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Band Handbook Band Students


									Band Students and Parents:

WELCOME to one of the most exciting experiences in which you can be a part – THE BAND! Now, more
than ever, we have information to justify why we do this demanding, yet rewarding, activity. Experts have
concluded that the study of music helps with spatial reasoning, test taking, and overall quality of life!
Factor in social skills, emotional development, leadership training, group interaction, aesthetic perception,
music making, and the discipline of being in a band program, and I don’t know why anyone would not
want to be involved in a successful band program like the one here at Red Bank High School! The ultimate
goal is a lifelong understanding and appreciation for quality music and music making!

information has changed, so make sure you’re informed. For new folks, this handbook is the beginning of
good communication that keeps us running smoothly and efficiently all year long. Most questions can be
answered by consulting THE HANDBOOK, and policies will be adjusted from year to year as the need
arises to clarify issues within the program. It is my hope that the information contained in this handbook
will be both INFORMATION and INSPIRATION! The advocacy articles and “How Parents Can Help”
sections are both designed to give guidance to parents; read them carefully and with insight! Students need
to know that we think that what they do is important. You will quickly find that band is truly a FAMILY in
and of itself.

The 2004-2005 school year was full of successes by our students. In all areas of the program, we saw
growth and indications that things are only going to continue to prosper. We were especially happy to
welcome Mr. Daryl Finley to Red Bank Middle School. With Mr. Finley’s help and the continued help of
Mr. Cirlot at Signal Mountain Middle School, we are going to move forward into an exciting new age for
the Red Bank High School Band.

I have renewed my commitment to develop our student leadership, as well as, our private lesson program.
We have such tremendous potential in both areas. We are fortunate to have fine college students and
symphony players in the area to teach our students, and the rewards are so great that you can’t afford not to
take advantage of this opportunity. If you need helping finding a private lesson teacher, please feel free to
contact me immediately.

This handbook is designed to answer any questions you might have concerning the program. Please read
all of the information and sign the “Letter of Mutual Consent” form. As for communication throughout the
year, email is the most important form of communication that we use in the band program. Please
make sure that you place one or more parent emails on the consent form in addition to a student email and
update any changes in your email address throughout the year. I strongly believe that quality
communication is one huge part of keeping a band program such as ours healthy. Please write me if there
are ever any questions or concerns.

I am honored to be your band director and am looking forward to yet another great year!


                         “If Better Is Possible, Then Good Is Not Enough!”
                             CONTACT INFORMATION
                                        Director of Bands

                                         Marcie Hunter
                                      874-1900 ext. 7 (not *7)

                               Middle School Directors
                      Robert Cirlot – Signal Mountain Middle School
                         Daryl Finley – Red Bank Middle School

                             Band Booster Executive Board
President:              Linette Isham
Vice-President:         Connie Pierce
Treasurer:              Bob/Ann Giebert

Secretary:              Steve Weaver
Alumni Representative: Lonnie Bork
Fresh. / Soph. Rep:     Julie Giles
Junior Rep:             Cathy Summers
Senior Rep:             Vonda Chamberlain

Color Guard Rep:        Brownie Au

                                        Student Leaders
Drum Majors:                     Mallary Opatich
                                 Erica Casseday
Flute:                           Ashley Quarles
Clarinet:                        Josh Isham
Alto Sax:                        Amanda Pierce
Tenor Sax:                       Trent Giles
Trumpet:                         Coye Ford
Horn:                            Kyle Burriss
Low Brass:                       Dale Dameron
Percussion:                      Lindsay Wright
Pit / Oboe                       Corinne von Peters
Color Guard (co-captains):       Jessie Bailey
                                 Jess Wiley

                                                                    Why Music?

   Music Is A Science. It is exact, and it demands exact acoustics. A conductor’s full score is a chart, a
    graph which indicates frequencies, intensities, volume changes, melody and harmony all at once and
    with exact control of time.

   Music Is Mathematics. It is rhythmically based on the subdivision of time into fractions which must
    be done instantaneously, not worked out on paper.

   Music Is Foreign Language. Most of the terms are in Italian, German, or French and the notation is
    certainly not English – but a highly developed kind of short – hand that uses symbols to represent
    ideas. The semantics of music is the most complete and universal language.

   Music Is History. Music usually reflects the environment and times of its creation, often even the
    country and / or racial feeling.

   Music Is Physical Education. It requires fantastic coordination of fingers, hands, arms, lip, cheek, and
    facial muscles in addition to extraordinary control of the diaphragmatic, back, stomach, and chest
    muscles, which respond instantly to the sound the ear hears and the mind interprets.

   Music Develops Insight and Demands Research.

   Music is all these things , but most of all, Music Is Art. It allows the human being to take all these dry,
    technically boring (but difficult) techniques and use them to create emotion. That is one thing science
    cannot duplicate: humanism, feeling, emotion, call it what you will.

That is why we teach music! Not because we expect you to major in music ... But ... so you will be human
  ... so you will recognize beauty
  ... so you will have something to cling to
  ... so you will have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, more good;

In short, More Life!!

