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                                        NYPD 10-13 CLUB
                                                   of Charlotte, NC Inc.
                                                             137 Cross Center Rd.
                                                                   Suite 150
                                                               Denver, NC 28037

                                   A CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL NYCPD 10-13 ORG. INC.
                                       AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS

       CLUB OFFICERS             Volume 4 Issue 6                                                                             June 2012
HARVEY KATOWITZ                                                   PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
704-849-9234   Hi All,
                              During Police Memorial week last month, the following fifteen NYPD officers, thirteen of who died of post-Sept.
VICE PRESIDENT                11 illnesses, had their names engraved onto bronze plaques in the lobby of police headquarters. These thirteen
803-802-7401                  officers bring the total number of officers to die of illnesses as a result of the dust they breathed at ground zero to      fifty-one. Please continue to keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.
SAM REIVER                                    Captain Barry Galfano was a biology teacher before he joined the department in 1981. He
704-243 6390                                  served as Commanding Officer of Transit District 34, Patrol Borough Brooklyn North Anti-Crime
                                              and the Queens North Narcotics Division. Three weeks before 9/11, Captain Galfano was chosen
TREASURER                                     to lead the Emergency Service Unit. He responded to the World Trade Center despite being on
                                              vacation and spent nine straight months at Ground Zero. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2008                           and passed away in June 26, 2011, at age 57.
704-2433949                                   Lieutenant Jacqueline McCarthy served the Department for 25 years, including 10 years as                     commander of the Counseling Services Unit that provides assistance to police officers and civil-
                                              ian employees. Lieutenant McCarthy held a master's degree in social work and was a creden-
                                              tialed substance abuse counselor who helped ensure that the Counseling Services Unit achieved
704-243-7087                                  state certification. After September 11th, Lt. McCarthy counseled the families of lost police offi-                         cers at Ground Zero. She passed away on July 5, 2010. She was 50.
                                              Sergeant Charles Clarke spent 20 years serving in public housing Police Service Areas 7 and 8
                                              in the Bronx. As Police Service Areas 8's Crime Analysis Supervisor, he helped to identify trends
BRENDA JORDAN                                 in criminal activity. During his six years in that position, crime in the command fell by 44 percent.
704-588-0652                           Sergeant Clarke responded directly to Ground Zero on September 11th and perished of lung
                                              cancer on November 7, 2009. He was 53.

                                              Sergeant Harold Smith joined the NYPD in 1985 and was in charge of the construction workers                      who came from all over the country to assist first responders at Ground Zero. He served in
                                              Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island, where, in 2005, he helped to lead a team of narcotics
CHAPLAIN                                      officers in Staten Island, culminating in the arrest of 45 suspected drug dealers. He passed away
DONALD SANCHEZ                                May 5, 2011. Sergeant Smith was 47.
704-654-2694                                                                                                                   (Continued next page)

JOE KOZLOWSKI                                            Our Next Membership Meeting Is Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 6 P.M.
704-543-1571                     Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month at Charlotte FOP Lodge #9, 1201 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte NC 28205
                                                                     Our heroes must never be forgotten.
EDITOR                                                              Visit the NYC Police Memorial website
                               WE MUST NEVER FORGET
                                                                                                Police Officer Edward Ferraro died of a 911 re-
  PRESIDENTS MESSAGE                             continued         ...                          lated illness on June 6, 2004. Officer Ferraro
                                                                                                joined the Department in 1984 and served one dec-
                    Detective Peter Figoski was shot and killed on                              ade of his career in the Queens Task Force where
                    Dec. 12, 2011 when he and his partner re-                                   he was part of a unit that targeted drunk drivers. He
                    sponded to a report of a robbery. Detective Peter                           also made several gun arrests, including one in
                    Figoski joined the Department in 1988 and                                   which he wrestled a loaded firearm away from the
                    worked on patrol in the 75th Precinct, where he                             suspect. Officer Ferraro later joined the Manage-
                    helped to reduce crime in East New York by more                             ment Information Systems Division, where he is
                    than 70 percent over two decades. Detective                                 remembered as being indispensable. He was 49.
                    Figoski was looked upon as a mentor and a
                    model for young police officers. He was 47.                                 Police Officer Bobby Ehmer spent most of his 20-
                                                                                                year career in the 110th Precinct. His personnel
                    Detective Kevin Czartoryski was a former Police                             folder contained multiple letters of gratitude from
                    Cadet who served the Department for 20 years, in                            stranded motorists and accident victims whom he
                    commands including the OCCB Narcotics Divi-                                 kept safe. On his days off, Officer Ehmer served as
                    sion, the Hate Crime Task Force, where he was a                             Emergency Medical Technician and ambulance
                    founding member. Detective Czartoryski was as-                              driver for Saint Joseph's Hospital in Queens. He
                    signed to a makeshift morgue established at                                 spent countless hours at Ground Zero, both as an
                    Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11 and later to                           Emergency Medical Technician and as a Police
                    the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public             Officer. He passed away on 11/21/10. He was 47.
                    Information. While in that command, he also
worked as liaison to the city's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-                               Police Officer David Mahmoud served 15 years in
gender community. He passed away on 12/5/10. He was 46.                                         the 75th Precinct and was assigned to the Burglary
                                                                                                Apprehension Team. Working in plain clothes and
                   Detective John Goggin made 500 arrests in his                                in uniform, he once chased a gunman who had just
                   20-year career, most of them for felonies. He                                committed a murder. Officer Mahmoud earned 21
                   joined the Department in 1982 and served the                                 medals and two commendations, and is remem-
                   Citywide Street Crime Unit and the Narcotics Divi-                           bered as a caring colleague and mentor to many
                   sion, earning promotion to detective in 1990. He                             new officers who arrived at the 75th Precinct. He
                   worked in Detective Squads in the 88th, 83rd and                             passed away on 11/11/10. He was 49.
                   94th pcts, was widely admired for his skill, experi-
                   ence, and instincts. He passed away on 5/6/08.                                Police Officer Martin Tom joined the department
                   He was 53.                                                                    in 1990, inheriting his older brother's police shield
                                                                                                 after his brother was promoted to detective. Officer
                   Detective Edwin Ortiz served 20 years in the                                  Tom was first assigned to the 7th Precinct and was
                   Department, in Manhattan and the Bronx. After                                 chosen for the Patrol Borough Manhattan South
                   serving as an investigator in the Vice Enforcement                            Task Force, later becoming a member of the Taxi
                   Division and Bronx Narcotics, Detective Ortiz                                 Unit. He joined the department's licensing division
                   spent the last eight years of his career in the 40th                          in 2008, where he investigated people seeking gun
                   Precinct Detective Squad. He made 600 arrests                                 permits. He passed away on 6/9/11. He was 49.
                   during his career. Detective Ortiz died on 7/4/11,
                   one week before his 57th birthday.                                           Police Officer George Wong spent 14 years of
                                                                                                his 21-year career working the overnight tour in the
                    Detective Joseph Seabrook began his career in                               5th Precinct in Chinatown, where his ability to
                    1995 in the 28th Precinct and spent five years in                           speak Cantonese and his interpersonal skills
                    the Narcotics Division before serving in the 20th                           helped him to earn the trust of the public. In May of
                    Precinct, where he was honored several times as                             2001, he joined the department's Identification
                    "Cop of the Month." In 2009, he helped to launch                            Section, analyzing fingerprints and conducting
                    an investigation into drug sales in Manhattan's                             criminal background checks. Officer Wong helped
                    Amsterdam Houses, enabling detectives to arrest                             to provide security at Ground Zero, and for the last
                    28 suspected drug dealers. Detective Seabrook                               two years of his career, was part of Headquarters
                    died on May 29, 2010 of lung cancer. He was 46.           Security. He passed away on 5/24/11. He was 48.
                    Police Officer Alain Schaberger was killed on             It has been 10 + years, since the horrific events of September 11,
                    March 13, 2011 when a suspect he was arresting            2001, but sadly members of the NYPD continue to pay the price for
                    pushed him backwards with both hands over a 21            that day. Every year we have to add additional officers to our
                    -inch railing, causing him to fall nine feet to the       memorials after they succumb to illnesses developed as a result of
                    sidewalk below. Officer Schaberger struck his             work they performed at the World Trade Center site and Fresh Kills
                    head and fractured his neck. He was a member              landfill on Staten Island.
                    of the United States Navy who was awarded two
                    service medals in the military. He joined the De-         They must never be forgotten.
                    partment two months before 9/11 and was re-
                    cruited along with his classmates in the Police
Academy to direct traffic and provide security at Ground Zero. Officer
Schaberger worked in Midtown South Precinct, Manhattan Court Sec-
tion and then served in Brooklyn's 84th Precinct. He was 42.
                                                                              Harvey Katowitz

