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									My English portfolio
Famous places and
  famous people
  I’ m going to start my portfolio
• Writing about myself;
• Writing about Pedrógão;
• Writing about some famous places and
  famous people
       o   Stonehenge;
       o   Madame Tussaud's;
       o   Jack Johnson;
       o   Kelly Slater;
Hi! My name is Alexandre, I’m thirteen
years old and I live in Pedrógão, Torres
I’m a tall, nice, cool and friendly boy.
I’m a student and I study at S. B. Manuel de
              My village
I live in parish council of Pedrógão,
municipality of Torres Novas.
I live by Serra D’aire.
Pedrógão is a big and beaudiful village I
suggest you to visit!!!
Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in the
English county of Wiltshire, on the north of Salisbury.
Stonehenge is composed of earthworks surrounding a
circular setting of large standing stones.
Archaeologists believe the standing stones were erected
around 2200 BC.
The site and its surroundings were added to the
UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 1986 in a co-
listing with Avebury henge monument
Stonehenge Complete gives the derivation of the name
Stonehenge as coming from the Old English words "stān"
meaning "stone", and either "hencg" meaning "hinge"
(because the stone lintels hinge on the upright stones) or
"hen(c)en" meaning "hang" or "gallows" or "instrument of
               Stonehenge (cont.)
The Stonehenge complex was built in several
construction phases spanning at least 3000
Some archaeologists have found four large
Mesolithic postholes which date to around
8000 BC nearby, beneath the modern tourist
At this time, Salisbury Plain was still wooded
but four thousand years later, during the
earlier Neolithic, a cursus monument was
built 600 m north of the site as the first
farmers began to clear the forest and exploit
the area.
The site was known by scholars during the
Middle Ages.
Many aspects of Stonehenge are subject to
debate. What was its function: an
astronomical observatory, a religious site, or
something supernatural? Who built it, and
             Madame Tussaud's
Madame Tussauds is a famous
wax museum in London.
Marie Tussaud (1761–1850) was
born Marie Grosholtz in Strasbourg,
France. Her mother worked as a
housekeeper for Dr. Philippe
Curtius, who was a physician skilled
in wax modelling. Curtius taught
Tussaud the art of wax modelling.
 Tussaud created her first wax
figure, of Francois Marie Arouet de
Voltaire, in 1777.
  Madame Tussaud’s (cont.)
 One of the main revelations of her museum was
the Chamber of horrors. This part of the
exhibition included some victims of the French
Some of the sculptures done by Tussaud herself
still exist. In 1842, she made a self portrait which
is now on display at the entrance of her
Madame Tussaud's wax museum has now
grown to become a major tourist attraction in
                Jack Jonhson
Jack Hody Johnson born May 18, 1975
is a Hawaii-born musician, filmmaker, and
He learned how to surf and skate from his
father's best friend Alex Conell.
He was a professional surfer until an
accident at Pipeline in which his front teeth
were knocked out and he received more
than 150 stitches to his mouth.
Johnson has stated in several interviews
that a big part of his success involved his
friends recording "bootlegs" of his tracks
and distributing them at surf competitions.
In 2000, Johnson directed a surf film
entitled Thicker than Water.
                     Kelly Slater
Slater was born "Robert Kelly
Slater" on February 11, 1972 in
Cocoa Beach, Florida.
Kelly Slater is an excellent
professional surfer.
He is an eight time world champion
and has been sponsored by
Quiksilver since 1990.
His favourite waves are Pipeline in
Hawaii, Kirra in Australia, and Soup
Bowls in Barbados. He also says
he loves the wave Dee Why Point.
Slater has had a long time rivalry
with top surfer Andy Irons since he
lost the world title to Andy in 2003.
I loved making this work because I learnt
more information about:
Madame Tussaud’s;
Jack Johnson;
Kelly Slater;

   I hope you say that you liked it too!!!

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