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Marketing Committee launches reward program for member referrals


									                                                                                                  Volume 12              Issue 4     April 2012

Published by the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce

Marketing Committee launches reward program for member referrals
By Julie Paulsen, Communications Coordinator

The Chamber’s Board of Directors set an ambitious goal       Rewards are not redeemable for event sponsorships or           2012 Membership Goal
for 2012 to increase our membership by 25 net new            cash. You are responsible for keeping your rewards
members. It will take all of us working together to          and turning them in with an invoice or registration form.
achieve that goal. One of the best promotions for our        *a guest is defined as a first time attendee.
Chamber is word-of-mouth recommendations from our
                                                             To earn the $20 Member Reward, a business needs to
members. When you talk about the benefits of belonging
                                                             list your name on the “Referred by” line on their com-
to the Oregon City Chamber to another business, you
                                                             pleted application. Members that earn the $20 Reward
provide that personal testimonial that illustrates how we
                                                             will be announced at Good Morning Oregon City and
help each other succeed.
                                                             their name will be included in the new member listing in
The Marketing Committee has developed a new pro-             the ChamberWire newsletter and on our website
gram called Member Rewards to help reach our mem-            ( If no busi-
bership goal while providing value to you, our current       ness or person is listed on the “Referred by” line, we do
members. We appreciate your efforts to spread the word       ask how the new member heard about us.
and encourage others to join us and want to reward you.
                                                             There is no limit to how many Rewards you can earn.
We designed Member Rewards money that you can
                                                             You could earn enough to pay for a ticket to our Annual
earn and then use to pay certain Chamber expenses.
                                                             Dinner. You could earn enough to pay your registration
Member Rewards come in three denominations and               fee to the Golf Scramble. What if you earned enough
can be used toward your annual membership renewal or         Member Rewards to pay for your next annual dues?
participant fees at a Chamber event. The three denomi-
                                                             So, get out there and spread the word that the A.I.M. of
nations are:
                                                             the Oregon City Chamber is to help business succeed
  $20 for referring a new member                             through Advocacy, Involvement in the Community, and
                                                             Marketing. You will find it a Rewarding experience. We
  $5 for bringing a guest* to Chamber After Hours
                                                             have brochures and flyers outlining our benefits if you
  $1 for bringing a guest* to Good Morning Oregon City       want/need talking points. Just contact our office.

Local organizations celebrate community service at annual luncheon
By Julie Paulsen, Communications Coordinator
                                                                           for these groups to recognize their accomplishments during the previ-
                                                                           ous year and present awards to one or more of their members who
                                                                           best exemplifies their mission.
                                                                           This year the Community Service Awards Luncheon, is Tuesday,
                                                                           April 17 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. The luncheon will be held in The
                                                                           Tumwater Room at the Museum of the Oregon Territory, 221 Tumwa-
                                                                           ter Drive. The cost is $20. Reservations are required no later than
                                                                           Wednesday, April 11. Please visit to pay online
                                                                           or use the enclosed insert to make your reservation.
                                                                           If you have considered joining one of these groups to make a differ-
                                                                           ence in your community, please plan on joining us for an inspiring
                                                                           luncheon to celebrate the exceptional service right here in the Oregon
   Community Service Award recipients recognized at the 2011 event.        City area. All members of the community are invited!

Oregon City is fortunate to have active and supportive Community               Presented by
Service Clubs and an award-winning School District that contribute to
our livability. The Oregon City Chamber is proud to provide an event
    Board of Directors 2012        Spotlight Award
    Board Chair – Mike McCarroll
         Minuteman Press

      Past-Chair – Hope Loose
       It Figure$ Bookkeeping
                                                                           402 S. Beavercreek Rd Suite 106,
       Chair Elect – Tim Aye                                                    Oregon City OR 97045
       McLarens Carpet One                                                          503–657–7446
      Vice Chair – Vicki Smith
      Clackamas Community
        College Foundation         Oregon City Signs continues to be a company committed to its customers and community.
                                   Oregon City Signs understands that marketing your company is of utmost importance and
     Treasurer – Laurel Lukesh     through the use of various types of signage we can work together to insure you get a final
          Citizens Bank            product that represents your company’s vision and message. We believe in working to-
                                   gether with our clients and having as much conversation and communication as it takes to
         Aaron Breniman            guarantee your satisfaction.
       The Verdict Bar & Grill
                                   We understand that each project we produce has different characteristics and needs. At
          Mark Ellingson           Oregon City Signs we believe in giving our customers as much personal attention as
        Lewis & Clark Bank         needed. Our staff has many years of design and creative experience to provide signage with
                                   your specific logo, colors and overall esthetic appeal that you demand. We also understand
        Dr. Joanne Gordon          that not all signs are created equal. Oregon City Signs will match the correct material that
     Natural Health Works, P.C.    fits your needs. If it’s a small temporary sign or a permanent sign that needs to with stand
                                   the outdoor elements for years to come we can provide the correct material and products at
           Mary Heins              any price point.
      My Mother Knows… LLC
                                   Oregon City Signs has recently relocated and expanded to double the size of its previous
          Daniel Kirkham           location. We now have two bay doors to do vehicle, truck and boat graphics as well as politi-
    Ad Specialties of Oregon NW    cal signs, job site signs, light box face changes, banners, A Boards and any other type of
                                   sign you may need.
            Blane Meier
     Meier Wealth Management
                                   Our new address is 402 S. Beavercreek Rd, Suite 106 across the street
                                   from the Safeway Shopping Center and Regal Cinemas.
          Derek Metson
    Greenbox Architecture LLC

           Jodi Moses
        JNM Plumbing LLC

            Ray Stobie
      Oregonians Credit Union

            Vicki Yates
        Vicki H. Yates, P.C.