                              WE MUST NEVER FORGET

Last year I learned about the Brooklyn Wall at the NY Cyclones baseball stadium. While visiting family in Brooklyn I decided to see
it for myself. I took the D train to Coney Island, walked to the west wall of the stadium and there it was. If you happen to be in
Brooklyn it is worth a visit to the wall. There is free parking at the sight and it will not take a long time to visit. I am glad I did.
Ben Pepitone

                                 WE MUST NEVER FORGET

                                                                                            When God Made Peace Officers
                                                                                                     author unknown
              Line of Duty Deaths                                      When the Lord was creating peace officers, he was into his sixth day of
                                                                       overtime when an angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling
                                                                       around on this one." And the Lord said, "Have you read the specs on this
Since December 25, 1806, the NYPD has lost 817 officers in the
line of duty, the most-recent officer being lost on December 12,
2011. This figure includes officers from agencies that were ab-        A peace officer has to be able to run five miles through alleys in the dark,
sorbed by or became a part of the modern NYPD in addition to the       scale walls, enter homes the health inspector wouldn't touch, and not wrin-
                                                                       kle his uniform.
modern department itself.
                                                                       "He has to be able to sit in an undercover car all day on a stakeout, cover a
                                                                       homicide scene that night, canvass the neighborhood for witnesses, and
                                                                       testify in court the next day.
 Type                   Number    Type                   Number
                                                                       "He has to be in top physical condition at all times, running on black coffee
 9/11 related illness     51      Fall                     12          and half-eaten meals. And he has to have six pairs of hands."

 Accidental               10      Fire                     14          The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of hands... no way."
                                                                       "It's not the hands that are causing me problems," said the Lord, "it's the
 Aircraft accident         7      Gunfire                 324          three pairs of eyes an officer has to have."

 Animal related           17      Gunfire (accidental)     24          "That's on the standard model?" asked the angel.

 Asphyxiation              2      Heart attack             51          The Lord nodded. One pair that sees through a bulge in a pocket before he
                                                                       asks, "May I see what's in there, sir?" (When he already knows and wishes
 Assault                  31      Motorcycle accident      36          he'd taken that accounting job.) "Another pair here in the side of his head for
                                                                       his partners' safety. And another pair of eyes here in front that can look
 Automobile accident      51      Stabbed                  24          reassuringly at a bleeding victim and say, 'You'll be all right ma'am, when he
                                                                       knows it isn't so."
 Bicycle accident          4      Struck by streetcar       7
                                                                       "Lord," said the angel, touching his sleeve, "rest and work on this tomor-
 Boating accident          5      Struck by train           5          row."

 Bomb                     2       Struck by vehicle        37          "I can't," said the Lord, "I already have a model that can talk a 250 pound
                                                                       drunk into a patrol car without incident and feed a family of five on a civil
 Drowned                  12      Structure collapse        3          service paycheck."

 Duty related illness     10      Terrorist attack         24          The angel circled the model of the peace officer very slowly, "Can it think?"
                                                                       she asked.
 Electrocuted              5      Thrown from Horse         8
                                                                       "You bet," said the Lord. "It can tell you the elements of a hundred crimes;
 Explosion                 8      Vehicle pursuit          12          recite Miranda warnings in its sleep; detain, investigate, search, and arrest a
                                                                       gang member on the street in less time than it takes five learned judges to
 Exposure                  1      Vehicular assault        20          debate the legality of the stop... and still it keeps its sense of humor.

                                                                       This officer also has phenomenal personal control. He can deal with crime
                                                                       scenes painted in hell, coax a confession from a child abuser, comfort a
                                                                       murder victim's family, and then read in the daily paper how law enforce-
                                                                       ment isn't sensitive to the rights of criminal suspects."