Did You Know…
       A 2000 Georgia Tech study indicates that a student who participates in at least one college elective music course is 4.5
        times more likely to stay in college than the general student population.
        (Dr. Denise C. Gardner, Affects of Music Courses on Retention, Georigia Tech, 2000)
       On the 1999 SAT, music students continued to out perform their non-arts peers, scoring 61 points higher on the verbal
        portion and 42 points higher on the math portion of the exam.
        (Steven M. Demorest and Steven J. Morrision, “Does Music Make You Smarter?”, Music Educators Journal, Sept. 2000)
       Students who participate in All-State ensembles consistently score over 200 points higher on the SAT than non-music
        students. This figure indicates that students can pursue excellence in music while also excelling academically.
        (Texas Music Educators Association, 1988-1996)
       Students with good rhythmic performance ability can more easily detect and differentiate between patterns in math, music,
        science, and the visual arts
        (“Rhythm seen as key to man’s evolutionary development,” TCAMS Professional Resource Center, 2000)
       Students in arts programs are more likely to try new things, and they can better express their own ideas to friends, teachers,
        and parents.
        (Champions of Change, The President’s Council on the Arts and Humanities, 1999)
       Music students demonstrate less test anxiety and performance anxiety than students who do not study music.
        (“College Age Musicians Emotionally Healthier Than Non-Musician Counterparts,” Houston Chronicle, 1998)
       The Average Scores Achieved by music students on the 1999 SAT increased for every year of musical study. This trend
        was found in SAT scores of previous years.
        (Steven M. Demorest and Steven J. Morrision, “Does Music Make You Smarter?” , Music Educators Journal, Sept. 2000)
       A majority of the technical designers in Silicon Valley are also practicing musicians.
        (The Case for Sequential Music Education in the Core Curriculum of the Public Schools, Center for the Arts in the Basic
        Curriculum, 1997)

                  PARENT & STUDENT HANDBOOK
                             A STATEMENT OF POLICY

In order to assist band members and parents in understanding areas of responsibility, a
statement of band policy is herein set forth. Becoming familiar with this policy will
enable each individual to make the most of this great opportunity to be a member of the
Red Bank High School band program, becoming a better person and a better musician.

We firmly believe that the student should improve through regular practice. In the Red
Bank band program we feel that when the student has lost the will to improve him /
herself or make a better contribution to the band, he / she is wasting the time and efforts
of his / her fellow members and the community by continuing in this program. The
HAPPIEST student is the one who is improving through regular habits of practice and
daily progress. He / she must not only know right from wrong, but must be able to stand
for principles. He / she must develop a high sense of purpose toward which he / she is
willing to work. RESPONSIBILITY is the focus behind any level of achievement within
this program. We intend to conduct ourselves in a manner that will facilitate all students
in learning and bettering themselves.


   To teach music by its actual performance

   To develop performance skills of the various wind and percussion instruments

   To provide for the musical needs of the school and the community

   To develop discrimination with the regards to the selection of music

   To provide all students with the opportunity for worthy use of their time, a means for
    self expression, and a healthy social experience

   To develop the ability to function as a responsible member of a group, enhance
    interaction, and develop Esprit de Corps

   To foster leadership skills within each student

                          BAND CURRICULUM IN BRIEF

Middle School Band

Each student entering the Red Bank High School Band program should have been a
member of a middle school band for at least two years. Without the help of our directors,
Mr. Robert Cirlot at Signal Mountain Middle School and Mr. Daryl Finley at Red Bank
Middle School, our high school program would never have a chance of reaching the high
goals for which we strive.

Concert Band

The Concert Band is the primary performing organization in the instrumental music
department during the winter and spring. Chair placement is by audition only. Over the
course of the past few years, the Concert Band has received excellent and superior ratings
at concert festival in Grade IV and we are looking to advance to Grade V in the near
future. Individual practice and disciplined rehearsals will be the main factors in the
group’s ability to advance to the next level.

Marching Band

Membership in the marching band requires strenuous physical exercise and the ability to
play the difficult literature encountered in the activity. Attendance in summer band camp
is mandatory. Individual practice, two after-school rehearsals each week, and public
performances are required. All students enrolled in the band program are required to
march with the exception of students outside of the program who are eligible to audition
for the colorguard. The marching band performs in the fall.

Jazz Band

Students may elect to participate in the Jazz band. A minimum instrumentation will be
required in order for us to have the opportunity to perform this style of music. The jazz
band could play for community events and perform throughout the spring. We plan to
begin Jazz band after Fall Break.

Colorguard and Majorettes

Female students who are interested in dance, choreography, and movement may choose
to audition for our Color Guard or Majorettes. Students must audition for these units at a
time set by the band director. Usually these auditions occur in April for the following
year. These students will only be in the band class for the first semester if they do not
play an instrument. Students selected to these groups will be responsible for the purchase
of their own uniform, as these will change each year with the theme of the fall


Private Lessons

As one might expect, private lessons on a musical instrument are the best way to improve
performance skills. The one-on-one approach allows the student to benefit from the
individual attention as opposed to a teacher monitoring a class of over fifty. A recent
survey of students in the All-State Band revealed that approximately 80 % of the students
in the band studied privately. Students are generally more inclined to practice diligently
for a weekly music assignment and this discipline increases the student’s enjoyment with
their instrument. The Red Bank High School Band Director will be more than happy to
assist in the selection of a private teacher.

Junior Clinic

9th graders can audition for participation through performance of a prepared piece, scales,
and sight-reading. Percussionists must also demonstrate knowledge of basic rudiments.
Auditions will be held in November and a small audition fee will be required. Audition
material is available in the band office at any time. Students who are awarded a position
in one of the clinic bands will attend the clinic in December in Cleveland, TN. Clinic
fees will be provided by the boosters for this event.

Senior Clinic

10th, 11th, and 12th graders can audition for participation through performance of a
prepared piece, scales, and sight-reading. Percussionists must also demonstrate
knowledge of basic rudiments. Auditions will be held in early January in Knoxville, TN,
and a small audition fee will be required. Audition material is available in the band
office at any time. Students who are awarded a position in one of the clinic bands will
attend the clinic during the first weekend of February in Gatlinburg, TN. Transportation
to the Clinic, lodging and clinic fees will be provided by the boosters for this event.
Parents will be responsible for transportation of their child back from Gatlinburg
following the Saturday concert.

UTC Honors Band

Students may apply with the director for this event immediately after the winter break.
Students accepted will attend the clinic in late January at UTC. A fee will be required to
attend this event.

