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Wikipedia:Tutorial                                                                                                                             1

    Introduction    Editing   Formatting     Wikipedia links     Citing sources    Talk pages    Keep in mind      Registration    Wrap-up

    Wikipedia editing tutorial – Introduction
    Wikipedia is a collaboratively edited
    encyclopedia to which you can
    contribute. This tutorial will help you
    become a Wikipedia contributor.
    The following pages will give you
    guidance about the style and content of
    Wikipedia articles, and tell you about
    the Wikipedia community and
    important Wikipedia policies and
    This is a basic tutorial, not an
    extensive manual. If you want more                           Becoming a Wikipedia editor: an overview

    details, there are links to other pages
    for more information. To read them as you go along, you can open them in a separate browser window or tab.
    There are links to "sandbox" pages where you can practice what you're learning. Try things out and play around!
    Nobody will mind if you mess up and experiment in these practice areas.
    So, let's learn about editing!
    Note: The tutorial assumes you are using the default page layout. If you're logged in and have changed your preferences, the location of
    links may differ.

    Next: Let's learn about editing →
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Editing                                                                                                                     2

    Introduction   Editing   Formatting    Wikipedia links   Citing sources    Talk pages      Keep in mind           Registration   Wrap-up

    With the exception of a few protected
    pages, every page has an "Edit " tab
    which lets you edit the page you are
    looking at. It is Wikipedia's most basic
    feature, and allows you to make
    corrections and add facts to articles. If
    you add information to an article,
    please provide references, because                                    Click the "Edit" tab to change an article
    unreferenced facts can be removed. So
    be clear and provide references.

    To practice editing, go to the sandbox and click the "Edit" tab. When you click the "Edit" tab, that will open an
    editing window containing the text for that page. Type in something fun and interesting, or just replace words for
    your own words. Now click the Save page button and see what you have done!

    Edit summary
    Your first practice edit (above) left off two steps that you should do if you are editing an article or other page that
    people will read. So click the "Edit" tab again, enter some text, and then do those two additional steps.
    First, any time you edit a page, it is considered good etiquette (or "Wikiquette") to enter an explanation of your
    changes in the Edit summary box, which you'll find below the edit window. It's okay for your explanation to be
    quite short. For example, if you are making a spelling correction, you might just type "typo". Also, if the change you
    have made to a page is minor, such as correcting a spelling or grammar error, it's helpful if you check the box "This
    is a minor edit". (This box is only available if you have logged in.) For your sandbox edit, you probably want an edit
    summary such as "Testing".

    Show preview
    Second, you should always use the
    Show preview button. After you've
    entered a change in the edit box for the
    sandbox, click the ' button instead of
    Save Page'. This lets you see what the       The "Show preview" button is right next to the "save page" button and below the edit
    page will look like after your edit,                                          summary field.
    before you actually save. We all make
    mistakes; this feature helps you catch them before other people see them. Using Show Preview before saving also
    lets you try format changes and other edits without cluttering up the page history. Do not forget to save your edits
    after previewing, though!
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Editing                                                                                                                 3

    Save the page
    Done the edit summary? Previewed the page? Then you're ready for the final step: click the Save page button.

    Try editing in the sandbox
    Continue the tutorial with Formatting →

    Introduction   Editing   Formatting   Wikipedia links     Citing sources    Talk pages     Keep in mind       Registration   Wrap-up

    Formatting a Wikipedia article is a
    bit different from writing on a standard
    word processor. Instead of a strict
    WYSIWYG approach ("What You See
    Is What You Get"), Wikipedia uses
    text codes to create particular elements
    of the page (e.g., headings). This
    markup language is known as
    Wikitext (or Wiki-markup) and is
    designed for ease of editing.