                                                                       Finally, the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek of the
                                                                       peace officer. "There's a leak," she pronounced. "I told you that you were
                                                                       trying to put too much into this model."

                                                                       "That's not a leak," said the lord, "it's a tear."

                                                                       "What's the tear for?" asked the angel.

                                                                       "It's for bottled-up emotions, for fallen comrades, for commitment to that
               Our heroes must never be forgotten                      funny piece of cloth called the American flag, for justice."
              Visit the NYC Police Memorial website
                                                                       "You're a genius," said the angel.
                                                                       The Lord looked somber. "I didn't put it there," he said.

                             WE MUST NEVER FORGET
                                            NATIONAL SEPTEMBER 11TH
                                              MEMORIAL & MUSEUM
Dear Retired Members of the Department:
The New York City Police Department has been assisting representatives from the National September 11th Memorial & Museum
in accomplishing their goal of creating a memorial that will document the events of September 11th, while honoring those who per-
ished and those who responded. Museum personnel are interested in acquiring stories from rescue workers who initially re-
sponded, especially personnel assigned to the Aviation Unit and Emergency Service Units who were immediately deployed and
rescued those trapped within the burning buildings. They would also like to interview rescue workers who have first-hand knowl-
edge about the efforts employed to secure the area around the World Trade Center to protect the public on September 11th and
members who signed or attached a memorial message to the “Last Column.”

 Additionally, the museum would also be interested in acquiring and displaying artifacts, equipment, photographs and other materi-
als that were worn or used by rescue workers on September 11th. The museum will provide members of the Department the op-
portunity to pay tribute to a fellow officer who died on September 11th. To obtain additional information regarding how you can
share your thoughts regarding co-workers you can visit their web-site at
The historical information being compiled by the museum will be available to scholars, educators and the general public and will
be used as a learning resource for future generations.

The museum is especially interested in obtaining oral stories from rescue workers who were at the World Trade Center on Sep-
tember 11th. These oral recordings will be digitally recorded and run from thirty minutes to several hours and can be recorded at
the following two sites, at their main headquarters at 1 Liberty Plaza and at a sound-proof recording room on Vesey Street.

To obtain additional information regarding participating in this project please contact one of the following individuals: Amy
Weinstein, Oral Historian, at (212) 312-8844, email:
Alexandra Drakakis, Curator Assistant, at (212) 312-8858, email:
Jan Ramirez, Chief Curator, at (212) 312-8845, email:

Please contact me via telephone #(646) 610-5434, if you have any additional questions regarding this matter.
                                                    Sincerely, Personnel Bureau

                    The Museum is also creating a Scroll of Honor to recognize the efforts of those involved in in the rescue and
                    recovery operation. If you participated you can register on-line at the: Recovery and Relief Worker Registry
                    and Scroll of Honor:

                                                  We Must Never Forget
                                                   Our Fallen Heroes
                                                  It is not the wealth and riches we
                                                  have accumulated, that make us
                                                        great, but what we have
                                                           given of ourselves.

                                                   These were truly great people.


                                        TRUSTEE’S PAGE

When our Club was initially formed with 35 members, it was easy for the President to respond to emails from our mem-
bers. Now that we have over 260 members, the task has become a full-time job and difficult for him to do in a timely man-
ner. To alleviate this problem our trustees have been assigned to designated geographical areas. If you have a question,
problem or concern, please correspond with your designated trustee.

                                              Please save for future reference.

  Geographical Area           Trustee                Tel. ( H)            Tel. (C)            Email Address
  Catawba County              Brenda Jordan          704-588-0652         516-852-3885
  Cabarrus County             Brenda Jordan          704-588-0652         516-852-3885
  Gaston County               Brenda Jordan          704-588-0652         516-852-3885
  Iredell County              Jim Houston            732-226-3706         704-771-8418
  Lincoln County              Brenda Jordan          704-588-0652         516-852-3885
  Mecklenburg County          Bernard Roe            704-597-0037         704-241-8002
  Rowan County                Brenda Jordan          704-588-0652         516-852-3885
  Union County                Glenn Galanos          704-254-5118         704-254-5118
  All other areas             Fran DeMasi            704-243-7087         704-771-6855

      Brenda Jordan             Jim Houston            Bernard Roe            Glenn Galanos            Frank DeMasi

                                                         BRING THE FOLLOWING TO

                                                 TRUSTEE GLENN GALANOS
                                                     AT OUR MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS:
                                                       HARD CANDIES, NUTS, TRAIL
                                         MIX, BEEF JERKY, GUM, BODYWASH/SOAP, HAND SANITIZER,
                                                                     CASH OR CHECK

                                                       THIS AND THAT
                   Cost-of-Living Adjustment                                     as COLAS — until the pension funds become stable, which is not ex-
The cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for September 2012 through                  pected until at least 2040.
August 2013 benefit payments is 1.4%. As a result, an eligible retired
member with an annual benefit of $18,000 or more will receive a                  The adjustments are not annual, but the new legislation canceled a
maximum monthly increase of $21.                                                 2.2 percent increase scheduled for February.
This latest COLA brings the cumulative maximum monthly increase                  Many of the unions representing retirees in those pension systems
since COLA legislation was enacted in 2001 to $252 (see chart be-                challenged this part of the new law, first in federal court, where the
low).                                                                            case was dismissed in March because the court did not have jurisdic-
New York's permanent, automatic COLA is designed to help offset                  tion.
inflation's adverse effects on the fixed retirement benefits of the
state's public retirees. By law, the COLA is calculated by taking 50%            They claimed the new law denies them a portion of their pension for
of the March-to-March Consumer Price Index increase (rounded up to               which they have already paid.
the next higher one-tenth of 1%) and multiplying it by the first $18,000
of the retirement benefit. (The CPI increase from March 2011 to                  But in a ruling issued Friday, Hurd decided that although the retirees
March 2012 was 2.65%.) The annual increase is a minimum of 1% to                 have a statutory guarantee that there won’t be any reduction in their
a maximum of 3%.                                                                 pension benefit, the state cannot be required to pay for the cost-of-
To be eligible for a COLA, you must either be:                                   living adjustment.

