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					     Abstract Plus Version 3.1 :
New NAACCR Version 12 Functions and
  Preparing for State-specific Installs

            Joseph Rogers, CDC
      Denise Farmer, Northrop Grumman

                       RPUG Conference Call
                          July 15, 2010

      National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
      Division of Cancer Prevention and Control
         Abstract Plus Version 3.1 Release
   End of July release a preliminary generic install to
    the CCR for state customizations
   Generic version can be used by CCR to set up
    display types, test edit sets, review NAACCR 12
   Customized state installs scheduled to be released
    for hospital distribution sometime in August
   Preliminary generic version not intended for
    distribution to reporters (finalizing program,
    completing online help and user documentation)
   Send requested files back to CDC for customized
    installs generated on a first come basis
        Download Preliminary Generic Install
   Email notification of zip file on sftp site by end of
   Zip file to include installation and customization
   Review application with state customizations
   Email feedback forms, screenshots, support issues
   Upload customization files to sftp site
   Contact Denise Farmer ( for
               Install Abstract Plus v3.1
   Follow instructions given for installation
   Use defaults on installation wizard
   Installs on different path from v2 or v3 Beta
   Uninstall of v2 or v3 Beta not required
                Installing Abstract Plus
   Download the installation file from the FTP site
   Double-click on the .exe to start the installation
    wizard and follow the screen prompts
   Use defaults to complete the installation process
   Use MS Access as the default database for
   Can be installed without uninstalling previous
    version 2
   Consecutive installs require uninstall of previous
    version 3
   After installation, program will be accessible through
    the Start->All Programs->Registry Plus->Abstract
    Plus 3->Abstract Plus 3 menu
               Steps for Customization
   Open Abstract Plus 3 from Start menu
   Refer to Abstract Plus v3 Manual for Administrators
    for customization options available from the menu
   Create Display Type(s): Designate collected/required
    fields, order and label data items and data item
    sections, specify defaults and other field properties,
    select edit set and CS staging options
   Refer to Abstract Plus System and IT Personnel
    Requirements for additional customization options
    not available from the menu; i.e. State specific fields,
    custom edit set metafile, etc.
   Import sample NAACCR11 files which converts to
    NAACCR12 to review selections
     V3 Training Manual for Administrators
   Selecting Application Preferences
     Chapter 4: Abstract Plus Configuration, Selecting Application
     Steps through use of all application options available
 Creating Abstracting Display Type(s)
     Chapter 4: Abstract Plus Configuration, Configuring
      Abstracting Display Types
     Steps through creating display types
     Default Display Types available to copy
     Local Use Fields not available for display until state install
   Importing Local Hospital and Doctor Codes
     Chapter 4: Abstract Plus Configuration, Importing Local
      Hospital and Doctor Codes
     Steps through importing specified text file
     Can edit current databases in v2 and forward
Abstract Plus Administrator Menu
General Options
Security Policies
Security Questions
Password Options
Database Options
Report Options
Display Types
Display Fields
Critical Fields
Individual Edits
Collaborative Staging Calculations
    Abstract Plus System and IT Personnel
            Requirements Manual
   Optional Local Use Fields information needed
     Item Number (support can assign)
     Fieldname
     Description
     Length of field
     Custom lookup, if desired
     Position in display types (before or after NAACCR item no)
   Can request current v2 local use fields
   Establish v12 Edits for Local Use Fields
     Use EditWriter4
    Information Required for Customization

   Upload files required to specified CDC sftp site
   Include:
     State edit set runtime metafile, if custom
     Master.mdb after customizations are saved
     State local use fields information, if new
     Updated Doctor and Facility tables, if not imported
     Request for SQL Server option, which may be available later
   Contact Denise Farmer when files are available
      New Functions for NAACCR 12 layout

 Import of v11 cases to v12 conversion

 NAACCR date format entry mask (YYYY/MM/DD)

 New Preference option for reports date format

 Calendar date picker for report ranges

 SEER Hematopoietic Database

 CS SSF 25 discriminator

 CS SSF 1-24 automatic defaulting
Conversion of v11 Abstracts to v12 Upon Import
 NAACCR v11 cases imported are updated to v12
 Collaborative Staging field errors logged in text file
  with abstract ID
 User prompted to view log file now or later
 Log file named with original import file name and
  current date
Log File Created
Text Log File
            NAACCR v12 Date Format
            Entry Mask (YYYY/MM/DD)
 Data entry of dates will be in the NAACCR format
 Entry of YYYYMMDD, YYYYMM or YYYY allowed with
  or without slashes; entry of slashes not required
 Several date formats available for report printouts
 Calendar date picker selection for report ranges
New Date Format Preference Option for Reports
    Calendar Date Picker for Report Ranges

 Select year, month, day separately with mouse or
  right/left arrows
    Use up/down arrow to increase/decrease selected value

    Type in value for selected

    Select date from drop-down calendar

    Date displayed as YYYY/MM/DD
Calendar Date Picker
          SEER Hematopoietic Database
 Hematopoietic and lymphoid neoplasms
  (histology/behavior range of 9590/3 – 9992/3)
  diagnosed in 2010 and later require additional
     SEER Hematopoietic Database, cont’d
 Also available from the Help menu or the menu icon
 Separate install required
 Checks expected install path and allows change of
  path for future
 Link given to install


             CS SSF 25 Discriminator

 When not defined for entered schema: defaulted to
  988 or blank as appropriate
 When defined for entered schema: user must enter
  using look-up
 Set prior to all CS input field lookups and
        CS SSF 1-24 Automatic Defaulting
 Occurs after CS SSF 25 value is specified
 When not defined for entered schema: defaulted to
 When defined for entered schema: user must enter
  using look-up
 Edits are run automatically to inform Abstractor of
  requirement for defined SSFs: red error indicator if
  SSF required
 CS schema change (revision of primary site/histology
  changes schema) gives option to clear CS input
  values and recode/re-default newly-entered schema
 Change of Diagnosis date less than 2004 gives option
  to clear all CS fields
           State-Specific Install Check List
 Download installation, when notified
 Install and customize for state
      Select application preferences
      Create abstracting display type(s)
      Import Local Hospital and Doctor Codes
      Specify State-specific fields to CDC
 Import and create cases to review customizations
  and NAACCR12 updates
 Upload files/information back to ftp site to CDC for
  customized install
 Give feedback and concerns
    Submit feedback forms
    Give screenshots and comments on issues

 Denise Farmer

 Kathleen Thoburn
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