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									                      Good News

                                     Walking the talk ...
CHRIS ADAMS, PASTOR    hpcnashville.org                               JUNE 2012

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The Good News

      A note from Pastor Chris                                                                        HILLSBORO
  Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer!
                                          -Proverbs 30:25
                                                                                                           Chris Adams
   Happy Summer! Have you seen any fireflies lately?                                                         Pastor
Recently, the kids and I were making our way home
just as it was getting dark. There is a field close to our                                            Rev Hudson Neely
house, that a friend told me was a great place for fire-                                             Minister of Discipleship
flies. So we went to check it out. WOW! We parked the
car and watched a light show develop right before our                                                      Amy Dillon
eyes. My youngest are usually a little afraid of the dark                                            Director of Children and
actually, as most small children are, but not that night.                                                Family Ministry
They laughed and they squealed: "There’s another one,
and another one, and another one!" We had a wonderful                                                    Shawn Cothran
time together. After a while it was getting late so we                                                Director of Youth and
headed home.                                                                                          Young Adult Ministry
   Imagine their surprise as we pulled into our driveway, where they discovered that the
fireflies had followed us home. At least that’s what they thought. Since that night, fireflies
                                                                                                          Stephen Nix
have become a major topic of evening conversation at our house. My kids have chased
                                                                                                   Director of Music Ministry
them around our yard. They have caught them in a jar. We have looked them up on the In-                   Tim Gmeiner
ternet and learned more about them. It’s really an amazing little part of God’s summer cre-              Church Organist
ation. Little insects that light up... again I say, WOW!
   Summer is a great time for ministry. The weather is warm, and people are active. Base-                Linda Diguette
ball games, picnics, and of course vacations to the beach and to the lake. Everybody it                 Pastoral Assistant
seems has a smile on their face as they splash around the community pool. Neighbors share
stories over the back fence, and occasionally fire up the grill for a cookout with friends.              Alice O Dwyer
This too is an amazing part of God’s summer creation. WOW!                                           Child Care Coordinator
   Maybe we don’t always look at it that way. Does our imagination limit ministry to only
the things that happen on the church campus, or the things we do for organizations like                     Janie Hay
Habit for Humanity or Room at the Inn. Ministries by definition are those things that help               Office Manager
us imagine that God is present in us and in the world around us. There is no question that
things like Habitat and RATI are important ministry. I participate in those things and so do              Gloria Shiavi
you. However, ministry is not limited to those either. There is much more to God’s econ-                 Office Assistant
omy than just that.
   I want to suggest that eating together, playing together, swimming together, and even                  Carole Shean
catching fireflies together is just as much ministry. These are all ways for us to imagine the       Financial Administrator
presence of God’s grace and the goodness of life in all things. You don’t have to take my
word for it. Look around. Watch the faces of your children, or your spouse, or your neigh-                Cynthia White
bors in their coming and going this summer. If fun is happening, then I would suggest that       Director of Creative Care Center
there is a pretty good chance that the presence of God in the world is being made more
real. Isn’t it great that grace is not just limited to what happens on the church campus or
                                                                                                      Stephanie Hasbrouck
through mission organizations?
                                                                                                     The Good News Editor
   That’s why I say that summer is a great time for ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. It         General Information:
gives us a chance to go out to search for God in the world around us. In all the places we           Telephone:
go, we can sit back, as my children and I did in watching fireflies, and be amazed at how          Email: gloria@hpcnashville org
incredible a gift all of creation is when we open our eyes to what is around us. We might
                                                                                                              Web site:

                                       Chris +
even be surprised when we get home to discover that more and more of God’s grace has
followed us home. WOW... Thanks Be to God for Summer!
                                                                                                     The Good News deadline:
                                                                                                 Good News items will be accepted
                                                                                                  until the third Sunday of each
                                                                                                   month for publication in the
                                                                                                    following month s edition

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                                                                                                   The Good News
                                              REBECCA SWAN AND JEN JAMES, LEADERS


                                                                                             Sounds game
  Your children are invited to dive into
fun July 9-13 at Operation Overboard:
Dare to Go Deep With God Vacation                                                               Saturday, June 2, we will have our
Bible School.                                                                                church wide Nashville Sounds outing at
  Explore and experience God's under-                                                        Greer Stadium! The Sounds will be play-
water universe at VBS from 9 am-noon!                                                        ing the New Orleans Zephyrs in the first
The adventures include regular Deep Sea                                                      Faith Night of the 2012 season. Churches
Voyages into Bible fun and creative                                                          all across Nashville will be there for the
crafts, hands-on mission work, water sci-                                                    game and you don't want to miss it! Tick-
ence, and great music. VBS is open to                                                        ets are $12 for game admission, a hot dog
children ages 3 years-completed 5th                                                          and drink. We will meet at the stadium at
grade.                                                                                       6:15 and tickets need to be purchased in
  Then, during the afternoon, completed       in attendance and may even have more           advance. Contact Amy Dillon for more in-
1st-completed 5th graders are invited to      this year with the local agency Youth En-      formation!

