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					           St. Anthony’s School Newsletter
                  “Growing Together in Harmony”
       No. 7                            Wednesday, 28th March 2012

St Anthony’s School                      Lent – Week 5
382a West Tamar Rd.
Riverside, Tas     7250
                             So many and demanding are our preoccupations
Tel:      6327 3618
                             nowadays, that we often forget the most simple
Principal                    truth of the Christian religion – that we belong to
Mark Workman
                             God. In God we live, move and have our being,
Chairperson Board of         as St. Paul says. That is a profound metaphysical
Annabel Shegog               reality of which we must strive to become
                             increasingly aware.
Chairperson P & F
Scott Glanville

Office hours: Mon – Fri                              The Spirit itself
8.20 am – 4.00 pm
                                             bears witness with our spirit that
West Tamar Catholic
Parish Priest
Fr. Allan Hartcher ofm
                                                  we are children of God.
Tel:       6327 3971                                              (Romans 8:16)

Parish Pastoral
Sr. Frances McShane
Tel: 6383 1142

Mass Times                           GROCERY DRIVE !
St. Francis (Riverside)
Sat: 6.00 pm
Sun: 9.00 am                                Last days for our appeal
St. Francis Xavier              Send along your item as soon as possible
11.00 am
 st  rd   th
                                   More information in this newsletter!
1 , 3 & 5 Sundays

St. Canice (Glengarry)
11.00 am
 nd   th
2 & 4 Sundays

Sat: 5.15 – 5.45pm

Dear Parents,
                        NIJSSA Swimming Carnival
Congratulations to the following students who recorded first place in their
        Jordan Cooper Gr 5 Boys         Div 1 33m Breaststroke
        Sam Foley      Gr 3 Boys        Div 1 33m Freestyle
        Sam Foley      Gr 3 Boys        Div 1 33m Backstroke
        Zane Hadley    Gr 3 Boys        Div 1 33m Breaststroke
        Sam Foley, Jaidyn Gillies, Daniel Van Noord, Zane Hadley
               - Gr 3 Boys Div 1 Relay

                           School Board Positions
We currently have two vacancies on our School Board.          The AGM for the
Board of Management will be held in April and nominations for Office Bearers
are now being called.
The Board of Management is primarily responsible for the finance and property
of the school, working in conjunction with the Principal. The following areas of
school involvement and development include - Pastoral Care, Publicity and
Promotion, Capital and Maintenance Plans, Insurance, Enrolment, Building and
Grounds, School Fees and Levies, and Annual Budgets.
Anyone wishing to nominate is asked to speak to the Principal and collect an
information package and nomination form, and/or speak with the current
Chairperson Annabel Shegog. Meetings are held each third Tuesday of the
month commencing at 7.30 pm at the school.

                            Board Nomination
         Name                              Signature              Date

         Name                              Signature              Date

         Name                              Signature              Date

                                  Harmony Day
 Proceeds raised from the fundraiser are $806! Congratulations to the
 students and thank you to the Mini Vinnies for coordinating the event, and to
 all the parents for supporting the day. Proceeds will be forwarded to Caritas

                     Holy Week / Easter Week Ceremonies
All parents are invited to the following Ceremonies on Thursday 5 April
Stations of the Cross 9 – 12.20 am
        - Each class will take a short journey to each of the Stations
        - Whole school Assembly / Prayer Reflection 12.30 – 12.50
        for Holy Week in the Assisi Centre
After Easter on Monday 16 April,
- The Easter Sunday story (assembly at 12.20) headed by Gr 4
Tuesday 17 April
- Easter Egg Hunt organised by the Mini Vinnies

                 Anzac Beaconsfield March
St Anthony’s students march annually at the Anzac Day March at Beaconsfield.
We once again offer this opportunity and ask for interested students who can
represent the school on Wednesday 25 April.
Jo and Dave Mohr have kindly agreed to coordinate our representative group.
Interested students / parents from the school are asked to fill in the slip
enclosed and return to the school office. For further details in relation to the
arrangements please contact Mrs Watson.

