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					Stock locator brings extra value
for Sony VAIO business resellers

Published: May 2009

“The VAIO Accredited Business Reseller programme has
been a huge success and IT Dealer’s stock locator is a
vital part of that.”
David Spratt, SMB Channel Sales Manager, VAIO at Sony UK

                                                                           Solution Overview
                                                                           Customer Profile
Sony is one of the world’s best-known brands of electronic equipment
                                                                           Sony is one of the world’s best-
ranging from computers to televisions, music centres to cameras and
                                                                           known brands of electronic
much more.
                                                                           equipment ranging from computers
                                                                           to televisions, Hi-Fi, cameras and
The company was founded in Japan in 1946 as the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo
                                                                           much more.
(Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company) repairing radios and
manufacturing voltmeters in the crippled post-war economy.
                                                                           Sony UK employs around 4,500
                                                                           people and has its UK headquarters
Sony began its British history in 1968 when Sony United Kingdom
                                                                           in Brooklands, near Weybridge, in
was founded in London, and six years later it became the first major
Japanese company to open a factory in the UK.
                                                                           Business Challenge
Today Sony UK employs around 4,500 people and has its UK headquarters
                                                                           Sony VAIO wanted more credibility
in Brooklands, near Weybridge, in Surrey.
                                                                           with business users and to give
                                                                           its business resellers greater
                                                                           opportunity to add value for their
Business Challenge                                                         clients.
Sony VAIO laptops are among the most popular among consumer users,
but the company wanted to give itself more credibility in the business     Sony launched a VAIO Business
market.                                                                    Programme for accredited resellers
The company also wanted to provide its business resellers with greater     and wanted a specialist stock
opportunity to add value for their clients.                                locator for its website.

David Spratt, SMB Channel Sales Manager for VAIO at Sony UK, said: “It     Solution
was hard to distinguish between a VAIO laptop bought from a major          IT Dealer designed a bespoke stock
retailer and one from a business reseller.                                 locator for the Sony 1 portal, giving
“As a result, we launched a range of laptops specifically aimed at         VAIO Business Accredited Resellers
business users with a superior warranty, different operating systems and   the opportunity to locate any Sony
different marketing to distinguish between the two markets.”               product and see which suppliers
                                                                           have it in stock.
To support the drive, Sony launched the VAIO Business Programme
providing the opportunity for B2B resellers to become accredited with      Benefits
benefits including access to a portal called Sony 1.                       !   Business revenue has
                                                                               outperformed general revenue
To make Sony 1 even more attractive to accredited resellers, David             consistently
wanted to add a stock locator, allowing users to search for any Sony       !   Added value for business
products and see instantly which UK Authorised Distributors have them in       resellers who are encouraged to
stock.                                                                         use the Sony 1 site
David had worked with both Transputec and IT Dealer in previous jobs, so   !   Sony saved time and money over
he naturally turned to IT Dealer to design the stock locator.                  developing its own stock locator
                                                                           !   Database is regularly updated
                                                                               with new products
Solution                                                                   !   Accredited resellers have
IT Dealer has an online database that allows resellers to quickly and          increased their business in every
simply gather stock and price information from distributors.                   consecutive quarter
IT Dealer adapted its database of IT suppliers to give a bespoke service
to the Sony 1 site, filtering out non-Sony products.The function allows
resellers on the VAIO Business Programme to search for any Sony product
and see which UK Authorised Distributors have it in stock at any one time.
David called in IT Dealer only a month before he was planning to launch
the VAIO Business Programme in July 2008, and wanted the stock locator
completed in time for the launch.

He said: “The timescale was tight, but I knew exactly what I wanted and I
had worked with IT Dealer before so I was confident they could deliver on
time and on budget.”

Rupesh Vara, Senior Sales Manager at IT Dealer, pulled out all the stops
to make sure David’s exact specifications were delivered in time for the
                                                                                        “The stock locator is
launch.                                                                                a fantastic tool which
                                                                                     encourages resellers to
“David came to us because he wanted to increase the amount of traffic to
the VAIO Business Programme section of the Sony 1 website,” said Rupesh.
                                                                                           log onto our site.”
“One of his biggest problems was measuring the amount of traffic from
resellers looking at VAIO products.                                                                 David Spratt
                                                                                             Channel Sales Manager
“David wanted to make a profitable revenue stream for the VAIO Business                           VAIO at Sony UK
Programme that incorporated IT Dealer’s functionality into Sony’s portal.
We obtained all the information about the desired strategy, and worked
well together to make sure the end product was exactly what he wanted.”

Since the launch of the VAIO Business Programme, the accredited resellers
have grown their B2B revenue in every consecutive quarter, and the
business product range is the fastest-growing part of the VAIO lineup.

The VAIO Business Accredited Resellers represent about 35 percent of the
SMB managed resellers but generate roughly 60 percent of the business.

“The VAIO Business Programme has been a huge success, and IT Dealer’s
stock locator is a vital part of that,” said David.

“The stock locator is a fantastic tool which adds value for our VAIO
Business Accredited Resellers and encourages them to log onto our site.”

There are 40 accredited business resellers who between them have more
than 1,000 sales people who are able to access IT Dealer’s stock locator.
It gives them direct access to thousands of Sony products at the click of a
David said: “Resellers can get online feeds from various distributors, but
the great thing about IT Dealer is that it pulls all that information together
in one place.”

Rupesh added: “Not only did we save Sony time and money in developing a
stock locator themselves, but we worked in alliance with them to deliver a
unique solution for their individual needs.

“We continue to update the system to make sure we deliver Sony’s
expectations efficiently, effectively and on time.”

“It’s been a pleasure to work closely with Sony and it is gratifying to see
that the business resellers are taking more interest in VAIO products.”

David concluded: “Rupesh has been professional and excellent to deal with
throughout the process. We have a fantastic relationship.

“What’s important to me is that resellers interact with us. If we can build
value for them into our web portal, they are more likely to engage with
everything we do and that is exactly what we have seen to date.”

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