                                                                                            Inside Out Play
participate in our high energy afternoon      couragement Services registering 40
program called Hi-5 from noon-2 p.m.          children. These programs are opportuni-

                                                                                            Date June 16
each day. This is an opportunity for our      ties to not only minister to our own chil-
elementary kids to dive even deeper as        dren, but also to kids all around
they explore talents and gifts in a differ-   Nashville as we open our doors for a
ent enrichment class every day. A free        week of Bible Study, Music, Crafts,
lunch will be provided for our Hi-5 at-       Recreation and much more. All of this             We will have a baby and preschool play
tendees.                                      can't happen, however, without your            date at Inside Out Play Park on Saturday,
  There is no cost for the week and it is     help! We have positions available right        June 16 from 10-11:30 a.m. Inside Out is
the perfect opportunity to invite friends     now that are just waiting to be filled by      a unique indoor play place where babies
to participate! For more information or       you....whether you'd like to teach, guide      and children can run & play, lay on the
to register, please visit www.hpc-            kids to their classes, help with registra-     grass, learn to ride a bike, climb a tree,
nashville.org. Please also feel free to       tion in the morning or help only with our      ride through or climb a cave and discover
contact Amy Dillon at amy@hpc-                afternoon program...we are sure to have        nature... no matter what the weather out-
nashville.org with any questions.             something perfect for you! For more in-        side. While your kids play together par-
                                                                                             ents can fellowship with one another at
    We need your help with
                                              formation and/or to sign up please visit
                                              www.hpcnashville.org or contact Amy            the coffee bar. The cost for admission is
       VBS and Hi-5!                          Dillon at amy@hpcnashville.org or 417-         $9 for walkers and $5 for non-walkers
                                              6748. I would LOVE to discuss this with        (non-walkers are free with the paid admis-
  Our summer VBS and hi-5 programs                                                           sion of an older sibling). Contact Amy
are two of our biggest events of the year.                                                   Dillon to sign up for this awesome morn-
                                                   — Amy Dillon, Director of Children
Last year we had well over 100 children                                                      ing of friends and fun!

                                                                        Summer Sunday School
                                                                    and Family Ministry

                                                 Congrats to
                                                 CCC grads!               We hope that your children will join us for Sunday School
                                                                        this summer....we have some exciting things planned with
                                                                        summer classes beginning Sunday, June 3! Our preschoolers
                                                                        will spend the summer exploring the stories of Jesus' life
                                                                        through drama, crafts, games, snacks and songs. Their class
                                                                        will be taught by Kim Rosdeutscher and Joyce Smith.
                                                                          Our elementary class (completed kindergarten-5th) will
                                                                        once again spend the summer on an Awesome Adventures,
                                                                        this time focusing on God's Amazing Kids. We will explore
                                                                        the stories of children in the Bible including Isaac, Miriam,
                                                                        young Jeremiah, 12-year-old Jesus and more. Having used
                                                                        the Awesome Adventures series from the PCUSA for a num-
                                                                        ber of years now, we can't wait for this class to kick off!
                                                                        Amy Dillon will be leading this class.

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The Good News
FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY                                 MARLA ALBERT, LEADER

   Book Club                                                                                    Women’s prayer group
 Since our usual                                                                                    Women in Prayer
 meeting date falls on                              Supper Sisters                               Life Group will not
 Memorial Day we                                  will gather Tues-                              meet during the
 decided to move it                               day evening, June                              summer months.
 to June 4. We will be                            12 at the Mediter-                             We plan to re-gather
 at Joan Adams home                                                                              Sept. 20. (Aren't we
                                                  ranean Cuisine on
 at 7 p.m. on Mon-                                                                               glad the Lord does-
 day, June 4 to dis-                              Ward Circle in
                                                                                                 n't "take off" during
 cuss Home Front by                               Brentwood, TN.                                 the summer!!) Please pray about joining us
 Kristin Hannah.                                  We’ll gather at                                if you haven't done so. We have wonderful
 Then on June 25, the last Monday in June,        6:30 so if you’ll let me know your com-        fellowship and prayer time. Some of us pray
 Marcia Pope will host a discussion of The        ing, I’ll save you a seat. Please pass this    aloud and others of us pray silently. But
 Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Join us        on to anyone else that would enjoy             PRAY we do and then we eat lunch to-
 for Book Club!

                                                  Miss Martha's Ice Cream Crankin'
                                                  coming. Hope, to see you there!                gether.

Women's Break-
fast will meet                                       Join us for the                            Center.
one more time                                      27th Purity Miss                                The event will be held on the lawn at
before a summer                                    Martha's Ice Cream                           First Presbyterian Church on Franklin
break. We’ll                                       Crankin' and Sum-                            Road in Nashville. Admission is $10 for
meet at the                                        mer Social 3-5 p.m.                          adults and $8 for children. See Suzy
church on June 9                                   Sunday, June 10, to                          Bennett for tickets or you can buy tickets
at 9 o’clock. I                                    sample hundreds of                           on-line
will cook and Deb Smith will give our              gallons of home-                             (www.marthaobryan.org/crankin/crankin
devotional. Welcome to all women of the            made ice cream.                              ) before 3 p.m. on the day of the event,
church. Bring a friend!.                           Proceeds benefit Martha O'Bryan              when prices rise to $13 adult, $10 child.