          David Frasher
                                                  Left to right: Alan Squires, Zach Fallt and Jeremy Kluth stand
       City of Oregon City
                                                  outside their new location in the Red Soils Industrial Complex.
          Larry Didway
    Oregon City School District

              Staff                                       Chamber Mission Statement
 Amber Holveck, Exec. Director
                                                   Working together to build economic vitality
 Julie Paulsen, Comm. Coord.
Karin Morey, Info/Member. Spec.                  and quality of life in the Oregon City community

2                                                                            Oregon City Chamber of Commerce
              From Your Executive Director                                 Chairman’s Circle Profile
              By Amber Holveck

                                                                                                                 14001 Fir Street
              New tools & proactive business efforts                                                             Oregon City OR 97045
This month I thought it was important to share updates with you re-                                              503–657–4958 ●
garding new, convenient member tools, Oregon City Around Town,                                         
and efforts to move Oregon City forward as a place where more peo-
ple want to do business.
A new addition to the Oregon City Chamber website,, will streamline some basic “steps” when it comes
to membership dues renewals, new member applications online and
event renewals. Our website is now able to accept credit card pay-
ments online! For more information about this option available, please
read the article on page 4.
Another tool available on is an updated Member
Directory pdf. You are welcome to access it under the “Our Chamber”
tab and then click on “Publications”. At that point you may open the
document, “Chamber Member Directory”, print it for your own use. Our
online business directory remains a good tool and is also available as     “Old Fashioned Values, Cutting Edge Technology”
a mobile download, however we understand that some members still
                                                                           Parkin Electric - is very proud of the fact that today we have the third
prefer something in print. This simple directory will be updated on a
                                                                           and fourth generations working together in the company. Our family is
monthly basis to provide a printable version until we are ready to pub-
                                                                           not just limited to blood, as we genuinely believe in maintaining a
lish a new print publication like our Oregon City Around Town. As
                                                                           “family” atmosphere with all of our employees. We do take our work
you’ve likely noticed, there has not been a new magazine/directory
                                                                           very seriously, but also strongly believe that having a relaxed and
published since last August. The Marketing Committee in conjunction
                                                                           enjoyable place to work, greatly increases the productivity of our peo-
with the Board of Directors and staff are in the process of determining
                                                                           ple. That’s why we have many loyal and long- term employees.
the most cost effective publication to meet the needs of our members
and community. We expect to have a detailed update to you in May.          Thomas Parkin (pictured above) founded what is now Parkin Electric
                                                                           in 1945. He originally started business in Madras, Oregon and then
Members have responded well to providing promotional items toward
                                                                           moved the company to Portland. In 1968 the company was passed to
our new business welcome baskets. My thanks to these members that
                                                                           Tom’s son Harry, who ran the company until he in turn passed the
have donated items to this great outreach effort, thus far:
                                                                           reigns to his son Dave (third generation), and wife Maureen in 1990.
  Lewis & Clark Bank                                                       They moved the business to the Oregon City area in 1991 and in 2001
  OnPoint Community Credit Union                                           moved the company to its present location on Fir Street in Oregon
  Parkin Electric                                                          City. Dave has now been joined by his brother Wade and Wade’s son,
  BCT                                                                      Matt (fourth generation), who recently acquired his Journeyman Elec-
  Ad Specialties of Oregon NW                                              trical license.
  Double J Construction                                                    Our goal is to provide a unique experience for our customers by
  Christopher Veley, DMD                                                   providing professional services with excellence and integrity. Our cus-
  Buel’s Impressions Printing                                              tomers have always put their trust in Parkin Electric to complete in-
                                                                           stallations that meet and exceed industry standards for safety, function
  Oregonians Credit Union
                                                                           and cost effectiveness. Because of this, nearly all of our work comes
These baskets will be hand-delivered to newly opened businesses in         from repeat customers and referrals. We service and install all major
Oregon City by a small team of Chamber leaders. With the basket            brands of electrical and lighting equipment and provide 24 hour emer-
comes an invitation to upcoming Chamber events and membership.             gency service and repair for home, business and industry. We are also
Ideally, our relationship with the new business begins prior to their      considered to be the “experts” in repair and equipment installations for
doors opening. This provides the Chamber an opportunity to provide a       manufactured homes.
helpful resource list for plumbers, electricians, sign makers, bankers,
                                                                           Our safety record is a testament to our commitment to provide a
printers, etc. and all before they open their doors! We will be reaching
                                                                           healthy and safe place to work. We have not had a recordable injury
out to our professionals in commercial real estate to keep our eyes
                                                                           since 2008! All employees are trained in CPR, First Aid and OSHA
and ears open for new business looking to open in Oregon City. Our
                                                                           Safety and Health. Driver safety is trained and continually empha-
growing partnership with the City of Oregon City through City Manager
                                                                           sized. We discourage the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.
David Frasher, Economic Development Manager Eric Underwood, and
City Planner Tony Konkol play a valuable role in this outreach. If you     You can learn more about the products and services we provide by
are interested in playing a role in this new business outreach please      visiting our website at or visit us on Facebook
contact me at                                     at