•   At least 62 and retired at least five years; or,                             "Its impact is not only on these existing retirees... but also on a huge
                                                                                 number of future employees," said David Fox, an attorney represent-
•   At least 55 and retired at least 10 years; or,                               ing the Probation Association of New Jersey, the Newark Firemen’s
                                                                                 Union and other unions.
•   A retiree receiving a disability benefit for at least five years
(regardless of age); or,
                                                                                 Fox said one of his clients, a retired Newark firefighter, was collecting
•     A surviving spouse of an eligible retiree receiving a lifetime bene-       a pension of nearly $23,000 when he ended his career with the de-
fit. (By law, the spouse receives an increase equal to one-half the              partment about 25 years ago. With cost-of-living adjustments, the re-
COLA the retiree would have received.)                                           tiree now collects nearly $48,000 annually.
Retirees who become eligible for the COLA after September will re-               "The salaries they were making way back then were a lot lower," Fox
ceive their adjustment when first eligible.                                      said. The unions say they will appeal the judge’s ruling.
The table below indicates COLA percentages and maximum in-                       "The various public sector unions and their members were disap-
creases dating to September 2001, when COLA legislation took ef-                 pointed that the judge ruled that the COLA for retirees — even if part
fect.                                                                            of the non-forfeitable contractual rights — will not be paid," said Ken-
*Maximum monthly increase for eligible retirees with an annual benefit           neth Nowak, a Newark attorney who argued the case on behalf of 30
of at least $18,000                                                              employee unions.
Effective Date     CPI Increase    COLA    Maximum Monthly Increase*
September 2001      2.92%         1.5%     $22.50                                Christie’s office hailed the decision.
September 2002     1.48%          1.0%     $15.00
September 2003      3.02%         1.6%     $24.00                                "We are gratified that our common-sense position has been upheld in
September 2004      1.74%         1.0%     $15.00                                Superior Court and we are confident it will be upheld upon appeal,"
September 2005      3.15%         1.6%     $24.00                                said Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak. "Our goal remains to re-
September 2006      3.36%         1.7%     $25.50                                form, protect and sustain the state pension system so it will be there
September 2007      2.78%         1.4%     $21.00                                for all current, retired and future employees. At the same time, our
September 2008      3.98%         2.0%     $30.00                                bipartisan reform, including the COLA provision, stands to save New
September 2009     -0.38%         1.0%     $15.00                                Jersey taxpayers tens of billions of dollars over the long term."
September 2010      2.31%         1.2%     $18.00
                                                                                 The COLA suspension was part of a broader law requiring public em-
September 2011      2.68%         1.4%     $21.00
                                                                                 ployees to pay more into their pension and health benefits plans.
September 2012      2.65%         1.4%     $21.00
                                                                                 Separate legal challenges to those increased contributions brought by
                                                                                 the unions and by a Superior Court judge are still pending.
          Is The Handwriting on the Wall?
 Judge upholds suspension of pension increases for                               Throughout the country, 83 of 85 statewide pension plans for teachers
              N.J. public employees                                              and public employees give some kind of cost of living adjustment, said
Published: Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 9:38 PM                                        Ron Snell, senior fellow at the National Conference of State Legisla-
                                                                                 tures. He said there are a few hundred more plans across the nation
TRENTON — In a victory for Gov. Chris Christie’s pension revisions,
                                                                                 offering COLAs for municipal police officers, troopers, firefighters and
a Superior Court judge has ruled that about 800,000 retired public
                                                                                 other public employees.
employees are not entitled to increases based on the cost of living.
                                                                                 Over the past two years, 18 states have either reduced or temporarily
The ruling by Superior Court Judge Douglas Hurd in Mercer County                 suspended those COLAs, he said. The federal government is looking
affects all current and future retirees in pension systems funded by             at COLA suspensions but has not made any decision yet, Snell said.
the state, including state workers and judges as well as local police,
firefighters and teachers.                                                       The New Jesey law affects current and retired employees in the
                                                                                 Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund, the Judicial Retirement System,
The pension law the governor signed last June says current and fu-               Public Employees Retirement System, Police and Firemen’s Retire-
ture retirees will not get any cost of living adjustments — better known         ment System and State Police Retirement System.

                                                  THIS AND THAT
                                              Public Pensions Faulted for Bets on Rosy Returns
While Americans are typically earning less than 1 percent interest on their savings accounts and watching their 401(k) balances yo-yo along with
the stock market, most public pension funds are still betting they will earn annual returns of 7 to 8 percent over the long haul, a practice that
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently called “indefensible.”

Now public pension funds across the country are facing a painful reckoning. Their projections look increasingly out of touch in today’s low-interest
environment, and pressure is mounting to be more realistic. But lowering their investment assumptions, even slightly, means turning for more
cash to local taxpayers — who pay part of the cost of public pensions through property and other taxes.

In New York, the city’s chief actuary, Robert North, has proposed lowering the assumed rate of return for the city’s five pension funds to 7 percent
from 8 percent, which would be one of the sharpest reductions by a public pension fund in the United States. But that change would mean finding
an additional $1.9 billion for the pension system every year, a huge amount for a city already depositing more than a tenth of its budget — $7.3
billion a year — into the funds.

But to many observers, even 7 percent is too high in today’s market conditions.

“The actuary is supposedly going to lower the assumed reinvestment rate from an absolutely hysterical, laughable 8 percent to a totally indefensi-
ble 7 or 7.5 percent,” Mr. Bloomberg said during a trip to Albany in late February. “If I can give you one piece of financial advice: If somebody
offers you a guaranteed 7 percent on your money for the rest of your life, you take it and just make sure the guy’s name is not Madoff.”

                           FSLA Lawsuit.       Court of Appeals For The Second Circuit Rules That NYPD Sergeants Are
                           Entitled To FSLA Overtime
                           President Ed Mullins and the SBA Executive Board are pleased to report that on August 5, 2011, in Mullins
                           v. City of New York, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled, New York City Police Sergeants are
                           entitled to overtime compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and that the City’s failure to
                           pay them overtime under the FLSA violated federal law. The court remanded the case to the United States
                           District Court for a determination as to the amount of damages to which the 4,311 plaintiff-sergeants who
                           signed up for the case are entitled to recover.

Damages will be calculated by determining the difference between what the Sergeants were paid and how much the City should
have paid them under the provisions of the FLSA. Claims for damages relate to compensatory time waivers when members retire,
work performed prior to or after their scheduled tour of duty, range days, unpaid time for phone calls received off hours on depart-
ment phones, and the City’s failure to properly calculate the rate at which overtime is paid.