A note about Pastoral Care Red Cross
                                                BEN CANNON, LEADER

  We’re excited to announce our staff pas-
toral care rotation schedule for hospital,
nursing home and homebound visits. In
                                                                                                 blood drive
addition to these daily rotations, every Fri-                                                       Celebrate our
day and Saturday there will be a staff per-                                                      country's birth and
son on call for visits and pastoral care                                                         give the gift of life-
emergencies.                                                                                     saving blood on Sun-
  On call staff will be listed each week in                                                      day July 1 from 9
our Hillsboro Highlights email. Linda                                                            a.m. to noon at HPC.
Diguette, our Pastoral Assistant, also will                                                      Sign up sheets will be
be on call Sunday through Thursday.                                                              available each Sunday morning in June
   Sunday – Linda Diguette                                                                       at the church.
  Monday – Shawn Cothran                                                                            If you have questions, please email or
  Tuesday – Chris Adams                                                                          call Paula Yelverton: paulayel@bell-
  Wednesday – Hudson Neely                         Please call the church office for more        south.net or cell 305-7870.
  Thursday – Amy Dillon                          information or to let us know of a pastoral
  Friday-Saturday – On Call                      need in our community.
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                                                                                                             The Good News

  Welcome new HPC members
  On Easter Sunday, two wonderful families joined Hillsboro. Let’s                         Thomas and Ellen Carlton
                 Spence and Anne Johnson
get to know them!                                                            Thomas and Ellen Carlton joined HPC by Affirmation of Faith.
                                                                          They have three young daughters. Gracyn is 4, Reilyn is 2 , and
   Spence and Anne Johnson come to HPC by letter of transfer from         Brenyn is 11 months old. Ellen
Presbyterian Kirk in the Pines Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They      is a compliance manager for an
met and married in Illinois, lived for many years in Maryland, then       insurance company, and
moved to Arkansas for their first retirement. They have come to           Thomas tutors students and
Nashville (Richland Place) for their second retirement-- which puts       manages the household of very
them a little closer to their daughter in Michigan.                       busy little girls.
   They have four grandchildren. Before retiring, Spence was in gov-         Thomas and Ellen met when
ernment relations for a trade association, and Anne taught high school    both were performing here in
English. They have been charter (founding ) members of two Presby-        Nashville in Guys and Dolls.
terian churches, one in Maryland which recently celebrated it’s 50th      We have it on good authority
anniversary and the one in Arkansas which just celebrated it’s 10th an-   that Ellen persuaded the direc-
niversary.                                                                tor to make sure she was on
   Over the years, Spence has been deeply involved in fund raising and    stage whenever Thomas was.
finances in the church and Anne has invested her gifts in education. In   And so… they celebrated their
particular, she became involved in helping a Vietnamese immigrant         14th wedding anniversary on May 29!
family through their church in Maryland. Longtime members of Hills-          The family lived in Connecticut for several years. When they de-
boro will remember that our first immigrant family was also from          cided to return to Nashville, Ellen went online to investigate churches
Vietnam. Welcome and congratulations to Spence and Anne who cele-         here. She found our Mission Statement which she says mirrors almost
brated their 60th wedding anniversary on May 25!                          exactly the mission statement of their church in Connecticut. A year
                                                                          ago on Mother’s Day, the family first arrived at Hillsboro. Ellen joined
                                                                          the choir and the Praise Band, and the Carlton family quickly became
                                                                          part of the HPC family. In fact, when they joined the church on Easter
                                                                          Sunday, many folks were surprised that they weren’t already mem-
                                                                          bers! We welcome Thomas and Ellen and their girls.
                                                                                                                     — Submitted by Jill Reddig

Andrew Scarlett baptized                                                                             To our entire HPC family:
  We celebrate the baptism of Andrew
Joseph Scarlett, son of Andrew and
                                                   Notes                                                Thank you so much for your continued
                                                                                                     support of Jo’s Reach Out and Read program-
                                                                                                     at Christmas, Easter and throughout the year.
Jenny, and grandchild of Dorothy and
                                                   Our Dear Hillsboro Family,                        This program is vital for so many children of
Joe Scarlett. With great joy, we wel-
                                                      Thank you so very much for all the calls,      Middle Tennessee, not only sharing our love
come Andrew into our shared covenant
                                                   cards and beautiful floral arrangement during     of books and reading but also preparing them
with God.
                                                   the recent passing of my Mom.                     for success in school. Thank you for keeping
                                                      She really enjoyed attending Hillsboro and     Jo’s memory alive.