    Bold and italics
    The most commonly used wiki tags are
    bold and italics. Bolding and
    italicizing are done by surrounding a                         A video (screencast) showing how to make bold and italics
    word or phrase with multiple
    apostrophes ('):

                                                            You type             You get

                                                ''italic''                      italic

                                                '''bold'''                      bold

                                                '''''bold italic''''' bold italic

    On Wikipedia, the names of an article's subject are written in bold when they are first mentioned in the article. For
    example, the article Elizabeth II begins:
          Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, born 21 April 1926) is the reigning queen and head of state of 16
          independent sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms: ...
    Italics may be used for the names of books, movies, albums, and computer/video game titles. If the first mention of
    the subject of an article is also a book or movie title, then bold italic is used.
    For more information about using bold and italics, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style.
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Formatting                                                                                                                          4

    Headings and subheadings
    Headings and subheadings are a way to improve the organization of an article. If you can see two or more distinct
    topics being discussed, with more than a couple paragraphs for each, you can make the article more readable by
    inserting a heading for each topic - that is, making each into its own section.
    Headings are created like this:

                                  You type                                                                  You get

    South African Legion of Military Veterans
                                                                             South African Legion of Military Veterans

    ===Subheading===                                                         Subheading
    The SA Legion was founded in 1918 and exists to help military veterans
    in need.                                                                  The SA Legion was founded in 1918 and exists to help military veterans
                                                                             in need.

    If an article has at least four headings, a table of contents will automatically be generated. Try creating a heading in
    this page's sandbox. It will be added automatically to the table of contents for the page, assuming three others already

    Wikitext contains all the features required to follow Wikipedia's formatting conventions and knowledge of HTML
    code is not necessary, although it is often used for more specific formatting such as using colors, text and paragraph
    styles, and page layout.
    See How to edit a page or the Cheatsheet for more on editing a page.
    You can also check out an annotated example page.

    Test what you have learned in the sandbox
    Continue the tutorial with Wikipedia links →
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Wikipedia links                                                                                                                 5

    Wikipedia:Tutorial/Wikipedia links
    Introduction   Editing   Formatting   Wikipedia links     Citing sources      Talk pages      Keep in mind       Registration        Wrap-up

    Linking Wikipedia articles together is
    very important. These easily created
    links allow users to jump to
    information related to the article they
    are reading, greatly adding to
    Wikipedia's usefulness.

    How to link
    To make a link to another Wikipedia
    page (called a wiki link), put it in
    double square brackets, like this:
    which the reader will see, after you
    save your edit, as this: Sandbox
                                                            A video tutorial about the basics of wiki markup, including creating links
    If you want to link to an article, but
    display some other text for the link,
    you can do so by adding the pipe "|" divider (SHIFT + BACKSLASH on English-layout and other keyboards)
    followed by the alternative name. For example:
          [[Target page|display text]]
    will display as this: display text
    You can make a link to a specific section of a page like so:
          [[Target page#Target section|display text]]
    which will display as this: display text
    If you want the display text of the link to appear in italics or bold, nest the double square brackets for the link within
    the multiple apostrophes that delimit the italicized or bold text, like this:
          ''[[War and Peace]]''
    which will display as this: War and Peace
    Please check your links to ensure they point to the correct article. For example, Apple points to the article about the
    fruit, while Apple Inc. is the title of the article about the computer manufacturer. There are also "disambiguation"
    pages, which are not articles, but rather pages which contain links to articles with similar titles. Some, such as Apple
    (disambiguation) are obvious, while others such as Georgia use generic titles. These differing titles are where piped
    links are especially useful. For example, a wikilink of Georgia (country) is much less readable than a piped link of
    Georgia, though both take the reader to the same place.
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Wikipedia links                                                                                                6

    When to link
    Adding links to an article makes it more useful, but too many links can be distracting. (Lead sections often have
    more links than other sections of articles.) To avoid excessive links, you should normally create a link in an article
    only where the first occurrence of a word or phrase occurs. And you should not link common words such as "state"
    and "world", even though Wikipedia has articles for those words.
    Looking at other Wikipedia articles can help you learn when to add links. You can find a list of high quality articles
    on the featured articles page.