ChamberWire           April 2012                                                                                                                  3
Online Payment Option Available                                           Business bills passed in Salem
By Amber Holveck
                                                                          The first session of the constitutional annual Legislative Session in
We know your businesses work hard to streamline your most valuable,       Oregon’s history was completed in early March. This abbreviated ses-
and sometimes, most basic processes. A new addition to the Oregon         sion is limited to 35 days and was completed in 34 days. Over 300 bills
City Chamber website,, will streamline some basic      were introduced and fewer than 150 made it to the Governor’s desk.
“steps” when it comes to membership dues renewals, new member             This information is provided by the Associated Oregon Industries and
applications online, event renewals and eventually online advertising     Oregon State Chamber of Commerce. These organizations have dis-
options. Our website is now ready to accept credit card payments          covered that much more can be accomplished by working together in
online! It is made possible through an online payment gateway,            Salem. Many if not all top priorities for one business organization were, and is complete with fraud controls.                       reflected in the other as well as in the Oregon Business Plan – Jobs,
This option has been live for less than two weeks and thus far we have    Health Care Reform, and Education Reform.
had one event registration paid for using this option. Your Chamber       Oregon Investment Act: HB 4040 – PASSED
staff is eager for you to access this option for online payment when it   Consolidates economic development resources in one place and
comes to your next dues payment or luncheon registration. I have no       creates a vehicle to attract private sector lending and venture capital.
doubt that our members and future members alike will appreciate that      Creates more flexibility and more responsiveness in Oregon's
this process allows you to use your credit card number securely with-     economic development infrastructure. Currently, Oregon's economic
out having to fax it on an event registration form or invoice. Members    development resources are spread throughout multiple state agencies.
are welcome to continue processing their payments by mail, etc. but
hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. Pass this on to pro-    Enterprise Zones: HB 4093 – PASSED
spective members you are recruiting because they will be able to “join”   HB 4093 adds 18 additional new enterprise zones to the state's
immediately online.                                                       economic development arsenal. In addition, the bill authorizes the
                                                                          expansion of rural enterprise zones from 12 square miles to 15 square
Do keep in mind that if you wish to pay online, you will need your
                                                                          miles. (Urban enterprise zones are not changed.)
Chamber login and password to do so. If you do not have that informa-
tion available, any staff member can assist you with your login and       New Industry Creation: SB 1547 – PASSED
password – just ask!                                                      Authorizes the formation of captive insurance companies in Oregon.
The new online credit card processing will provide quicker funding of     Captive insurance companies are tools for the risk management of
Chamber events and dues renewals, while providing you with greater        exposures not otherwise insurable in the regular market or where the
security and convenience.                                                 premium is prohibitively priced (ex: business losses due to supplier
                                                                          interruption, regulatory fiat and product defect).
                                                                          Health Insurance Exchange: HB 4164 – PASSED
                                                                          Approves the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange's business plan,
                                                                          allowing it to meet federal deadlines and work toward implementation.
                                                                          The Exchange would allow small businesses to shop for employee
                                                                          health insurance as though they were part of a larger pool, thus reduc-
                                                                          ing costs and providing better health care for employees. Legislators
                                                                          believed HB 4164 to be “the best thing the Legislature has done for
                                                                          business in a long time”.
                                                                          Health Care Transformation: SB 1580 – PASSED
                                                                          Allows the Oregon Health Plan to move forward with the development
                                                                          of coordinated care organizations (CCOs) throughout the state. CCOs
                                                                          are designed to coordinate and integrate physical, mental and dental
                                                                          health care, and hopefully save money by focusing on preventive care,
                                                                          thus reducing emergency room visits. The bill is aimed at delivering
                                                                          health care services to Oregon Health Plan recipients at lower cost.
                                                                          Early Learning: HB 4165 – PASSED
                                                                          Improves the coordination of early childhood services across the state
                                                                          in order to provide appropriate care to more children, and have more
                                                                          children enter kindergarten ready to learn. Consolidates entities that
                                                                          serve young children to better coordinate services & outcomes.
                                                                          Achievement Compacts: SB 1581 – PASSED
                                                                          Requires education entities to enter into achievement compacts with
                                                                          the Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB), and describes some
                                                                          terms that must be included in the compact. The bill introduces much-
                                                                          needed state and local accountability for education outcomes.

4                                                                                          Oregon City Chamber of Commerce
New Members
Aflac                                    Maralee’s Dance Productions
Insurance                                Dance School
Tiffany Tomchak                          Tammy Worthington
6700 SW 105th Street #203                13929 S. Fir Street, Suite G
Beaverton, OR 97007                      Oregon City, OR 97045
503–477–2325                             503–655–6160                  

The Barbers                              Park Place Development
Barbershops                              Land Development
Connie Oljar                             Bob Duncan
1416 Molalla Avenue                      Oregon City, OR 97045
Oregon City, OR 97045                    503–720–5234
                                         Plus Minus
The Cat’s Meow Cat Clinic P.C.           Accountants—Certified Public
Veterinary—Feline Only                   Steve Stewart
Karen M. Henson DVM                      615 8th Street
19743 S. Highway 213                     Oregon City, OR 97045
Oregon City, OR 97045                    503–594–2895
                                         Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc.
Canby RV & Boat Storage, LLC             Construction/Remodeling
Storage                                  Zach Henkin
Cindy Smith                              402 S Beavercreek Road Ste #109
373 S Redwood Street                     Oregon City, OR 97045
Canby, OR 97013                          503-705-9550

Fairplay Realty Elite
Real Estate                                   2012 Chairman’s Circle
Jeffrey Potts
816 Main Street
Oregon City, OR 97045

Renewing Members
Members for 10 – 19 Years
 Gilman Park Assisted Living Residence
Members for 5 – 9 Years
 Janet Mann Nutrition Consulting
 Pacific West Bank
 Reformation Covenant Church
 State Farm Insurance — Jeff Landstrom
Members for 1 – 4 Years
 Kaiser Permanente
 McLarens Carpet One Floor & Home
 OnPoint Community Credit Union

ChamberWire      April 2012                                                                             5
Gold Club Members                                                           Posters required for employers
                                                                            Courtesy of Bureau of Labor and Insdustries