In sympathy
                                                   everyone was always so warm and welcom-                                                   Love,
                                                   ing toward her.                                            Rebecca, Mike, Ella and Noah Swan
   Offering prayers and support for their             Mom was an incredible mother, role model
families, we celebrate the Resurrection of         and friend and she will be sorely missed. But,     Dear HPC,
beloved members of Hillsboro Presbyte-             having such a wonderful church family as             "The family of Lillian Jacobs Estes is
rian Church: Nancy Betty, Roz Gant,                Hillsboro is truly a blessing and we are so       grateful for her life, your friendship, your
Frances Easter and Betty Field.                    grateful for you all.                             kindness and prayers."
                                                                                    Love Always,        The flowers are lovely and have found a
                                                                      Carlin and Webb McQuiddy       ‘special home’ on my kitchen counter. Every
                                                                                                     day I’m able to enjoy your thoughtfulness!
                                                                                                                                      Most sincerely,
                                                                                                                                       Karen Stevens

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The Good News

    The president of the Presbytery of           working with my friends from the Presby-               Presbytery of Middle Tennessee
Sayaxché, Marcelino Coc, sent Greetings          tery of the Inland Northwest in the                       Guatemala Mission Trip
to the members of HPC by way of the in-          Polochic Valley. Your presbytery, Middle    A mission trip with our covenant partner The
ternet. His son, Raymundo, is one of the         Tenn., is sending a group to the Peten atPresbiterio Q’eqchi Peten will take place July 17 –
students and has learned to use the inter-       about the same time. Information about   24. Scholarship money is available for this trip for
net. Marcelino is also one of the students       that trip is posted on the bulletin board and
                                                                                          anyone interested in participating. The team will:
involved in the theological training that is     is available for any who have an interest   • Visit six of our partnership churches in the
currently in progress in Coban.                  as is the trip to the Polochic. Even though
                                                                                          Presbiterio Q’eqchi Peten and the Presbyterian
   I include both his letter in Spanish and      Gloria and I are no longer in Guatemala  Center under construction.
the translation. Most of the leadership is       on a full time basis, many opportunities    • Worship at the Iglesia Presbiteriana Central in
literate but tend not to use punctuation,        continue to present themselves for visitsGuatemala City (This is the original Presbyterian
which makes reading their letters difficult.     for any who wish to have a first-hand ex-church in Guatemala, and although some previous
 Marcelino is very proud of his son for his      perience. I am sure HPC will plan a trip groups have visited, this will be the first PMT
ability to use the internet and sent this let-   soon. I encourage anyone who has even a  group to worship there)
ter to show that ability as well as              mild interest to contact me.                • Paint (one day) at the Presbyterian Synod of-
Marcelino’s appreciation for the assistance                                               fice.
they continue to receive.                               Roger and Gloria Marriott Mission    • Make a cultural-visit to the Myan ruins at
   When we visited Sayaxché last January               Co-Workers, Presbyterian Church Tikal and the National Museum in Guatemala City
most of the parents and their students                                        Guatemala       Enrollment deadline: June 4, 2012; Limit 12.
came to greet us. The photo shows some           http://gamc.pcusa.org/ministries/mis-    For more Information contact one of us: Chuck
of those.                                        sionconnections/marriott-gloria-and-     Higgins, cshiggins4@comcast.net or Fred Kirch-
   I will be in Guatemala the end of July        roger                                    ner- fred.kirchner@vanderbilt.edu

  Good News As the Community Poultry             household."
Project continues at Village Hope...                Paddington also is initiating a poultry
  From Paddington: "For all the poultry          course in the local schools, where students
beneficiaries, 4 out the 17 have since man-      learn about caring for chickens and then
aged to buy the second batch. They came          marketing them for a profit. The plan is
with their money and we managed to help          that more families will be enabled through
them secure the second batch. Initially the      this course to start their own projects and
families were keeping 50 chicks per house-       earn the money, which is so vital to pay
hold and now they have doubled the num-          their children's school fees and keep them
ber to 100 chicks per household. This is a       in school.
positive development to our main objective          Most of these people have never owned
of the project which is continuity. We are       a chicken and have never dreamed of hav-
positive that all the beneficiaries will be      ing an income-producing opportunity.
able to walk in the shoes of these first         Such projects instill hope in the people
three. There is a tendency to divert the         who participate and open the way for them
funds for other purposes . This challenge        to embrace more progressive lives.
in most instances is the major obstacle to          The Village Hope community is making
the advance of community projects. We are        life better for countless families in the vast
waiting eagerly for the other families to        rural area surrounding the farm!
follow suit and buy their 100 chicks per               — Pam Kidd for the Zimbabwe Team

 HPC members serve lunch at Luke 14:12, others welcomed to help
   On Friday May 11 Luke 14:12 served turkey and dressing,               usual in number but very fast.
 gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, fruit bread, lemonade and lemon              We will be serving again on June 8. Check your calendar, see
 bars to 230 hungry men and women. Serving from Hillsboro                if you can join us to serve from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
 were Lucy Carroll, David Dingler, Gloria Shiavi, Hazel Nichols,                                                       — Linda Kilpatrick
 Lydia Spragens, Kelt Locke and myself. We were smaller then

