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Plateau Telecommunications
Mitel 5224

The Mitel 5224, shown on the
right, is the primary phone
selected for use by ENMR
Plateau. This presentation will
give an overview of the basic
functionality of the phone. You
will find many of the features
that you are already familiar
with as well as a few new ones.
What’s My Extension?

If you currently have a 3 digit
extension we will be putting a 4
in front of it. For example
extension 384 will become 4384.
Dialing Out/Extension Dialing

To make an outbound call you
will need to dial 9 to get a “Line
Out” and then the number you
are trying to reach.

To reach another extension you
will need to either:

Press the personal key that has
been programmed to dial the


Dial the four digit extension.
Adjust Screen Contrast

To adjust the contrast on your
LCD screen simply press the
Up/Down keys while the phone
is idle.

•Up to go darker
•Down to go lighter
Volume Up/Down

To adjust volume the phone
must be in a call. Simply press
the Up/Down arrow keys located
on the right side of the LCD

The SuperKey provides access to
various menu functions. Press it
once to access the menu, press it
again to exit the menu.

Press the “Yes” or “No” softkeys
to choose the function you want
to access.
Ringer Volume

Press the SuperKey to activate
the phone’s menu.
Ringer Volume

Press “No” until “Ringer Volume”
Ringer Volume

Press the “Yes” Softkey once .
Ringer Volume

Press the Scroll Keys until
desired volume is obtained.
Ringer Volume

Press the SuperKey to save the
volume setting.
Ringer Pitch

Press the SuperKey to activate
the phone’s menu.
Ringer Pitch

Press “No” until “Ringer Adjust”
Ringer Pitch

Press the “Yes” softkey twice .
Ringer Pitch

Press the Scroll Keys until
desired pitch is heard.
Ringer Pitch

Press the SuperKey to save the
pitch setting.
Speaker Phone

•To activate Speaker Phone
before placing a call simply dial
the digits without lifting the

•To activate the Speaker Phone
while on a call press the
“Speaker Key” and place the
handset on the cradle.
Mute Microphone

To mute the microphone, press
the button marked in yellow
while in a call. The button will
light up orange while muted.
Press again to un-mute.

Pressing the Cancel key will
abort the function you have
accessed, or hang up if you are
in a call. This works like a
“release” key during a call.

The Redial key is used to call the
number you last dialed. Just
press it once while the phone is
in an idle state.
Placing a Call on Hold

Press the red “Hold” key.
Retrieving a Call From Hold

•To retrieve a call that you have
placed on hold press the flashing
DN key.

•To retrieve a call placed on hold
from another extension, dial *91
and the number of the extension
that placed the call on hold.
Transferring Calls

There are two ways to transfer a call:

•Blind Transfer – To perform a blind
transfer while on a call press the
transfer key, dial the transfer
recipient and hang up.

•Supervised Transfer – To perform a
supervised transfer while on a call
press the transfer key and wait until
the transfer recipient answers.
Inform them of the transfer and
hang up to complete the process or
have them hang up to return to the

To form a conference when a call
is already in place, press the
Transfer/Conference key.

Dial the number of the next
party and wait for an answer.

Press the Transfer/Conference
key again to unite all parties.

This feature allows the user to
“Trade” between two parties.
You will need to press the
“Trade” Softkey instead of
Transfer/Conference as shown in
Step 3 of Conferencing.

This option allows the user to
link two outside parties together
without being involved in the
conference. You will need to
press the “Release” Softkey
instead of Transfer/Conference
as shown in Step 3 of
Message Center Key

The Message Center key is used
to access messages including
Voicemail and Call Me Back. To
check these messages press the
Message Center key and then
use the Softkeys to review the
messages. This key will flash
when you have messages.
Headset Activation

If you wish to use a headset you
must first plug it in to the
headset jack on the bottom of
the phone. To activate the
headset dial *33. To disable the
headset dial *34.

Phonebook allows the user to
access a list of extensions within
the system. When phone is idle,
the Phonebook option will
appear on the left side of the
LCD screen.
Name Lookup

While phone is idle, press the
Softkey under “Phonebook”.
Name Lookup

A screen will appear reading
“Enter Name” “Speak @ Ease”.
Using the number pad, enter the
first letter of the name you
would like to access.
Name Lookup

The word “Lookup” will appear
over the center Softkey. Press
this Softkey and the first entry in
the phonebook beginning with
that letter will appear.
Name Lookup

Press the “Next” Softkey until
you find the desired name.
Name Lookup

Once you’ve found the desired
name push the “Call” Softkey to
make your call.
Auto Answer (Hands Free)

To enable this feature press the
Superkey and then press the
“No” Softkey until “Auto
Answer?” appears on the LCD
screen. Choose “Yes” then press
“TurnOn” to enable or “TurnOff”
to disable.

This feature automatically
activates your speaker phone
after one full ring. (For internal
intercom only.)
Will I Use This?

Hotdesking will only be set up
for the Plateau Wireless group.
Other users will not even be able
to access this feature.
Voicemail To Email

This feature allows you to have
voicemail delivered to your
email. These voice messages
can also be checked with a cell
phone that allows you to access
email. Those representatives
that receive email on their cell
phones will need to contact their
supervisor to request the Unified
Messaging feature. Supervisors
will then need to get in touch
with ASG.
Contacting 911

When calling 911 you may dial
just 9-1-1 OR 9-9-1-1.