Viewing the Status of a Cash Advance

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					                                                         Step-by-Step Guide

     Viewing the Status of a Cash Advance [Approvers Only]
     Scenario: You are a Travel and Expense Approver, and you wish to view the status of a
     Cash Advance which has been submitted.
     Tip: There is a separate Step-by-Step Guide for the Traveler or the Traveler’s Delegate.

    1.     Log in to PeopleSoft through the Financials Login (

    2.     Click on Travel and Expenses in the menu.

           Click the Travel and Expense Center link.

           Click the Cash Advance link.

           Click the View link. (A page like the one reproduced below will open.)

           If you know the Cash Advance ID, type it into the “begins with” field.
           [If you do not have the Advance ID, change the Search by field to EmplId or
           Name, then type in the correct employee ID or name in the “begins with” field.]
           Click the Search button.

           If there is only one Cash Advance, that Advance will open for viewing.
           (Skip to Step 9.)

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                                                        Step-by-Step Guide

           If you have more than one Cash Advance, a Search Results table will open (see
           the graphic below), showing the following information:
                   The Traveler’s Employee ID #
                   Cash Advance ID Number
                   Cash Advance Description
    8.             Name of Traveler Receiving the Advance
                   The Status of the Cash Advance
                   The Date the Request was Submitted
           You may sort on any column by clicking on the header for that column.
           View the details of any Advance (as in Step 7 above), by clicking on the blue
           hyperlink associated with that Advance.

           Notice that the status of the Advance will be indicated on the left of the page,
           near the top, under the heading General Information. (See the graphic below.)

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                                                               Step-by-Step Guide

           Definition of Terms Commonly Used Under Status:
               Pending ....................Not Yet Submitted
               Submitted .................Awaiting Approval
               Approved ..................OK’d by Departmental Approver
               In Process ................Approval by Multiple Departments in Process
               Denied * .....................Not Approved (and Effectively Dead)
               Paid ...........................Money Disbursed or Ready for Disbursement
               Reconciled................Cash Advance is Reconciled with Expense Report
           * A Cash Advance which has been DENIED cannot be resubmitted—a brand new
           Advance would have to be created.

           Notice the Action History section at the bottom of the report. This section
   11.     contains specific information related to the submission and approval of this Cash
           Advance. (See the graphic below.)

   12.     End of Procedure.

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