Goal Setting by ert554898


									Goal Setting
             What is a goal?
• Definition: the purpose toward which an
  endeavor is directed; an objective
       Why are they important?
• Goals focus on:
  – The Chapter’s priorities
  – Narrowing energy towards accomplishing one or
    two items instead of trying to do ten
  – How Nourish functions on your campus
• By selecting reasonable goals that are within
  your chapter’s abilities, your chapter will be
  more effective and make a bigger impact
    Factors to keep in mind when setting
•   Time available
•   Energy and dedication of team members
•   Priorities of the chapter
•   Past performance
                Setting goals
• Step one: Establish the priorities of the
• Step two: Pick the highest priorities and create
  a tangible, detailed goal
• Step three: Create a step by step plan to meet
  the goal
• Step four: Follow through on the plan
• Step five: Examine mistakes and learn from
• To get the most out of your goals:
        Goals should be specific
• Ask yourself:
  – How will we reach that goal? Is it a realistic goal?
  – What are the specific steps along the way?
  – What does raising awareness on campus, for example,
    look like? And, what is the chapter capable of
    doing/interested in doing?
  – Can we create a timeline and budget for this goal?
  – How will we measure success? Are 2 new members
    enough, or should we aim for 10?
  – How will we track these goals to make sure we’re on
How to upgrade Goal 1.0 into Goal 2.0
Semi-developed goals:         Go for it Goals:
1.Raise enough money to       1.Raise $4000, $2000 each semester
fund a project                2.Recruit 5 freshman, 5 sophomores
2.Recruit new members who     and settle them in committees +
will stay involved            follow up
3.Establish an executive      3.Establish an exec board in which
board and give ownership to   each member is in charge of a
each member                   committee & events
4.Raise awareness on          4.Bring in 2 speakers per semester to
campus about global           discuss poverty
poverty                       5.Create a project selection
5.Participate in a project    committee, select a project and recruit
                              4-5 people to implement it.
             Reassessing Goals
• End of first semester, beginning of second
• Assess what is working and what is not
  – Examine why goals no longer work
     • Is there a particular weakness in your chapter?
     • Does your chapter need to focus on different tasks?
     • Are you tracking your goals?
          Goal setting exercise
• Break into your chapters
• Read over your chapter profile
• Come up with three goals for your chapter,
  including a step by step process to meet the
• Pick one goal and present it to the group

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