Chattanooga Youth Symphony

Students from Red Bank High School have been involved in this group for the past
several years and we hope to keep that participation going. Auditions for this group
occur each May, and membership is granted for an entire year. More information can be
obtained from Mr. Humber.

                               GRADING SYSTEM

The grading system for each quarter is unique. Hamilton County grading policies have
   been followed to produce the following system for determining student grades:

                                  First Semester

     First Quarter                               40% of Semester Grade
     Daily Participation                         10% of Quarter Grade
     Playing Assignments                         10% of Quarter Grade
     After School Rehearsal Attendance           20% of Quarter Grade
     Football Games                              40% of Quarter Grade
     Competitions (Quarter Exam)                 20% of Quarter Grade

     Second Quarter                              40% of Semester Grade
     Daily Participation                         15% of Quarter Grade
     Playing Assignments                         10% of Quarter Grade
     Concert Audition                            10% of Quarter Grade
     Practice Records                            5% of Quarter Grade
     Football Games                              40% of Quarter Grade
     Parades (Quarter Exam)                      20% of Quarter Grade

     Holiday Concert (Final)                     20% of Semester Grade

                                 Second Semester

     Third Quarter                               40% of Semester Grade
     Daily Participation                         15% of Quarter Grade
     Playing Assignments                         20% of Quarter Grade
     Practice Records                            5% of Quarter Grade
     General Performances                        40% of Quarter Grade
     Winter Concert (Quarter Exam)               20% of Quarter Grade

     Fourth Quarter                              40% of Semester Grade
     Daily Participation                         15% of Quarter Grade
     Playing Assignments                         20% of Quarter Grade
     Practice Records                            5% of Quarter Grade
     General Performances / Parades              40% of Quarter Grade
     Winter Concert (Quarter Exam)               20% of Quarter Grade

     Festival Performance (Final)                20% of Semester Grade

                               ATTENDANCE POLICY

*Individual needs will be addressed as they occur. This system is subject to modification
 by the director.

For ALL absences to be excused, the student and parent must follow the following

      Director must be notified at least a week in advance.

      An absentee request form must be filled out and on file.

      For illness, a doctor’s excuse must be submitted.

      Although cleared by the school office, absences from a band activity that same
       day must be cleared with the director as well – please call the band room.

      In extreme cases, a phone message may be left on the band answering machine,
       with a follow-up personal call.

      Follow-up is the sole responsibility of the student!

The mere filing of an absentee request form does not constitute whether an absence is
excused. A sample of the Absentee Request form can be found in the back of this
handbook and the actual forms are available at any time upon request. The above policy
is cut and dry in regards to what is excused.

                              CONFLICTS WITH BAND

Conflicts between band and other activities or events are the responsibility of the student.
Rehearsal and performance schedules are given out in advance so that arrangements can
be made. Students should not become involved with activities that may directly conflict
with band activities. When outside activities create hardships concerning band, unless it
is a rare and unusual situation that may only happen once, the student will need to consult
with the director about alternatives that may be possible. Students should have a
calendar book and be aware of all band dates well ahead of schedule. It is the policy of
the band to assist students when conflicts occur within the scope of the band policy.
Students are reminded that band is a very demanding activity and that involvement in
outside activities should be limited to those that are compatible with the band schedule.
All conflicts in regards to performances must be worked out in favor of the student’s
responsibility to band. Work is not an excuse for missing any band activity.


As members of this organization, you have a great deal of responsibility. It is essential to
any program that if certain expectations are to be met that they coordinate with the
privileges, rewards, and duties of the band program.

To Ourselves

YOU have the primary responsibility of developing your own abilities. The benefits of a
good instrument and private instruction can never be underestimated. What you put into
it is what you will get out of it. The director is ALWAYS available for your guidance
and encouragement – just ask!

To the School and Community

The Hamilton County School System provides only the necessary setting and facilities
for our rehearsals and performances. The Band Booster Organization also provides a
support network, both financially and philosophically. We, then, have the obligation to
provide the best possible performance for the school, community, and citizens of our
area. This means that you agree to give up some of your free time in the afternoon for
rehearsals. Also, you occasionally agree to give up free time on weekends, holidays, and
vacations for the entertainment of others. We must also represent ourselves well at all
times because not only are you ambassadors for the teenage genre, but for Red Bank
High School and the Blue Lion Band as well.

To Music

Music has always been a part of our culture. We must take what we have and use it for
the betterment of that culture. No one expects virtuoso musicians, only your very best!
The great composer Gustav Mahler once said that only 10% of a piece of music is on the
page. If that is the case, then we as musicians have the duty of creating and producing
the other 90%. The joy of music is not in everything that is apparent. It must be
discovered and created.

To Each Other

We must always do what is best for the WELFARE of the group. There can be no selfish
acts solely for the benefit of the individual, but for all. Respect each other. If there are
conflicts, find a way to resolve them. Never insult another band member’s integrity. The
word “band” means that we are banded together and that there is no separation.

                           DUTIES OF THE BAND MEMBER

   Be on time to all rehearsals and performances. EARLY IS ON TIME – ON TIME IS LATE.
   Upon entering the rehearsal setting, acquire your instrument and go directly to your seat.
   When the director or staff member steps on the podium or asks for your attention, all talking
    should cease.
   Come to rehearsal with a GOOD ATTITUDE.
   There is no excess playing (i.e. horsing around on the instrument); only good solid material.
   Make a real effort to improve on a daily basis and establish a good practice routine.
   At the end of rehearsal, put all materials in their proper place.
   Maintain a strong academic standing in all course work.
   Become responsible for and assume responsibility for your own actions. Admit when you are
   Have a proper respect for yourself and those in authority.
   Read and play music with insight – have musical expectations.

