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Minimum Train Crews and Maximum Length of Trains
         Legislation in the United States
     Conip~ledby the T,lbrary of the Bureau of Railway Economics, Washington, D. C.

                      GENERAL.                                    (St. Louia railway club. Proceedings, v.
                                                                     17: 119-35; Sept. 13, 1912)
Bureau of railway economics.                                     -4lSo in Publlc service regultrlion, v. 1:
  The arguments for and against train-crew                           701-10; NOV. 1912.
   legislation. Washington, D. C.,October,                             Full crew laws, p. 127.
    1913. 1 11. I., 37 p. 8'. (Its Bulletm no.                 Effects of train crew legislation.
     53)                                                          (Railway world, v. 67: 924.28; Nov. 1913)
                                                               Engineering and contracting [Editorial1
  Select list of references on train-crew                        Pernicious "full crew bills."
    legislation.                                                  (Engineering and contracting, v. 39: 637;
  (Special libraries, v. 4: 121-25; June, 1913)                      May 14, 1913)
       List based on an original compilation,                  The Full crew bill. A symposium.
    added to by Division of bibliography,                         (Mediator, v. 6: 35-37; July, 3913)
    Library of Congress, and then submitted                    Full crew folly.
    to state librarics and legislative refer-                     (Wall street journal, A i r . 29, 1912, p. 3,
    ence departments.
Commercial and financial chronicle [Edi-                            col. 1)
  torial]                                                      Full crew legislation.
  Labor unions and the extra crew bills.                          (Railroad hernld, v. 18: 104; June, 1913)
  (Commercial and financial chronicle, v.                      ~ o i ~ r a s J., D.
    96: 984-85; Apr. 5, 1913)                                    A plain talk on t h e real causes for full
Culbenson, Charlcs A.                                                &ew agitation
  Laws relating to the number of m e n re-                        (Santa Fe magazine, v. 7' 65-69; Nov.
    quired on railroad trains.                                       1913)
  [Washington, Govt. print. off., 19091 7 p                    Opposition to full crew bills develops in the
    8". (Goth Cong., 2d sew. Senate. Doc.                        states.
    692)                                                          (National business, v. 1, no. 17: 4; Apr.
       A comvilation of state laws.                                  30, 1913)
Dunn, ~ a m u e 0.
                 i                                             Public opposition t o safety legislation.
  Government regulation ol railway opera-                         (Railroad trainmen, v. 30: 536-40; June
    tions.                                                          1913)
                                SPECIAL LIBRARIES
Railroad herald lEditor!all                       Bulletin no. 97.
  "Full crews" and freight rates.                  Review of labor l~glsltltionof 1911, by
  (Railroad herald, v. 18: 228-29; Nov. 1914)         L. D. Clark.
Railroad truinman.                                 Laws of various states relating t o l a b o r
  Better pay wages to live men than pen-              enacted since January 1, 1911.
  sions for dead ones.                                Summary of l a w s nassed on full t r n l n
  (Railroad trainman, v. 31. 546-55; June,         crews in 1911, p. 592.
    1914)                                             See Index for laws of various s t a t e s .
      Colnnlent on the full crew laws of the          Referred t o below as Dureau labor
    various statcs                                 Bull. 97.
  Fagan barks a t the full crew laws.             Bulletin no. 145. Labor laws o l the Unitod
  (Ra~lroad  trainman, v. 30: 472; May, 1913)      States with decisions of courls relating
Railway age gazette I Editorial1                   thereto. Washington, 1014. 2 v. 8'.
  A substitut~   for the full crew lam.               Sec Index for laws of stales In r e g a r d
  (Railway age gazette, v. 57: 1187; Dec. 25,      t o suficient crews.
    1914)                                             Referred t o below a s Bureau l a b o r
      Length of train legislation.                 Ru11. 145.
Saunders, William.
  Full crew leg~slationopposition.                Twenty-~econdannual report of tho Corn-
  (Railroad trainman, v. 30: 640-41; July,           nlissioner of labor. Labor laws of t h e
    1913)                                            United Sl atee. WashingLon, 1908.
Special committee on relations of railway               See Index for laws of the slnles in re-
  operation to legislation.                          gard to train crews l h r o u g l ~  1907.
  [Bulletins in regard to "Full crcw" laws]     U. S. Congress, House. Committee on in-
    Nos. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 39, 55, 57, 61.          terstate and forcign commerce. Hearings
    Bulletin 110 3 (Memorandu~nof reasons        before lllc C o m n ~ i t t e e . .on bills affecting
      why a full crcw law is unnecessary)         interstate commerce. I January 1&March
      repl'interl in U. S. Congress. House.       25, 19101 Washington 1910. 3 508, Hi p. 8".
      Con~mitteeon interstate and foreign               Full crew laws: Statcrn,ent of A. H.
      commerce. Hearings. 1910. p. 203-33.           Smith, representing New York cenlrn.1
                                                     lines east of Buffalo, p. 185-03; L e t t e r
  [Legislelion of the states effecting train         of J W. Thoinnu, jr, Nashville, Chat-
    or switching crews and lnws prescribing          tanooga and St. Louis railway, p. 193-94;
    qualificat~ons for certain employees.            Veto message of Governor I-Iughea,
    Chicago, 19131 37 I). 4". (Its Bulletin          June 15, 1907, p. 195-96, 212; S t u l e m c n t
    no. 55)                                          of F. C. Rice, Chicago, Burlington dt
      Partially reprinted in Railway age ga-         Quincy R. R. co., p. 196-233; Bullelin no.
    zette, v. 56: 782, Apr. 3, 1914. Referred        3, Jan. 11, 1910, of Special committ.ee on
    to below as "Bulletin 55."                       relatione of railway operation t o legis-
                                                     lation, p. 203-33; Statement of R. A.
  Summary of replies to inquiry as to addi-          Campbell of Southern Pacific railway,
     tional cost entailed by the proposed            p. 234-36; Statement of J. M. Davis, or
     "Full crew" bill. Chicago, Dec. 31, 1909        Oregon short line, p. 236-38; .T. J . Rar-
     6 p. 4'.                                        nett, Lake Shore and hliclllgan Southern
Train-crew lnws proving costly. Railroads            railway, p. 239-44; &I.J. Reynolds, New
  again facing the rising cost of labor.             Yorlc, New Haven and Hartford railrdad,
   (Journal of commerce, October 27, 1913,           p. 245-47; J. T. Johnson, Centrnl aC
     p. 1, col. 6)                                   Georgia railway, p. 247-50, 259-60; E, E.
Train-length bill alarms railroads. Propoaed
                                                     Hess, Pennsylvania railroad, 11. 250-50 :
                                                     A. A. Roe, of Brotherhood of flremen
  law would again greatly increase number            and enginemen and Brotherhood of rail-
  of men employed. Long trains now being
  run for economy.                                   road trainmen, p. 1488.
   (Trade and transportation, v. 15: January            This testimony i s reprinted in Bulletin
     1915, p. 13-14)                                 no. 7 of the Sgecinl rommilteo on 'wln-
                                                     tions of rallway operation t o legisla-
U. S. Bureau of Labor.                               tion.
  Bulletin no. 85.
     Review of labor legislation of 1908 and    Wall street journal [Editorial]
        1909, by L D. Clark.                      Heading off the annual hold-up.
     Laws of various states relating to labor      (\Val1 street journal, Nov. 20, 1913, p. 1         ,
        enacted since January 1, 1908.               col. 2)
        Summary of laws passed on full train            ~lle full crew legislation of the s t a t e s .
     crews in 1909, p. 471.
        See Index for laws of various states      Short train foolishness.
        Referred to below aa Bureau labor         (Wall street journal, Jan. 8, 1915, p. 1,
      Bull. 86.                                     col. 2)
                                 SPECIAL LIBRARIES                                            27
Watki ns, Edgar.                                             T h e opinion was reprinted in Rail-
 Shippers a n d carriers of interstate freight.            road trainman, v. 26: 693-95; ~ u g .
   Chicago, T. H. Flood and co., 1909. 578 P.              1908, under title: Arkansas full
     Full crew law is valid, p. 346.                       crew bill is Cohstitutional.
                   Alabama.                                  Rewewed in Bureau labor Bull.
                                                           95, P. 317.
1915. Bills. House 202. Requiring railways               Comment:
           t o equip passenger trains with                Arlcansas full crew law^
           full crcws.                                       (Railway and engineering review,
        House 201. Full crews for switch                        v. 47: 1023)
           engines.                                       "Pull crew" cases belore the Su-
        House 203. Minimum       crew  for                  areme court.
           freight trains.                                   iRnilway and engineering review,
                   Arizona.                                     v. 30: 1061; Nov. 19, 1910)
1903. Law specifying ~iumberof brakemen.                  Arkansas and New York full crew
       Approved March 18, 1903.                             bills.
       Acts of 1903, no. 34, Sec. 3, p. 53.                  (Railroad trainmen's journal, V.