Importantly, only those current and former Sergeants, who signed up for the Mullins case, back in April 2004, will be potentially eli-
gible to receive damages based on the decision in this case. The SBA believes all Sergeants are entitled to the protections of the
FLSA. In an effort to have the same FLSA standards apply to the approximately 3000 Sergeants who did not join or were not eligi-
ble to participate in the original FLSA lawsuit to recover unpaid overtime compensation, President Mullins and the SBA Executive
Board has instructed the FLSA attorneys at Woodley & McGillivary to commence a new lawsuit on behalf of the Sergeants who
were not in the Mullins case.
Plaintiffs in the 2004 Mullins case.
Plaintiffs in the new FLSA case.
consent/retainer form to participate in the new lawsuit.

Accordingly, if you are not a plaintiff in the 2004 Mullins case, and you have been a Sergeant anytime from September 1, 2008 to
the present, you must sign up for the new case AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to be potentially eligible to recover damages.

If you are not a plaintiff, please obtain a consent/retainer form to participate in the new lawsuit. You can obtain a form from your
SBA delegate, the SBA office or you can download a form below. All forms MUST be returned to the SBA Office. It is a statutory
requirement that you sign such a form to participate in an FLSA overtime case. If you are not sure if you are a plaintiff in the new
FLSA case, please check the list below to make sure that your Tax Number is listed among the participants.
                           Please continue to check the website for future updates:

                                                                 NYPD FLAG
                          The NYPD flag, which was adopted in 1919, has five alternating green and white bars that symbolize the five boroughs.
                          In the left corner are 24 white stars on a field of blue. The blue field represents the department, and 23 of the stars rep-
                          resent the separate towns and villages that became part of New York City in the consolidation of 1898. The 24th star
                          represents the city itself. Green is a traditional police color associated with the department since the time of the Dutch.

                                                     THIS & THAT
                                                                                    Club Photos and VIDEOS
                                                                              10-13Club Nov 25, 2008 Membership Meeting

                                                                                 NYPD 10-13 Club 2008 Christmas Party

                                                                            2010 NYPD 10-13 Club 911 Memorial Ceremony
     List of 9/11 first-responder cops with cancer to be
     handed over
                                                                               10-13 Club 911Memorial Plaque Dedication

9/11 First Responders See Cancer Rates Triple
                                                                             10-13 Club of Charlotte 9-11 10th Anniversary
responders-cancer_n_1262686.html                                                  hkatowitz/20110911NYPD1013ClubMemorialCeremony?

WTC Cocktail Found On Officer Alonzo Harris’ Uniform                                  2011 9-11 NYPD1013 Club Memorial Ceremony

PBA -                 2011 NYCPD 10-13 National Org. Convention
-responders.htm                                                                      hkatowitz/2011NYCPD1013OrgConvention02?

                                                                              March 2011 10-13 Club Membership Meeting
       Time To End Doubt Pile Caused Cancer                                    
                                                                                            March292011MembershipMeeting?                         authkey=Gv1sRgCMjD_N6zu6mWmgE
                                                                                    Jimmy LaRossa’s Funeral 04/20/12
             FOP Lodge 9 Members                                       

                                                                                                         If you like to visit National Parks

                                                                                                         U.S. citizens or permanent
                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY                                                                    residents 62 and over cost : $10
    IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH TELL THE BAR                                                             for a lifetime pass. U.S. citizens
   HOSTESS AND SHE WILL VERIFY THAT YOU ARE A                                                            or permanent residents with
 MEMBER AND THAT ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH. SHE                                                            permanent disabilities cost:
  WILL THEN PRESENT A BIRTHDAY BOX FILLED WITH                                                           Free lifetime pass
                 ONE OUT AND WIN:                                          Anybody under 62 cost: $80 yearly/annual pass

 GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE VALUED FROM $5.00 TO $100                           A pass covers entrance and standard amenity fees for a
                                                                           driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle at per vehicle
            BLUE LIGHT LOUNGE IS NOW OPEN                                  fee areas (or up to four adults at sites that charge per
                     6 DAYS A WEEK                                         person). Children age 15 or under are admitted free.
                    (TUES THRU SUN)                                        See the details:
                                                 THIS & THAT
                                                                                     To identify owners/people associated with
                         DO YOU HAVE A NOAA                                          a particular address go to:
                         WEATHER RADIO?                                    

                         HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHEN                                      You will also be able to identify owners of
                         SEVERE WEATHER IS COMING                                    neighboring properties and obtain a aerial
                         TO YOUR AREA?                                               satellite view of the location.

                         WEATHER RADIOS COST                                         To view a photo of any location in the world go
                         BETWEEN $30-$40 AND                                         to:
                         COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.                                       After opening the link above, slowly type in the
                                                                                     address you want letter by letter, and watch
                                                                                     where it takes you.

On May 6, 2012 Massachusetts State Trooper Richard J. Clemens, passed away. In 1958 Trooper Clemens posed for Norman Rockwell
 as the Trooper in the painting THE RUNAWAY. Dick claimed he was chosen as the model by Rockwell after a worldwide search for the
best model. Those who know Trooper Clemens know that Rockwell chose him to represent all police officers because of his strength of
character. In the 54 years since the Post published the “RUNAWAY” Dick Clemens represented the best of what the State Police and all
police officers stand for. He attended numerous events as the “TROOPER” and greeted everyone in his ever humble way with his con-
                                          stant smile, a firm hand shake, and a warm hello. RIP

                                        Health and Welfare

The James L. Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act,
111hr847enr.pdf signed into law by President Obama in early 2011, establishes the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Pro-
gram. It ensures that those affected by 9/11 continue to receive monitoring and treatment services for 9/11-related health prob-
lems through at least 2015.
The WTC Health Program consists of a Responder Program (for rescue and recovery workers, including more than 15,000 New
York City firefighters) and a Survivor Program (for those who lived, worked or went to school in lower Manhattan on 9/11). People
eligible can receive services, no matter where they live now in the US.
New York City has opened a comprehensive new 9/11 Health web site

This site offers the latest information about 9/11 health issues. Any person that was affected by health problems
associated with the collapse of the Twin Tower complex should visit this web site.