                          THE IMPORTANCE OF ATTITUDE

The greatest single factor that will determine the success of any individual or
organization is attitude. The kind of person that you are is an individual choice and how
we feel about something, which involves attitude, is one of the few actual independent
choices that we have in life. It takes intense dedication to reach goals. Students should
learn to discipline themselves to daily practice on fundamentals. The “right attitude”
must be present along with sincerity, concentration, and dedication as the basic
foundation. Such an attitude makes an artistic performance inevitable and is the
difference between a winning organization and a mediocre group. The band can do much
for you. Make the most of it in every rehearsal and performance.

                         THE IMPORTANCE OF DISCIPLINE

Because of the nature of the organization, band discipline must be strict! Band students
and parents must believe in the ideals, principles, and philosophy of the organization.
Each member must always be aware of good behavior and think for himself. Any
misconduct casts a bad light on the school, community, and band program. Any member
who casts discredit to the organization by his/her conduct or actions in band, in another
class, or on a trip, shall be subject to dismissal from the band program or may lose a
privilege within the program. This may include the chance to go on a spring trip. This
decision will be at the director’s discretion.

                                    REQUIRED FORMS

The following forms must be completed and placed on file in the band office: Fair
Share Agreement, Letter of Mutual Consent, Medical Information Form, Consent
for Medical Treatment, and Authorization for Student Travel. Should any other
forms be necessary, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Students will not officially be considered members of the program without properly
completed forms!


It requires a tremendous amount of money to operate a successful band program. Band
programs are not funded (except for director salary, provision of facilities, and a tiny
amount for repair of school owned instruments) by the county school system. Our
principal does also help with transportation to football games and other small needs as he
can. It is the band Fair Share program that provides for the bulk of the operating
expenses for the band program.

Each band student is assessed a dollar amount determined by the budgeted needs of the
band for that year versus the number of band members. This amount is called our “Fair
Share.” The student earns credit towards his/her Fair Share assessment by selling items
during the various fundraising activities, which are held during the year. If the student
does not earn enough credits to meet his/her fundraising obligation during our fundraising
activities, he/she is responsible to pay for the remaining balance. Updates of students’
individual Fair Share accounts will be available at band booster meetings or from the

The Fair Share obligation for 2005-2006 is $450 for winds, $475 for color guard and
majorettes, and $500 for percussion.

The Executive Committee of the Band Boosters has established a set of deadlines to help
with our cash flow situation. Everyone is responsible for meeting the Fair Share
obligation whether you choose to fundraise the entire amount, or pay by check. Great
care was taken to schedule around the beginning of the school year and Christmas. The
payment schedule is as follows:

Amount         Due Date
$200           First Day of Band Camp*
$100           September 15, 2005
$100           October 15, 2005
Remainder      November 15, 2005

* $25 discount will be given if Fair Share is paid in full by July 25, 2005.

Recommendation: we recommend once your Fair Share is met that you continue to
fundraise more so that you can carry over a balance to the following year or apply excess
to a spring trip – it is your choice. Please note that Fair Share does not pay for extra
band trips. It is the desire of the band director to take a MUSIC related spring trip every
other year!

At times the financial obligation may be heavy, but no member will be denied the
opportunities of our organization due to financial difficulties. However, for us to be
able to help you, you must talk with us. You may speak with any member of the
Executive Board; however, we suggest you start with your class representative.


There are a few items a student will need for his or her time in the program. Any uniform
part (marching and/or concert) that is purchased by the student will usually last at least
two years if it is of good quality and properly cared for. Many students will use the same
clothing items all four years. Please remember that most uniform parts that are purchased
can be returned at the end of the student’s time in band for credit or donation. Also, if a
student changes size during his/her time in band and needs a different size in pants,
shoes, or shirt, we will make every effort to make a trade for a similar item.

Here is an idea of some expenses involved:

Bibbers (marching pants), marching season            $41 new / $20 used, if size available
Shoes, marching season                               $24-30 new / $10-15 used,
                                                                    if size available
Gloves, marching season                              $4 / pair
Black socks, marching season                         variable
Khaki shorts, khaki pants                            variable
Concert tuxedo shirt, bow tie, cummerbund (guys) $26 new / $15 used, if size available
Black dress shoes and socks (guys)                variable
 (Guys may wear band shoes in concert if shoes are clean and polished)
Concert band dress (ladies)
 (Fabric and pattern, not including labor)           $15-20
School instrument usage fee (for students using
 any school-owned instrument)                        $50/year
Percussion concert kit (stick bag, proper sticks
 and mallets, pitch pipe)                            variable, according to store
                                                     (can be used all through high school
                                                     if properly cared for)
Color Guard/Majorette equipment
(rifles, sabers, batons)                             variable, according to provider

Please note that a lot of these expenses can be covered by participating in
fundraising events. Once a student has established a credit balance in their Fair
Share account, that credit can be used to pay for future Fair Share responsibilities
and other expenses.

The “Red Bank High School Band Boosters, Inc.” is the name for our parent support
organization. There are no membership fees. All parents or guardians are members. The
band boosters engage in fund raising activities. All students and parents are expected to
participate in these efforts. This group meets on the second Monday of every month at
7:00 PM in the band room. If there is not school on a given second Monday, then the
meeting is postponed until the following week. Please keep this one-day per month free
so that we can share important information with you.


It is the responsibility of every parent and guardian to see that the policies outlined in the
HANDBOOK are followed and that the form in the back is signed and returned. This
states that you UNDERSTAND the policies as set within, and that any questions are to be
directed to the band director by making an appointment. Each parent IS responsible for
the attendance of his/her child at all band functions. It is the responsibility of each parent
to see that their child practices his / her instrument regularly. The hands of the directors
are tied without the help of parents.