       Bulletin 55, 11. 14.                                     24: 650-61; June, 1907)
        Bureau labor Rull. 148, p. 210.                   Railroad trainman [EditorialJ
        Culberson (Senate Doc. 692, Goth                    United States Supreme court de.
          Cong., 2d sess.), p. 1.                               cisions favor railroad em-
1912. Law r e q u ~ r i n g sufficient crews for                ployees.
        trains. Approved May 7, 1912.                        (Railroad trainman, v. 28: 327-31;
        Acts of 1912, chap. 16.                                 Apr. 1911)
        Bulletin 56, p. IS.                        1909. Law requiring suflcient crews for
        Bureau labor Rull. 148, p 214.:                   trains. Approved May 31, 1909.
        Arizona, Railway commission. An-                  Bullet~n55, 1). 14.
          nual report. 1913, p. 92-93.                    B u r e m labor 131111. 148, p. 249.
      The Constitutionality of this statute,             Comment:
        protection of civil rights, jurisdic-             Railway age gazette [Editorial]
        tion of fedcral courts, tested in case                                         n
                                                              [Full crew legislation i the vari-
        of Simpson e t al. v. Ceary ct al. U.                   ous states.]
        S. District court, District of Arizona.               (Railway age gazette, v. 52: 943;
        March 4, 1913. (Fed. reporter, p.                       Apr. 26, 1912)
        507.) .Tudgmcnt of court summar-                           Comment on legislation iq
        ized in Bureau labor Bull. 152, p. 158.                 Arkansas, Pennsylvania, New
1912. Law llmiting trains to 70 cars. Ap-                        York, Massachusetts and New
        proved May 16, 1913.
        Acts of 1912. Cha]~. Sec. 1-4.
                                  43,              1913. Law prescribing minimum slvitching
        Bulletin 56, p. 31.                                crcws. Approved Feb. 20, 1913.
                                                             sen at^ 4)
                Arkansas.                                  Acts of 1913, Act. no. 67, Sec. 1-4.
1907. Law requiring 3 brakemen on freight                  Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 254.
         trains of 25 or more cars.       App.             Bull. 55, p. 14.
         Mar. 28, 1907.                                  Cbmment: &'tr'nll crew law.
        Bulletin 55, p. 15.                                   (Commercial and financial chron-
        Bureau labor Bull. no. 148, p. 246.                      icle, v. 99: 1425; Nov. 14, 1914)
        Arkansas.        Railroad commission.              Full crow law upheld [by Supreme
            Annual report, 1906-7, p. 353, act.               courtl.
                116.                                          (Public service regulation, v. 3 :
        Culberson (Senatc Doc. 692, 60th                         625; Nov. 1, 1914)
            Cong, 2d sess.), p 1-2.                        rF1111crew law passed in Arkansas.]
       The constitutionality of this Act w a s                 (Railway age gazette, v. 54: 851;
        tested in cases brought by t h e state                   Apr. 11, 1913)
        against t h e Chicago, Rock Island         1913. Bill. I-Iouse 54. Prohibits operation
        a n d Pacific railway in one of the                of any freight train with more than
        s t a t e courts. The railway lost the             50 cars. Reported adversely by
        cases, nppealed t o the Supreme                    committee.
        court of t h e state and lost (111                           California.
        Southwestern reporter 456). Case
        came. before Supreme court of the          1911. Law prescribing sufficient crews.
        United St.ates, which in decision of              Acts of 1911, chap 49, Sec. 1-7.
        Justice Harlan, February 20, 1911,                  Amended by Chap. 168, Acts Of
        affirmed t h e judgment of the lower                1913.
        court (219 U. S. 453; 31 Sup. Ct.                 Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 293.
        275). This decision was used a s                  Bulletin 55, p. 16-17.
        basis of decision in Indiana full                  California.  Railroad commission.
        crew law case.                                      Report, 1911-12, p. 594-5.
                                  SPECIAL LIBRARIES
1913. Law prescribing sufficient crews. Ap-               Connecticut. Railroad commission-
       proved May 24, 1913.                                  ers. 57th annual report. 1909.
       Acts of 1913. Chap. 168.                              176 p. Number of brakemen, p.
        Bulletin 65. -. 16-17.
                    .D                                       72-73.
        California.    Railroad commission.        1913. Law directing public utilities commis-
         Report, 1912-13, p, 1755-67.                      sion to investigate and order on
                                                          train crews. Approved June 6,1913.
                   Colorado.                              Laws of 1913, Chap. 210.
                                                           Connecticut. LawA. Railroad and
1913. Bills introduced.
        Senate 25. Requires railways of 60                railway laws a n d Chapter 128..      .
           miles or more t o supply certain                  Hartford, 1914. 224 p. p. 203.
           crews.                                         Bulletin 55, p 17.
        House 41. Same.                                  Comment:
        Senate 286. Prescribes minimum                     Railway a g e gazette [Editorial]
           crews for freight and passenger                   Train crews a n d safety.
           trains.                                            (Railway a g e gazette, v. 58: 51-
        House 338. Same.                                        52; Jan. 8, 1915)
        House 482. Minimum crews for all                   Train crew regulations in Connecti-
           trains.                                           cut.
      Comment.                                                (Railway age gazette, v. 67: 1118;
        Railway age gazette [Editorial]                         Dec. 18, 1914)
        [The train crew bill pending in the                       "The Public utilities commis-
         legislature of Colorado.1                              sion of Connecticut, acting un-
          (Railway age gazette, v. 54: 823-                     der a law passed in 1913, h a s
            24; Apr. 1 , 1913)
                      1                                         investigated the question of the
                                                                adequacy of train crews, a s
                                                                managed b y the railroads of
                                                                Connecticut, and has issued a
1902. Law requiring number of brakemen.                         code of regulations for pas-
       L a w s of 1902, chap. 216. In Laws                      senger trains."
          relating t o ra~lroads. Appendix         1913. Blll introduced. House. 308. Pre-
          t o Railroad commission report for               scribes minlmum crews for pas.
          1902, p. 63-64.                                  senger, mail o r express trains and
       Connecticut. Laws           Railroad and            freight trains.
          railway laws and Chapter 128,
          Public a c t s of 1911. [Hartford,                         Delaware.
          19121. 206 p. p. 80.                     1913. Bill introduced. Senate 17.
       Connecticut. Laws. Railroad and                     Prescribes minimum crews           for
          railway l a w s and Chapter 128,                    freight and passenger trains.
          Public a c t s of 1911 (and amend-
          m e n t s of 1913) regulatmg and su-                        Florida.
          pervising public service corpora-        1913. Bills. House 122.
          tions. Hartford, 1914. 224 p. p.                 Specifies minimum crews for pas-
          93.                                                 senger, freight and work and con-
       Culberson (Senate Doc. 692, 60th                       struction trains.
          Cong., 1 s t sess.), p. 2.                       Senate 292. Prescribes minimum
             This l a w of 1902 was a revision                crews.
          of an earlier act. See General                              Georgia.
          statute8 of! Connecticut, revision       1912. Bills.
          of 1887. Sec. 3566, p. 783. Revi-                Bill t o prescribe minimum number
          sion of 1902, Sec. 3797, p. 942.                    of employees in passenger trains.
          See also Connecticut. Railroad                      I n House Journal, 1912, p. 301.
          commi~sioners.     Twenty-second an-     1913.   House 319. Minimum crews for
          nual report, 1876. (Number of                       passenger trains.
          brakemen o n train, Sec. 80, p.                  House 613. Same.
          242.)                                    1914.   House 913. Full crew for freight
1909. Law requiring sufficient crews for                      trains.
       trains, 1909. Approved Aug. 11,                                Illinois.
       1909.                                       1911. Bills.
       Acts of 1909, Chap. 219, Sec. 1, 2.                 House 10. To insure greater safe-
        Connecticut. Laws. Railroad and                       t y t o t h e lives of the traveling
          railway l a w s . . rHartford.. 19121
                                        .                     public and prescribing the number
          20G p. p . 81.                                      of employees on passenger and
        Connecticut. Laws. Railroad and                       freight trains.
          railway laws and C h a ~ t e r
          ~artford,    1914. 224 p. p. 93.
                                           128..              I n House Journal, 1911, p. 119.
                                                           Senate 330. Similar t o House bill
        Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 417.                       no. 10.
        Bulletin 56, p. 17.                                   In Senate Journal, 1911, p. 380.
                                  SPECIAL LIBRARIES
1913.    House 176. Pkb. 27, 1913. I n re-                  the 23d annuzl convention. .corn- .
          gard t o crews for ewitching en-                  ~ i l a t i o l lof the laws of the states
           gines.                                           pertaining t o railways.. .Chicago,
         House 169. Minimum crews for all                   Washington, 1912. 1507 p. 40.
           trains.                                          Indiana law, p. 490. This report
         House 338. Switching crews.                            is quoted below a s "23d annual
         Senate 227. Same a s House 169.                        convention, 1909."
