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									    April 22, 1999           Lecture 13 - Integrating                   Merritt Collete CIS 31
Jeff Teeters, Instructor   Unix and Windows (Samba).                    Computer Networking
   Phone: 649-7912                                             
                              Printing, X-Windows
Windows Networking.            Used on Windows 95, NT, 3.1, Lan Manager...
   NetBIOS                     Network Basic Input Output System. (API -Application
   Programmers Interface- to OSI Session Layer. Allows                               systems to
“converse”. Uses TCP/IP,IPX, or NetBEUI.
   SMB                         Session / Presentation layer. Implements higher level
   network functions. (Request services, check user name,                            password...).
Built on top of NetBIOS. Very Complex!
   NetBIOS names               \\server\resource     A flat (not hierarchical) namespace.
   Broadcasts                  Servers do this to let other systems know what’s available
                               (What is seen in Network Neighborhood).
   Net Commands                Executed under DOS. Net /? | more -list all commands.
        net view               view resources on network
        net use                map a drive. Example: Net use J: \\cis\RHLinux
   Workgroup                   Grouping of servers, workstations for viewing purposes
   NT Domain                   Controls logging in to workstations (among other things).
                               Users logins validated against a master database on server.
   share level security        Each resource (directory) has one password. Used by
        anyone who wants to use it.
   User level security         Access to resources controlled by granting access to
        specific users (by username, specified when user logs in).
Samba.                     Implements Windows Networking in Unix. (Free). Latest version. Also comes with RedHat linux.
   /etc/smb.conf           Configuration file. Many (100+) parameters. Sample:
        [global]                                     (Global parameter section).
          workgroup = student                        (Workgroup server is in)
          comment = Jeff’s Samba Server              (Description of service)
          Guest account = guest                      (Unix user for guest services)
          Browseable = yes                           (Makes server broadcast presence)
          preserve case = yes                        (Keeps case of file names from changing)
          security = share                           (Either “user” or “share”)
        # domain logons = yes                        (Uncomment for domain login controller)

        [homes]                                      (Properties of home directory)
          comment = Home directories
          browseable = No                            (Don’t let other people see it).
          read only = no                             (Let the user write to the home directory)

        [public]                                     (Properties of “public” share)
          path = /mnt/dosc                           (Directory being shared)
          public = yes                               (Lets anyone use it)
          writeable = no                             (Cannot be written to)

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Overview of Netware Printing. (From DOS or Windows 95).
   1. “nprint” or “capture” command is issued at workstation. nprint prints a specific file.
      capture re-directs all output from a local printer port to a network printer.
   2. The file to be printed is transferred over the network to the print queue (which is a
      subdirectory of the “sys:\system” directory on the Netware file server).
   3. Print server software copies jobs from the printer queue to the printer. The location of
      the print server software depends on the “type” of printer: local-connected to server,
      pserver.nlm; direct-on network cable-pserver.nlm; dedicated workstation-pserver.exe;
      or remote (non-dedicated workstation) rprinter.exe.
   pconsole/(nwadmin)         Utility in Netware 3.12 /4.1x for setting up printing.
   Procedure:                 Create printer, queue, print server. Link them.
Overview of Unix Printing. Command: lpr file_name
   1. lpr utility copies file to print to spool directory. (/var/spool/lp0).
   2. lpd utility notices files in “/var/spool/lp0”. (lp0 = name of printer).
   3. Using information in /etc/printcap, “lpd” prints the file either on a local printer, or
       forwards it to another computer for printing on a remote printer.
   4. The “lpd” on a remote printer will accept print jobs over the network from other system,
       if those systems are listed in the print servers “/etc/hosts.lpd” file.
   lpr                         Program that starts print process. (Copies files to spool).
   lpq                         Command to list jobs in print queue.
   lprm                        Command to remove jobs from print queue.
   lpd                         Daemon (running all the time) which prints jobs and accepts
   jobs over the network.
   /etc/printcap               Configuration file for printers. Specifies properties for each
                               printer, using format: parameter=value, separated by “:”.

X-Windows - Graphical user interface, runs on Unix.
  startx                   Command used to start x-windows.
  x-server                 X-Windows software that actually displaying graphics
  x-client                 Program that asks the x-server to display something
  xhost +mc211             Command issued at server. Allows programs running on
  client computer (mc211) to use X-server.
  DISPLAY=mc141:0          Command issued at client. Causes x-window output of
                           programs running at client to display on server (mc141).
  control-panel &          Starts up system control panel for RedHat Linux. Allows
                           easy configuration of printers, networking, other things.
  xwpick                   X-windows utility, used to make screen snapshot.
  xeyes                    X-Windows ‘utility’, eyes follow mouse on screen.

Assignment: Lab 13: Setting up a Windows NT domain controller using Linux.
Extra credit Lab Assignment: X-Windows, Printing.
Handout Readings: 13a. Netware printing, 13b. Unix printing. 13c. City of Garden Grove.

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