                   Whenever you make an appointment with                               On March 1, 2012 the PBA did away with the lifetime
                   an Emblem Health Doctor make sure you
                                                                                       cap on prescription drugs. There is still a $10,000
                   check that they are still participating pro-
                   viders.                                annual cap.

                   Information about participating Emblem                              A number of medications are considered to be main-
                   Health Doctors in the Charlotte area can
                                                                       tenance drugs and are prescribed for such conditions as hyperten-
                   be obtained from a link at our website:
                                                                       sion, heart disease, diabetes, etc. When prescribed by a physician,
                                                                       it is usually for a prolonged period of time. To eliminate the need to
                                                                       repeatedly visit a pharmacy each month, CAREMARK has a Mail
              Ben Berg has a cancerous tumor on his kidney.
                                                                       Service Program. The Mail Service Program will provide the mem-
               Vic Holiday and his wife Lucille are recovering         ber with a three (3) month supply of a prescribed medication, and
                from injuries received when a motorist ran a
               stop sign and struck and totaled their vehicle.         the prescription will be mailed directly to the member's home. To
                                                                       use this program, the member should refer to their CAREMARK
         Tony Oliva is recovering from hand surgery.
                                                                       Prescription Drug Benefit Program Booklet or call CAREMARK at 1
          Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
                                                                       (877) 722-7911 or at

                                   Health and Welfare

POPPA is free and confidential assistance program which helps individuals cope with a wide range of per-
sonal problems which may include: depression, anxiety, family discord, alcohol and pain medication abuse
or dependence, PTSD and even suicidal thoughts or intentions.

The way an individual can access assistance is through the active POPPA Helpline. POPPA is a non for
profit organization which is there to help individuals on a 7 day a week 24 hour basis.

The heart and soul of POPPA is our trained Peer Support Officers (PSO’s) who volunteer their time and tal-
ent to help other cops in need. We have approximately 175 active duty PSO’s and 70 retiree PSO team
members, fifty of which are in the NYC area, the remaining twenty along the eastern Border States.

If we can help you with a personal issue, please call: Retiree Hotline directly at: 1 800 599-1085
Active MOS 24/7 Hotline: 1 888-COPS-COP or 888-267-7267

                             Queens police officer is fourth NYPD suicide
                                      this ... - New York Post

                  Welcome to the Veterans Crisis Line Website

The Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with quali-
fied, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hot-
line, online chat, or text. Veterans and their loved ones can call 1-800-273-8255 and Press
1, chat online, or send a text message to 838255 to receive confidential support 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. More about the Veterans Crisis Line




  2012 Monthly Meeting Dates                                                  BIRTHDAYS
                                   June 26th
                                   July 31st
                                   August 28th
                                   September 25th
                                   October 30th
                                   November 27th
                                   December TBA

                                                                 Parker, Will                6/1/1943

                                                                 Broadway, Ronn              6/1/1944

                                                                 Dito, Jeff                  6/1/1956
  The following members have joined our Club during May
                                                                 Sirin, Ereifes              6/1/1949
  Harold Berg  NYPD     Peter Cole   NYS DOCS
  Rodney Brown NYPD     Bruce Conway Wood Cliff Lake NJPD        Scoomaker, Mike             6/2/1960
  Jim Cronin   NYPD
                                                                 Reichel, Mark               6/2/1974

                                                                 DeMasi, Frank               6/3/1963

                                                                 Kimble, Walt                6/5/1951
                           Sunday June 17, 2012
                                                                 Howland, Bob                6/5/1959

                       Happy Father’s Day to all                 Weil, Tom                   6/13/1965
                             of you dads.                        Oliva, Tony                 6/15/1943

                                                                 Grant, Darrell              6/16/1959

                                                                 Burchill, Jim               6/18/1944

                                                                 Fesselmeyer, Eric           6/18/1949

                                                                 Middleton, Mary             6/23/1959

                                                                 Buskey, Mark                6/23/1964

                                                                 Willmington, Andre          6/26/1964
10-13 Club of Charlotte Night at the Knights                     Jett, Sharon                6/27/1965

    Our Club will be attending a Charlotte Knights               Wachowski, Rich             6/28/1944
     baseball game on Saturday June 16, 7:15pm
                                                                 Saulnier, Wayne             6/29/1960
          Fireworks display after the game
                Box Seat Tickets - $13                           D’Alessio, Dennis Sr.       6/30/1944
       Contact Jim Houston
                                                                 Johnson, Paul               6/30/1958
or Brenda Jordan to order tickets.
                                                                 Olin, Charlie               6/30/1965
                            June 14 is Flag Day                                         Proudly Fly our Flag

                                                         The History Of Flag Day
The Fourth of July was traditionally celebrated as America's birthday, but the idea of an annual day specifically celebrating the Flag is believed to
have first originated in 1885. BJ Cigrand, a schoolteacher, arranged for the pupils in the Fredonia, Wisconsin Public School, District 6, to observe
June 14 (the 108th anniversary of the official adoption of The Stars and Stripes) as 'Flag Birthday'. In numerous magazines and newspaper arti-
cles and public addresses over the following years, Cigrand continued to enthusiastically advocate the observance of June 14 as 'Flag Birthday',
or 'Flag Day'.

On June 14, 1889, George Balch, a kindergarten teacher in New York City, planned appropriate ceremonies for the children of his school, and his
idea of observing Flag Day was later adopted by the State Board of Education of New York. On June 14, 1891, the Betsy Ross House in Philadel-
phia held a Flag Day celebration, and on June 14 of the following year, the New York Society of the Sons of the Revolution, celebrated Flag Day.

Following the suggestion of Colonel J Granville Leach (at the time historian of the Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the Revolution), the Penn-
sylvania Society of Colonial Dames of America on April 25, 1893 adopted a resolution requesting the mayor of Philadelphia and all others in au-
thority and all private citizens to display the Flag on June 14th. Leach went on to recommend that thereafter the day be known as 'Flag Day', and
on that day, school children be assembled for appropriate exercises, with each child being given a small Flag.

Two weeks later on May 8th, the Board of Managers of the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution unanimously endorsed the action of
the Pennsylvania Society of Colonial Dames. As a result of the resolution, Dr. Edward Brooks, then Superintendent of Public Schools of Philadel-
phia, directed that Flag Day exercises be held on June 14, 1893 in Independence Square. School children were assembled, each carrying a small
Flag, and patriotic songs were sung and addresses delivered.