         Senate 449. Switching crews. Same              The law OC 1907 Was tested in the case
           a s House 338.                                 of the Cleveland, Cincinnati, chi-
         Senatc 296. Mar. 25, 1913.                      cago and St. Louis railway c ~ v.           .
         House 464. Prohibits use of more                 the State of Indiaua. In this case
           than 1 locomotive a t same time In            t h e cornpany contended that the law
           moving one train.                             interfered with interstate commerce
         House 698. Prohibits operation of                and was therefore unconstitutional.
           trains of more than 60 cars.                   (87 Northeastern rep. 1034) The
        Comment:                                          case was carried before the United
         Railway age gazette [Editoriall                  States Supreme court and decided
           T h e train crew bill and railway              December 18, 1911 (223 U. S. 713).
              accidents in Illinois.                      T h e ji~dgment affirmed the decision
           (Railway age gazette, v. 54: 8G6;              of the lower court with costs, based
             Apr. 18, 1913)                               on the authority of the decision in
         Railway and engineering review                   thc Arkansas ,case.
           [Editoriall                                  Comment:
           [The Chicago association has,                  Altaclrs Indiana full-crew lam.
              passed a resolution protesting                 (Railway and engineering review,
              against the passage of t h e "full               v. 49: 747 ; Aug. 21, 1909)
              crew" hill now pending i n the                      "The Cleveland, Cincinnati,
              Illinois 1egislature.l                           Cliicago and St. L o u ~ sry. has
           (Railway and engineering review,                    filed a suit in the Supreme court
              v. 53: 304; March 29, 1913)                     .of t h e United States.. .The Su-
                                                               preme Court of Indiaua upheld
                    Indiana.                                   llie statute."
1907. L a w rcgulating size of crews on                   "Pull crew" cases before the 8u-
         freight, passenger and mail trains.                preme court.
         App. Feb. 13, 1907.                                 (Railway and engineering review,
        Acts of 1907. Chap. 11, Scc. 1-4.                      v 50: 1061; Nov. 19, 1910)
         Bureau of labor. 22d Annual rcpt,                        Arkansas and Indiana laws
            1907. D. 420.                                      tested for constitutionality.
         ~ulletin-65,p. 17-18.                            Indiana full crew law.
         Culberson (Senate Doc. 692, 60th;                   (Railway age gazette, v. 46: 1096;
            Cong., 1st-sess.), p. 2-3.                         May 21, 1909)
         Indiana. Railroad commission. 2d                 Indiana full-crew law.
            annual report, 1907. Indianapolis,               (Railway age gazette, v. 51: 485;
            1907.                                               Sept. 8, 1911)
            Full crcw law, p. 240-244.                             Comment on opinion of At-
            Violation of law by Wabash rail-                   torney-general of Indiana rela-
            road, p. 240.                                      tive to prosecutions under the
         Indiana. Laws. Transportation laws                     full crew law of 1907.
            of Indiana. Effective April 10,               The Full crew act of Indiana.
            1907. p. 65.                                     (Railway and engineering review,
         Railroad trainmen's journal, v. 24;                    v. 61: 1094; Dec 23, 1911)
            241-42; filarch, 1907. (Text of                        "The constitutionality of the
            law.)                                               'Full crew' act of Indiana, regu-
1909. L a w regulating crews. Approved Feb.                     latipg the size of crews, on
          2G, 1909. S m i l a r to law of 1907.                 freight, passenger and mail
         Acts of 1909. Chap. 25, Sec. 1-4.                      tmins, was upheld by the Su-
         Indiana. Railroad commission. 4th                      preme court of the United
            annual report, 1909. Indianapolis,                  States in a decision handed
            1910.                                               down December 18th."
            Report of conference with the          1911. Law regulating switching crews. AP-
               railroads concerning t h e full             proved Marcli 2, 1911.
               crew law and its enforcement,                      of
                                                           A C ~ S 1911.
                                                           ---.-  -         Chap. 74, Sec. 1-3.
               p. 281-290. Construction of the             Dulletin 55, p. 18.
               law, p. 284-90.                             23d annual convention, 1909, P. 494.
          Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 675.                  Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 688.
          Bulletin 65, p. 18.                      1913. L&-regulating employment of pilot
          National association of railway                  engineers. Approved March 6, 1913.
             commissioners.       Proceedings of           Acts of 1913, Chap. 100, Sec. 1, 2.
                                 SPECIAL LIBRARIES
       Bulletin 55: 0. 17-18.                             Senate 165. Requiring rallways to
        Bureau labo; Bull. 148, p. 706.                   equip switching engines-with crews.
1913. Bills.                                              House 376. Minimum crew for any
        House 178. Prohibits operation of                 trains.
           trains exceeding 50 cars.                      Senate 248. House 377. Prohibiting
        Senate 178, House 338.        Prohibits           freight trains of more than $ mile.
           operation of trains exceeding 50                         Kentucky.
        Senate 368, House 460.        Directing   1912. Bills. Senate 74, House 180. Provid-
           Railrond commission t o investi-               ing full crews.
           gate the handling of long and heavy    1914.   Senate 20. Limiting number of cars
           trams and if necessary t o reduce                 t o 60 freight care and 14 passen-
           tonnage or no. of cars.                           ger cars. Referred to Committee
        Senate 491, House 655.        Prohibits              and indeflnitely postponed.
           operation of trains of more than                         Louisiana.
           3,500 tons.                            1914. Bills. Senate 16. Minimum crews on
        House 659. Prohibits operation of
           trains of more than 2,500 feet in              frciglit and passenger trains.
           length.                                        House 93. Similar t o Senate 16.
        House 662. Prohibiting operation                             Maine.
           of trains of more than 75 cars.        1903. Law. Providing one bralreman t o
           Passed by House.                               every two cars.
        Senate 497. Same a s House 662.                  Revised statutes, 1903, Chap. 52.
1915. Bill. House 165. Prohibiting trains                Bulletin 66, p. 20.
        of more than y2 mile.                            Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 873.
                    l owa.                                23d annual report, p. 624.
                                                         Culbereon (Senato Doc. 692, 60th
1913. Bills. Senate 102. Prescribes mini-                   Cong., 2d sess.), p. 3.
        mum crews and limits freight trains
        to 50 cars.                                                 Maryland.
        House 317. Same a s Senate 102.           1908. Law providing crews for freight trains.
        House 664. Prohibits operation of                Approved 'Pipr. 8, 1908.
           any train of more than 85 cars.               Acts of 1808, Chap. 724.
    ,   House 655. Minimum       crew    re-             Article 23 of Code of Public general
           quired on all trains.                           laws of Maryland of 1904. Amend-
                                                           ed by adding sections 300k, 3001,
                   Kansas.                                 300m, 30011 and 300p.
1911. Bill. House 331. n l l crews. Defeated.            Public general lams of Maryland,
       Comment:                                            1911, Article XXIII.
        Kansas. Legislature. House. Com-                 Bulletin 56, p. 19-20.
           mittee on rallroads. Hearing..     .          Bureau of labor Bull. 148, p. 896.
           Subject: full crew and experience              Culberson (Senate Doc. 692, 60th
           bill. Statement of A. A. Roe, rep-              Cong., 2d sess.), p. 3.
           resent~ngthe I3rotherhood of rail-
           road trainmen. [Topeka, 19111                          Massachusetts.
          31 p.                                           Rfassa.cl~usctts. Board of railroad
          House bill 331, p. 3-4.                            commissioners. 23d annual report
1913. Bills. House 286.                                       .
                                                             . .1891. Boston, 1892. 534 p.
        Senate 223. Minimum crew on all                      "Brakemen on freiglit trains." p.
           trains.                                             10-13.
        Senate 256 Two men on switching                  --40th annual report..                .
           engines.                                          Boston, 1909. 628 p.
        House 537. Similar to Senate 256.                    Order relative t o the proper man-
       Comment:                                                ning of freight trains on rail-
       Kouns, Charles W.                                       roads, p. 270-72. See also 44th
           A statement to t h e Senate and                     annual report, 1912, p. 61-62,
            House of representatives on be-                    3 14-115.
            half of the railways, in opposi:      1906. Law requiring one bralreman to every
            tion t o the so-called "Full-crew"            two cars.
            bill. [Topelra, 19131 6 p.                    Laws of 1906. Chap. 463.
1913. Law requiring pilot engineers on                    Culberson (Senate Doc. 692, 60th
        trains detoured over strange tracks.                 Cong., 2d sess.), p. 3-4.
        Approved March 11, 1913.                  1912. Bill. Passed by General court. Ve-
        Bulletin 56, p. 19.                               toed by Governor FOSS.
      Bill. House 908. Limiting trains to               Comment:
        50 cars. Reported adversely.                      Governor Foss and t h e full crew bill.
1915. Bill. Senate 168.     Minimum crews                   (Railway record, v. 4, May 18,
        for all trains.                                       1912, p. 2)
                                      SPECIAL LIBRARIES
        Massachusetts's govcrnor vetoes                           House 410. Equipment of switch
          full train crcw bill.                                      engines with sn[ficient crcws.