                                 HOW PARENTS CAN HELP

When a “band question” arises, it is important that you get factual information before
discussing it with others. We do more harm to ourselves, the band family, when we talk
about things that contain one or more “falsehoods” but consider them facts. If questions
arise, it is important to remember this axiom: If it is a performance issue or anything
dealing with the band proper, contact Mr. Humber. If it is a fundraising question or
anything dealing with parent issues, talk with the booster club president.
      Show an interest in the music study of your child.
      Arrange a regular time for your child to practice.
      Find a quiet place where he/she can practice without interruption.
      Listen to performances of practice material, when asked to do so.
      Help the student keep a DAILY RECORD of practicing.
      Come up with a reward system for DAILY practice.
      Keep the instrument in good repair and keep at least three reeds in the case; get a metronome!
      Be extra-careful with school-owned instruments. Repair costs are high!
      Teach your child to be prepared and on time to each rehearsal or lesson.
      Provide private instruction!
      Make faithful attendance at all band activities important.
      Buy your child a personal planner for marking important dates.
      Keep the Handbook in a safe place and refer to it often.
      Notify the teacher if the student is to be absent for rehearsals or lessons.
      Double-check behind the student to make sure that they have their instrument.
      If student is absent, make sure that their folder gets to school, if they share it with someone.
      Visit rehearsals occasionally.
      Attend booster meetings, concerts, games, and contests.
      Turn in fundraising and fair share monies on time.

                                    RULES AND PROCEDURES

        Profanity is not a part of our organization! Make sure your language is not offensive.
        Shoes and socks must be worn at all times for outside practices.
        Chewing gum is not permitted during a rehearsal or in the band room.
        A band member must respect his/her uniform, and wear it properly at all times.
        Food and drink are not permitted in the band room.
        No hats or sunglasses inside the building.
        Be in your seat, warmed up, and ready to begin on time.
        Respect authority and others, including their personal property.
        A band member will wear no exposed jewelry while in uniform; civilian clothes must be tasteful.
        Drinking and drugs are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All school district policies regarding such
         are in force during any band activity.
        All school rules, including no smoking, or any other tobacco use, will be enforced.
        Students are required to remain with the band after games and will dismiss as a group.
        Students shall not damage property or equipment.
        Bus lists will be posted before each trip.
        Fair Share and fundraising materials should be placed in an envelope and put in the white box just
         inside the band office. Be sure to include your name, the dollar amount, and what the money
         is for on the outside of the envelope.
        If you share a folder and are absent, make sure it gets to school.
        Students may practice in the band room before school, after school, and during lunch.
        No PDA! PDA in this case refers to Public Display of Affection. No band function or trip should
         be considered a date. No public show of affection will be tolerated above and beyond simply
         holding hands, and even this will not be acceptable while in uniform.

Summer Band Camp is held at the end of July and beginning of August. One week will comprise a focus
for leadership, rookies, percussion, and color guard. Everyone will be involved in the other two weeks.
Camp is mandatory for all students enrolled in the band class. Approximately eight weeks worth of normal
rehearsal time is crammed into the main two-week camp, so attendance is a must. Parent volunteers will be
available to help out with whatever needs may arise. A full schedule of summer events can be found in the
back of this handbook. During marching rehearsals, students should wear non-revealing, size-appropriate,
clothing which is lightweight. Also, students must wear closed-toed athletic shoes with socks. If there is
any question concerning what is or is not appropriate, the decision of the band director will always prevail.
Finally, all students must have a water bottle at every marching rehearsal.

Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances. If there is a situation that will prevent this,
an excuse form must be requested and filled out at least one week BEFOREHAND. After- school
rehearsals will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 until 5:00. If a student is absent from school on the
day of an after-school rehearsal, this does not automatically excuse the student for that afternoon. Someone
must contact Mr. Humber at the band office, 874-1900 ext.7. Do not leave a message with another student.

Students will serve the amount of time of their tardiness at the conclusion of rehearsal.

All students will have the responsibility to “Pass-off” all show music and any other music for which the
director sees fit to require students to memorize. This music must be played for the director, camp staff, or
other representative of the director as he sees fit. This will be the main portion of the first quarter’s
“Playing Assignments” grade. All “pass-offs” will either be pass or fail.


Summer Uniform
The Band Will Provide                                          Student Must Provide
Band Polo Shirt (for New Members)                              Replacement Polo (veteran members)
                                                               Khaki shorts (Finger-tip Length) and pants
                                                               Brown belt
                                                               Athletic Shoes (50% white)
                                                               Plain White Socks
Dress Uniform
The Band Will Provide                                          Student Must Provide
Uniform Jacket                                                 Black Bibber Pants*
Marching Hat and Plume                                         Black Marching Shoes*
Rain Poncho (if needed)                                        Black Gloves*
                                                               Black Socks

* Black band pants and shoes are coordinated through the uniform committee during summer band camp.
The black gloves are sold in the uniform room also.

Please make sure that the bibber pants are hemmed so that socks are not visible when student is standing.
Do not cut excess fabric from the hem of your bibbers! If you have any questions please see the uniform

Dress uniforms (Jackets, Hats, and Plumes) will be kept at school and issued prior to each event and
returned after the event. They will be cleaned by the booster club. Bibbers and shoes should be taken home
and washed before the next performance. THE UNIFORM IS TO BE WORN PROPERLY AT ALL

Since all the students change into their uniform in the band room or on the bus, students will be required to
wear lightweight shorts and a T-shirt under their band uniform. This T-shirt must be the current year
“Show Shirt” or a plain white T-shirt. Sleeveless or V-neck T-shirts will not be acceptable. This will
ensure the least amount of wear and tear on the uniforms. As temperatures drop during the season, students
are encouraged to wear long underwear and other clothing items in as many layers as possible under their
uniform in order to remain warm. These items need to be able to remain hidden underneath the uniform.

              Drum Majors, Color Guard, and Majorettes purchase their own uniforms!