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                                                                                                           The Good News

                         Happy Birthday!
          June 3                                         June 13                                           June 21
         Ma r t y Ma y                                Lynne McCalla                                     Imogene Ross
                                                       Don Brown                                       Darren Diguette
           June 4
          Lesli Hall                                     June 14                                          June 22
                                                      Thomsen Smith                                    Cynthia Whitlow
        June 6
    Skye Bendheim                                         June 15                                          June 23
                                                         Bob Pope                                        Ann Greene
        June 7                                          Tim Gmeiner                                        Al Beth
     Kerry McCalla                                     Sara Brunette                                    Carter Dodson
                                                        Ben T rner
        June 8                                           Ella Swan                                        June 24
   Jeanie Kaserman                                                                                      Cheryl Oakley
    Hayden Wood                                           June 16
                                                      Gregory Center                                  June 28
       June 9                                                                                   MacKenzie Under wood
 Jennifer Bondurant                                         June 17
                                                         Chris Moth                                          June 29
         June 10                                         Jimmy Lewis                                        Janie Hay
        Drew War th
                                                       June 19
          June 11                                  Michael Albert
        Brian Moth                              Vennie Muhawenimana

       June 12                                           June 20
    Babs Freeman                                     Jenny Copeland
   Mary Dougherty                                     Kristen Reese

If your birthday is not included, please call Gloria in the church office so she can update our records. We don’t want to leave you out!

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The Good News

            Siloam Family Health Center                                                    Center for Living and
                   Gift of A Day                                                           Learning Golf Invitational
                                                                                           and Coach House Party
    Last week a teenage Hispanic girl named
                                                                                              You are invited to participate in the
 “Maria” and her mother “Isabel” came to the
 clinic for a routine appointment. Following their                                         25th Annual Celebrity Golf Invitational
 exam, they requested prayer with Siloam’s staff                                           at the Nashville Golf & Athletic Club on
 pastor Doug Mann. They were unsure of their sal-                                          Monday June 25, and the Coach House
 vation, Maria and Isabel said. Doug shared the                                            Party on Sunday, June 24, hosted by
 Gospel with them—and both women prayed then                                               Fran and Scooter Clippard. The event
 and there to receive Christ!                                                              benefits the Center for Living and
     Today the mother/daughter team visited Siloam                                         Learning.
 for a follow-up appointment and stopped by                                                    Coach House Party-Sunday, June 24
 Doug’s office to say hello. “Have you noticed any                                         at 6 p.m. Pre-Golf Luncheon-Monday,
 changes in your life this past week?” Doug asked.                                         June 25 at noon. Shotgun Tee-off-Mon-
 “Oh, yes,” Maria replied. “For starters, Mom and
                                                                                           day, June 25 at 1 p.m. Awards Cere-
 I don’t fight any more—which is a miracle!”        Dr. Jim Henderson and nurse Babette
    It’s so exciting to see the Lord at work within Whitmore review a patient chart.       mony-Immediately following golf
 these walls, providing not just physical care but                                            For more information and to obtain an
 spiritual healing as well.                                                                entry form, please call Fran Clippard at

Room In The Inn celebrates churches’ involvement in ministry
   Greetings to Friends at Hillsboro:        hungry, tired people in need. A few          Christmas tree and it reminded me of
   The last weekend in April we cele-        were angry; some resigned; most were         growing up.
brated the commitment of Room In The         kind, good-natured and generous. At            I love the way the kids helped serve
Inn volunteers from more than 180            the end of their shifts, the volunteers      us. I am a grandpa and miss my grand-
congregations who had given their            went home to warm houses, food they          kids. So, it is nice to fill my void of not
guests, who call the streets of Nashville    had chosen themselves, and the same          seeing them.
home, hope for a new life!                   beds they sleep in every night. At the         These comments reflect the love of
   These volunteers came from all age        end of the season, the homeless guests       God that you show to your guests
groups and all walks of life. They vol-      went back to the streets of Nashville.       throughout the season.
unteered as drivers, cooks, servers of       But the connection the volunteers and          On April 28 and April 29, 2012, we
meals, shoppers for food, and washers        guests made with one another—a con-          officially recognized God’s gift of hos-
of laundry. They broke bread together,       nection born of mutual respect and the       pitality as shown through our Room In
listened to their stories and watched        recognition of a common humanity—            The Inn volunteers.
over them through the night.                 remains intact.                                                       Gratefully yours,
   From November 1, 2011 through               The guests of Room In The Inn were                   Rachel Hester Charles Strobel
March 31, 2012:                              excited to tell us about their experi-            Executive Director Founding Director
   More than 1,000 guests participated       ences at the congregations. Here are
in Room In The Inn                           some of the compliments they had to
   More than 29,000 beds were pro-           say about your hospitality:
vided                                          We really felt the love and fellow-
   More than 87,000 dinners and              ship.
lunches were prepared                          We were treated like royalty.
   More than 22,000 showers were of-           They served us like honored guests.
fered                                          They put mints on our pillow and
   All this could have not been possible     served us on china.
without the more than 6,000 dedicated          It felt like the Hilton.
volunteers who gave more than                  I really appreciated the prayer serv-
139,000 hours of service.                    ice.
   The 1,000 guests represented cold,          The congregation had a beautiful