          (Railway world, v. .56: 41 1 ; May                      Senate 273. Similar t o 1-louse 410.
            10, 1912)                                                  None oll the abovc wcrc! re-
               Contains the Governor's mes-                          porlcd out 01 cominittce ~ s c e l ~ t
            sage on the subject.                                     Scnate 273, which pnssed the Sen-
        Locomotive firemen and enginc-                               ate but d~ecl in t h e I-louse c o n -
          men's magazine [Editorial l                                mittec on railroads.
          Governors veto full crew bill.                  1915. Bills. Senatc 13. Reguiring railways
          (Locomotive firemen and engiae-                         to equip switching engines w t h
            men's magazine, v. 63: 491;                           ~umc~ent   crcw.
            Oct. 1912)                                            Sellale 36, H o ~ i s c G I . Prohibiting
               Bills vetoed in Massachuse1,ls                        operation of any lrain aC more
            and New Yorlc.                                           than 50 cars.
                               c                   s
        Order of r a ~ l w t ~ y o n d ~ ~ c t o r ancl
          brotherhood of railroad trainmen.
          Circular sent to the meinl~ers of               1913. Bills. Senate I9     M~nim~lm        crews
            &Iassachusetts I-louse of repre-                      required on all classss of traius
            sentatives, 1912. 1 p.                                House 245. iVinimunz crews specl-
        Railroad trainman [Editorial 1                               fled.
          Full crem billfi passed and vetoed.                     Senate 515. M ~ ~ I I I I U I U bgcci-
          (Railroad trainman, v. 29 : 531-34;                        fied.
            June, 1912)                                         Comment:
        Railway age gazette 1 Editorial]                          Minrlasoln ltrll crew bill.
          [Full crew 1egislal.ion in the varl-                       (I,ocomot,ivo firemen and cug111~-
            ous statcs.]                                                mcn's ~nagazine, v. 50': 8 10;
          (Ra~lway   age gszette, v. 62: 943;                           Dec. 1913)
            April 26, 1912)                               1915. Bill. FTouse 33. Limits trains to o m -
               Comment on full crew legisla-                      11all' mile.
            tion in R'lassacI~usetts. New
            York, Pennsylvsnis. Arltansas                                  Mississippi.
            and New Jersey.
                                                          1914. Bill. Scnnte 275. Providing m itlimu~~r
        [Gosernor Foss vetoes the full crew                       crew.
              bill. 1                                                       Missouri.
            (Railway age gazette, v 52: 10?!J-            1813 Law providing s u f i r i c ~ ~ctw w s COI*
              30; May 10, 1912)                                   trains. Approved Aj)rll 16, 1913.
        A Trailman (paeuil.)                                      Sulmitterl l o referendlull and cle-
            Traillnl~n explains full crem bill                       feal~dNovember, 19 14.
              vetoed by Foss.                                     Arts of 1913, 1). IS::, Scc. 1-4.
            (Railroad trainman, v. 39 : 614-15;                   Bulletin 55, 11. 20
              July, 1912)                                         Bureau labor l3ull. 148, p. 12115.
1912.   Massacllusetts railrond com~nission                     Comment:
        adds exlra n ~ a n10 crew.                                Campaign n g n i n ~ t llie cxira crcw
            (Railroad tramman, v. 29. 828;                           law in llissouri.
              Sept 1 9 1 2 )                                          (ltnilway a g e gazelle, v. 67: 80.1-
1913. Bill.     House 1357. Providing for                               806; OcL, 30, 1914)
        proper nlailning 01 freight trains.                       Commercial and li oanc~nlcli ~ ~ m i c l c
            Reportcil by Lhc Spnntc illarc11 31,                     [Editorial 1
            1913, ancl refwred to next General                       One full-crew law rcjcctctl [in
              court.                                                    Missouri I.
      Law. Empowering P u b l ~ c service con>-                       (Commercial ancl H n ~ n c ~ n l    chron-
        inlssion to judge of and order suffi-                           iclc, v !)9: 1330; Nov. 7, 1914)
        cient crews tor trains.                                   rCIonime~it of Govcrnol' Mnjnr ~ ~ e l a -
        Acts of 1913, Chap. 784. Sec. 24.                                              ot'
                                                                     tivu t o i i ~ e d lull crsw l n x s In
        Massachusetts.       Laws      General                       Missouri. I
            laws of iVassach~~seLts relating t o                      (Itailway ~ g k a z e l t c , Y. 54: 962;
            railroad corporations, street rail-                         APT. 25, 1913)
            roads.. .Boston, 1914. p. 101                         r F i-~ u r e ssliowin~:
                                                                  -                        cost of the rcl'rr-
        Bureau labor Bull 148, p. 1029.                              enclum cainpa~gnagail~sl.the Mis-
1914. Bill. Senatc 130. Providing m e m l ~ e r s                    soui,i full crcw law.]
        01 crews.                                                     (Railway age gazette, v. 57: 113~i9:
                                                                        Dec. 4.. 1914')
                 Michigan.                                        [Figures showing thc refer-ndrim
1913. B~lls. Sonate 5. Prov~dlngcrews on                             vote lor and against the hlissoul'i
       all kinds of t r a ~ n s .                                    full crew law. I
       House 55. Minimum crew required.                               (liailway age gazette, v. 57: 980;
       House 106. S ~ r n ~ l a r House 65.
                                  to                                    Nov. 20, 1914)
                           SPECIAL LIBRARIES
[Governor Major has signed tlle                        (Railway and engineering review,
  Missouri full crew bill.1                               v. 53: 518; June 7, 1913)
  (nailway nge gazette, v. 54: 963;                  Spencer, 0. M.
    Apr. 25, 1913)                                     T h e clefeat of the Missouri full
Journal of t h e Switchmen's union                        crew law.
  [Editoriall                                          (Railway age gazette, v. 57: 1036;
  The fate of t h e Missouri full crew                    Doc. 4, 1914)
     bdl.                                            Straight talk i n Missouri about tull
  (Journal of the Switchmen's                          crew law.
     union, v. 16 796-97; Dec. 1914)                   (Wall street journal, Nov. 13,
Labor legislation to be submitted                         1934, p. 2, col. 5)
  for referendum vote.                               To a s k referendum on Missouri full
  (Railroad trainman, v. 30. 647-48;                   crew lttw.
     July, 1913)                                        (Railway and engineering review,
Missouri full-crew law defealed.                          v. 63: 426; Muy 10, 1913)
  (Railway ago gazette, v. 57: 867;                  Voters i n Missouri defeat full-crew
     Nov. 6, 1914)                                     law.
Missouri recalls its full crew law.                     (Commercial and financial chron-
  (Litorarv digest, v. 49: 994; Nov.                     Aclo, v. 99: 1343; Nov. 7, 1914)
     21, 1914)                                       Wall street journal [Editorial]
Missouri's e+t.ra crew bill.                           Returning sanity
  (Railway review, v. 55: 600; Nov.                     (Wall street journal, Nov. 6, 1914,
     14, 1914)                                            p. I, col. 2)
        Reprinted from the New Yorlc                         Comment on the result of the
     Evening post.                                        referendum.
Nation [Editorial 1                                  Wheeling, W, A.
  [Full crew defeated by referen-                      Appeal t o your friends.
     dum vote 111 Missonri.]                            (Railroad trainman, v. 31: 345;
  (Nation, v 99. 570. Nov. 12, 1914)                      Apr. 1914)
Railroad t r a i n ~ n n nI Editorial]                       T h e full crew law.
  hlissouri full crew law defeated.
   (Railroad trainman, v. 31 : 1128-                    T h e duty of all toward the full
     29; DBC.   1914)                                      crew law in Missouri.
Railway age gazetle [Editorial]                         (Railroad trainman, v. 31 ; 244-45;
  A substitute for the full crew law.                     March, 1914)
   (Railway age gazette, v 67: 1167;
     Dec. 25, 1914)                                     Our great contest in Missouri
        Proposed law in Missouri lim-                   Railroad trainman, v. 31. 139-40;
     iting trains to 50 cars.                            Feb. 1914)

  Full crew referendum in Missouri                       Overco~ifldence in the full crew
  (Railway age gazette, v. 5 7 883;                        law.
    Nov. 13, 1914)                                       (Railroad trainman.. v. 30: 1096:
                                                           Dee. 191.1)
  [Missouri full crew law mill not g~         1915. Bille. Senate 118, House 288. Repeal-
     into effect until referendum                     ing the a c t of April 16, 1913.
     vote is taken Upon it.1                                   Montana.
  (Railway age gazette, v. 54: 1207;
     .Tune 6, 3013)                           1913. Bills. Senate 46, House G4. Spec~Pying
--                                                      minimum crows.
  [The railways of Missonri have                     House 72. Same.
     decided to ~ e t i t i o nfor referen-                    Nebraska.
     dum rote o n the full crew law.]               Law requiring    crews lor passenger
   (Railway age gazette, v. 54: 1163;
     May 30, 1913)                                    and all other classes of tmins.