                          Uniform Change
   A two-week changeover period from summer to winter
   uniform commences on Monday 16th April. All students are
   to be in their winter uniform by Monday 30th April 2012.

        School Principal
        Mark Workman

         Take a risk
          Have a try                   3
   Watch your confidence fly
Last Wednesday St Anthony’s School celebrated
Harmony Day. Students came dressed in their
family’s national dress or LOTE colours. As part of
the day students spent the morning learning about
Harmony Day and what it means to live together in
Harmony with people from all different cultures.
After recess we created a money line and held a
parade to showcase our dress ups. We spent the
afternoon sharing our knowledge with each other in an assembly, with some
classes presenting their knowledge through drama, others used food, some
classes used music, whilst others used art.

It was a fantastic day and a wonderful celebration of different cultures!
Thank you to the Mini Vinnies for all their help organising the day. The
total raised in the money line was $806.75, with more money filtering in
daily. This money will be sent to Project Compassion at the end of next
week – so if you have money at home please send it along to the school
office as soon as possible.                         Mrs Watson

    The Tasmanian Fire Service School Fire Education Program will be
                                      th                   th
    visiting our school on Monday 16 April to Friday 20 April. The
    program has been designed for children from Prep to Grade 6,
    providing basic safety procedures and survival skills in the case of a
    Please let your chil/ren’s teacher know prior to this visit if your child
    has been involved in a serious fire incident or if they have been
    treated for burns at any stage of their life.
                                                                   Mrs Watson

Anzac Day March

……………………………………… Gr …………………….. will
participate in the Beaconsfield Anzac Day March

                         URGENT – PLEASE ASSIST!
We are appealing to the generosity of the St Anthony’s School
community to assist the Launceston City Mission by donating 1
non-perishable item (just from your own pantry cupboard will be
fine). These items can include – tins of tomatoes, tuna, salmon,
spaghetti, baked beans, Pasta Sauce, packets of Pasta, Biscuits,
cereal etc.
Any donation will be gratefully accepted!!! Any queries can be directed to
Denise 0400 565 389. Items may be placed in the collection box in the school
office foyer. Many thanks from Denise Bott (St Anthony’s School Board) and
City Mission Housing Support Worker
                  Last Friday we played T-Ball against St Finn Barr’s. Everyone
                  played really well and both teams showed great sportsmanship.

                  We would like to say a special thank you to Mr Stacey for helping
                  us. We won the game 27 to 30.            by Agok & Lizzie
                  On Friday 23 March we played Super 10’s against Launceston
                  Church Grammar School. The scores were 60 to 95. We did
                  lose but we had an excellent time. We would like to thank Mrs
                  Gillies and Mrs Meech for giving up their time to support us,
                  thank you!                                by Riley & J.T.

             We played T-Ball – our team was Dylan, Ryan, Noah, Jasmine,
             Crystal, Kalli, Henry and Jorjia who was Captain and Beth who
             was Vice Captain. We won by 2 points, the score being 17 to 19.
             We played against Launceston Christian School. It was a good
game. In the middle it started to hail. We would like to thank everyone who
helped us and also played.                                 by Jorjia & Beth

                 Grade 6T packing & leaving for Camp !
         Important information about accident protection for students*

