americasmart.
                                                                   Atlanta, GA 30303-1327                                                           com or call 404-220-2618.

 2      Credit Card Payment
        FAX To 678.686.5304

Company name                                                           Cardholder’s name

Cardholder’s Billing address (As it appears on the credit card account. REQUIRED.)

City                                                                   state/provinCe               Country            zip

Card type:       ❑ MasterCard ❑ Visa                                   Corporate Card:           ❑ Yes ❑ no                              *americasmart does not accept amex payments.

Card number                                                            exp date                                        seCurity Code
                                                                                                                       (3 digits on back of card)

    deposit amount:
    ______ (number booths) x $650 deposit / booth = $ _________________________________ (required with application)
    deposit autHoRiZation
    ______ Yes, i authorize americasMart® atlanta to charge my June 2012 booth deposit on or before May 8, 2012 using the credit card specified above. ________ (initial
    FinaL BaLanCe autHoRiZation
    ______ Yes, i authorize americasMart® atlanta to charge the final balance for my June 2012 booth space using the credit card specified above. i understand
    that the final balance amount will be processed on or after May 8, 2012. ________ (initial here)

Cardholder’s signature

print name

title                                                                                              date
I, the Cardholder, authorize the deposit amounts and if checked the final payment for the June market above to be charged to my credit                 $650 DEPoSIt PER
card. I understand the charges are non-refundable and non-transferable even in the event of cancellation. No Exceptions. Furthermore, I, the           bootH DUE wItH
Cardholder, agree this payment is made pursuant to, and I agree to be bound by, the Exhibit Space Terms and Conditions.
                                                                                                                                                       Deposit payment will be processed
                                                                                                                                                       upon receipt. Deposit payment
3       Wire transfer Payment                                                                                                                          will not be refunded or transferred
if you would like to make your payment via wire transfer, please check the box below.                                                                  to another show in the event of
We will communicate the wire information to your company contact.

❑      Yes, i would like to make my payment via wire transfer.                                                                                         FULL PAYMENt DUE wItH
Company                                                                ContaCt name                                                                    bY MAY 8, 2012.
                                                                                                                                                       Booth payment will not be
phone                                                                  email                                                                           refunded or transferred to another
If making payment via wire transfer, please note that ALL wires must be made in U.S. dollars and the wire must be for the total booth/                 show in the event of cancellation.
advertising amount. You are responsible for ALL wire fees charged by your financial institution and AmericasMart’s financial

Questions? Please contact Cheryl rakestraw at 404.220.2618 or®/apparel
apparel guide listing information
 atlanta apparel                                                                                                                          JUNE 7 – 10, 2012
The Atlanta Apparel Guide is the official directory distributed to                                you are exhibiting in:
attendees at Market. To be included, please complete this form and
return it no later than April 24, 2012. Sales representative name(s),
line name(s), and product classification code(s) will NOT be carried
over from previous markets. You must resubmit all information.
                                                                                                  COMPANY NAME                                                 BOOTH NUMBER
Listing forms received after April 24 will not be included in the
bound guide, but will be included in the supplement, if received by
May 22, 2012.

example for exhibitor listing section:                                                            CITY                               STATE           COUNTRY          ZIP

Jane Doe & Associates   13-W123
                                                                                                  PHONE                                      FAX
address 283 Avenue C, Suite 2A, New York, NY 10009
phone 212.555.1234 Fax 212.555.1235 Web
email Lines Apple Apparel, Banana Baby,                                         EMAIL                                      WEBSITE
Chocolate Soup, Dandelion Dreams
                                                                                                  rep name(s) & phone number(s)
example for sales representatives section:
Doe, Jane    13-W123                     phone 212.555.1234                                       NAME                                       PHONE
Brown, Kerry   9-E367                    phone 212.555.9876
                                                                                                  NAME                                       PHONE