Clackamas Federal Credit Union                                              Oregon employers are required by a number of state and federal
                                                                            agencies to display a variety of workplace notices and posters. Typi-
Community Solutions for Clackamas County                                    cally, these notices must be posted in a conspicuous place, where
General Distributors                                                        employees may regularly view them. Employers with more than one
Happy Baskets                                                               work location are generally required to display them at each worksite.
Harmony Road Music Center of Oregon                                         Certain posters must also be readily available for job applicants to
                                                                            view. These include the federal Polygraph Protection Act Notice; the
Hilltop Collision Center                                                    federal Family and Medical Leave Act poster; the OR-OSHA Job
Homewoods on the Willamette                                                 Safety and Health poster (“It’s the Law”); and the Equal Employment
Jimmy O’s Pizzeria                                                          Opportunity "EEO is the Law" poster.
JNM Plumbing LLC                                                            Small Employers (Less than 25 employees)
Key Carpets LLC                                                             Small Oregon employers need to provide the following postings:
                                                                             1. Oregon State Minimum Wage poster
Living Hope Church                                                           2. Oregon OSHA poster
Meier Wealth Management, Inc.                                                3. Federal Minimum Wage poster
Metro IT                                                                     4. "EEO is the Law" poster
                                                                             5. Federal Polygraph Protection Notice
My Mother Knows… LLC                                                         6. Federal USERRA (military rights) poster
Natural Health Works, PC                                                    Large Oregon Employers (25 or more employees)
OfficeMax—Happy Valley                                                      In addition to the postings listed above, large employers will need to
OfficeMax—Milwaukie                                                         post information regarding:
                                                                             1. Oregon Family Leave Act
Oregon City Evangelical Church                                               2. Federal Family and Medical Leave Act
Paradise Photography Studio
                                                                            Agricultural Employers
Pop’s Golf Shop                                                             In addition to most of the postings listed for large employers, agricul-
Reformation Covenant Church                                                 tural employers need to display the following additional notices:
smALL FLAGs                                                                  1. Migrant & Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act Poster
                                                                             2. Field Sanitation Notice
The Morrissey Group, LLC                                                     3. “Protect yourself from pesticides” Poster
The Sign Guy                                                                 4. BOLI Notice to Agricultural Employees
Stitch-N-Embroidery                                                         BOLI’s Technical Assistance for Employers program produces a
Trails End Physical Therapy                                                 number of composite posters designed to meet the specific needs
                                                                            of small employers, large employers as well as agricultural employers.
Dr. Christopher Veley, DMD                                                  All composite posters are priced between $10 & $15, plus shipping
Vicki H. Yates, PC                                                          and handling. Previews and ordering information are available on
Windermere Commercial Real Estate—Graham Peterson                 
                                                                            This page also provides information regarding the most commonly
The GOLD CLUB provides additional means for you to showcase your
                                                                            required posters and notices as well as contact information for the
business. Call your Chamber at 503–656–1619 to learn more.
                                                                            applicable regulatory agencies to obtain these postings for FREE.
                                                                            DISCLAIMER: Information about posters not regulated by the Bureau
                                                                            of Labor and Industries is provided as a courtesy to employers. If you
       Special! Buy 2 get 1 Free!
                                                                            have questions regarding a specific poster or requirement, you must
                                                                            contact the issuing agency (e.g., EEOC, OR-OSHA, etc.) directly. The
                                                                            posters listed here are general requirements only. Your industry may
            ChamberWire Advertising Rates                                   have additional requirements that you might be responsible to post.
             1/2 Page–$100 • 1/4 Page–$50                                   There are many private companies across the country in the business
      8.5 x 11 Insert–$50 • Business Card Size–$25                          of selling labor law posters. The Bureau of Labor and Industries is
                                                                            NOT associated in any way with these organizations. Before you pur-
    A hotlink to your website will be incorporated into your ad in the      chase posters, be sure to contact the appropriate regulatory agency to
    electronic version of this newsletter. With one click on your ad, our   verify that the poster is required and determine how to obtain the post-
    members can learn more about your business.                             ers for FREE from that agency.

6                                                                                             Oregon City Chamber of Commerce
Seminars of Interest
The following seminar is brought to you by the Small Business               Recordkeeping & Tax Basics for Small Business
Development Center at the Clackamas Community College Harmony/              Saturday, April 28, 9:00 am - 2:50 pm
OIT Campus, 7736 SE Harmony Road, Clackamas. All registrations              This workshop will help students understand basic recordkeeping and
must be completed two weeks prior to any workshop. Visit                    tax requirements for a small business and assess the various options for complete class listing and to register for a class.   for keeping track of business income and expenses. Students will also
                                                                            find out how to differentiate and select appropriate accounting and tax
Google Analytics for Small Business                                         professionals, based on the needs of their business. Fee: $35.
Wednesday, April 18, 6:30 - 9:20 pm
Google Analytics is one of the most powerful website performance            Google Apps for Small Business
systems available today. Web site owners gain access to an incredible       Monday, April 30, 2:00 - 4:50 pm, 4 sessions ending Monday, May 21
volume of information about site visitors and their behavior. Fee: $ 30.    Enter the world of cloud computing with a plan. Google Apps provide
                                                                            businesses with amazingly effective tools for efficiency and collabora-
QuickBooks Pro: Beginning                                                   tion. Find out how Google's Email, Calendar and Documents systems
Wednesday, April 25, 6:00 - 9:00 pm,                                        can help you manage your business. Fee: $90.
4 sessions ending Wednesday, May 16
Find out how to set up your books right the first time, using Quick-        Financial Diagnosis
Books Pro. If you are new to QuickBooks or have little bookkeeping          Monday, May 7, 2:00 - 4:50 pm
experience, this class will get you started. Topics include how to navi-    A value-packed workshop for new and established businesses. Find
gate in QuickBooks, set up a company file, enter your sales and pay         out what secrets financial statements can tell you about the financial
your bills. Familiarity with computers and Windows is required. Com-        health of your business. Subjects include how to pinpoint strengths
pletion of "Recordkeeping & Tax Basics" is recommended as prepara-          and weaknesses of the business operations. Also, find out how to
tion for QuickBooks training. Note: These classes are NOT intended          generate pro forma financial statements for your business. This is
as training to certify proficiency in QuickBooks for bookkeeping or         crucial information for anyone seeking financing or wanting to build a
accounting professionals. Fee: $120.                                        profitable business. Part of the class is a follow-up one-on-one session
                                                                            with the instructor for analysis of your business financials (to be sched-
More Profit? More Sales!                                                    uled later). Fee: $30.
Thursday, April 26, 6:30 - 9:20 pm
No matter how great your product or service is, it does not sell itself.
And when you look at your business plan, you realize that the faster
you increase sales, the sooner you make a profit and the more profit        Generate more leads: Business
you make. But how do you increase sales when selling is something
you have never done before? Welcome to "More Profit? More Sales!"
                                                                            Accelerator webinar
Join other people who haven't been in sales, or have an aversion to                                      The Oregon City Chamber is pleased to
selling, and find out how to turn a weakness into a strength. This class                                 partner again with American Family Insur-
will teach you the basics — from identifying your target market, to low-                                 ance to bring our members Business
cost sales techniques, to building and sustaining your own unique                                        Accelerator 2012, a growth coaching
sales process. Fee: $30.                                                                                 series for small business owners – at no
                                                                                                         cost to you! Get a taste of what this pro-
                                                                                                         gram has to offer by attending the next
                                                                                                         Business Accelerator webinar: Leveraging
                                                                                                         the Power of Twitter and Blogging to Gen-
            Save the Date                                                                                erate Leads, presented by Dean DeLisle,
                                                                                                         CEO of ForwardProgress, Inc. The webi-
                                                                                                         nar will be held on April 14 at 10:30 am
                                                                                                         CDT (8:30 am PDT).
      The End of the Oregon Trail
                                                                                                       Learn how to start a blog and use it to
            Golf Scramble                                                                              create more leads. Find out how to pro-
                     Friday, June 29                                        mote your business on Twitter and what it takes to convert Twitter and
                                                                            blog followers to sales.
                  1:00 pm Shotgun Start
                                                                            Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Last year’s Business Accel-
                  Stone Creek Golf Club                                     erator program was a huge success with many chamber members
    Sponsor and Player Registration forms will be available soon.           reaping the benefits of growth coaching to accelerate their businesses.
                                                                            For more information on the April 14 webinar and to enroll in this NO
                                                                            COST program, visit:

