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                   November, 2010                                                             A Utility Newsletter

                   TFCC / IVR Doctors Webinar, Nov. 10th

                   When your customers' power is out and anxiety is high -- your company can exceed callers'
                   expectations in most cases without the involvement of customer service representatives. Join
                   us Nov. 10th for a webinar that covers best-in-class menu design principles for automated
                   outage and power problem systems. You'll learn:

                          How to avoid the #1 mistake -- still very common -- that plagues outage management
                          How to design improved, customer-focused, yet operationally efficient, power problem
                          What to say to provide timely updates
                          How automated, proactive call backs can help shed additional inbound calls
                          The need to safeguard the security and privacy of callers' proprietary information.

                   The cost for this webinar is $195. Register today.

                   Save The Date
                   Mark your calendars today and plan to attend the 2011 utility client meeting & conference.

                   Date: May 3 - 4, 2011
                   Place: Memphis, TN

                   We will forward a preliminary agenda in the next few weeks but be assured that this will be a
                   unique opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends, hear from industry experts, and
                   network with your peers and TFCC Client Management.

                   Early agenda ideas include:

                          Implementing customer self-service
                          Proactive outbound communications
                          Maximizing your IVR
                          Creating a virtual call center - update on mutual assistance
                          Adapting to changing customer communication tools
                          Industry trends & what you can do
                          Product innovation - new technology coming down the pike

                   Please let us know if there's a topic or issue you'd be interested in. Send your ideas to
                   Michelle Ford. Stay tuned for further details.

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                                                                      Utility Collections Webinar
                      TFCC & IVR Doctors: Optimizing the
                                                                      60 utility clients attended our recent
                      Outage Management Call Flow
                                                                      "Collect More When You Connect More"
                      November 10
                                                                      credit and collections webinar. If you
                                                                      missed the webinar or would like to
                      Please visit our website for information
                                                                      review some of the content, it's not too
                      on events we will be attending in 2011.
                                                                      late. You can still view a recording of this

                   Client Manager Profile - Dave Hartley

                   The role of Client Manager is integral to TFCC's customer-centric philosophy
                   and that's where HVCA Client Manager Dave Hartley shines. Dave, a 4-year
                   TFCC veteran, provides expertise, guidance and support for several marquee
                   utility clients including Southern California Edison, NSTAR Electric, Central
                   Lincoln PUD, GreyStone Power, Independence Power & Light and MIB.

                   Dave's #1 tip for his clients is to keep their customer database as up to date as possible to
                   improve match rates and customer satisfaction. "I always stress to clients that they need to
                   account for cell phones and possible cell tower interference," said Dave. "Utilities should
                   encourage their customers to call to update records with any new phone numbers, and expand
                   the CIS database to allow for 2-3 phone numbers for each customer," he concluded.

                   Dave's also a weekend warrior balancing time spent on home improvement projects and
                   community service, with allocating plenty of time with his wife of 14 years, Tammy, and his
                   three children: Paige 11, Nolan 8, Cameron 3. Dave is also an avid Cincinnati Bengals and
                   Ohio State football fan.

                   TFCC Focus Group Underway
                   One of the methods we use to incorporate your thoughts & ideas is to sit down and chat once
                   a quarter. We use these small, informal focus groups as a great way to collect your ideas,
                   perceptions, opinions, and attitudes towards TFCC products and services. The format is
                   straight forward: A one-hour conference call to collaboratively discuss problems you face,
                   solutions that have worked, and initiatives that are under development.

                   Bentley Cooper from TFCC leads the focus group initiative. The first utility focus group was
                   held this past May with a one-day on-site meeting in Columbus, Ohio. We just completed the
                   second quarterly utility focus group conference call last month. Hot topics covered to date

                          Evolving customer demands
                          Alternative communications channels and new technologies
                          Regulatory issues
                          Conservation programs
                          Smart metering / AMI
                          Call center initiatives and challenges
                          C&I account handling[2/24/2011 11:11:49 AM]
                    Utilities currently participating in the TFCC focus group are Dayton Power & Light, Dominion,
                    Lakeland Electric, NSTAR, PacifiCorp, Pepco, and Southern Company - representing a variety
                    of utility sizes, geographic coverage, unionization, and other characteristics.

                    We'd like to keep the focus group small, but do plan to invite additional utilities to participate
                    from time to time. If you would like to participate in the TFCC focus group, please feel free to
                    contact Bentley Cooper, Product Manager, at 800-382-8356, ext. 280. Please forward this to
                    other colleagues who may like to participate.

                    Getting The Most Out Of Your IVR
                    As the heart of your High Volume Call Answering system, it's critically important to maximize
                    the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). We received several requests to repost the link to our
                    blog on - 7 Best Practice Suggestions for Customer Communications Within Your IVR.

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