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                                                                                                    The Good News
                                                                                            Dear Hillsboro Presbyterian Church

 Notes of thanks
                                                                                              On behalf of the Penuel Ridge Board
                                                                                            of Directors I send our deep gratitude for
                                                                                            your many generous years as a Compan-
                                                                                            ion Congregation! Several weeks ago we
Dear Hillsboro Presbyterian,                  preciate serving the Lord with you. To-       received one of your regular pledge
   Thank you so much for your continued       gether we can accomplish His work.            checks and it gives us occasion to let you
commitment to welcoming and journey-          Please give Frank Emerson our best            know again the significance of your
ing with refugees as they rebuild their       wishes. Again, thank you for helping us       faithful support. You are indeed of such
lives in America. Thank you for being         feed the children. May God bless and          vital importance to the ongoing ministry
such faithful and generous partners!          keep you always.                              of retreat that Penuel Ridge makes possi-
Come visit us in our new Refugee Cen-                                             Diane     ble in middle Tennessee. We are pro-
ter—4710 Charlotte Pike!                            Backpack Mission Ministries, Inc.       foundly grateful!
                                Sincerely,                                                  Grace and Peace,
                        Chris Lovingood,      Dear Friends of Hillsboro Presbyterian                Kathryn Mitchem, Board member
   Nations Ministry Center Executive Di-      Church,                                                     Penuel Ridge Retreat Center
                                     rector      Thank you very much for your recent
                                              gift. Through supporting the Martha
Dear Hillsboro Family,                        O’Bryan Center, you play an essential
  We are so thankful for your recent gift     part in our work to help enable families
to Siloam Family Health Center and wish       overcome the challenges of extreme
you every blessing during this Lent sea-      poverty, and I am most grateful.
son. What a period of anticipation it is,        The success of our work depends on
and I sense such a special spirit in the      private contributions. Gifts enable us to
hallways of Siloam this time of year.         sustain and strengthen our role as a
                                 Sincerely,   proven leader in Nashville. We continue
              Doug Mann, Pastoral Care        to develop innovative strategies in educa-
                                              tion from pre-K through high school, as
Dear Friends at Hillsboro Presbyterian        well as programs in parenting education
Church,                                       and job preparedness. These, together
   We are so very grateful for your stead-    with our many services in community de-
fast support! We celebrated your generos-     velopment and counseling, enable us to
ity by dedicating a "Gift of a Day" in        provide a comprehensive system for
your honor on April 19. It is our hope        helping children grow up to be healthy,
that you will enjoy seeing a glimpse of       well-educated, and productive adults.
the faces who came through the clinic on         Your contribution is an investment in a
your ‘day’.                                   promising future for the most vulnerable
                         Blessings to you,    families in our city, and I deeply appreci-
             Laura Stevens, Development       ate your support.
            Siloam Family Health Center                                  With gratitude,
                                                 Marsha Edwards, President and CEO
Dear HPC Benevolence Committee,
  Thank you so much for your grant for        Dear HPC Friends,
the upcoming year to Second Harvest.             Thanks for your encouraging gift to
Your financial help will have a positive      help create "joy-filled friendships".
effect on many Middle Tennesseans who         Thirty Preston Taylor Ministries’ students
are especially in need of food assistance     took part in Spring-break in the Market-
and hope right now. It provided for 4,800     place during April. Our annual Capture
meals! We deeply appreciate your contin-      the Flag Classic was help on the front
ued support and generosity. Thank you         lawn of First Presbyterian Church.
for your commitment to end hunger!               Thanks for building opportunities for
                   Blessings to all of you,   God inspired dreams. Please follow PTM
              Jaynee Day, President/CEO       stories at our blog http//prestontaylormin-
                                              istries.wordpress.com. I enjoyed meeting
Dearest Brothers and Sisters,                 with your Benevolence Committee at
  Thank you for including the children        their April meeting.         Gratefully,
again this year! You have been a great              Chan Sheppard, Executive Director
blessing to us over the years and we ap-