apparel guide product classification codes:
Use these codes to fill out your apparel guide listing information form.                          NAME                                       PHONE
After selecting your product code, write the corresponding number next
to the appropriate line name.
                                                                                                  NAME                                       PHONE

women’s                                           infant & toddler,                               NAME                                       PHONE
300   Activewear/Fitness                          children’s & junior                             * Please attach additional sales representatives and phone numbers.
301   Aromatherapy/Spa                            145    AmericasMart’s Children’s World®
302   Belts/Personal Leather Goods                400    Boy’s Apparel                            LINE NAME                                        PRODUCT CODE(S)
303   Bridals/Bridal Accessories                  401    Children’s Furniture & Bedding
304   Coats/Outerwear/Furs                        402    Children’s Gifts & Toys                  LINE NAME                                        PRODUCT CODE(S)
305   Contemporary Sportswear/Dresses             403    Children’s Shoes & Accessories
306   Denim/Jeans                                 404    Girl’s Apparel
                                                                                                  LINE NAME                                        PRODUCT CODE(S)
 29   Display Fixtures/Equipment/                 405    Infant & Toddler Apparel
      Supplies/Retail Services                    144    Juvenile Products
                                                                                                  LINE NAME                                        PRODUCT CODE(S)
134   Eyeglasses/Sunglasses                       406    Tween
 35   Fashion Accessories &
      Jewelry/Watches                                                                             LINE NAME                                        PRODUCT CODE(S)
142   Fine Jewelry                                                                                * Please attach additional lines, up to 25.
                                                  500    Activewear/Swim & Resort
143   Gold Jewelry & Accessories
                                                  508    Accessories & Gifts
139   Handbags
                                                  501    Belts/Personal Leather Goods
141   Hats/Scarves/Gloves                                                                         FORM COMPLETED BY                                            DATE
                                                  502    Big & Tall
314   Immediate Resources
                                                  503    Coats/Outerwear/Furs
315   Intimate Apparel/Loungewear
                                                  504    Contemporary Sportswear
328   Knitwear & Sweaters
                                                  505    Denim/Jeans
                                                                                                    listing questions?
316   Maternity
                                                  507    Formalwear                                 call 404.220.2118
317   Missy Sportswear/Dresses
                                                  509    Knitwear & Sweaters
 64   Perfume/Perfume Bottles/                                                                      Increase your visibility with advertising! To learn more,
                                                  510    Neckwear
      Beauty Products                                                                               contact Phyllis Sangster at 404.220.2127.
                                                  511    Shirts
319   Petite Sportswear/Dresses
                                                  512    Shoes/Socks/Hosiery                        Deadlines for ads: May 11, 2012
320   Plus Sizes Sportswear/Dresses
                                                  513    Sportswear
321   AmericasMart PREMIERE®
                                                  518    Streetwear
322   Prom/Social Occasion/Quinceañera
327   Shoes/Socks/Hosiery
                                                  514    Suits                                       mail or fax completed listing form:
                                                  515    Trousers/Slacks
323   Sterling Silver Jewelry & Accessories                                                          Mail: Kerry Brown/Publishing
                                                  516    Underwear/Loungewear
324   Suits                                                                                          AmericasMart® Atlanta/June 2012 Apparel
                                                  517    Young Men’s Clothing
325   Swim/Resortwear                                                                                Suite 2200, 240 Peachtree St, NW
                                                         & Accessories
 88   Travel Accessories, Luggage/Totes                                                              Atlanta, GA 30303-1327
329   Young Contemporary/Junior
                                                                                                     Fax: 678.686.5149