Prior to a few performances of the band, all band members will stand inspection. Any member that does
not pass the inspection will not participate in the given performance. Band members will be checked for
the following:
      Cleaned, pressed uniform pants
      Correct hems on pants
      Cleaned, polished shoes
      Hair correctly worn
              o All hair will be up off of the collar at all performances
              o No un-natural coloring will be acceptable
      Men neatly shaved
      No Jewelry (including watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.)
      No nail polish, blush, eye makeup, or lipstick
      Clean, lubricated instruments
                             Do not get your ears pierced during marching band season!

 Report time for all games will be announced on Thursday prior to the game.
 Students should wear the full uniform. It is ALL or NOTHING.
 After home games, students will be dismissed following the announcements in the band room. Parents
   should be at the school to pick up their student by 10:00 PM. For away games, students may ride
   home with their parent, if they wish, but Mr. Humber must have a note signed by parents prior to
   departure and the parent must make contact with the director at dismissal time. Otherwise, students
   must ride home on the bus.
 When marching to and from the stadium, the band will remain at ATTENTION. When you have class,
   IT SHOWS – when you don’t, IT SHOUTS!
 Only uniformed band members are allowed in the band section.
 All members are to remain in their “section.” Any stands tunes will not be played unless rehearsed and
   approved by the director.
 There will be no eating or drinking in the stands. The band will have the third quarter off and must be
   back in their seats for the downbeat at the end of the Third Quarter. This privilege may be taken away
   from the group at any time; therefore, students need to make sure that they have eaten dinner
   before all games.
 All members should be alert as to what is going on down front. Be ready to react immediately to
   instructions given by the drum major or director.
 If a student must leave the band section, another student must accompany him/her and both must have
   permission from the director.

During marching season, students will sit during third quarter of football games for the following reasons:

   Failure to Pass-off Music by the allotted deadline
   More than one Unexcused Rehearsal or Tardy per week
   Any Infraction of Disrespect

 Loading Equipment - You are responsible for seeing that your equipment is on the bus or equipment
   truck, or if a loading crew is used, seeing that your equipment is placed in the proper loading area. All
   equipment should be properly labeled with your name and other identification. Upon return to the
   school it is each student’s responsibility to see that their instrument is returned to the band room and
   placed in its proper storage area and that their uniform is hung up properly in the uniform room.

   Bus Assignment - All students will be assigned to a specific bus prior to departure. Switching from
    one bus to another is not permitted. Students are to be silent when chaperones are calling roll. The
    instructions of bus drivers, staff members, or chaperones are to be followed at all times.

   Boarding and Exiting Buses - Students will not board buses until instructed to do so. Upon arrival at
    the destination, students will remain seated on the bus until instructed to exit by the Director.

   Checking Roll - Each student is responsible for checking in with his/her chaperone or listening to roll
    call when loading a bus. If leaving early, you must give your pre-approved note (with Mr. Humber’s
    signature on it) to your bus chaperone before leaving and your parent needs to have seen Mr. Humber
    before you leave.

   No PDA - PDA in this case stands for Public Display of Affection. No band function or trip should be
    considered a date. No public show of affection will be tolerated above and beyond simply holding
    hands, and even that will not be acceptable while in uniform.

   Itineraries - Prior to any trip, students will be given a hard copy of the event schedule. Parents will
    also receive an email detailing all itineraries prior to all trips. It is important that parents be early
    or on time to pick up the students following any band function, especially football games and all

 If a conversation can be heard in the front of the bus, it is TOO LOUD!
 There will be no hanging out of or talking out of bus windows.
 Please lower the volume level considerably when entering towns or stadiums.
       This is for your safety, is courteous to the bus driver, and an act of class!
 Please keep the bus clean; pick up after yourselves and always thank the chaperones and driver!

 Parents and students will be responsible for paying for any incurred charges, including lost
  room keys.
 Rooms are to be locked at all times.
 There will be no one of the opposite sex in your room, unless accompanied by a chaperone
 Please refrain from playing instruments in the room.
 All school rules will be enforced on trips.
 All students should realize that any personal desires or uniqueness may have to be put aside for the
  duration of the trip in order to facilitate large group control and management.
 No one is to leave the hotel alone. Any student found leaving the premises without permission will be
  dealt with severely.
 Profanity is not a part of our organization! Make sure your language is not offensive.
 Band members are expected to be at the right place, at the right time, ready to go!

Competitions are special events where we get to perform for a sophisticated audience and very competent
judges. WE ARE THERE TO DO OUR BEST!!! If we do our best, then everything will take care of
itself. Specific information is given prior to competitions as to directions, departure and anticipated return
time. All parents are encouraged to attend competitions and support the band. Itineraries will have been
handed out prior to any event. Should we be running early or late, students will call parents from cell
phones on the bus. It is important that parents are early or on time to pick up the students following
any band function, especially all trips.

After fall break there will be auditions to determine chair placement. Auditions will be announced well in
advance and will consist of scales, a required solo, sight-reading, tone and range. Further requirements will
be expected of percussionists and will be reviewed with them ahead of time. The auditions will be judged
by the director and anyone else who he sees fit to be involved in the audition process. In some cases, a
student on a brass instrument with a higher score may be put on a lower part to achieve balance or to allow
a younger student to develop his / her range. If this is the case, the student will be informed of the reason
for his / her placement.

All students will have the responsibility for playing tests as determined by the director. Any music
assigned to be played for a test must be played for the director, or other representative of the director as he
sees fit. Often, the music will be played on the Band’s CD recording system in a practice room and
evaluation will be shared with the student at a later time. All playing tests will either be pass or fail.

Band owned tuxedo jacket and pants (must be returned at end of year with cleaning receipt attached dated
after final concert)
Tux Shirt, cummerbund, bow tie, black socks, black dress shoes (to be provided by student)
(A mass order for shirts, cummerbunds, and bow ties will be made to reduce individual costs)
Long black dress (Specific material and pattern information will be available from uniform committee)
Formal dress shoes (no flip-flops, etc.)