ChamberWire           April 2012                                                                                                                     7
‘Pay It Forward’ Program provides
lifeline to veterans in need                                                Community Events
Janet Paulson, Public Affairs Office
                                                                            Into The Woods Musical by Stephen Sondheim
Veteran students at Clackamas Community College have developed a            Presented by Oregon City Children’s Theatre
solution to the ongoing problem of late veteran’s benefits. And the         April 5 – 7, 7:00 pm and April 12 – 13, 7:00 pm
Oregon City Elks stepped up to seed the new Pay It Forward Veteran          Jackson Campus Theatre, 1306 12th St., Oregon City
Discretionary Grant at a special evening honoring CCC veteran pro-          Characters from classic fairytales come to life: Cinderella, Rapunzel,
grams earlier this month.                                                   Jack & the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood, and are tied
                                                                            together in a new story with many unexpected twists. There's action,
Late benefits affect almost every veteran at least once in their aca-       drama and suspense, and many changes of fate for each of the char-
demic careers, and for some it is a constant problem. Students in the       acters as they experience the repercussions of their "happily ever
CCC Veterans Club recognized this problem and came up with a solu-          afters”. Into the Woods is ideal for families with children ages 8+;
tion: structuring and maintaining a grant to fill the gaps caused by late   parental discretion is advised. For tickets:
benefits for veterans.
The Veterans Club worked with the CCC Foundation, a 501c3 non-              Oregon City Egg Hunt
profit organization, to establish the grant program. Oregon City Elks       Saturday, April 7, 10:00 am SHARP!
member Ken Kraft presented Veterans Club President Jerred                   Rivercrest Park, 131 Park Drive
Sundquist with a $1,000 Beacon Grant on March 10. The Veterans of           Please join the Oregon City Police Department for the Easter Egg
Foreign Wars donated $700, and Elks members Dick and Barbara                Hunt at Rivercrest Park. Children up to age 12 are invited to partici-
Knudson made a $5,000 donation.                                             pate. Police Officers and Firefighters will be there so bring your cam-
Donations to the fund will be divided between an endowment and              era and get your picture taken with them or the Easter Bunny. Parking
funds available for immediate needs. Veterans in need of a one-time         is limited so get there early. The hunt will begin at 10:00 am when the
grant will apply to the Veterans Center. Funds will be available sum-       siren goes off!
mer term.
                                                                            Oregon City Winter Farmers Market
“Veterans can pay back the grants if they are able,” said Greg Myers,       Saturday, April 7 and 21, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
veterans affairs coordinator at CCC. “The Pay it Forward spirit is im-      Eighth and Main streets in downtown Oregon City
portant. We are giving back to the veterans that have given unselfishly     Thirty vendors sell local produce, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, bread,
to this country so they may succeed.”                                       pastries, hot food, crafts and other items. Live music and cooking
Serving veterans and their families is college-wide commitment at           demonstrations also featured. Free admission and parking;
Clackamas Community College. The college was recently awarded the  or Jackie Hammond-Williams, by email
National Family Program Community Purple Award by the National              to or 503–734–0192.
Guard Joint Family Program.
If you would like to learn more about the Pay it Forward Program or
make a contribution, please contact Vicki Smith at 503–594–3128 or
email                                                        Chamber After Hours
                                                                                         Thursday, April 19, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Chairperson’s Award: Recipients
Mike McCarroll, Chamber Board of Directors Chairperson, lauds the              Clackamas County Historical
accomplishments of members who go above and beyond in service to              Society in The Tumwater Room
the Chamber.
                                                                                       Museum of the Oregon Territory
January: Marilyn Morrissey, The Morrissey Group
  Marilyn has been a dedicated member of the Chamber since 1996.
                                                                                            211 Tumwater Drive
  She often works behind the scenes to help our Chamber succeed.
  She provides payroll services for Chamber staff, is a member of the
                                                                             This month join us in the beautiful Tumwater Room on the third floor
  Finance Committee, and participated in the development of the
                                                                             of the Museum of the Oregon Territory. This relaxed networking
  Chamber’s Employee Handbook.
                                                                             event makes for a pleasant end to your work day. This is the perfect
February: Sheri O’Brien, Oregon Dollhouse & Miniatures                       opportunity to invite a guest or business client. A smaller group and
  Sheri received recognition in February for her tireless efforts as a       informal atmosphere create an environment where you can have a
  Chamber volunteer. She serves as an Ambassador and is on the               relaxed conversation with someone. The evening includes bever-
  Buy Local Oregon City and Marketing Committees. She created the            ages, light refreshments and free tours of the second floor museum
  beautiful masks for Annual Dinner that decorated the centerpieces          and the new exhibit "A Man and His Camera: The Photography of
  and were available for purchase by the attendees.                          Ralph Eddy".