                                                      Approved March 31, 1909.
                                                      Acts of 1909, Chap. 98, Sec. 1-5.
  [Why Governor Major signed the                      Bulletin 55, p. 21.
    Missouri full crew bill.]                         Bureau labor Bull. 85, p. 668.
  (Railway a g e gazette, v. 54: 931;               Comment:
    Apr 25, 1913)                                     Nebraslm.     Railway commission.
IRaiIway oficers in St. Louis decide                    Replies to inquiries regarding all-
  to petition for referendum vote on                    plication of train crew law. I11
  the full crew 1aw.l                                   its 4th Annual report, 1911, p. 246.
  (Railway age gazette, v. 54: 1039;                    250, 257.
    May 9, 1913)                                    Law reqnirillg minimum crew for light
Referendum on t h e full crew law ill                 engines Approved April 5, 1913.
  Missouri.                                           Amends Act of 1909.
                                  SPECIAL LIBRARIES                                              33
        Rev, statutes, 1913, Sec. 5991-5996.           Trenton, N. J.,1912. 9 p.
        Bulletin 55, p. 21.                           Report adverse t o passage of bill.
        Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 1310.            New Jersey. Governor (Ivilson).
1913. Bills, not passed.                              Bnn~rnl      message, January 14, 1913.
        Senate 36.           hliniinum switcliing        Full crew laws recominel~dec~,
            crew.                                            p. G .
        House          58.    Amending Section      Hearings on full crew bills of 1913
            10665x8 of Cobbey's 1911 statutes.        and 1P12 were held Novernber 1,
            Specifies rnininl~mzcrews.                 191 1 , November 15, 1911, Pcbru-
        Housc 120. lJrescribes ~ninimum                ary 26, 1!l12
            crews on passenger, rnail or ex- 1913. Law realliring full crews. Amroveil
            press trains.                           Al~rili, 191%
        House 832. Crews of freight trains.         Hearings held April 1, 1913.
        House 111. Prohibiting operation of         Actfi of 1913. Clwn 190, Soc 1-9.
            freight trains exceeding 50 cars.       Bulletin 55, ir. 24-35.
            Tndefinitcly postponed, March 17.       Bureau labor I3ull. 148, p. 1426
                         Nevada.                    I3esler, \. r G.
1909. Law requiring full trt~in C ~ C W S . A p        [l,etler to each member of the
        proved March 8, 1909.                            New Jersey state l e g i s l n t u ~ ' ~
        Acls of 1909, Chap. 74, Sec 1-4.                 relntlve t o pending lull crcw
        Bullct~n65. 11. 24.                              legislntion.1 New Yc~rlr,Jan. 16,
        Rureau labor 131111. 85, p. 670                   1933. 3 tygewrilteli leaves.
        Nevada. Railroad commisnion. 2d             Coinmercial and h a n c l a l c l i r o ~ ~ i c l e
            annual rcport, 1909.                       [Eclitoriull.
            Sec. 1 of full crcw lam with re-           Lgbor unions and the exlra crew
               port, p. 40.                              b~lls.
       -             - n~mualreport, 1910
                            3d                                                            inl
                                                       (Coma~ercialarid I i ~ ~ n i ~ c cliron-
            "V~olntion of full-crew law," p.             icle, v. !IG: 984-86; A i r . 5, 1!113).
                28-39.                              CornmiLLee of presidents of thirlccn
                   7'111s law is the same a s the      railroads operating in Pc~i~lss'l-
               Indiana law of 1907.                    vania ancl New Jersey.
1911. Law specifying train crews 011 passen-           Statement issued lor thirtccn rail-
        ger trains, Approved February 21,                roads in Pennsylvan~am i l New
        1911.                                            Jcrsey on thc full crew lnw, a , 11.
        Stalules of the state of Nevada,                  [lDltiJ 3 typew-illen lcaves.
            1911, Chap. 18, 11. 17-18.              Jerscy railroads u p in a r m ovcr rull
        Bulletin 55, p. 23.                            crew bill pending.
        23d annual convention, p. 888-!I.              (Wall street journal, Agr. 2 , 1913,
            This law mas amended and super-               1). 8, col. 3.)
                seded by                             New Jersey railroarls i~ctil.ion     for re-
1911. Law specifying train crews on pas-               peal ol' full crew law.
        senger trams. Agproved March 28,               (liailway review, v. 54: 349-50;
        1911.                                             March 7, 1914 )
        Acts of 3911, Chap 201, 1-5.                New Jerscy state legitllalurc peli-
        Bulletin 55, p. 23.                            tioned to repeal foll crcw law.
        23d annual convention, p. 888.                 (Railway world, v, 68: 235-36;
        Bureau of labor Bull. 97, 1?. 1201.               March 1 91 4.)
1913. Law prescribing sufficient crews for           Pennsylvania railroad compnny. An-
        trams Approved March 12, 1913.                 ri~lnl rcport. 1913.
        Acts of 1913, Chap 74, Sec. 1-7.               Cost of full crcw laws t o its esst-
        Bulletin 55, p 21-23.                             ern lines, 1933, $850,000 (p. 7).
        Burcau labor Bull. 148, p. 1346.
                                                       Compilation of cosl of recently
                   New Hampshire.                         enacted legislation governing
1913 Bill. House 172. Specifying mini-                    railroad operation in Ncw Jer-
        I I ~ U I ~crews.
                                                          sey, New Yorlr and Pennsyl-
                                                          vania. May 16, 1013. Lenilet
                      New Jersey.                                                  oll
                                                          "For the inforn~ation the pnb-
                                                          lic "
1911. Bill. Senate 83. Not passcd.                   A Plague of "Cull crew" bills.
      Comment:                                          (Railway and engineering review,
        New Jersey. Board of public util-                 v. 53: 516-17; Apt*. 5, 1913.)
             ity comm~ssioners. Report . . ..             T h e full crew bills of New Jer-
            to the Seuate ot New Jersey upon                  s e y and New Yorlc,
             Senate bill no 83, submitted in         Railroad train inan [Editorial].
            compliaace with resolution passed          Railroads demand repeal of the
             by the Senate April 12t11, 1911.             full crew law.
                            SPECIAL LIBRARIES
   (Railroad traiuman, v. 31 : 11 16-18;                  [New Yorlc full crew laws]
      Dec. 1914.)                                             (Railway and engineering review,
      In New Jersey, New York and                               v. 4 7 : 5 5 4 ; Junc 22, 1907.)
         Pennsylvania.                           1908.   Bill. Assembly 1800. Providing fnll
 Railway age gazette [Editorial].                         crews on light engines.
    [Full crew legislation in the vari-                   Passed and vetocd by Governor
       ous states I                                          Hughes
    (Rallway age gazettc, v 5 2 : 943;                   Comment:
      Apr. 36, 1912.)                                                                       review
                                                          Railway and c n g ~ l l ~ c r i n g
       Comment on the full crcw legis-                       [Editorial] .
         latlon 111 New J e r ~ e y ,Arkan-                  Governor Ilugllcs v ~ t o e s[the full
         sas, Massachusctts, New Pork                          crew bill].
         and Penn~ylvania.                                   (Railway and ei~ginceringrevlew,
 Railway world [Editorial].                                    v. 4 7 : 423-24; Rlay 30, 1908.)
   The "F1111 crew" laws of N"w                  1911    Bill    Senate 293. Providing full
      York h d New Jersey.                                train crcws.
    (Railway world, v. 57: 349-50;                        Passed and vetocd by Governor Ilis.
      May 1913.)                                         Comment:
 Hea, Samuel.                                             Locomotive firemen and enginemen's
   An appeal to the people lor helg                          magazine [Editorial].
       [for repeal of the extra crew                         Governors veto full crew bill.
      laws in Pennsylvania, New Jer-                                                       and
                                                             (Locornotivc f ~ ~ w i ~ e n engine-
      sey and New Yorlr. October 31,                             men's magazinc, v, 5 3 : 491; Oct.
      1914.1                                                     1912.)
   (Pennsylvania railroad. Informa-              1913.   Law prnv~ding for CIIII crews for
      tion for employes and thc pub-                      c e r t a ~ nLrains. Approved 3Iarcli 31,
      lic, 11, 43.)                                          191 3.
 Repeal of New Jersey Cull crcw law                                oe
                                                          A C ~ S 1913, ( : I I L ~ ~ I146.
   sought.                                                New Ynrlc. Laws. Labor laws of
   (Commercial and financial chron-                          New Yorlc stalc, 1913. Albany,
      icle, v. 98' 735, March 7, 1914.)                      1913. p 176.
          New Mextco.                                     Bullelin 5 5 , 1). 25.
                                                          Bureau of labor Bull. 148, g. 1554.
Bill. IIouse no 138. Introduced May,                         Reports of hearings not printed.
 191 2
 Limits length of freight trains to                       Brown, Williani C.
