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									Different Types of Hats

Although most of us would be thinking that hats are out of fashion, the fact is that hats are again the big
fashion trend this season and are making a huge comeback. Hat is basically a head covering, made of a soft
or stiff piece of cloth. A typical hat comprises four basic parts: the brim, crown, bill, and hatband. The brim
is the external part of the hat which can be sturdy, hard, loose, bent, or curled. The crown forms the top
portion of the hat that covers the head and may vary in its style and design depending upon the hat. Like a
baseball cap has a circular crown, a fedora can have a pointed crown, and a boat hat has a smooth, plane flat
crown. The bill forms the front portion of the cap which protects the face and finally the hatband, which is
placed around the circumference of the hat. Hats can be worn for warmth, fashion, shade, safety and at times
to cover baldness or undo hair style. However, whatever may be the purpose they are used for, hats always
look stylish and trendy. In earlier times, people would rarely leave their homes without a hat gracing their
head. However, nowadays people wear hats for certain occasions or just to make a style statement.

Different Hats for Boys

Though there are different styles and designs of hats available in the market, here are some of the most
popular hats for men.

Fedora: One of the most commonly worn hats, fedora can be worn by men of all age groups with both
business and casual attire. The hat comes in various colors like petrol blue, almond green, lilac, dove, dark
brown and gray, and being flexible it is easy to wear and suits well with every kind of outfit.

Newsboy: Well suited for casual attire, the newsboy hats were quite popular during the 20th century, worn
especially by the newspaper delivery boys. The hat has a rounded or oval shaped bill with a button place
right at the center of the top portion of the hat, which denotes one of its most significant features.

Bucket: Bucket hats are usually worn to shield the face from sun, dust, or any other elements. These are best
suited for very casual attire and are not specifically worn for dressy occasions.

Trilby: Trilby hats are one of the most sporty cool hats, worn by many Hollywood actors like Hugh
Jackman, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt. Though they appear to be quite similar to fedoras,
trilby hats have shorter brims and are well suited for casual attire.

Boaters: Also called straw hats, boaters are hats made of stiff straw, having a deep flat topped crown and a
narrow brim. The hats are commonly worn during summer and go well with a casual attire.

Dobbs: Dobbs hats are other popular hats that can be worn for both casual and business attires. They are
very much like a fedora but have a stiff or firm fitting.

Hats Styles for Girls
A well designed and styled hat when worn can give the most elegant and sophisticated look to a woman.
Hats for women usually come in two styles; with or without brim. Hence, before selecting a woman's hat,
decide whether you want a brimmed or brimless hat. For your help, here are different varieties which are
divided in to these two categories.

Baseball Hats: These are cloth made brimmed hats with a broad brim in the front. As the name suggests,
these hats are a perfect fit for any type of sports occasions especially baseball or can be worn for a very
relaxing casual outfit. Some of the most famous brands of baseball brimmed women's hats include Flexfit,
Block headwear, Kangol and Elope.

Flat Hats: These are the most frequently worn brimmed hats that go well with formal attire. They are knitted
hats having a smooth, plane top and a beret like surface. Minna and Goorin by Goorin bros, Montego and
Kangol are some of the popular brands for flat brimmed women's hats.

Cocktail Hats: These are small, often volatile, brimless hats are normally worn forward on the head. Women
prefer wearing cocktail hats for evening parties or formal functions as they give the most stylish and elegant
look. Some of its popular brands include Juliette, Jackie, Greta and Marlene.

Cowboy Hats: One of the most stylish brimless hats which are quite popular among fashion fanatics among
men and women are cowboy hats. These hats come in different styles and are usually made of felt or leather
material. Jaxon, Henschel, Block headwear and Kangol are some of the popular brands for cowboy hats.

Other Hats: Visors and berets are few other hats that can be worn with casual attire. They not only look
stylish but also protect from the sun's harmful rays.

Hats have always been an integral part of fashion. Though the tradition of wearing hats started centuries ago,
even today they are considered to be an important accessory that can enhance your entire look. So pick any
from the above given different types of hats, wear them to suit your attire and make your own fashion

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