8                                                                                            Oregon City Chamber of Commerce
Community Events continued
Oregon City Community Food Drive: April 9 – 27                               Blunt Force Drama
This annual food drive is sponsored by the Oregon City United Meth-          Presented by New Century Players
odist Church and benefits the H.O.P.E.* Food Project. H.O.P.E. pro-          April 21, 27, 28, 6:30 pm and May 12, 18, 19, 6:30 pm
vides emergency food baskets for people in need in the Oregon City           Oregon City Elks Lodge, 610 McLoughlin Blvd, Second Floor,
area. Look for donation barrels at area grocery stores, schools, and         When murder strikes at a banquet of crime scene investigators, every-
businesses. *Helping Other People Eat.                                       one has their hands on the evidence… including the killer! An interac-
                                                                             tive murder mystery dinner theatre by Rose Richards. Tickets: $45
School District Reconfiguration Open House                                   (Includes a four course dinner and show.) Available online at
Thursday, April 12, 6:30 pm                                         For information, call 503–367–2620.
Gardiner Middle School, 180 Ethel St, Oregon City
The School Board is considering two options to reconfigure the school        Sundays at Three: Cornelia
district that have the potential to add value to the elementary and mid-     Clackamas Repertory Theatre Play Reading Series
dle school programs within their current resources. The Board will           Sunday, April 22, 3:00 pm
share more details about each option under consideration and gather          The Osterman Theatre in the Niemeyer Center,
community feedback. The Board will likely make a decision to imple-          Clackamas Community College
ment one or none of these options by the end of April.                       An epic slice of history centering on 1970s Alabama politics. Beautiful,
                                                                             divorced beauty queen Cornelia Folsom is a force of nature who works
Local Author Showcase                                                        her way into the heart of Governor George Wallace. Together they
Thursday, April 12, 7:00 pm                                                  plan to take over the state and then the White House until an assassi-
Oregon City Public Library, 606 John Adams St                                nation attempt halts his presidential campaign. But no obstacle is too
This first Showcase features local YA authors, Lisa Nowak, Stacey            great for Cornelia to overcome, as she secretly harbors her own politi-
Wallace Benefiel, Cidney Swanson and Laura Elliot. They will share           cal ambitions amidst a hostile campaign staff, her rarely sober mother,
their thoughts on writing with authentic YA voice, using life experience     and Southern shenanigans in this sweeping, provocative tale of sex,
as research, finding the courage to write and other topics Young-Adult       power, and bare-knuckled American politics. Tickets are $6 and avail-
Fiction readers are dying to know about. This event is free. Doors           able online at or at the box office in the Nie-
open at 6:45 pm. Regular library services will not be available.             meyer Center. For more information call 503–594–6047.

Beavercreek Lions’ Annual Auction and Plant Sale                             BINGO, Dinner, and Fun for the whole family
Saturday, April 14, Silent: 12:00 – 2:15 pm, Verbal: 1:00 – 4:30 pm          A benefit for Fill a Stocking, Fill a Heart
Ogden Middle School, 14133 S. Donovan Rd, Oregon City                        Saturday, April 28, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, Doors open at 5:30 pm
This annual event supports the sight, hearing, drug abuse and other          Pioneer Community Center, 615 5th Street
Lions’ community projects. Mark you calendar!                                Price of admission includes dinner and two all-night BINGO cards.
                                                                             Tickets are available at the door. Space is limited. Dinner provided by
Ronnie Robins — Brazilian Music                                              KC’s Midway Public Historic House and includes spaghetti with mari-
Thursday, April 19, 7:00 pm                                                  nara sauce, macaroni and cheese, salad and bread. Many BINGO
Oregon City Public Library, 606 John Adams St                                prizes for all ages. Raffle drawing and silent auction items. Admission:
Bitten by the Brazilian bug, singer/guitarist/songwriter Ronnie Robins       Adults $15, Seniors (65+) $10, Kids 11 and under $5.
has written songs reflecting the earthy rhythms, lush chords and mel-
low sounds of bossa nova and samba. He will perform original compo-          The Glory of the Organ
sitions as well as those by prominent Brazilian composers. This event        Presented by Willamette Falls Symphony
is free and will take place after library hours. Doors open at 6:45 pm.      Sunday, April 29, 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Regular library services will not be available.                              Oregon City United Methodist Church, 18955 S. South End Rd
                                                                             Spring Concert featuring Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3 "Organ", the
Annual Oregon City Earth Day Event                                           Rheinberger Organ Concerto, and Humperdiink: the Royal Children
Saturday, April 21, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm                                        Overture. Tickets available at the door: $10 Adult, $8 Senior and
There are several projects to pick from including family friendly sites.     Student, Children under 12 free.
Register at Clackamette Park from 8:30 – 9:00 am. Bring tools for
personal use during the event such as gloves, shovels, pruners, lop-         International Celebration
pers, rakes, wheelbarrows, and brooms. Bring two cans of food/               April 30 – May 3, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm daily
nonperishable items for the Oregon Food Bank or wear a cleanup shirt         Clackamas Community College
from years past to receive a raffle ticket. The raffle will be held during   The CCC Foreign Language Department and language clubs host this
lunch at Clackamette Park at Noon; you must be present to win. Lunch         annual celebration in cooperation with the ESL and Counseling and
is sponsored by Haggen Food & Pharmacy and Oregon City Garbage               Advising departments. Enjoy music dance, art, cultural displays and
Company. Contact Nancy Busch at 503–496–1571.                                international food. For more information call 503–594–3245.