note: Exhibitor and sales rep listing information is provided for the benefit of our customers.
      While every attempt is made to ensure information is timely and accurate, the
      publishing department cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions in any of
      our publications or on the® Exhibitor Directory.
    exhibit space terms & conditions
    atlanta apparel                                                                                                                                                 JUNE 7 – 10, 2012
1) Assignment/Subletting Assignment, subletting,                             government regulations, public catastrophe, act of God,             11) Insurance Exhibitor and its contractor(s) shall maintain
   licensing or transfer of Exhibit Space by Exhibitor, or use of            the public enemy or other cause, AMC shall determine and                Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and Personal
   the Exhibit Space is not permitted by AMC, except if approved             refund to Exhibitor its proportionate share of the balance of           Injury coverage at its sole cost and expense for all of its
   by AMC in writing. Exhibitor shall not exhibit or permit to be            the aggregate exhibit fee received, if any, which remains               activities at the Show, and shall have AmericasMart Real
   exhibited in the Exhibit Space allotted to it any merchandise             after deducting expenses incurred by AMC and reasonable                 Estate LLC, AMC, Inc. and any party designated by AMC
   other than that specified in the application.                             compensation to AMC, but in no case shall the amount of                 named as additional insureds on all such policies. Policy
2) Exhibit Requirements All booth arrangements shall                         refund to Exhibitor exceed the amount of the exhibit fee paid.          limits shall be at least $1,000,000/$1,000,000 Bodily
   conform in all respects to the dimensional and height                     Cancellation of this Contract by the Exhibitor will not result in       Injury and Property Damage combined. Exhibitor and
   requirements as specified by AMC. Exhibitor shall care for                a refund, credit or transfer of Exhibit Space.                          its contractor(s) shall also maintain, at its sole cost and
   and keep in good order the Exhibit Space it occupies and                                                                                          expense, Workers Compensation Insurance for employees
   surrender such Exhibit Space at the close of the Show in the           6) liabilities Neither AMC, nor any of its members, agents,                participating in the Show, as required by law. Exhibitor
   same condition it was when taken over. Exhibitor or its agents            employees, affiliates, contractors and representatives, shall           warrants that by signing this Contract it has complied
   shall not injure or deface the walls or floors of the building,           be held accountable or liable for, and the same are hereby              specifically with the insurance requirements of the Contract.
   the booths, the equipment or furnishings of the booths or                 released from accountability or liability for any damages,              Evidence of insurance coverage in the form of a valid
   building within which the Show takes place. No booth may                  losses, harm or injuries to the person or any property of               Certificate of Insurance specifying the above coverages,
   obstruct the general view or access to surrounding booths,                Exhibitor or any of its officers, agents, employees, affiliates,        including activities at the Show, must be provided to AMC
   displays, aisles or public space within the building where                contractors, or other representatives, resulting from theft,            at its request.
   the Show is being held. Exhibits must remain intact until the             fire, water, accident, or any other cause. Exhibitor hereby
   scheduled hour of conclusion of the Show, as such time is                 agrees to indemnify, defend, protect and hold harmless AMC          12) Hazardous Property AMC prohibits Exhibitor from
   established by AMC, and a failure by Exhibitor to do so shall             and its members, agents, employees, affiliates, contractors             bringing any exhibit(s), equipment, vehicle(s) or material(s)
   result in $1,000.00 liquidated damages, payable to AMC                    and other representatives from and against any and all                  into the Exhibit Space or the building if AMC determines that
   and the possible forfeiture of the Exhibit Space at a future                                                                                      such is dangerous to persons, property or any part of the
                                                                             claims, suits, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, attorneys’
   show. If damage should occur, the Exhibitor will assume full                                                                                      Exhibit Space or the building. AMC shall not be responsible
   liability for any such damage caused by Exhibitor or its agents,          fees, and expenses of whatever kind or nature which might
                                                                             result from or arise out of any action or failure to act of             for termination or interruption of any program or event
   employees, or contractors, and AMC shall have the right to                                                                                        arising from information possessed or threat received by
   charge Exhibitor for any repairs to the Exhibit Space and/or              Exhibitor or any of its officers, directors, agents, employees,
                                                                             invitees, contractors or other representatives or breach of             AMC concerning an imminent danger to any part of the
   the building, and Exhibitor shall immediately pay to AMC the
                                                                             this Contract.                                                          building or any of its occupants, except as provided in
   requested sum(s).
