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Selling Event Tickets Manually


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									 Selling Event Tickets Manually
Selling tickets online comes with the benefit of collecting payment
online. In other words, you can let people pay you via their credit /
debit / charge cards, Wire Transfers, PayPal and so on. Online ticketing
solution offers real-time authorization and processing of payments made
via this method. Thus, using a Cloud-based ticketing software can help
you eliminate the problem of receiving and managing cash and paper
checks. Processing refunds incase of cancellations is also any easy
affair when using an online payment system.
Selling tickets manually is not an easy job - you must hire somebody to
sit at the ticket counter for a number of days issuing tickets as well as
handling cash payments. The task doesn't end here. The staff then has to
update ticketing lists manually to keep statistics and book of accounts
up-to-date. Moreover, individuals have to travel all the way to the
ticket counter in person to buy tickets of their favorite show, festival
or sporting event. Furthermore, in the absence of an update system, there
exists a great possibility that the event may be a sell out and you may
not be able to purchase any tickets even after travelling all the
distance to the counter. Event organizers can tackle such situations and
additionally derive more benefits by implementing and utilizing an online
ticketing solution.

Cloud-based ticketing solution lets you easily generate several online
customer and sales reports in almost no time. You can quickly gather
sales and details of individual customers from the online ticketing
database which stores all information automatically for use by the event
organizer anytime, 24x7.

Most importantly, converting to an online payment management solution
completely eliminates any kind of accounting discrepancies that may occur
in case of manual processes in place.
You can create a wide range of ticket types to meet your event goals. For
example, you can upload VIP tickets, 'Early Bird' tickets, and member-
only tickets, and so on with different price tags as and when required.
By (ASHHAN Khan)

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