    You can also put the article in a category with others in a related topic. Near the bottom of the article, type
    [[Category:]], and put the name of the category between the colon and the brackets.
    It is very important to put in the correct categories so that other people can easily find your work. The best
    way to find which categories to put in is to look at pages on similar subjects, and check which categories they use.
    For example, if you write an article about a type of tree, you may look at an article on another type of tree to see
    which categories could be appropriate.
    For more information, see Wikipedia:Categorization

    Test what you have learned in the sandbox
    Continue the tutorial with Citing sources →

    Wikipedia:Tutorial/Citing sources
    Introduction   Editing   Formatting   Wikipedia links   Citing sources   Talk pages   Keep in mind   Registration   Wrap-up

    As stated in About Wikipedia, "if you add information to an article, be sure to include your references, as
    unreferenced facts are subject to removal." It is best to use inline citations so that other editors and readers can verify
    the information you add. Also, make sure that every source you use is trustworthy and authoritative.

    The easiest way to create an inline citation is with a footnote. You can create a footnote with Wiki markup, by
    adding ref tags around your source, like this:
          <ref>Your Source</ref>
    If you're adding the first footnote to an article, you also need to make sure that there is text that tells the software
    Wikipedia uses to display footnotes. That text will look like this:
          {{Reflist}} or <references/>.
    That text should be immediately below the section heading ==References==. If that section doesn't exist, you will
    need to add it (both the heading and either the "Reflist" or "references" text above). Place the new section near the
    bottom of the article, just above the "External links" section (if that exists).
    Once you have saved your edit, the ref tags will convert your citation of a source into a footnote reference (like this
    one[1]), with the text of the citation appearing in the References section at the bottom of the article.
    If the citation you are placing between the ref tags as your source is a link to an external website, place the website
    address (URL) within single square brackets along with some text, which the reader will see as a link. For example:
           <ref>[http://www.nytimes.com/article_name.html Article in The New York Times]</ref>
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Citing sources                                                                                               7

    Though it is not required, it is highly recommended to provide more information than that in a footnote. Here is a
    more complete footnote:
           <ref>Name of author, [http://www.nytimes.com/article_name.html "Title of
           article"], ''The New York Times'', date</ref>
    It is not recommended to use bare URLs for your external link references, because of link rot.
    Although material that is from external websites is a common reference source, Wikipedia has no preference for
    online sources. If your source is a book, journal, magazine, newspaper article, documentary or other source, then you
    would place identification information about that source between the ref tags.
    If you respond better to visual information, you may find the guide below useful (click show on the right hand side).
    Please see Wikipedia:Citing sources for further instructions on writing footnotes. Also, there are templates that help
    with the proper formatting of references (footnotes); see Wikipedia:Citation templates for further details.
    You can also watch a tutorial video on how to use the built-in reference tools in the editing interface.

    External links section
    Many Wikipedia articles have a separate section called External links. This section is for linking to websites with
    significant and reliable additional information on the article's topic. Only a relatively few, very relevant external
    links are appropriate for this section: see the guideline Wikipedia:External links for details. If an article already has
    more than a few links in the "External links" section, and you're an inexperienced editor, you probably should
    suggest any new links on the article's Discussion (talk) page before actually adding one.
    To add a new external link, just type, inside a single set of brackets, the full URL for the link, followed by a space
    and the text that will be visible. For example:
           [http://www.example.com/ Official website]
    will display the following, whilst linking to the full URL:
           Official website [2]

    Try editing in the sandbox
    Continue the tutorial with Talk pages →

    [1] Citation text3.
    [2] http:/ / www. example. com/
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Talk pages                                                                                                           8

    Wikipedia:Tutorial/Talk pages
    Introduction   Editing   Formatting   Wikipedia links   Citing sources   Talk pages   Keep in mind      Registration     Wrap-up

    Talk pages are a key feature of Wikipedia, offering the ability to
    discuss articles and other issues with other Wikipedians. They are not
    to be used as a chat room, soapbox, battleground or for general
    discussion of the article topic.
    If you have a question, concern or comment related to improving an
    article put a note in the article's talk page and not in the article itself.
    You do that by clicking the "discussion" tab at the top of the page. Do
    not worry if the link shows up in red; it is all right to create the talk
    page if it does not already exist.
                                                                                    A video tutorial explaining talk pages and how to
    If you are responding to someone else's remarks, put your comment                                   use them