     60 cars.                                               T h e Full crew blll. Pertinent re-
Bill. House no. 1 . Specifies m~nimunl                         n~arlcs I.he Govcrnor by Presi-
                                                               dent of tho New Yorlr central.
           New York.                                         (Ncw York Sun. March 19. 191.1.)
Bill. Assembly 455. Senate rep. 1338.                     Commerclnl and finnncial chronicle
 Passed and vetoed by Governor                              [Editorial].
    Hughes, June 15, 1907                                   Labor unions and thc exlm crem
Comment:                                                       bills.
 Arkansas and New Yorlc full crew                           (Commercial and fluancia1 chron-
   bills.                                                      icle, v. 9 6 : 984-85; Apr. 5, 1913.)
   (Railroad trainmen's journal, v.                       [Cost of full crew law in New
     24: 560-51; June 1907.)                                Yorlr.]
 The "Full crew" bill [vetoed in]                           (Railway agc gazette, v. 6 6 : 543;
   New York.                                                  March 13, 1914.)
   (Railway and engineering review,                       Governor Sulzer nnd Lllc railroad
     v. 47 5 p l ; June 22, 1907 )                          corr~panies. Fall crew bill s ~ g n c d .
 Full train crews not essential.                            (Locornot~vefiremen nnd sngine-
  (Railway and engineering review,                            men's magazine, v. 5 4 : 635-37;
     v 47: 478; June 8 , 1907.)                               May, 1913.)
 New Yorlr. Governor (Huglies).                           Governor Sulzer ml the New Yorlr
   Message vetoing full crew bill,                          full crew hill.
     June 15, 1907                                          (Journal of the Switchmen's union,
   In Public papers of Governor                               V. 1 5 : 426-27; July, 1913.)
     Hughes, 1907, p. 94-95                               Harper's weekly [Eclilorlal].
   In U S. Congress. House. Com-                            A story o the full crew bill.
     mitte on interstate and foreign                        (I-Ialper's weekly, v. 5 7 : May 1 7 ,
     commerce. Hearings, 1910. p.                             1913.)
     195-96, 212.                                         New Yorlr central lines.
   In Special committee on r e l a l i o ~ ~ s              Report for 1913.
     of railway operation to legisla-                         T h e additional annual espendi-
     tion Bulletin no. 3, January                                turc due to the New Yorlr ant1
     11, 1910, P. 9.                                             New Jersey full crew laws
                            SPECIAL LIBRARIES
      amounts approximately to                           (Pennsylvania railroad system.
      $560,000.                                            Information for employes and
New Yorlr full crew law.                                   the public, 11, 43)
  (Railway and cngineering review,
    v. 53: 837; Sept. 6 , 1913.)                         ~ e t t e rof President Rea to 1-1011.
Olmstead, John B.                                                             .
                                                           \ITilliam Suleer. .relative to Lhe
 'The Public service commission                            cost l o the Penrlsylvania rail-
    and t h e full crew bill.                              road 01 full-crew laws now in
  (Harper's weekly, v. 57 : 5; June                        force. 2 1. Philadelphia, hIarch
    28, 1913 )                                              15. 1913.
Outloolr [Editoriall.                                                  in
                                                         ~ c p h t e d Railway age gazette,
  The full crew bill                                       v 5 4 685; Mar. 21, 1913.
  (Outlook, v. 103: 788; Apr. 12,                        Reprinted in Hallway and engi-
    1913.)                                                 neering review, v. 53: 259; Mar.
Pennsylvania railroad company, h n -                        22, 1933.
  nual report, 1913.                                   Rea, S a m ~ ~ e l , others.
  Cosl of full crew laws to its east-                    A bill that seriously menaces the
    ern lines, 1913, %850,000(p. 7).                       interests of the railroads and
                                                            the uublic.
   Comp~lation cost of recently en-                      (New I'orlc Evening post, Marc11
       acted legislation governing rail-                    29, 1913)
       road operation in Ncw Yorlr,                    Sulzcr, William.
       New Jersey and Pennsylvania.                      Why I ~ i g n e dthe full crew bill
       May 18, 1913. Leaflet, "For the                   (Mediator, v. 5: 7-1I ; July 1913)
       informat~on tlie public."
                         of                            Wall street journal [Editorial]
A Plague of "full crew" bills.                           The full crow law.
    (Railway and engineering review,                                                 Apr 4, 3913,
                                                         ('Walt street ~ o u r n a l ,
       v. 53 316-37; Apr. 5, 1913 )                         p. 1, col. 2)
       The full crew bills of New Jer-
         sey and New Yorlr                               Here i the evidence [Suleer and
Planmng t o stiflc "Full crew" in-                        the full crew law].
   quiry.                                                (Wall street journal, Apr. 18, 1913,
    (New Yorli times, Apr. 5, 1913.)                      1). 1, col. 2)
P r e s s c o ~ r i r n e ~ont the Cull crew
   bill. New York papers criticise it.                   So~ncthlngto arbitrate [the fnll
    (State topics, v. 4: 3-13; NIay 24,                   crew law].
       1913.)                                            (Wall strcct journal, July 18, 19l:,
Railroad trainman [Editorial]                             p 1, col. 2 )
   Rnilroads demand repeal of tlie                     -          I

       Full crew law.                                     Wrecks and their causes.
    (Railroad trainman, v. 31: 1115-                      (Wall street journal, Scpt G , 1913,
       18; Dec. 1914.)                                      p. 1, col. 2)
       In New York. New Jersey and                             Cost of the New I'orlr fnll
          Pennsylvania.                                     crew laws.
Railway age gazette [Editor~al].
    [Full crew lemslation in the va-           1913. Bill. House 62. Amcnding fnll crew
                                                       lam, givir~gPublic service commis-
    - rioiw stntes.]                                    s~on  authority to prescribe different
  (Railway age gazette, v 6 2 . 943;                   mcthods of opcrat~on. Not passed.
       ADr. 26, 1912.)
       Comment on full crew legisln-           19L5. Bills. Asselnbly 53. Reppaling Full
          tion of New York and other                    crew law. Jntroduced by Mr. Conlr-
          states.                                      ling, Jan. !3, 1915.
                                                       Asseri~bly 26. Amending full crew
  [Governor Sulzcr and the full                           law, giving lJublic service corn-
    crew law.]                                            mission authority to prescribe
  (Ra~lway  ago gazette, v 55: 256;                       methods of operation. Introduced
    Aug. 15, 1913)                                        by Mr. Sullivan, J:~nuary 13, 1915.
Rai1wa.y world [Editorial]                             IIo11se 214. Authorizing Public serv-
  The ''Full crew" laws of New                            ice commission to determine and
    York and New Jersey.                                                      !
                                                          prescribe number o men in train
  (Railway world, v. 57: 349-50;                          crews
                                                       Assembly 589.      To amend thc rail-
    May 1913)
Rea, Samuel.                                              road law 111 relation to lengtll of
  An appeal to tho people for help                        trains. Introduced by Mr. RIead,
    for repcal of the extra crew                          Peb. 5, 1915.
    laws in Pennsylvania, New Jer-                     The Train length bill [New Yorlcl
    sey and New Yorlr. October 31,                        Moody's magazine, v. 18: 7, Jan.
    1914.                                                    1915)
36                             SPECIAL LIBRARIES
              North Carllina.                          House         4. Same a s Senate 19.
     Bills. House 1177. Crews on trains                House 327. Same a s Senate 30.
                                                            A full crew bill was passed and
       of 30 cars or less.                               yetoed by Governor Cruce.
       House 1175. Crews o n passenger
          trains.                                     Comment:
       House 1342. White flagmen on pas-               Current issue [Editorial]
          senger trains.                                 W e conaratulate Gov. Cruce.
                                                         ( c u r r e n t Issue [Austin, Tex.], v.
              North Dakota.                                 13: 6; June 15, 1913.
                                                       Oltlahoma. Governor (Cruce)
     Law providing brakemen.                             Governor Cruce's message veto-
       Acts of 1905, Chap. 94.                              ing Oklahoma train crew bill.
       Rev. code of 1905, Sec. 4307, 4308.
       Compilation of laws of t h e state of             (Railway age gazette, v. 54: 849;
          North Dakota governing railroads,                 April 11, 1913)
          warehouses. .l.9ll, p. 59.                    --     Editorial comment, p. 823.
       Bulletin 55.
       Rureau labor Bull. 148, p. 1586.                   Veto of "Full" crew bill. In mes-
       Culbcrson (Senate Doc. 692, 60th                     sage rarely heard from state
          Cong., 2d sess.), p. 4.                           o r federal authorities.
     Bills. Senate 99. Prescribing mini-                  (American shippers' gazette, v. 1:
       mum crews.                                           no. 19, p. 3; June 14, 1913)
       Senate 334. Similar 'to Senate 99.               --
                                                         Why I vetoed t h e full crew bill.
