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Public Gardens Brookside Gardens


									  Public Gardens
Brookside Gardens
           Brookside Gardens
• It is located in Wheaton National Park, which
  is in Montgomery, Maryland.
  It’s a 50 acre public garden open year-round
  that displays 7 different types of gardens.
• Main purpose is to show appreciation for the
  art of gardening through plant collections and
Chicago Botanic Garden
       Chicago Botanic Garden
• It was opened in 1972 after 300 acres was
  granted to the Chicago Horticulture Society.
• Now is 385 acres and contains 23 different
  garden themes with 3 native habitats.
• Gardens are located on 9 islands surrounded
  by lakes.
Hershey Gardens
            Hershey Gardens
• Hershey Gardens is a 23-acre rose garden located
  in Hershey, PA.
  Open all year and breathtaking theme gardens,
  brilliant seasonal displays, unique trees, an
  outdoor Butterfly House and a wondrous
  Children's Garden.
• Hershey Gardens is dedicated to horticultural
  excellence while providing valuable learning
  opportunities and inspiring memorable
The Swan Boats of Boston
      The Swan Boats of Boston
• Established in 1837 and was the first botanical
  garden in the United States.
• Is 24-acres and was designed by George V.
• Flower beds provide glorious color from early
  April until the frosts of October, and the
  thousands of plants grown in the city
  greenhouses maintain a continuous ever-
  refreshing variety.
Cheekwood’s Botanical Gardens
• These gardens date back to the 1920’s and
  were designed by Bryant Fleming.
• Cheekwood was opened to the public in 1960
  and enjoyed by over 140,000 visitors each
• 8 types – Japanese garden, an herb garden, 2
  perennial gardens, a color garden, water
  garden, seasons garden, and an award
  winning wildflower garden.
Memphis Botanic Garden
      Memphis Botanic Garden
• Consists of 23 specialty gardens distributed
  over 96 acres.
• It is visited by over 150,000 people every year.
• Each garden gives an in-depth look into
  various families of plants, flowers, and trees.
• Open to the public year-round and is one of
  the largest public gardens in Tennessee.
Biltmore Gardens
           Biltmore Gardens
• Contains 6 different types of gardens at the
  Biltmore Estate which are: Italian Garden,
  Shrub Garden, Walled Garden, Spring Garden,
  Conservatory Garden, and Azalea Garden.
• These gardens were designed by America's
  foremost landscape architect, Frederick Law
• Most of the gardens bloom from early April to
  mid-late October.

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