                                                                                                                                                     paragraph five above.
3) Removal of Merchandise Exhibitors shall be                             7) Use, Signs & Advertising AMC may use any part
   responsible for the removal of its entire display, including              of the Exhibit Space or the building at any time. AMC may           13) Waiver The use of all facilities and participation in all
   without limitation, walls, floors and furniture. Exhibitor should         remove any person during the Show whom AMC believes is                  activities of, related to and in connection with the Show to be
   make certain removal is performed only by its employees or                disrupting or obstructing proper operation and management               undertaken and performed by Exhibitor shall be at his, her
   other authorized persons. AMC, its agents and employees will                                                                                      or its sole risk, and AMC and all persons, firms and entities
                                                                             of the Show. No demonstration or solicitation by or on
   not be liable for unauthorized removal of articles, merchandise,                                                                                  related to AMC, including without limitation, the members, the
                                                                             behalf of Exhibitor shall be permitted outside of Exhibitor’s
   equipment, displays or property.                                                                                                                  owners, officers, directors, producers, promoters, organizers,
                                                                             assigned Exhibit Space, and no signs may be displayed on
                                                                                                                                                     participants, sponsors, affiliates, contractors, agents and
4) Rules & Regulations/compliance Exhibitor shall                            persons or otherwise outside the Exhibit Space. Distribution
                                                                                                                                                     employees related to the Show shall not be liable in any
   observe and abide by these Terms and Conditions and such                  by Exhibitor of any printed matter, samples or other articles
                                                                                                                                                     manner for any injuries, property damage (including without
   other rules and regulations that AMC may adopt from time                  shall be restricted to the confines of the Exhibit Space.
   to time. Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance                                                                                      limitation lost or stolen property), or death to the Exhibitor
                                                                             Exhibitor further agrees that it will not endorse, promote, or
   with all pertinent ordinances, regulations and codes of duly                                                                                      unless such loss, injury, damage or death results solely from
                                                                             otherwise advertise any other trade show in, from, or about
   authorized local, state and federal governing bodies, including                                                                                   the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of AMC,
                                                                             the Exhibit Space. Exhibitor shall not have or operate any
   without limitation those concerning fire, safety and health,                                                                                      its agents or employees acting within the scope of their
                                                                             display or exhibit which, in the sole discretion of AMC, is
   together with the rules and regulations of the operators and/                                                                                     agency or employment as the case may be. Additionally,
                                                                             the source of objectionable noises or odors or has materials
   or owners of the property wherein the Show is held. Exhibitor                                                                                     Exhibitor expressly agrees that the acceptance by AMC, its
                                                                             that are considered by AMC as objectionable, including
   shall not display or sell any merchandise that is counterfeit,                                                                                    contractors, agents or employees, of a custody or control
   violates any trademark or copyright rights or will tend to                without limitation signs, lights, drawings and the costuming            of any merchandise or personal property of Exhibitor shall
   injure the reputation of AMC or any of its affiliates. It is further      of exhibit personnel.                                                   not constitute a bailment and Exhibitor expressly waives any
   agreed that Exhibitor will abide by and comply with rules              8) Directory AMC will list Exhibitor’s firm name and                       claim against AMC, its contractors, agents or employees
   and regulations concerning local unions having agreements                 Exhibit Space assignment in its official directory. Additional          relating to any loss of or damage to any such merchandise
   with AMC or with authorized contractors retained by AMC, or                                                                                       or personal property.
                                                                             information pertaining to Exhibitor’s merchandise may be
   owners of the property wherein the Show is held. Exhibitor