ChamberWire            April 2012                                                                                                                   9
Chamber celebrates the Irish in everyone at After Hours event
By Julie Paulsen, Communications Coordinator
Irish (and non-Irish) eyes were smiling at the 9th Annual Irish Stew
Cook-Off held Thursday, March 15. Whether it was the music, the
taste of the wonderful stews that were prepared by Chamber mem-
bers, desserts or door prizes, there was something to bring a smile to
the faces of everyone who attended this year’s event at the Pioneer
Community Center.
The event was organized by Vicki Smith of the Clackamas Community
College Foundation, Hope Loose of It Figures Bookkeeping and TLC
Carpet Cleaning, and Amber Holveck. Approximately 70 Chamber and
community members enjoyed tasting seven different Irish stews
cooked by both professional chefs from local restaurants and ama-
teurs. David Wimmer (Finance Director for the City of Oregon City),
Marcia Wimmer (Rotary Club of Oregon City) and Former Mayor Alice
Norris were the guest judges who determined the winners based on
                                                                           Attendees of the special Chamber After Hours event enjoy the seven
taste. There were also prizes for Popular Vote and Best Decorations.
                                                                           stews, music of The Lucky Shamrocks, desserts, and beverages.
2012 Irish Stew Cook-Off Winners:
                                                                           Special thanks to:
  1st place – Portland Catering Company
  2nd place – Singer Hill Café                                                           Pioneer Community Center – Facility Host
  3rd place – KC’s Midway Bar & Grill                                                           Vicki Smith – Onsite Chair
  Honorable Mention—The Highcliffe                                                 Haggen Food & Pharmacy – Gifts cards for the chefs
Amateurs:                                                                     Claire Met of Pioneer Community Center – Facility coordination
  1st place – David Frasher, City Manager for City of Oregon City                   Christopher Bridge Cellars – Wine and beer service
  2nd place – Chris Carlberg, Christopher Bridge Cellars
                                                                                          The Lucky Shamrocks – Entertainment
  3rd place – Paul Bintner, Paul’s Mobile Auto Detail
                                                                                   David and Marcia Wimmer and Alice Norris – Judges
Popular Vote – David Frasher
                                                                             Liz Braman, Sherrie Henson, Sheri O’Brien, Maureen Parkin, Ray
Best in Decorations – Katie Gutierrez (Portland Catering Company)                 Stobie, Mary Svela, and Pamela White – Ambassadors

Clackamas County Community Survey reveals favorable results
Provided by Tim Heider, Clackamas County Public Affairs Manager

Three-quarters of Clackamas County residents approve of the quality            Forty-six percent believe the county is headed in the right
and performance of services being provided by the county and a near              direction and 29 percent said it is headed on the wrong track.
majority believe the county is "headed in the right direction" according         Of that group, residents aged 18 to 54 were more upbeat.
to a recently completed survey of 400 county residents compiled by             Respondents who believed taxes were too high more than
DHM Research.                                                                    doubled from four years ago.
Seventy-five percent of those polled rated job creation as an urgent or        Land use, population growth and public safety were trumped by
high priority, followed by public safety concerns and supporting social          more pressing issues in the survey.
service programs. The percentage of respondents who identified eco-
                                                                           An online survey was available to residents between February 29 and
nomic growth as their number one concern grew from 6 percent in
                                                                           March 15. There were 1,272 respondents. Among those respondents
2008 to 20 percent. Road maintenance issues were a close second at
                                                                           60 percent were satisfied with county services. Fifty-one percent
18 percent, yet a majority of respondents do not favor the creation of
                                                                           online had "very or somewhat positive views" of the Portland-
revenue streams to dedicate toward long-term road maintenance.
                                                                           Milwaukie Light Rail project. Nearly two-thirds believe the project will
Opinions were closely split on the proposed Portland-Milwaukie Light       provide more convenient access to transportation or create jobs.
rail expansion. Thirty-seven percent reported positive feelings about
                                                                           The community survey had been conducted every four years to gauge
the project compared to 34 percent reported negative feelings and 27
                                                                           citizen perceptions and satisfaction with county programs and ser-
percent were neutral.
                                                                           vices. Beginning this year, the survey will now be conducted every two
Other key findings include:                                                years. The survey included an online component for the first time also.
    More than 90 percent of the respondents indicated that it was        A comprehensive analysis of the survey prepared by DHM can be
      important to have accessible information online.                     found at

