Ratio Word Problems

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					Ratio Word Problems
               Example 1
  Jake finished 24 math problems in one
  hour. At this rate, how many hours will it
  take him to complete 72 problems?
problems      24 72
 hours        1   x        Answer: 3 hours
             24 x  72
                x 3
                     TOO #1
   Rating movies in 1994, critic Gene Siskel gave
    four thumbs up to every five thumbs up given
    by his partner Roger Ebert. If Mr. Siskel gave
    thumbs up to 68 movies, how many movies did
    Mr. Ebert rate favorably?
      Siskel        4 68
      Ebert         5 x        Answer: 85 movies
                   4x  340
                    x  85
                     TOO #2
   When a pair of blue jeans is made, the leftover
    denim scraps can be recycled to make
    stationary, pencils, and more denim. One
    pound of denim is left after making every five
    pairs of jeans. How many pounds of denim
    would be left from 250 pairs of jeans?
     pounds         1   x
      pairs         5 250       Answer: 50 pounds
                   5x  250
                    x  50
                        TOO #3
   A flea, usually less than an eighth of an inch long, can
    long jump about thirteen inches and high jump about
    8 inches. If humans could jump in proportion to the
    flea, it would take only nine leaps to go one mile! At
    this rate, how many leaps would it take a human to
    travel 693 miles from Louisville, Kentucky to Norfolk,
      leap             9   x
      miles            1 693         Answer: 6237 leaps
                      x  6237
                      TOO #4
   To make a model of the Victoria River, Zoe
    used 2.5 inches of clay for every 7 miles of the
    actual river’s length. Her model river was 50
    inches long. How long is the Victoria River?
     inches         2.5 50
      miles          7   x
                  2.5x  350     Answer: 140 miles
                    x  140
   A trash can casts a shadow 2 feet long at
    the same time that a building casts a
    shadow of 8 feet. If the trash can is 3.5
    feet tall, how tall is the building?


              2                         8
                  64 72
                              x  71.1in
                Example 2
                   x 80            5 ft11in
                 72x  5120the same time
 I cast a shadow of 6 feet at
 as my brother casts a shadow of 6 feet 8
 inches. If I am 5 foot 4 inches tall,
 approximately how tall is my brother?

               All units must
               be the same!!
 5ft 4in          Ft*12=in
 64 in
                                    80 in
           6 ft 72 in               6ft 8in
           TOO for Homework
   A tree casts a shadow 40 ft long. At the
    same time, a boy 5’6” tall casts a shadow
    8 ft long. Find the height of the tree IN
   Similar Triangles
     Draw a picture!!!!
     Convert to the same units

   Ratio Word Problems
     Write   your word ratio first!!!

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