    below theirs. You should indent it properly (see section below). If
    you're not responding to someone else, but are posting about something new, use the "New section" tab at the top of
    the talk page to create a new section, which automatically goes at the bottom of the page.
    You should always sign your comments by typing ~~~~ for your username plus a time signature. Then, when you
    click "Save page", your signature will be inserted automatically. Otherwise your posting will still appear but without
    your name. (For your convenience, there is a button at the top of the edit box with a signature icon which inserts
    "--~~~~" when clicked.)
    If you do not have a username account, or if you have one but have not logged in, your computer's external IP
    address will be used instead as your signature, when you type ~~~~ and save your edit. And in such cases, whether
    or not you sign your comment, your IP address will be recorded (in the page history) as having made the edit. If you
    don't want your IP address recorded by Wikipedia in a way that everyone can see it, then you should get a username
    by creating an account. (It is 100% free.)

    User talk pages
    Every editor (every person with a username) has a user talk page on which other contributors can leave messages.
    This includes contributors who have not created an account. If someone has left you a message, you will see a note
    across the top of Wikipedia pages (if you're signed in) saying "You have new messages", with a link to your user
    talk page.
    You can reply in either of two ways. One is to put a message on the user talk page of the person you are replying to.
    The other is to put your reply on your own talk page beneath the original message. Both are common on Wikipedia;
    however, be aware that replying on your own talk page runs the risk that your reply won't be seen, if the user does
    not look at your talk page again. If you intend to use this approach, it is a good idea to post a notice to that effect, at
    the top of your talk page, so people know they have to keep an eye on the page to see your response, rather than
    getting your response on their page.
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Talk pages                                                                                                 9

    Indenting can improve the layout of a discussion considerably, making it much easier to read. A standard practice is
    to indent your reply one level deeper than the person you are replying to.
    There are several ways of indenting in Wikipedia:

    Plain indentations
    The simplest way of indenting is to place a colon (:) at the beginning of a line. The more colons you put, the further
    indented the text will be. A newline (pressing Enter or Return) marks the end of the indented paragraph.
    For example:
          This is aligned all the way to the left.
          : This is indented slightly.
          :: This is indented more.
    is shown as:
           This is aligned all the way to the left.
                   This is indented slightly.
                         This is indented more.

    Bullet points
    You can also indent using bullets, which are also used for lists. To insert a bullet (when your edit is saved), type an
    asterisk (*). Similar to indentation, more asterisks in front of a paragraph means more indentation.
    A brief example:
          * First list item
          * Second list item
          ** Sub-list item under second
          * Third list item
    Which is shown as:
       • First list item
       • Second list item
         • Sub-list item under second
       • Third list item

    Numbered items
    You can also create numbered lists. For this, use the number sign or "octothorpe" (#). This is usually used for polls
    and voting, and otherwise is fairly rare. Again, you can affect the indent of the number by the number of #s you use.
          # First item
          # Second item
          ## Sub-item under second item
          # Third item
    Shows up as:
       1. First item
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Talk pages                                                                                             10

       2. Second item
          1. Sub-item under second item
       3. Third item

    Example discussion
    Here is an example of a well-formatted discussion:
    Hi. I have a question about this article. I'm pretty sure purple elephants only live in New York! JayRandumWikiUser
    02:49, 10 Dec 2003 (UTC)
          Well, last time I was in New York, the elephants I saw were green. — try2BEEhelpful 17:28, 11 Dec 2003
                I think you should find a source for your claims. Living × Skepticism 20:53, 11 Dec 2003 (UTC)
                        Okay, these elephant journals agree with me:
             • Elephants Monthly
             • Elephants World
                       — try2BEEhelpful 19:09, 12 Dec 2003 (UTC)
          I live in Australia, where the elephants look like kangaroos! The people below agree with my statement:
          -DontGdayMateMe 17:28, 14 Dec 2003 (UTC)
       1. ElefantLuvr 01:22, 15 Dec 2003 (UTC)
       2. AisleVoteOnAnything 05:41, 15 Dec 2003 (UTC)
       3. alittlebehindthetimes 18:39, 27 Jan 2004 (UTC)
    Note that if you want to include a list in your comments, add colons before each item, for example:
          ::: Okay, these elephant journals agree with me:
          ::: * ''Elephants Monthly''
          ::: * ''Elephants World''
          ::: ~~~~