 You must be in the band room on your way to your seat when the bell rings; a downbeat will be given
   five minutes after the bell. During the five minutes you should move to your seat, obtain music, a
   music stand, and a pencil, and begin warming up for the day’s rehearsal. Make sure you have extra
   reeds. Percussionists should silently set up all equipment and music during the warm-up.
   Announcements will be made at the beginning or end of class and will also be written on the board.

   Talking will not be tolerated during a rehearsal.

   The purpose of rehearsal is for you to learn the parts of others and how they relate to yours, not to
    learn your individual music!

   If you must leave your seat for any reason, please ask. Restroom breaks should be taken between

   In your individual warm-up, it is important to do each of the following on a daily basis:

         LONG TONES
         LIP SLURS

Each student should have the following items in class everyday:
 a sharpened pencil
 your instrument (sticks, mallets)
 your music and folder (and drill charts during marching season)
 at least three reeds (clarinets and saxophones) and water bottles (trombones)
 at least two reeds (oboes and bassoons) and water canisters for soaking.
From time to time during the school year you will receive a materials grade as part of your daily
participation record. If you have all the items listed above, you will receive a daily grade of “A.” Your
grade will be lowered one letter for each item you are missing. The easiest way to avoid this is to have
everything that you need, at all times! After the second day, the letter grade may be lowered.

Each student who uses a school-owned instrument, including percussion, is completely responsible for the
care of the instrument. A $50 fee will be assessed per year for the use of any school owned instrument, and
will be payable to Red Bank High School, not the band boosters. This fee will go toward any general
repair work caused by normal wear and tear. If an instrument is damaged due to negligence, the student is
responsible for the entire cost. An instrument checkout form must be filled out and on file with the

Each student will be assessed a $1 fee for replacement of lost music or drill charts. See librarians or the
director for any problems concerning music. See your section leader for any problems concerning drill


The use of band facilities before, after, and during school is a privilege. Students who abuse the facility
will be disciplined accordingly. Any abuse or damage will be considered vandalism. NO OUTSIDE
STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED IN THE BANDROOM except for business with the director. There
will be no horseplay, i.e. throwing of things, in or around the band room. All percussion and guard
equipment is off limits to anyone not specifically designated to use them. No storing of personal items –

Practice rooms are to be used for practice or private instruction. Keep the room neat with the appropriate
music stands in place.

The library is private and is to be used only by the library staff. Materials may be checked out through the
librarian; this includes Solos, Ensembles, and Etude Books. The band office is private and is not to be
entered by any student without permission from the director or a staff member. All students should keep in
mind that this is a place of business. If the door is shut, knock first. Telephone use should be kept to a
minimum and is not for personal use. Ask permission before using.

As with any activity, you get out of it what you put into it. Band will not be “FUN” unless you practice!
There are many values in the study of music as a discipline that transfer to other areas of life. Although
this will not immediately happen, persistent practice will lead to enthusiastic, driven practice. Remember:
“Perfect Practice makes Perfect!” Here is a suggested plan of study:

Pick a set time each day                               Use a tuner for a portion of your practice session
Have an acoustically dry place of practice             Increase dynamic range (work on pianissimo)
Use our daily warm-up & think “tone”                   Increase endurance (15 minutes of full tone playing)
Play some form of scales at every practice session     Increase range (highest note with good tone)
Take a break every 20 minutes                          Use a metronome for part of the time
Work on technique (articulations, accents, etc.)       “I will start with ___ minutes and increase to …......
Practice sight-reading                                 Use the practice record to keep track of your practice

Red Bank Band Members who have shown the utmost dedication will have an opportunity to earn an
Award Letter in Band through fulfilling the following minimum requirements:

            Must participate in the band program for the entire year (Color Guard for one semester)
            Must attend all performances unless extenuating circumstances prevail.
            Must have no major disciplinary actions taken against you.
            Must have no outstanding financial obligations.
            Must have an “A” average in band.

                                       EQUIPMENT NEEDS
         (All students will need a flip folder and a lyre for their instrument during marching band)


Flutes: Students should have a tuning rod and cleaning cloth for their instrument. It is recommended that
students get a silver cleaning cloth that will help reduce tarnish.

Single Reeds: Students are required to have a minimum of four reeds at all times. A broken reed will not
be accepted as an excuse for not being able to play at a rehearsal. Students should play on Vandoren reeds
of a strength level 2 ½ or higher. Cork grease is also a must. A Vandoren B45 is the suggested
mouthpiece, and a Rovner is the suggested ligature. Saxes must have a black neck-strap.

Double Reeds: Students are required to have a minimum of four reeds at all times. It is recommended that
students use a medium soft reed. The best source for reeds is for a private lesson teacher to hand-make the
reeds for the student.


Polishing cloths are recommended for silver instruments. Lemon Pledge (Only LEMON!!!) and a soft
cloth can be used for lacquered instruments. It is recommended that students invest in a chemical cleaning
at least once per year in order to avoid Red-Rotting. Mouthpiece brushes are also recommended.

Trumpets: Students are required to have a 5C or smaller number mouthpiece for marching and concert
band. A 10C, 14A4A, etc. may be acceptable for jazz band only. Students must own a straight mute for
their instrument. Students need valve oil and slide grease.

Horn: The recommended mouthpiece is an 11. Students need valve oil and slide grease.

Trombone / Euphonium: The recommended mouthpiece is a 12C or Schilke 51D. Students need
valve/slide oil and slide grease. Trombones must also have a straight mute and small spray bottle for water.

Tuba: The recommended mouthpiece is a 24AW. Students need valve oil and slide grease.