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The Good News

                                      Music Notes
Hello HPC Members and Friends,                                                               Music News
  Schools are out and summer is on us! We have                         Congratulations to Tim Gmeiner who was "elected"
started our unity service format and now have ad-                    to receive emeritus status at Belmont University by
justed rehearsals schedules as well. You will see a list             its Board of Trust. We are honored and privileged to
of rehearsal times posted. Feel free to contact me if                have you at HPC!
you have questions about the rehearsal schedule.
  HPC is filled with so much hidden musical talent,                                        June Rehearsals
so I would like to challenge anyone to come to a                     • Wednesday, June 6 Choir 6:30 p.m., Band 7:30 p.m.
band or choir rehearsal the Wednesday before the                     • Wednesday, June 13 Band 6:30 p.m.
Sunday you would like to be a part. No overwhelm-                    (musicians/singers will be contacted)
ing commitment! This is a chance for you to share                    • Wednesday, June 20 Band 6:30 p.m.
your talent and not hide it. You don’t have to be a                  • Wednesday, June 24 no band/choir rehearsal
professional to be a part, just have a love for music.               • Thursday, July 5 Band 6:30 p.m.
We need you! I hope to see you!
                                           Stephen Nix
                                     Director of Music


Staff adjustments made
                                                       ICH SHIAVI, LISANNE HITT, DON   FIETE, JULIANA ERICSON, JODY GRANTHAM

                                                                                             Work day report
                                                      AND SCOTT BRUNETTE, LEADERS

                                                                                               On Saturday, May 5, a few dedi-
   Over the course of the past few            also adds the important role supervising       cated workers braved the heat and got
months, we have made some adjustments         pastoral care. Hudson will be working          to work in the Agape Garden, weed-
in our church staff that we want you to       with Linda Diguette and the entire church
know about.                                   staff in establishing our pastoral care        ing, trimming and planting.
   • Amy Dillon has assumed a full-time       ministry. Hudson is a graduate of Prince-        Many thanks to Charlie & Sally
roll with HPC as our Director of Ministry     ton Seminary and the University of Ten-        Miller, Amy Bradshaw, Joe Swafford,
with Children and Families. She will be       nessee with a degree in social work. He        Tom Limbird, Russ Phillippi and Glo-
working with Sunday school, children’s        worked in the VA health system prior to        ria Shiavi for their hard work! And
programming of all types and also will be     coming to HPC. Hudson also will con-
leading our nursery and childcare min-        tinue to work with our older adult min-        special accolades to Sally & Charlie
istries along with Alice O'Dwyer. Amy is      istry and staff life groups.                   who continued working in the garden
a graduate of both Belmont and Vander-           With these changes, the church is fully     the following week! The dedication of
bilt Divinity School and brings wonder-       staffed, and we are very excited about         these two is amazing and appreciated!
ful gifts and energy to this position         our capability for ministry as we move           Thanks to all for a great job!
designed to minister to our families and      into the future. Our church has a wonder-
the liaison with the Creative Care Center.    ful staff. Check out our website for more                                — Rich Shiavi
   • Hudson Neely has assumed the role        information about Amy and Hudson.
of a new position at HPC called the Min-
ister of Discipleship. This role includes
primarily adult education along with
many of the supervisory roles he has had
working with youth and children, but

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                                                                                                         The Good News
                                                                                                                APRIL 2012
                                                                                                  Following is a summary of the Hillsboro