     Again, signing your message (posting) is done by:
    • Writing ~~~~ for your name and date (try2BEEhelpful 19:09, 12 Dec 2003 (UTC))
    You can add a signature only, or a date only, but this is unusual. Here's how:
    • Writing ~~~ for the name (try2BEEhelpful), or
    • Writing ~~~~~ for the date only (19:09, 12 Dec 2003 (UTC)).
    Votes are often signed with names only.
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Talk pages                                                                                                     11

    Experiment! This time, instead of editing a sandbox, leave a message on the talk page by clicking "Discuss this
    page" or "Discussion". Remember to sign your user name. You might want to try responding to someone else's post.
    Remember, you should use "Show preview" to see if your formatting works before you save.
    Try a sample discussion at this page's Discussion page

    Other project pages
    In addition to Talk pages, there are some other categories of behind-the-scenes pages that help Wikipedians
    communicate with each other, and serve a variety of other roles in building Wikipedia. These different areas are
    often referred to as namespaces — as in, "the Talk namespace".
    Pages in the Wikipedia namespace (also known as the "Project namespace") provide information about Wikipedia
    and how to use it.
    Content written in a Template page will be displayed in articles that contain the corresponding template reference.
    For example, the content written in Template:Pp-protected will appear in any article that contains the
    {{pp-protected}} tag. Take a look at Wikipedia:Template messages to see what templates have already been created.
    You can use the corresponding tags in articles. You can also create new templates.
    All of these project pages also have Talk pages of their own.
    For more information, see Wikipedia:Namespace

    Continue the tutorial with Keep in mind →

    Wikipedia:Tutorial/Keep in mind
    Introduction   Editing   Formatting   Wikipedia links   Citing sources   Talk pages   Keep in mind   Registration   Wrap-up

    There are some things to keep in mind when editing Wikipedia.

    Editorial policies

    Subject matter
    Wikipedia is an editable encyclopedia (along with some topics that would typically be found in an almanac). Hence,
    articles should consist of encyclopedic information about "notable" subjects. What exactly constitutes notability is
    the subject of constant debate on Wikipedia, but in no case should there be (per Wikipedia rules) an article for every
    person on the planet, or for every company that sells anything, or for each street in every town in the world.
    However, there are sister projects for certain types of non-encyclopedic content.
    Encyclopedia articles are primarily about the subject, not the words for the subject, so any article that simply defines
    and explains the usages of a word, or short phrase, as you would find in a typical dictionary, should be contributed to
    the Wiktionary sister project instead.
    Original source text, such as from a public-domain book that you want to post to make it more accessible, should be
    contributed to one of Wikipedia's other sister projects, Wikisource.
    For a list of all related projects, see the Complete list of Wikimedia projects.
    Wikipedia is also not the place for "original research" — that is, new theories that have not been published in a
    peer-reviewed journal. For more details about what Wikipedia should include, see What Wikipedia is not and
    Notability (people).
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Keep in mind                                                                                                 12

    We also tend to discourage authors from writing about themselves or their own accomplishments, as this is a conflict
    of interest. If you have made notable accomplishments, someone else will write an article about you (eventually).
    Wikipedia:Autobiography has more detail on this.

    Neutral point of view
    Wikipedia's editorial policy is that articles must be written in "neutral point of view," often abbreviated "NPOV."
    This policy says that we accept all the significant viewpoints on an issue. Instead of simply stating one perspective,
    we try to present all relevant viewpoints without judging them. Our aim is to be informative, not persuasive. Our
    policy does NOT mean that our articles are expected to be 100% "objective," since in any dispute all sides believe
    their view to be "true."
    It is okay to state opinions in articles, but they must be presented as opinions, not as fact. Also, it is a good idea to
    attribute these opinions, for example "Supporters of this say that..." or "Notable commentator X believes that..."
    You might hear Wikipedians referring to an article as having a "POV" problem. This is Wikipedia slang for a biased
    article, or one obviously written from a single perspective. Advertising copy would fall in this category, as would a
    political diatribe. In a less extreme case, an article might have "POV" problems if it spends significantly more time
    discussing one view than another view of equivalent significance, even if each view is presented neutrally, or if the
    article gives excessive coverage to a minor viewpoint.
    If you are going to spend time on controversial articles in subjects like religion or politics, it is important that you
    read the neutral point of view policy page as soon as possible. You should probably also read the essay Staying cool
    when the editing gets hot. If you are going to spend your time on less emotional topics such as math, or video games,
    you should still read the policies, but it is a less pressing concern. Keep in mind the advice here, and read the full
    policy if an NPOV issue comes up. See also the NPOV tutorial.