In 1894, the governor of New York directed that on June 14 the Flag be displayed on all public buildings. With BJ Cigrand and Leroy Van Horn as
the moving spirits, the Illinois organization, known as the American Flag Day Association, was organized for the purpose of promoting the holding
of Flag Day exercises. On June 14th, 1894, under the auspices of this association, the first general public school children's celebration of Flag
Day in Chicago was held in Douglas, Garfield, Humboldt, Lincoln, and Washington Parks, with more than 300,000 children participating.

Adults, too, participated in patriotic programs. Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of the Interior, delivered a 1914 Flag Day address in which he repeated
words he said the flag had spoken to him that morning: "I am what you make me; nothing more. I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of
color, a symbol of yourself."

Inspired by these three decades of state and local celebrations, Flag Day - the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777 - was officially estab-
lished by the Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson on May 30th, 1916. While Flag Day was celebrated in various communities for years

                                                  History of The American Flag.
On January 1, 1776, the Continental Army was reorganized in accordance with a Congressional resolution which placed American forces under
George Washington's control. On that New Year's Day the Continental Army was laying siege to Boston which had been taken over by the British
Army. Washington ordered the Grand Union flag hoisted above his base at Prospect Hill. It had 13 alternate red and white stripes and the British
Union Jack in the upper left-hand corner (the canton).

In May of 1776, Betsy Ross reported that she sewed the first American flag.

On June 14, 1777, in order to establish an official flag for the new nation, the Continental Congress passed the first Flag Act: "Resolved, That the
flag of the United States be made of thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a
new Constellation."

Between 1777 and 1960, Congress passed several acts that changed the shape, design and arrangement of the flag and allowed for additional
stars and stripes to be added to reflect the admission of each new state.
•   Act of January 13, 1794 - provided for 15 stripes and 15 stars after May 1795.
•   Act of April 4, 1818 - provided for 13 stripes and one star for each state, to be added to the flag on the 4th of July following the admission of
    each new state, signed by President Monroe.
•   Executive Order of President Taft dated June 24, 1912 - established proportions of the flag and provided for arrangement of the stars in six
    horizontal rows of eight each, a single point of each star to be upward.
•   Executive Order of President Eisenhower dated January 3, 1959 - provided for the arrangement of the stars in seven rows of seven stars
    each, staggered horizontally and vertically.
•   Executive Order of President Eisenhower dated August 21, 1959 - provided for the arrangement of the stars in nine rows of stars staggered
    horizontally and eleven rows of stars staggered vertically.

Today the flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red alternating with 6 white. The stripes represent the original 13 colonies, the stars
represent the 50 states of the Union. The colors of the flag are symbolic as well: Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor, White symbolizes Purity
and Innocence and Blue represents Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.
                                         Military & Veterans

                                                                    As more and more men and women in uniform re-
                                                                    turn from Iraq and Afghanistan, there is an increas-
                                                                    ing need for mental health care. The VA is reaching
                                                                    out to Veterans in crisis and their families to raise
                                                                    awareness about suicide prevention resources,
                                                                    such as the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-
                                                                    TALK (8255). The PSA encourages Veterans in
                                                                    crisis to call the crisis hotline number at 1-800-273-
                                                                    TALK (8255) to reach a trained VA mental health
                                                                    professional, 24 hours a day, seven days a
                                                                    week. An online Veterans Chat program, which
                                                                    provides the ability to communicate anonymously
                                                                    online in real-time with a trained VA mental health
                                                                    professional, can be accessed through the
Vet Centers: Supporting Combat Veterans
                                                                    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s web page.
Vet Centers offer returning Veterans and their
families an alternative to bustling VA hospitals—                  
there are 300 centers across the country. The cen-
ters offer counseling, substance abuse and em-                       Suicide is 100% preventable, and it is everyone’s
ployment assessment, and resources.                                                   responsibility
                     Learn more


VA Participates in Settlement with Mortgage Banks

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced its partici-
pation in the largest state-federal legal settlement in his-
tory that deals with problems within the mortgage indus-
                                                                    DD-214s are NOW Online. The National Personnel
try.                  More information
                                                                    Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following
                                                                     website for veterans to gain access to their DD-
                                                                         214s online:

Military & Veterans

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Police Headquarters - 240 Centre St

                                               1943: New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia issued all the female officers a
                                               black shoulder bag that had enough room for a holster and a makeup kit and
                                               said, “use the gun as you would your lipstick. Don’t overdo either one.”

         28 Pct., ca. 1910

  NYPD Paddy Wagon, ca. 1920                         NYPD Officers group photo, all holding their pistols, ca. 1940

                                                  Minutes of Membership Meeting
                                                          April 24, 2012

Call to Order and Opening Prayer
President Harvey Katowitz called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 6:55 PM. There were 70 members, and 2
guests present.
Club Chaplain Donald Sanchez delivered the invocation.
Harvey read the names and the circumstances of the deaths of 8 police officers that had died in the line of duty since the last meet-
ing. Club members observed a moment of silence for these officers, for the servicemen and women who have made the ultimate
sacrifice protecting our freedom and for our recently departed brother, Jimmy LaRossa.

Roll Call of Officers
The following officers were present:
President:           Harvey Katowitz
Vice President:      Bob Hansen
Treasurer:           Ben Pepitone
Sgt at Arms:         Henry Dobson
Trustee:              Frank DeMasi
Trustee:              Brenda Jordan
Trustee:              Bernard Roe
Trustee:              Jim Houston
Historian:            Joe Kozlowski

The following Officer(s) was excused:
Secretary:           Sam Reiver

Reading of last month’s Minutes
A motion was made by Bernard Roe and seconded by Brenda Jordan to waive the reading of last month’s membership meeting
minutes. Motion was passed unanimously.

Health and Welfare
Ben Berg has been diagnosed with a cancerous mass on his kidney.
Aunt of Dennis D’Alessio Sr passed away.

Communications and Bills
• The NC HB 473 meeting between the NC 10-13 clubs was postponed until after the Bill is reintroduced during the next legisla-
   tive session.
• National Scholarship Applications are due by June 30. Drawing will be at the convention in Aug.
• 362 out of the 400 National Mega Raffle tickets have been sold.
• Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Mecklenburg Co Sheriff Jim Pendergraph, candidate for Congress in
   the 9th District of NC will be at Lancasters BBQ, 9230 Beatties Ford Rd. Huntersville on Saturday April 28, 2012 from 11:30am
   until 1:30pm.
• The NC HB 473 meeting between the NC 10-13 clubs was postponed until after the Bill is reintroduced during the next legisla-
   tive session.

