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									How Much Should I Weigh?
How much should I weigh is a very important question. The answer depends on many different
variables. What are your immediate and long-term weight loss goals? What is your current health
status? How much do you exercise? When you do exercise, what kind of exercises are you performing?
What is your body type? The list goes on and on. The most important thing to remember is that no two
people are the same, especially in terms of how much I should weigh. Bone density, age, muscle mass,
and body fat percentage are all crucial parts of the how much should I weigh equation. There is no exact
formula to determine one's "proper" weight. What I would suggest you strive for is a total, overall
healthy life plan that includes weight loss goals, brain development nutrients, relaxation exercises,
physical exertion, and of course nutrition. These are the foundation of a healthy life and a healthy
weight. Let's look at each of these individually.

How Much Should I Weigh Right Now?
Weight loss goals are important, but they must be kept realistic in order to prevent a letdown, and thus
a complete quitting of the program before it can even get started. Brain development nutrients are
critical for any whole body health plan. When deciding how much I should weigh, it is easy to
underestimate a target weight and starve yourself in an attempt to get there fast. Unfortunately, this
deprives the brain of crucial nutrients that are necessary to keep your spirits and willpower functioning
at a high level. Relaxation exercises are another necessary part of a healthy weight loss program. It is
easy to just work out, work out, and workout some more in order to "burn" as much fat as possible.
This puts the body into a overly stresses state and can very quickly short-circuit your motivation, self-
esteem, and progress. Physical exertion is still important though. Cutting calories can lead to a sluggish
feeling that will keep you from moving. It will also keep you from getting the blood flowing and the
heart pumping! You will never truly know how much should I weigh until you can keep that fat burning
furnace churning all the live long day! Finally, nutrition...the absolute number one most important part
of the how much should I weigh equation. This deserves a paragraph all to itself!

How Much Should I Weigh For My Health?
Nutrition is the absolute most important part of any healthy living plan. The foods that most of us eat
daily are void of nutrients, and they also contain many added chemicals and preservatives. These
additives can stress the body in ways that we don't even completely understand, as they have not been
properly researched and tested. Added stress on the body can prevent it from ever achieving weight
loss of any kind, regardless of how many calories or grams of fat or protein that you consume on a daily
basis. What I am saying is that the first rule of any "diet" should be to eliminate any extra chemicals or
preservatives from the daily intake of food. Eating natural food is more important than any amount of
fat, protein, carbohydrates or even grams of sugar. When you realize this final most important truth,
then the question how much should I weigh has a much more achievable answer.

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