    Citing sources
    Wikipedia requires that you cite sources for the information you contribute, preferably by adding a footnote, as
    discussed in the "Citing Sources" page of this tutorial. Citations help our readers verify what you have written and
    find more information.
    If any websites would be of particular interest to a reader of an article, they should be listed and linked to in an
    "External links" section. Books of particular interest should be listed in a "Further reading" section, but only if they
    were not used as sources for the article.
    For more information, see Wikipedia:Citing sources

    Do not add copyrighted materials to Wikipedia without permission from the copyright owner. When adding
    information to articles, make sure it is written in your own words. Remember that all information found on the
    Internet is copyrighted unless the website specifically states otherwise.
    For more information, see Wikipedia:Copyrights

    English dialects
    All common forms of words are welcome on Wikipedia. An abridged version of the policy here could be stated as:
          1. Do not edit a page simply to "correct" a spelling that is correct in another language.
          2. If the subject of an article is related to the U.S., then U.S. English is preferred:
                Child labor laws in the United States
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Keep in mind                                                                                                  13

          3. If the subject is related to an organization using British English (UK, Commonwealth, Ireland, UN, etc.)
          then British English is preferred.:
          4. If the subject is not a regional one ("astronomy," for example), the original contributor's usage should be
          followed. See American and British English differences if you have difficulty with this.
          5. The usage should be consistent throughout an article, unless it mentions both US- and
          Britain/Commonwealth-related topics. In that case, Policies 2 and 3 prevail.
          6. When you create a new article, generally the most commonly used title is preferred. A simple way of testing
          this is to try a Search engine test on one of the common search engines, and see what generates more results.
    For a more detailed version of the policy, see Manual of Style (spelling)

    Wikipedia encourages an atmosphere of friendliness and openness. Of course, in practice there are sometimes
    disagreements and even an occasional heated argument, but members of the community are expected to behave in a
    generally civil manner.
    The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should always assume good faith on the part of other editors.
    Do not assume that someone is acting out of spite or malice. If someone does something that upsets you, leave a
    polite message on the relevant article's talk page or on the user's talk page, and ask why. You may find that you have
    avoided a misunderstanding and saved yourself some embarrassment.
    For a more detailed discussion of conduct, see Wikipedia:Etiquette

    Creating articles
    When creating articles on Wikipedia, try to take the advice given in the tutorial and to follow the policies mentioned
    here, such as neutrality. It is important to cite sources to establish the notability of the topic and make the article
    verifiable. You need to be registered to directly create an article in the encyclopedia, but if you are not, you can still
    use the articles for creation process.
    For details on how to create an article, see Wikipedia:Your first article

    Renaming articles
    If you find an article that you believe is mis-named, please do not copy and paste the contents of the old article into a
    new article — among other things, it separates the previous contributions from their edit history (which we need to
    keep track of for copyright reasons). The preferred method is to move the page to the new name, you need to be
    registered for that. If it is your first move, please read the warnings on the move page carefully, as there are a number
    of issues to consider before moving a page. If a "disambiguation" page is involved, it is best to review
    For more information, see Help:Moving a page

    Test what you have learned in the sandbox
    Continue the tutorial with Registration →
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Registration                                                                                                                    14

    Introduction     Editing    Formatting      Wikipedia links       Citing sources     Talk pages      Keep in mind     Registration   Wrap-up

