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June Meeting June Agenda Review of


									Chapter Meeting
June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010

✤   1. Review of PNHP National Conference Call

✤   2. State Strategy Group Conference Call

✤   3. PNHP California Report

✤   4. PNHP Los Angeles Report

✤   5. Joshua Lang- Undocumented immigrants and healthcare
                      PNHP National

✤   Report from May 22 meeting

✤   Ron Hikel hired as a MFAC consultant

✤   State Single Payer Task Force

✤   Member Task Force

✤   Fiscal study for single payer

✤   New Hampshire Ad on Single Payer for Small Business - Tom Clairmont

✤   PNHP Fall Meeting- November 5-6, Downtown Sheraton
    State Single Payer Before 2017?

✤   In the new health insurance law Congress passed, there is a mandate that all states must have
    an insurance market exchange operating by January 1, 2014.
✤   Further, on or before January 1, 2013, if the Secretary of Health and Human Services
    determines that a state will not have an exchange ready by January 1, 2014, the Secretary
    shall establish and operate the exchange for that state.Even more significant, States cannot
    request a waiver to set up a different plan until 2017. There is no wiggle room here. There is
    no opt-out language. This is a clear mandate that exchanges be established in every state by
✤   States are required to spend the time, money and resources to set up and operate the
    insurance exchange. They may choose to have one or two or more exchanges or set up
    regional exchanges. A single payer type plan or a public option with or without an exchange is
    not allowed.
✤   Thus, as things stand, states cannot experiment with an approach that is not based on the
    private insurance market exchange model until 2017, after they have set up an exchange or
    the federal government has set one up for them.
✤   .
    State Single Payer Before 2017?

✤   On thursday, May 20 in Helena, Liz Fowler spoke. She is a member of the staff for the Senate Finance
    Committee and Max Baucus' lead staff person on health care. Montanans for Single Payer asked about
    the 2017 problem and whether they could take action to move up to 2013 or earlier the opportunity for
    states to opt out.

✤   Ms. Fowler said they had been working with Senator Bernie Sanders on an amendment to move that date
✤   Ms. Fowler said she would check with Senator Sanders.
✤   She also said Senator Orrin Hatch was interested in moving the date because Utah wants to try their
    particular, private insurance approach.
✤   People simply needed to keep calling about it and talking about it.
✤   Essentially, it is the "squeaky wheel" approach that is needed and everyone needs to take absolutely every
    opportunity to bring this issue up and support changing the date from 2017 to 2013 or earlier. Congress
    also needs to guarantee that the States which choose a different path still have access to the federal set-up
    and other grants as well as subsidies for premiums that states with insurance exchanges will receive.
          State Strategy Group Call
    Healthy Majority (the big picture for SB810)

    ✤   SB810 needs a simple majority to pass without the financing

    ✤   SB810 needs a 2/3 majority to pass with financing

    ✤   Then we must prepare for a ballot initiative from the insurance

✤   How do we frame SB810 in light of PPACA

✤   SB810 has moved to the Assembly Health Committee

✤   Member Task Force

✤   Fiscal study for single payer

✤   New Hampshire Ad on Single Payer for Small Business - Tom Clairmont
                    PNHP California

✤   State Task Forces
    ✤   Education

    ✤   Advocacy

    ✤   Leadership Development

    ✤   Fundraising

    ✤   Membership/Chapter/Coalition Development
    The Summer Conference
      July 17, 2010| Los Angeles

        The Summer Conference
             July 17, 2010 | Los Angeles

✤   2 goals:
• 1) Review and respond to PPACA
• 2) Form grassroots coalition task forces
    around key areas of expertise

• Tickets-
      PNHP Los Angeles

✤   Recruiting Physicians
                              2010 Reform Bill
✤   Insurance Reform
    ✤   2010- Add Kids, Kids with preexisting conditions, No rescissions
    ✤   2014- Preexist. conditions (All), No more caps, health ins.
✤   Public Subsidies
    ✤   2014- Medicaid Expansion (incl. higher pay), Health Insurance
        Exchange Subsidies
✤   Delivery Reform
    ✤   2011- Increasing Reimbursement for Primary Care. 10% Medicare bonus for primary care physicians and general

    ✤   2012- Encouraging integrated health systems
    ✤   2013- Bundling; 2014- Quality Reporting; 2015- Payment Advisory

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