                    Ohio.                                 (Mediator, v. 5: 11-12; July 1913),
     Law prohibiting passenger trains                   Railway journal [Editorial]
       without a full crew. Approved May                  Governor vetoes railway bill'
       2, 1902.                                           (Railway journal, v. 19: 3-4; May
       Acts of 1902, p. 343, Sec. 1-4.                      1913)
     Law prohibiting freight traius with
       a full crew. Approved May 2, 1902.                          Oregon.
       Acts of 1902, p. 337, Sec. 1-4.
       Both laws: Bnlletin 55, p. 26-27.        1913. Law requiring sufficient crews. Ap-
       Cnlbersol~ (Senate Doc. 692, 60th                proved June 2, 1913.
          Cong , 2d sess ), p. 4-5,                    Acts of 1913, Cliay. 162, Sec. 1-3.
       Trallsportation laws of t h e state of           Bulletin 55, p. 27.
          Ohio. Columbus, 1906, p. 138.                 Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 1781.
       A compilation of the laws of Ohio
          affecting the regulation of rail-                     Pennsylvania.
          roads and public utilities. Colum-
          bus, 1913, p. 817-18,                 1911. Law requiring full crews. Approved
     Law amending section 12533 o gen- C                June 19, 1911.
       eral code relating to running pas-               Laws of the General assembly of
       enger trains with less than full                   the commonwealth of Pennsyl-
       crew. Approved June 17, 1911.                      vania, 1911, p. 1053-55.
       Acts of 1911, p 508.                             Pennsylvania. Dept. of internal af-
       Bulletin 55, 1). 26.                               fairs. Bureau of railways. An-
       23d annual convention, p. 1096.                    nual report. P a r t IV. Harrisburg,
       Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 1690.                   1912. 1235 p.
     Law specifying crews f o r swilching                      F1i11 crew law, p. liv-lv.
       engines. Approved April 24,1913.                         Railroad commission. Report,
       Acts of 1913, p. 191.                              1911 Harrisburg, 1911. 180 p.
       Bulletin 55, p 25-26.                                   Full crew act, 1. 7.
       Bureau labor bulletin, p. 1890.                 Bulletin 55, 11. 17-18.
       Journal of the Switchmen's union,               Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 1916.
          v. 15: 585; Sept. 1913.                            Constitutionality and police
     Bill. Senate 30. 1,irnits length of                  Dower discussed in case of Penn-
       freight trains to 60 cars, or 2640                 sylvania railroad co. v. Ewing et
       feet.                                              al. Suprcme court of Pennsyl-
       House 125. Same as Senate 30.                      vania. J u n c 27, 1913 (88 Atlantic
                                                          reporter, p. 775).
                  Oklahoma.                                    Reviewed in Bureau of labor
     Bills. Senale 30. Minimum crews on                     Bull. 152, p. 156. Opinion of J.
       freight trains.                                      Brown, judge.
       Senate 109. Crews o n passenger                Comment:
          trains.                                      Committee of presidents of thirteen
       House 352. Crews on passenger                      railroads operating in Pennsyl-
          trains.                                         vania and New Jersey.
                                   SPECIAL LIBRARIES                                         37
           Slatement issued for thirteen rail-        Code of 1902, Sec. 2127.
              roads in Pennsylvania and New           Code of 1912. Sec. 3217.
              Jcrsey on the full crew law.            Rulletin 55, P. 28.
             n. p. [I9161 3 typewritten leaves.       Burean labor 13ull. 148, p. 199G.
        Pennsylvania railroad            company.     C~~lherson    (Senate Doc. G92, 60th
           Annual report, 19J 3.                         Cong., 2d -sess.), 1). 5.
           Cost of full crew law of Pennsyl-        Bills. Housc 7. Rfinimum crews on
             vania lo eastcrn lines., 88E0.000
                                          .  ,        frelght a n d passenger trains.
              (P 7).                                  House 7 (Amcndetl).
                   [Compilation of cosl of rc-        I-Iousc? 197. Prohibiting c~pcsrttionof
           cently enacted legislation in Penn-           frcight lrainu exceeding GO cars.
           sylvania, New Jersey ancl New                          South Dakota.
           Yoslc, governing railroad opera-
           tion, May . l R , 1913. I n For thc      B ~ l l s . IIouse 132. Minimum crcws on
           jnfonnation of the public.                 all classcs of trains nlld llnlillna
        Pennsylvania full crcw law.                   freight trains t o 60 cars.
           (Railway and cngineering review,           House 205. Minilnun1 crew on lms-
             v. 61: 658; Jan. 24, 1911)        .         senger tmlns.
        Pennsylvania railroad atlaclrs full           I-Iol~w302. Minimum crews on all
           crcw laws.                                    trains.   Passcd IIousc bul, not
           (Railway and engineering review,              Senale.
             v. 61: 648; J u l y 22, 1911)            Senate 393. Miniinun~ craw^ on
        Railroad trainman rEditorial1                    roads morc tlltlll 35 n l i l 0 ~loll$.
           Railroads dema116 rc])cnl     of   the        lleportncl ad versciy.
             Full crew law.
           (Railroad trainman, v. 31: 1116-         Bill.I-Iouse 42O. Crcws on passcngor
              18: Dec. 3914)                          and freight trains.
                 In Pennsylvania, New York                      Texas.
              and New Jerscy.                       Law requiring l)rnlre~and hrt~lcemcn.
        Railway ngc gazette [Edltoriall               Approved February 7, 1868.
           [Full crew legislation in t h e vasi-      Rev. statutes, 1896, Soc. 4617.
              ous slates.]                             Rulletin 55, p. 29.
           (Railway age gazette, v. 52: 943;          Burcau labor. 22d annual rcporl,
             Apr 26, 1912)                               1907, 1). 1283.
                 Comment. on full crew legisla-                                e
                                                       C!ulberson ( S e ~ ~ a tDoc. 692, 60th
              tion fn Pennsylvan~a,Massachu-             Cong., 2d sess.), p. 6.
              setts, New York, Arlransas and        Bill. House 80. Not passed.
             New Jerscy.                               Railroad truinmen's journal, v. 24:
        Rea, Samuel.                                     902; Sspt. 1907.
           An appeal to 111e people for help        L a w requiring Pull crcws. Approved
              [for repeal of llle exlra crew           March 25, 1907.
              laws in lJerillsylvcznia, New Jer-'     Acts of 1007, Chnp. 41.
              sey and New York. October 31,            Rulletin 5 6 , p. 2'3.
              1914. Poster.       Repr~nteil in        23d annun1 convcnlion, p. 1299.
              Pennsylvania railroad system.            Culherson (Senate Doc. 692, (iOL11
             Informt~lionPor en~ployeesand               Cong., 2d snss.), p. G.
              the public, 11, 431                   Comment:
        Rea, Samuel.                                  T h e I M l crew law of Texas.
           Lelter of President Rea t o IIon              (Railway and cngineering rcviow,
             IV~lliamSulzer. .relative to the              v. 47: 962; Kov. 9, 1907)
             cost to the Pennsylvania, mil-         L a w rt:quiring full crews, Approved
             road of full-crew laws now in            March 20, 1909.
             force. 2 1. Philadelphia, March         Acts of 1909, Chap. 100, Sec. 1 . 4 ~ .
             16, 1913.                               Rev, civil statutes, 1911, Arl. 0571-
           Reprinted in Railway age gazette,              5G
             v. 64: 685; March 21, 1913.             Bulletin 55, 1,. 28.
           Regrinled in Railway and cngi-            Bureau labor Bull. 85, p. 784.
             neering review. v. 53: 2.59:            Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 2084.
               arch-22, 1913.'                       23d Annual convention, p. 1299-1300.
3913. Bill. Senate 508. Specifying crew of
                              -    -   -            Comment:
        light engines.                                Full crew legislation in ~ e x a f l .
        Rouse 1018. Same.                                (Railway and engineering revlew,
        Senate 218. Limlts freiglll trnins to              v. 61: 667; July 22, 1911)
           60 cars. Not acted on.                   Bills. House 327. Providing full crews.
                                                      House 4. Providing fuil crcws on
               South Carolina.                           all classes of trains.
1902. Law requiring sumcient number of                Senate 19. Minimum craws.
       brakemen.                                                       No hearings printed.
                                    SPECIAL LIBRARIES
1915.    House 259, Senate 134. Prescribing                               Wisconsin.
         minilnunl crew.                                1907. Law requiring full crews. Approved
                     Utah.                                     June 25, 1907.
                                                               Acts of 1907, Chap. 402.
1913. Bills. Senate 206. Spccifying mini-                      Annotated statutes, Sec. 1809r,
        nlum crews on all classes of trains.                     1809s, 1809t, 1809u.
1916. House 4. Limiting length of pas-                         Bulletin 55, p. 30.
           senger trains to 9 cars.                            I3ureau labor Bull. 148, p. 2288.
        Housc 5. Limiting freight, work, or                     Bureau labor     22d annual report,
           mixed freight a n d passenger                         1907, p. 1435.
           trains to 45 cars.                                  23d annual convention, p. 1447-48.