10                                                                                           Oregon City Chamber of Commerce
Member Updates
   David Phipps, golf course superintendent at Clackamas County’s
     Stone Creek Golf Club, received the 2012 President’s Award for
     Environmental Stewardship from the Golf Course Superintendents
     Association of America (GCSAA). The GCSAA President’s Award
     for Environmental Stewardship was established in 1991 to recog-
     nize “an exceptional environmental contribution to the game of golf:
     a contribution that further exemplifies the golf course superinten-
     dent’s image as a steward of the land.” Phipps has been at Stone
     Creek since construction in 2000.
   Oregon City Signs has moved! They are now at the Red Soils
     Business Park on Beavercreek Road directly across from the new
     Safeway Shopping Center and Regal Cinemas. They have doubled
     their space and have two bays to do trucks, boats and vehicles.
                                                                            At their meeting on March 20, the Oregon City Lions Club and Rae
     They had a great 10 years in the Oregon City Shopping Center, but
                                                                            Gordon presented a check for $4,000 to Vicki and Paul Linnman for
     just out grew it. All of their contact information remains the same.
                                                                            the 1190 KEX Kids Fund (KKF). Vicki Linnman is the Chair of the KKF
                                                                            board, and Paul Linnman is its chief spokesperson. The funds were
                                                                            raised at the 20/20 Celebration of Sight & Sound Blues Banquet on
Above and beyond service as an Ambassador or Board member, there            January 15, at the Pioneer Center Community Center. Pictured left to
is a group of business people who represent our Chamber and busi-           right: Doug Loose, Kim Merchant, Anne Mattson, Blane Meier, Rae
ness community on Oregon City commissions, committees, task                 Gordon, Vicki and Paul Linnman, and Claire Met.
forces and boards. The Oregon City Chamber acknowledges the time,
knowledge and commitment each brings to their respective appoint-
ment as the Chamber’s official representative.                                 The Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs office
                                                                                 (branded as Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory) has selected Annie Bailey
        Urban Renewal Commission – Graham Peterson, Windermere                 as their new Tourism Communications & Public Relations Coordina-
          Commercial Real Estate                                                 tor. Bailey's role will be to expand media awareness of Clackamas
        Historic Review Board – Vicki Yates, Attorney and Singer Hill          County as a diverse and compelling tourism destination. She will
          Café                                                                   also coordinate press and research tours for visiting media.
        Main Street Oregon City – Sue Stein, Stein Oil Company
        Transportation Advisory Committee – Blane Meier, Meier Wealth
        Citizen Involvement Council – Rachel Gunderson, Key Bank
        Transportation System Plan Update Team – Steve Mysinger,
          General Distributors
        Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Update – Russ Tuttle, Brockamp
          & Jaeger, Inc.
There are other members of our Chamber active in these groups who
are representing other organizations, neighborhoods, professions or
simply choosing to serve because they are citizens of Oregon City and
care about our future:
        Mayor Doug Neeley
        Commissioner Betty Mumm
        Commissioner Carol Pauli
        Urban Renewal Commission – Phil Yates
                                                                            Co-Owners Mark Foley and Dan Fowler (left to right holding scissors)
        Urban Renewal Budget Committee – William Gifford                  cut a red ribbon to celebrate the opening of the new Abernethy
        Budget Committee – William Gifford                                Chapel on Wednesday, March 28. Despite the look and feel of an
        Historic Review Board – Derek Metson                              historic church that has been there for a long time, the groundbreaking
                                                                            ceremony was in July 2011. According to Dan, the only historic thing in
        Citizen Advisory Council – William Gifford
                                                                            the chapel is 36”, 420 pound, cast iron church bell. The 1887 bell is
        Transportation System Plan Update Team – Blane Meier and          from a Midwest church. What a wonderful addition to the facilities and
          Derek Metson                                                      services available at the Abernethy Center.
        Main Street Oregon City – Robb Crocker

ChamberWire               April 2012                                                                                                            11
Oregon City Chamber of Commerce
2895 S Beavercreek Rd, Ste 103
Oregon City, OR 97045

April 2012
     Sun            Mon                     Tue                     Wed                        Thu                       Fri                Sat
1            2                     3                      4                           5                         6                      7
                                                               GMOC ~ 7:30 am                                       Clackamas County
                                                              The Children’s Center                                 Candidate Forum
                                                                1713 Penn Lane                                   11:30 am – 1:00 pm
                                                                                                                  Oregon Golf Club
                                                                                                                25700 Pete’s Mtn. Rd
                                                                                                                     West Linn
8            9                     10                     11                          12                        13                     14
                                            GEAC               GMOC ~ 7:30 am              Marketing Comm.
                                      3:30 – 5:00 pm         Clackamas County                3:30 – 5:00 pm
                                    Conference Room        Office of Sustainability        Conference Room
                                     Chamber Office         150 Beavercreek Rd              Chamber Office
                                   2895 Beavercreek Rd                                    2895 Beavercreek Rd

15           16                    17                     18                          19                        20                     21
                                   Community Service            GMOC ~ 7:30 am        Chamber After Hours
                                   Awards Luncheon             BCT                        5:30 – 7:00 pm
                                    11:30 am – 1:00 pm  15223 S Henrici Rd              Clackamas County
                                   The Tumwater Room                                    Historical Society
                                   at Museum of Oregon Ambassadors Meeting             The Tumwater Room
                                          Territory      9:00 – 10:00 am              at Museum of Oregon
                                      211 Tumwater Dr                                        Territory
                                                                                         211 Tumwater Dr

22           23                    24                     25                          26                        27                     28
                                         Exec. Comm.            GMOC ~ 7:30 am
                                              Noon             The Caufield House
                                        Conference Room          723 Main Street
                                         Chamber Office

29           30
                  Board Meeting
                 Conference Room
                  Chamber Office
                          2012 Community Service
                             Awards Luncheon
                         Presented by:

                                  Tuesday, April 17 ● 11:30 am
                        Tumwater Room, Museum of the Oregon Territory
                                         211 Tumwater Road, Oregon City

Oregon City is fortunate to have active service clubs and an award winning school district. The efforts
of the volunteers and staff of these organizations contribute significantly to the city’s livability. Come to
this luncheon to learn more about their activities and join our Chamber in recognizing and honoring
their award recipients.
                 Beavercreek Lions Club                                 Oregon City Kiwanis Club
                 Oregon City Lions Club                                 Oregon City Rotary Club
                Oregon City Optimist Club                               Oregon City Woman’s Club
                Oregon City School District                        Oregon City Elks B.P.O.E. No. 1189

 Each paid luncheon registration, receives a self-guided tour of the updated Museum of the Oregon Territory.
 Lunch includes:                       Please indicate if you require a Gluten Free and/or Vegetarian entree.
 Premiere Salad, Hearth Style Breads, Fresh Fruit Skewers
 Alder Smoked Fresh Salmon tossed with Tri Color Pasta and Sun Dried Tomatoes, served with a Roasted Chablis Sauce
 Assorted Cupcakes

                                  Reservations required no later than Wednesday, April 11.

Phone and/or email

# Individuals               @ $20 = $

Names ________________________ _________________________                     __________________________

______________________________ _________________________                     __________________________

______________________________ _________________________

Cash                    Check #

Visa/MC #

Exp                     v-code                 Zip code


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