Dear Parent
Every day there are accidents involving children. To assist parents with costs associated
with those accidents, we have SchoolCare Accident insurance provided by Catholic
Church Insurances Limited. The SchoolCare Accident policy provides protection to all
students attending our school.
The School Activities only cover includes accidental injury cover for school camps,
school sports (including sports out of school hours as long as they are organised by the
school), work experience and travelling to and from school or school activities. It also
includes activities organised or authorised by the school. This includes before and after
school care if organised by the school. Cover is worldwide.
Our policy covers three important areas of care and any one accident may be claimable
under one or more of these areas.
Cover includes:
    1.    Up to $7,500 inclusive per accident for medical costs (excluding any
          Medicare expenses or the Medicare Gap) from the following registered medical
          •   Dentist
          •   Chiropractor
          •   Osteopath
          •   Physiotherapist
          •   Remedial massage
          •   Podiatry
          •   Acupuncture, and also costs from a
          •   Chemist, and
          •   Hospital accommodation and facility fees.
Please note:
Federal legislation in Australia prohibits Catholic Church Insurances from
          •   the cost of any medical service for which a Medicare benefit is
          •   the Medicare Gap or
          •   the cost of any hospital treatment or other benefit unless the cost
              arises from an injury while taking part in certain activities, such as:
              – attending school
              – engaging in a sporting activity
              – a secondary student undertaking a work experience program

              –   voluntary services to a religious, charitable, educational or
                  benevolent organisation
              –   youth activities organised by a voluntary association such as
                  Guides or Scouts or
              –   travelling to or from the above activities.

    2. Fixed amounts for defined events. For example, when a student accidentally
         receives a fracture of the hand the policy will pay a fixed amount of $250. The
         full table of benefits lists all the defined events covered under the policy and
         the fixed amount payable. The full table of benefits is shown in the information
         sheet available at

    3.   Other benefits related to the injury sustained including:
         •  Emergency transport resulting from an accidental injury
         •  Home tuition
         •  Hospital inconvenience allowance
         •  Nursing allowance
         •  Professional counselling fees and
         •   Assistance with payment of school fees in the event of the accidental
             death of a parent or guardian.

These are all limited to specific amounts per accident. These amounts are detailed in
the table of benefits contained in the policy, and are subject to the policy wording, terms,
conditions and exclusions.
In the event you need to make a claim please call the Schoolcare Accident Helpline on
1300 138 498 or to download a claim form or for more
*Summary only. See the policy document for full terms, conditions and exclusions


The Minutes from the P&F Annual General Meeting and March General
Meeting held on Tuesday 13th March, are available to be read on the notice
board outside the school office.

Shortly after Easter, the P&F will have its own webpage on the School's
website and Minutes will also be available to be viewed on this site.

                         Mother's Day is on Sunday 13th May. As we do every year, as a fund

                         raiser for the School, the P&F will be organising a Mother's Day Stall
                         where each child will be asked to donate a small gift to the stall in the
                         weeks leading up to the day, and then on the Friday before Mother's
                         Day (11th May) each child is asked to
                         bring $2 to school to purchase a gift for
                         their own Mum from the Stall.
                         If there is anyone who would like to assist
                         in organising this Stall and/or to help with
                         the Stall on the day, or perhaps have
                         some suggestions for the Stall, please

Further details regarding the Mother's Day Stall will be sent out after the Easter

                          EASTER HOLIDAY PROGRAM
                        In2shape Kids Fitness/Music Workshop
                            When - Wednesday April 11th
                                    Time - 10-2pm
                    Cost - $20 or discounted if you invite a friend
    What - Games, prizes, general fitness for kids, obstacles courses, learning music
 through games, learn or improve your reading of music, performance for those who
  learn an instrument, meet new friends, educational experience in a creative and fun
    Come along and experience a unique kids fitness program run by fully qualified
 Personal Trainer and Manager of Jett's Fitness Adrian Wilson and enjoy a wonderful
 music program which is creative, fun, energetic and educational, run by Professional
Music teacher Robyn.D.Wilson Atcl, Perf Cert, HON SCSM. Be quick! Limited Spots!
 Email or phone Robyn on 0400 070 375. Don't delay!
                    You won't want to miss this great opportunity.
                   ROBYN WILSON Atcl, Perf Cert, Hon SCSM

                            EASTER CHOCOLATE RAFFLE
                               Win a huge Chocolate Box
                      Tickets available at the office – 50 cents each
                               ONLY a few tickets LEFT!
                             Raffle drawn Thursday 5 April