        House 11. Prescribing minimum                           Culberson (Senate Doc. 692, 60th
           crews for switching o r transfer-                     Cong., 2d sess.), p. 6-7.
           rmg engines.                                         Wisconsin. Laws. A compilation
        House 16. Prescribing minimum                            of laws affecting the regulation
           crews for passenger, mail a n d ex-                   of ra~lroads. August, 1909. Madi-
           press trains.
        House 18. Prescribing minimum
                                                                 son, 1909, p.
                                                               --67.           A compilation of l a m
           crew for freight trains.                              affecting the regulation of rail-
                    Virginia.                                    roads, 1905-1911. hladison, 1911,
                                                                 1. 82.
1913. BIII. Senate 117. Limiting freight                       --              Laws of Wisconsin af-
        trains to 50 cars.                                       fecting railroad employees, in
        Fnll crew bill.                                          effect August 1, 1911. Madison,
        Comment:                                                 1911, p. 12-13.
         Fnll crews but no trains.                             Comment:
           (Railway age gazette, v. 56: 333;                    Wisconsin.     Rctilrond commission.
             Feb. 13, 1914)                                        Report in reply to inquiry of Du.
         Mnlier, N. D.                                             luth, South Shore & Atlantic rail-
           Maximum car limit a n d full crew                       way co. in regard to brakernen
             bills. Statement of N, D. Maher,                      on short passenger trams. Au.
             vice-president              and wesl-                 gust 27, 1908.
             ern rallway company, before the                       In its Rcport, 1908, p. 224.
             Roads eonlmittee of t h e I-louse          1913. Law requiring c r e w on switching en-
             of delegabs, 1914. [Richmond,                      gines. Approved April 12, 1913.
             19141 8 p.                                         Laws of 1913, Chap. 63.
         Rhsinium car limit bill               Steno-           Bulletin 55, p 30.
           graphic report of slatements made                  Bills. Senate 4. Crews on freight
           by representatives of the railway                    trains of 3 or more cars. Limits
           companies ~n Virginia, and by                        trains to BO cars.
           representatives of t h e conductors'                 Senate 46 Mininium crews on pas-
           and bralremen's organizations, at                       senger trains.
           hearings before c o n m i t t e e s of the           Senate 549. Amends Sec. 1809s of
           General asscrnbly of Virginia, at                       Statutes, crew of freight trains.
           the 1914 session, on t h o Maximum                   House 685. To create Sec. 18090-50
           car limit bill. . [Richmond, 19141                      of Statutes, prohibiting operation
           144 p.                                                  of trains of more than 60 cars.
             Hearings on t h e above bills not
           printed by the state.                                          Wyoming.
                                                        1913. Bill. House 71. Requiring all light
                   Washington.                                  engines t o be manned with sufficient
1911. Law rcquiring sufficient crews for                        crews. Feb. 10, reported without rec-
       trains. Approved March 21, 1911.                         ommendation and placed on General
       dcts of 1911, Chap. 134, Scc. 1-5.                       file. Fob 15, cons~dered in Com-
       Bulletin 55, p. 29.                                      mittee of whole and laid over one
        Bureau labor Bull. 148, p. 2220.                        day. Feb. 19, indefinitely postponed.
        23d annual convention, p. 1421.
                                                                       United States.
                West Virginla.                                 Bills on full crews introduced in Con.
1913. Bills. House 16. Specifying mini-                         mess.
        mum crews.                                      1909    H.R. 28379. Introduced by W. H.
        Senate 111. Prescribing minimum                           Ryan, Feb. 27.
           crews.                                               H.R. 7553. A. I?. Dawson, April 15.
        Senate 19. Same a s House 16.                             In Railroad trainman, v. 26: 433-
        House 29. Same as Senate 111.                               34, May, 1909.
1915. House 130. Prescribing minimum                            S 1986. W. E. Borah, April 26,
                                   SPECIAL LIBRARIES
        H.R. 30888. J. A. Martin, June 21,            CO-OPERATION I N T H E DISTRICT OF
          1909.                                                  COLUMBIA.
        H.R.18795. J. A. Martin, January              A long strlde in the right rlirectjon was
          31, 1910.                                taken by the District of COlumbla J ~1 rary   .b
        H.R.13911. I. R. Slierwood, Bug. 21,       association when i t devoted its meeting of
          1911. The lcast number of men            Dccember eleventh t o the all-important sub-
          wlio must be assigned to each en-                                        ~n.
                                                   ject of " C ~ - ~ ~ e l ' ~ t i Close" co-operation
          gine or locomotive engaged in            already exists anlollg the mally librarians in
          lialldling cars used in inlerstate       t h e District. The purpose of this meeting
          commerce and in switching cars.          was not t o stlmllhte co-operation, so much
          I n Jouinal of the Switchmen's           a s systematize it.
             union, v. 16: 27; January, 1914.          Mlss Ona M. Imlloff and Dr. A. C. Tilton
          In Hearii~gsbefore Llie Commit-          told what Wlsconsill has accoiiiplisl~ed in
             tee on H.R. 13911. Junc 8, 1912.      this direction. The Associal~on tllen heard
                                                   from the following special librarians, each
        H.K. 21219 A. J. Sabath, March 2,          i n his tlirn describilig his particular library
          1912.                                    mid s c t t ~ n g forth his special collections:
        H.R. 5152. I. R Sherwood, May              Dr. E. W. Allen, Amfitant-director of the
          15, 1913.                                    Offlce of the experillielit stations and
                                                                                        slation rccord.
                                                       Editor of' the E x g e r i ~ n e ~ ~ t
      Comment:                                     hliss Alice C, Atwood, Burcnu of plant in-
       Baltimore Suti [Editorial]                      dustrv.
          'I'lie pcople pay the hill [Full crew Miss MI. Alice DIalthews, Bureau of labor
              bill of Congressman Sabathl.             statistics.
           (Baltimore Sun, h9arcli 12, 1912)       Miss Helen E. Stockbridge, Forest service.
                 Iteprinted a s Bureau of rail- Mr. R H. Jolinston, Bureau of railway eco-
              way economics leaflet no. 16.            nomics.
        Cost of compliance wjtli proposed Mr. Lewis Barrington, I.ibrary of Congress.
           f d e r a l full crew law.              STr Carlos C: I-Ioogllton, Bureau of corpora-
           (12ailwzy and eiigineerilig revlew,         tions.
              v. 5 2 . 919; October 5, 1912)           A notion from the floor authorized the
                  Conlinent on Bullelin 39 of tho lwesiclent to appoint a coniinittee to compile
              Special comni~tteeon relations                         of
                                                    a Iiandhool~ special fcatures of D~strict        of
              of railway operation to legisla- Columbia, libraries, this boolc to be so ar-
              tion.                                 ranged a s t o be of practical use to librarians
        New Yurlc Tiines [Editorial]                in t h e District. A11 those who atlcnded the
           T h e national full crew law.            last A. L. A convention and saw tlie liand-
            (New Yorlc Times, April 3, 1913) boolc of libraries in the District mill imnie-
        TT. G. Congress. House. Coiimllttee         clialcly realizc t h e full value of tlie proposed
            on interstate and foreign coin- cumpilation.
           merce.         Thc "Full-crew" law          ~ l l efollowing omcers were elected to
           Hearings before the Committee steer the Association through another active
           on the bill I-I.R. 13911. J u n e 8, year:
           1912 9 p.                                ~resident-&Ir. H, 13, Meyer, Library of
              Contains tcxt of bill and state-          Congress.
           ment of I 11 Sherwood. No more           1st Vice-nresident-Mr. Willard 0. Waters,
                                                      - -
           h c a r ~ n g sheld.

                                                       ~ i b r a r y Congress.
        The S~vitchmen'sfull crew bill.             2nd Vice-presidcnt-Miss Eunlce R. Oberly,
            (Jol~rnal of tlic Switchmen's              Librarian, Bureau of plant industry.
               union, v 1 G : 27-28; January, Secretary-Mr.               Carlos C. Houghton, Li-
               1914)                                    brarian, Bureau of cor[~orations.
                  T e s t of H.R. 13911 a n d com- Treasurer-Miss Emma B. Hawlts, Assistant
               ment.                                    librarian, Dept. of agriculture.
        Weaver, J. Leroy.                               T h e following, together with the above
           National full crew law.                  oflicers, were clected on the Executive com-
            (Railroad trainman, v. 28: 527-28;      mittee:
               Nov. 1911)                           Mr. Charles Martel, Llbrary of Congress.
1914. Bill. H R. 18988. Prohibiting opara- Dr. George F. Bowerman, Librarian, Public
        tion of trains of more than one-half            library.
        mile in length in Interstate traffic F a t h e r H. T. Sllandelle, Libmrian, George-
        and in t h e District of Columbia and           town university.
        a n y territory.                                     CARLOS C . HOUGHTON, Secretary.

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