                                                                             included at the sole discretion of AMC. However, AMC will           14) controlling law This Contract shall be construed and
   is responsible for obtaining applicable permits or licenses
   required by law and shall abide by all federal, state and local           not be responsible for errors or omissions occurring in the             enforced under the laws of the State of Georgia.
   laws. Exhibitor is responsible for the payment of all taxes,              printed directory, or for unintentional failure to include an
   fees and charges required by any legal authority associated               exhibiting firm in the printed directory.                           15) Actions Any action by either party against another arising
   with use of the Exhibit Space and/or the building that are                                                                                        out of this Contract or out of conduct, acts or activities of the
                                                                          9) Passes Exhibitor and its officers, agents, employees                    parties hereunder shall be maintained in the Superior Court
   not the responsibility of AMC. Exhibitor shall be responsible
                                                                             and other representatives shall obtain passes from AMC’s                of Fulton County, State of Georgia. Exhibitor irrevocably
   for non-permanent accessibility requirements, including, but
   not limited to, auxiliary aids for the visually impaired, hearing         registration desk and wear the pass while in the Show at                appoints the Secretary of State of the State of Georgia as
   impaired and mobility impaired, meeting room arrangements                 all times.                                                              Exhibitor’s non-exclusive agent for service of process or
   and exhibition accessibility. In the event Exhibitor fails to pay      10) Music It is understood and agreed that Exhibitor                       notice of any action by AMC arising out of this Contract or
   any amount hereunder as and when the same is due and                       is solely responsible for compliance with all copyright                of the conduct, acts or activities of the parties hereunder.
   payable, AMC shall be entitled to, and Exhibitor agrees to                                                                                        Service of process or notice may be made (i) as provided
                                                                              laws respecting the performance or broadcast of live or
   pay, interest on such unpaid amount at the rate of eighteen                                                                                       by law; or (ii) by serving the agent personally, by mailing to
                                                                              recorded music during or in connection with the Show.
   percent (18%) per annum, together with all costs incurred by                                                                                      Exhibitor a duplicate of the process or notice in an envelope
   AMC in collecting such amounts, including, without limitation,             The performance or broadcast of live or recorded music
                                                                              during or in connection with the Show is expressly                     with postage sufficient for certified mail, return receipt
   AMC’s administration costs (not to exceed five percent (5%)                                                                                       requested, addressed to Exhibitor in the manner specified
   of the amount collected), and AMC’s actual attorney’s fees.                prohibited unless Exhibitor shall have provided AMC with
                                                                              evidence satisfactory to AMC that Exhibitor has entered into           for notices under this Contract and by furnishing the agent
5) cancellation Policies Exhibit Space costs must be                          appropriate licensing agreements with all relevant licensing           with a duplicate of the process or notice in an envelope
   paid in full in accordance with specified payment deadlines.                                                                                      similarly addressed and stamped which the agent shall be
                                                                              agencies including The American Society of Composers,
   AMC may cancel this Contract without refund to Exhibitor,                                                                                         required also to mail.
                                                                              Author and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music, Inc.
   and may re-assign any Exhibit Space previously assigned to
                                                                              (BMI) prior to any such performance or broadcast. In the           16) Entire Agreement This Contract constitutes the entire
   Exhibitor, upon failure of Exhibitor (i) to make payments as
   required hereby, (ii) to abide by these Terms and Conditions               event Exhibitor fails or refuses to provide such satisfactory          agreement between the parties hereto and supersedes
   and other rules and regulations as provided above, or (iii)                evidence, or to terminate immediately any performance or               any and all prior written or oral contracts, correspondence,
   to claim its assigned Exhibit Space prior to the opening of                broadcast music during or in connection with the Show,                 agreements, and understandings with respect to the
   the Show. If the Show or any part thereof is prevented from                AMC reserves the right to terminate this Contract, with                subject stated herein. Any amendment to the terms
   being held, is canceled by AMC or the Exhibit Space applied                no cost, penalty or obligation on the part of AMC, and to              hereof shall not be valid unless in writing, signed by the
   for herein becomes unavailable because of war, fire, strike,               remove Exhibitor from the premises.                                    parties hereto.

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