                                              Treasurer’s Report                                 Church's financial operations for the total
                                                                                                 year compared to the budget and the prior
                                                                                                         year for the same period.
   The Session unanimously approved
allowing Wendy Buford, Creative Care
Coordinator, to use the Fellowship Hall                                                         2012                 2012             2011
on Tuesday June 5 from 3-5:30 p.m. to         OPERATING FUNDS:
                                              Revenues:                                    ACTUAL                  BUDGET           ACTUAL
hold a "Bounce It Off Inflatable Party"
for her grandson, Sean, who attends           General Fund Contributions                   $237,756               $241,213           $240,145
CCC. Approval is conditional upon her         Building Fund Contributions                      2,100                 260                2,290
paying for a member of the HPC janito-        Other Income                                    22,070                21,806             23,032
rial staff to be present for three hours to   Total Revenues                                 $261,926             $263,279           $265,467
ensure proper clean-up. The session
then questioned if we have a policy for       Expenses:
non-members to use church facilities in       Operating Expenses                                $350,861             $328,771         $229,137
ways such as this. Members agreed to          Benevolence                                         15,657              18,488            20,039
see if a policy is on the books before at-    Capital Improvements                                    0                3,333                 0
tempting to create a new policy.              Total Expenses                                    $366,519             $350,592         $249,176
   The session unanimously approved a
                                              Net Cash Gain (Deficit)                           $(104,593)            (87,313)          16,291
request by Suzy Bennett to sell tickets
for Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’.
   The session unanimously approved
the formation of a task force to gather
information about putting a                                                                               BANK BALANCES:
projector/screen in the Sanctuary. Ben        FINANCIAL REPORT:
Hall, representing the Media Team, pro-                                                           Total Cash available           $30,816
posed that a task force comprised of two         Finances Looking Back – April results
members from Media Team, two mem-             are the best so far this year; giving and           Total market securities       $250,216
bers from the Worship Team, two mem-          other income totaled $75 Thousand while
                                                                                                   Less: Designated Accounts $(262,026)
bers from Building and Grounds and            our expenses totaled $71 Thousand. This
two staff members look into options for       means that for April we added a little rather
                                                                                                  Net Cash for Operations $19,006
putting a projector/screen in the Sanctu-     than spending more of our savings. That’s
ary. The task force will gather informa-      great news but let’s remember that for the
tion and report back to the Session. Ben      year so far we have spent $105 Thousand of
proposed that he and Linda Smith repre-       our savings. The main factor in the im-              Benevolence Checking $ 28,507
sent the Media Team; Carol Nations and        provement for April is that our spending
Ron Arildsen represent the Worship            has decreased because we decided not to             BE Money Market                $ 15,985
Team; Juliana Ericson and Lisanne Hitt        hire a new Associate Pastor.
represent Building and Grounds; and              Finances Going Forward – Going for-              Total Benevolence              $ 44,492
Stephen Nix and Sharlo Davis represent        ward we will continue to benefit from our
HPC staff. The session approved the           decision not to seek a new Associate Pastor,
task force after assurances its responsi-     and your Finance Team is exploring all op-          Mission if you haven’t already. Please
bility was to gather information and re-      portunities to save money while maintain-           prayerfully consider how you help achieve
port back to the session.                     ing our commitments to missions and                 our goal of $200 Thousand over and above
                                              fueling the engine we’ve built with our Pas-        current giving so that HPC can be stable and
                                              tor, Ministers, and Staff. We still expect that     fully prepared for the great things God has
                                              we will see monthly expenses average ap-            planned for HPC to do.
                                              proximately $80 Thousand, so while we                  Should you have any questions regarding
                                              will save money on expenses where we can,           giving or our financial condition, please feel
                                              our main focus is on building our income            free to contact any member of the Finance
                                              stream to balance our budget and rebuild            Committee which includes Don Fiete, Peter
                                              our savings.                                        Keene, Carole Shean, or me. As always, we
   Have you seen our new web-
  site? If not, check it out today               What Do We Do? – By now everyone                 give a sincere thank you to all who so gener-
                                              should be fully aware of our Invest In The          ously support our church with your time,
                                              Mission campaign which is aimed at bal-
        at hpcnashville.org.
                                                                                                  money and talents.
                                              ancing our budget this year. You will re-
   Many thanks to Sharlo Davis
                                              ceive a phone call regarding Invest In The                                    — Jody Grantham
    for all the hours and energy
        she put into the site!

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The Good News
                             Departmental Expenses vs. Budget
                                                  2012 YTD              2012            REMAIN          PERCENT         2011 YTD
                                                                                      BUDGET                            ACTUAL
  DIVISION                                       ACTUAL               BUDGET                           SPENT

 Pastoral Compensation                      $89,954              $177,577             $87,623            51%            $33,679
 Christian Education                        $8,721               $27,665              $18,944            32%            $4,464
 Worship                                    $2,850               $14,760              $11,910            19%            $2,771
 Fellowship/Community                       $3,224               $5,000               $1,776             64%            $349
 Office Administration                      $25,850              $77,740              $51,890            33%            $23,401
 Wednesday Night Dinner/Program*            $4,675               $12,240              $7,565             38%            $3,668
 Evangelism                                 $0                   $6,000               $6,000             0%             $0
 Membership                                 $990                 $3,200               $2,210             31%            $188
 Stewardship/Finance                        $0                   $350                 $350               0%             $0
 Media                                      $6,367               $11,500              $5,133             55%            $2,554
 Building & Grounds                         $46,959              $64,700              $17,741            73%            $24,534
 Day-to-Day Operating                       $30,061              $104,640             $74,579            29%            $25,015
 Benevolence                                $15,657              $72,100              $56,443            22%            $20,039
 Non-Pastoral Compensation                  $131,211             $407,114             $275,903           32%            $108,513

 Subtotals                                  $366,519             $984,586             $618,067           37%            $249,176

 Capital Improvements                       $0                   $10,000               $10,000            0%            $0

 Total                                      $366,519             $994,586              $628,067           37%           $249,176
  Target Percent YTD                                                                                      33%
  Monthly Average Expense                   $91,630
                                                                               * Wednesday Night Programs now under Christian Education
  Projected Expense 2011

Transition Team organizes ‘Kitchen Table Conversations’
  The Transition Team is a group of HPC members (appointed by             2.   Keri Cannon
Session) helping with our pastoral transition. This month we are          3.   Rebecca Swan
continuing what we are calling "Kitchen Table Conversations."             4.    Julia Harrell
Each member of Transition Team is arranging a time with a mem-            5.   Lee Limbird
ber (or friend of HPC) and Chris to meet around the kitchen table         6.   JD Rosdeutscher
of that member. NO DINNER, or even food of any kind. Might                7.    Emily Warth
say, "Just a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever) and the hospitality       9.    John Howard
of your presence." Let’s have a conversation and get to know one
another?                                                                 We hope you are willing to meet with Chris and will accept this
  Members of the Team are:                                             invitation in the months to come. Thank you.
  1. Sam Davis, Moderator

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