    Registering a username is optional, but encouraged. You do not need to give your name or any personal details to
    Everyone can contribute to Wikipedia, regardless of whether they choose to register. However, there are several
    benefits to registering a username, including:
    • The ability to create new articles.
    • Having an account gives you many extra features, including more editing options and user preferences. One
      handy feature is the watchlist, which makes it easier for you to track changes to pages you are interested in.
      Another is the ability to move or rename a page. (Do not move pages simply through copying and pasting as the
      edit history is not preserved that way. Instead, ask at the Village pump for a registered user's help.)
    • An unregistered user is identified by his or her computer's IP address, which is used as their public identifier when
      making contributions (and signing comments on talk pages). Your computer's IP address can often be used to find
      information about you, so registering increases your privacy by making your IP address non-visible to other
      editors. Also, because IP addresses often change, unregistered users sometimes find it more difficult to gain
      respect and recognition from other editors through building a good track record. It can also be more difficult to
      carry on conversations with such non-registered users since they lack a unique talk page. For these reasons, many
      Wikipedians consider registering to indicate a greater willingness by you to stand behind your edits, and your
      comments on discussion pages. This means your contributions to articles and discussion pages will generally be
      given more weight.
    • Some pages, such as this page, require users to be autoconfirmed before they may be edited. This ability is
      automatically given to registered users who have been on Wikipedia for at least four days and have made ten
      edits, but is not given to unregistered users, regardless of the number of edits made.
    • Only registered users are allowed to become administrators (also known as sysops).
    If you register, do not forget your password or your user name. If you are prone to forgetting these, make sure you
    enter your email address as part of signing up, so you can have a new password sent to you if you forget your current
    See Why create an account? for more information.
    Click here to register [1]

    How to register
    To register, click above, or click the Log in/create an account link at the top right corner of any page.
    You won't be able to (easily) change your username once you choose it, so reading the username policy before
    creating a username is highly recommended.

    Wrap up the tutorial with a review and more info →

    [1] http:/ / en. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Special%3Auserlogin?type=signup& returnto=Wikipedia:Tutorial+ (Registration)
Wikipedia:Tutorial/Wrap-up and more info                                                                                          15

    Wikipedia:Tutorial/Wrap-up and more info
    Introduction   Editing   Formatting   Wikipedia links   Citing sources   Talk pages   Keep in mind   Registration   Wrap-up

    You now know the most important things for contributing to Wikipedia. Any comments or feedback on this tutorial?
    Feel like something wasn't explained well enough, or want to know about something that isn't here? Let us know by
    placing a comment on the tutorial's talk page. If you need any further help, the main help page is located at
    Help:Contents (a link is always available through the interaction sidebar under Help). For additional learning
    materials, instructional videos, tutorials, and handouts, see the Wikimedia Bookshelf.

    Is there anything else to learn?
    This tutorial has been kept short and sweet, but you can always learn more. Now continue your learning through the
    links below.
    Advice and general information...
    •   The Frequently Asked Questions answers the most common questions about all aspects of Wikipedia.
    •   Faux pas avoidance helps you avoid some common mistakes.
    •   Know how to contribute, but not what to write about? See Contributing to Wikipedia for help.
    •   Learn how articles grow at Article development.
    •   Examples of some of Wikipedia's best articles, based on these criteria.
    •   Abbreviated glossary — the ten most likely words you'll encounter.
    •   Wikipedia: The Missing Manual is a book that offers systematic guidance for people who want to learn the "core
        curriculum" of Wikipedia; and it's available, in full, on Wikipedia, for free.
    Policy references ...
    • Five pillars is a summary of the fundamental principles by which Wikipedia operates
    • Policies and guidelines
    Editing references...
    •   "Cheatsheet" listing the basic editing commands.
    •   How to edit a page is a far more detailed version, with information on things like character sets and variables.
    •   Starting an article
    •   Manual of Style is a comprehensive style guide for Wikipedia articles.
    •   NPOV tutorial is a tutorial on how to write from a neutral perspective.
    •   Annotated article
    •   The Community portal provides links to community resources — this page is always available in the navigation
    Creating new articles
    • When you're ready to create your own articles, consider using a Wizard to help you. See the Article wizard
      (shortcut: WP:WIZ).
Article Sources and Contributors                                                                                                                                                                       16

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Article Sources and Contributors                                                                                                                                                                 17

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