Each percussionist should have the following materials:

A pair of marching sticks
A pair of general snare sticks
A pair of general timpani mallets or staccato mallets
A pair of rubber xylophone mallets, Musser Blue or Musser Green
A pair of yarn mallets, DS 16 or DS 18
A pitch pipe, F – F or C – C
A digital metronome
A stick bag

*Percussionists will be assessed a $50 instrument rental fee per year for use of school equipment, provided
that all accessory equipment is obtained. Otherwise, a fee of $150 per year will apply. These fees will be
payable to Red Bank High School, not the Band Boosters. In addition to paying the instrument rental fee,
accessory equipment must be purchased prior to band camp and shown to director before marching
equipment is checked out to student.

                                   INSTRUMENT UPGRADES
Please DO NOT buy any new instrument for your student before consulting with Mr. Humber. There are
too many instrument companies out there that are producing terrible products that cannot be easily repaired
and/or adjusted. The following is a limited list of some of the reputable brands of intermediate and
professional models for each instrument

                 Piccolo                             Yamaha YPC 62
                 Flute                               Yamaha 581 H
                 Clarinet                            Buffet R-13
                 Oboe                                Loree or Fox 400
                 Bassoon                             Fox Renard 220 or 222
                 Saxophone                           Old Selmer Mark VI or Yamaha Custom
                 Trumpet                             Bach Stradivarius
                 Horn                                Paxman M20 or Holton 179
                 Trombone                            Bach 42 B, BO or Edwards
                 Euphonium                           Yamaha 321 – S or Willson
                 Tuba                                St. Petersburg or Perantucci

Just as the blind child cannot paint a picture of the sunset, an instrumentalist cannot duplicate a
characteristic sound on their instrument without an appropriate model to emulate. Below are suggestions of
artists for each instrument. Every student in the Red Bank band program should own at least one recording
of the following artists:

                 FLUTE                               Jean-Pierre Rampal, Jim Walker
                 CLARINET                            Harold Wright, Larry Combs
                 OBOE                                Joseph Robinson, John Mack
                 BASSOON                             Bubonic Bassoon Quartet, Christopher Millard
                 SAXOPHONE                           Jean Rousseau, Joseph Lulloff, Steven Mauk
                 TRUMPET                             Phil Smith, Adolph Herseth
                 HORN                                Dale Clevenger, Dennis Brain
                 TROMBONE                            Joseph Alessi, Christian Linberg
                 EUPHONIUM                           Brian Bowman, Roger Behrend
                 TUBA                                Arnold Jacobs, Sam Pilafian
                 PERCUSSION                          Nexus Percussion Ensemble


There are a wide variety of scholarships available for both music majors and non-music
majors on the collegiate level. Many universities grant partial scholarships or a one-time
scholarship to students who simply agree to play in an ensemble, and some will waive
out-of-state tuition. Information varies at each school. Ask in the band office and we
will do all that we can to help in your future endeavors.

                  2004-2005 Band Camp Information
Leadership Meetings                        July 14-16
                                           8:00 – 12:00 AM

Rookie Camp,                               July 18 - 22
Color Guard &                              8:00 – 11:30 AM & 1:00 – 4:30 PM
Percussion Camp

Full Band Camp                             July 25 – August 5
                                           Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
                                           8:00 – 11:30 AM & 1:00 – 4:30 PM

                                           Tuesday and Thursday
                                           8:00 – 11:30 AM / 1:00 – 4:30 PM / 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Parent and Community Concert               Friday, August 5 @ Sunset @ RBHS Stadium

Friday, July 29                            DCI Trip to Murfreesboro

Monday, August 9                           First Day of School

Thursday, August 10                        First after-school rehearsal until 5:00

Friday, August 20, 2004                    First Football Game vs. Austin East

During camps students will be permitted to take care of lunch/dinner breaks as they wish. Student
transportation during these meal breaks is the sole responsibility of the student and parent. Dentist and
well visits to the doctor should be scheduled around camp activities and after school practices.

After-School Rehearsals
Football Season                    After-school Rehearsals Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                   3:00 until 5:00 (Through Football Season)

During marching rehearsals, students should wear non-revealing, size-appropriate
clothing, which is lightweight. Also, students must wear closed-toed athletic shoes with
socks. If there is any question concerning what is or is not appropriate, the decision of the
band director will always prevail.

Also, all students must have a water bottle at every marching rehearsal.

                                2005-2006 Calendar
                          Other activities may be added with ample notice given
                                    Dates & Times Subject to Change

                                      Football Schedule
Football games begin at 7:30 PM. For home games parents should be here to pick up their child no later
than 10:00 PM. For away games, itineraries will be distributed on Monday of the given week.

August 19              vs. Austin East
August 25              @ Soddy Daisy (Thursday)
September 2            vs. Chattanooga Central
September 16           @ Walker Valley
September 23           @ Boyd-Buchanan
September 30           @ Brainerd
October 7              vs. Cleveland (Homecoming)
October 14             @ Rhea County
October 21             vs. White County
October 28             vs. Hixson (Senior Night)
(Championship Games will be attended depending on the success of the team)

                                           Other Events
September 24th            Marching Competition*
October 1st               Marching Competition*
October 8th               Marching Competition*
*Please keep these weekends free for rehearsals, performances, and travel to and from marching
competitions. More details involving times and locations will be given as these dates draw near.

November 19               Hixson Christmas Parade
November 19               Junior Clinic Auditions (9th Graders)
December 2                Red Bank Christmas Parade
December 3                Chattanooga Christmas Parade
December 9-10             Junior Clinic Rehearsals and Performance
Early-December            Holiday Concert
January 7                 Senior Clinic Auditions (10th, 11th, and 12th Graders)
Late January              UTC Honors Clinic
February 2-4              Senior Clinic (Gatlinburg, TN)
Early February            Concerts at middle schools and recruitment initiatives
Late February             Winter Concert
Early March               Concert Festival
Late April                Spring Concert and Awards Banquet
May 6                     Red Bank Jubilee Parade
Early May                 Armed Forces Day parade


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