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									 On the Move
              Yobie                            Paul Norris,
              Benjamin,                        Immersion
              StrongMail                      The San Jose
               The Red-                       provider
               wood City                      of touch
               provider of                    feedback
               interactive                    technology
marketing tools for email       appointed Paul Norris
marketing and social            chief financial officer.
media appointed Yobie           He is former executive
Benjamin to its board of        vice president, CFO and
directors. Currently, he        general counsel at Sonic
serves as chief technology      Solutions.
officer and managing di-
rector at Citigroup Global                     Joseph
Transaction Services/In-                       Passarello,
stitutional Clients Group.                     Serena
              Gary Bloom,                     The Red-
              MarkLogic                       wood City
              The San Car-                    provider of
              los database                    IT tools ap-
              provider          pointed Joseph Passarello
              named Gary        chief financial officer and
              Bloom             senior vice president of
              president         finance. Previously, he
and chief executive officer.    served as the CFO at
Recently, he was chief          Aptina Imaging.
executive officer and
president at eMeter.                           Debra
              Timothy                          Power-
              Brackney,                        Speaking
              Lucile Pack-                      The Red-
              ard Foun-                         wood City
              dation for                        provider of
              Children’s                        presentation
              Health            skills training programs
The Palo Alto founda-           appointed Debra Robinson
tion that raises funds for      vice president of business
research, training, and         development. She is for-
patient care named Timo-        mer director of audience
thy Brackney to its board       development at the Silicon
of directors. He serves at      Valley/San Jose Business
Resources Global Profes-        Journal.
              Jill Cooper,                     Shanahan,
              Zetta.net                        ACG Silicon
             The Sunny-                        Valley
             vale provider                    The San
             of enter-                        Jose global
             prise-grade                      associa-
             online                           tion for top
             backup and         executives named Thomas
disaster recovery solu-         Shanahan chairman of
tions named Jill Cooper         the board of directors. He
vice president of sales.        serves at Needham & Co.
She is former worldwide
vice president of inside                       Ian Vacin,
sales and operations at                        Xero
Nimsoft.                                      The San
              Manuel                          provider
              Henriquez,                      of online
              Lucile Pack-                    accounting
              ard Foun-                       software for
              dation for        small businesses named
              Children’s        Ian Vacin vice president of
              Health            marketing for U.S. opera-
The Palo Alto founda-           tions. Recently, he served
tion that raises funds          nearly a decade at Intuit.
for research, training,
and patient care named                         Geoff
Manuel Henriquez to its                        Roach,
board of directors. He is                      Loqate
co-founder, chairman and                      The San
chief executive officer                       Bruno
at Hercules Technology                        provider of
Growth Capital.                               components
                                              that are
              Stephanie         leveraged by software
              Hooper,           vendors, service providers
              Left Brain        and systems integrators
              DGA               named Geoff Roach vice
             The Red-           president of market-
             wood City          ing. Previously, he held
             agency             positions at Informix, Pure
             that helps         Software, Cullinet.
marketing organizations
develop and grow suc-                          Richard
cessful demand genera-                         Anthony
tion programs appointed                        Law,
Stephanie Hooper chief                         Loqate
customer officer. She                          The San
owned the consulting firm,                     Bruno
MarCom PDX.                                    provider of
              Bruce             that are leveraged by
              Lawrie,           software vendors, service
              Umpqua            providers and systems
              Bank              integrators appointed
               The Wal-         Richard Anthony Law to
               nut Creek        its board of directors. Cur-
               subsidiary       rently, he is chief executive
               of Umpqua        at GB Group.
Holdings named Bruce
Lawrie senior vice presi-                   William
dent and manager. He                        Sonneborn ,
has more than 25 years                      Lucile Pack-
of experience overseeing                    ard Foun-
commercial real estate                      dation for
portfolios for midsize                      Children’s
companies throughout the                    Health
region.                      The Palo Alto founda-
                             tion that raises funds for
               Jim Leslie,   research, training, and pa-
               Cresa         tient care named William
               The Bos-      Sonneborn to its board
               ton-based     of directors. Currently, he
               corporate     serves at Kohlberg Kravis
               real estate   Roberts & Co.
               firm, which
has offices in the Bay Area,
named Jim Leslie chief
executive officer. He is
former president and CEO
at Staubach Co.

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