Introduction of Guests
• Craig Madans an At-large candidate for Mecklenburg Co. Commissioner was introduced and made a presentation.
• Claretta Jefferson, Ret. NYPD Sgt. Bklyn. No. Borough Based Training.

Report of Officers
• Kudos was given to Club member Jim Kennedy for being named the Union County Public School, School Resource Officer of
    the year.
• An open house for the new Fire Station 26 on Waxhaw Indian Trail Road (near the Target in Wesley Chapel) is scheduled for
   Saturday, May 12th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Firefighter/EMT Pete Harlick, whose grandfather NYPD Capt. Peter Devers was
   killed in a LOD vehicle accident has created a 911 memorial in the firehouse.
• Harvey discussed the circumstances and aftermath of Jimmy LaRossa’s death. The club will be creating a fund for Jimmy’s
   daugter Samantha and will form a three person committee to oversee the fund. Club accountant Scott Boyar was present for
   Jimmy’s funeral.
• Orthodontist Richard Graham has waived all fees for Samantha’s orthodontic work.
• Harvey advised members that according to our by-laws, Carole LaRossa, as a widow of a club member is automatically an
   honorary club member. A motion was made by Bernard Roe and seconded by Ben Pepitone to ban her from the club and to
   make Jimmy’s daughter Samantha an honorary member. Motion passed unanimously.

Ben Pepitone provided the Treasurer’s report for the month ending March 31, 2012.
Beginning Balance              $ 15,939.38
     Cleared Transactions
     Checks Written:           $ -2,108.34
     Deposits:                 $ 2,587.00
     Net cleared Transactions: $      478.66
     Ending Balance            $ 16,418.04

A motion was made by Glenn Stuart and seconded by Neil Sullivan to accept the report as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Secretary: Absent

Trustees: Glenn Galanos requested that members donate unneeded NYPD uniform for use by the club honor Guard.

Sgt-At-Arms: Nothing to report

Historian: There are still 5th Anniversary Commemorative books for sale.

Committee Reports
Membership: We now have 262 members, 37 who have not yet paid their 2012 dues.
Social: Jim Houston reported he has begun collecting money for the June 16, Knights baseball outing. Tickets will be ordered on
May 15.

Old Business: Nothing to report

New Business
Proposition for Membership: Ret. CMPD Capt. Ross Stutts, Ret. NYPD Det. Matthew Bonner, Queens Borough, Ret. NYPD
Det. Sirin “Smitty” Ereifis, Ret. NYPD Lts. Carl Hatcher & Elizabet Hatcher, Ret. Town of Mamaroneck NY PD Sgt. Frank Pennahio
and Ret. NYC Transit PD Officer Thomas Wooling.

A motion was made by Dave Schultheis and seconded by Glenn Stuart to accept the above for membership. Motion passed unani-

A motion was made by Harvey and seconded by Glenn Galanos to make CMPD Sgt. David Schwob, who played taps, and Chiro-
practor Dr. Ed Steele, who played bagpipes, at our 911 10th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony and at Jimmy LaRossa’s funeral hon-
orary members of our club. Motion passed unanimously.

Good of the Order: Club scholarship applications are due by June 1.

The 50/50 of $165 was donated to the Samantha LaRossa Fund. A motion was made by Ben Pepitone and seconded by Rob Hart
to donate the Club’s portion of the 50/50 to the fund. Motion passed unanimously. An additional $773 was collected from club
members for a total of $1,103.

A motion was made by Ian McGrouther and seconded by Ben Pepitone to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 PM. Motion carried unani-

Harvey Katowitz for: Secretary

                                                         Next Meeting
                                                         May 29, 2012

                                                 Minutes of Membership Meeting
                                                          May 29, 2012

Call to Order and Opening Prayer
President Harvey Katowitz called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 6:50PM. There were 64 members and 2
guests present.
Club President Harvey Katowitz read the invocation and the names and circumstances of the 6 police officers who died in the line
of duty since last month’s meeting.
Roll Call of Officers

The following officers were present:
President:           Harvey Katowitz
Vice President:      Bob Hansen
Treasurer:           Ben Pepitone
Secretary:           Sam Reiver
Sgt at Arms:         Henry Dobson
Trustee:              Frank DeMasi
Trustee:              Jim Houston
Trustee:              Brenda Jordan
Historian:            Joe Kozlowski

The following Officer(s) was excused:
Trustee:             Bernard Roe

Reading of last months Minutes
A motion was made by Kevin Gribbon and seconded by Paul Johnson to waive the reading of last month’s membership meeting
minutes. The motion passed unanimously

Sickness and Health
Ben Berg was diagnosed with a cancerous mass on his kidney.
Tony Oliva will be having surgery on his hand on Friday.
Vic Holiday and his wife Lucille are recovering from injuries due to an auto accident.
Bernard Roe’s great aunt passed away today.

Communications and Bills
•   Dr. Ed Steele (Chiropractor) sent a letter of thanks to Harvey after being informed that he was made an Honorary Club Mem
ber. Dr. Steele played the Bagpipes at Jimmy La Rossa’s Funeral as well as at the 911 Memorial Service held last September
• Applications for the National Scholarship are due by June 30. The drawing will be held at the convention in August.
• Recently a Salisbury FD Training Newsletter (April 12) was sent to our members concerning the dangers of CFL light bulbs.
    This newsletter has been withdrawn due to incorrect information.

Introduction of Guests
 Dr. Christopher Walsulko of Weddington Dental discussed his practice and reminded members that he gives club members and
their families a 20% discount. His office also files the insurance forms with Healthplex. There was a brief Q/A after his presentation.

Report of Officers
Harvey reported that there is currently $2,248 in the Samantha LaRossa Fund. He went on to explain that Scott Boyer, our Club
accountant sent a check for $200 with instructions that $100 was for the fund for Samantha and $100 towards Jimmy LaRossa’s
funeral expenses. Harvey further reported that he had contacted the director of the funeral parlor and was informed that they

would wait for payment from Jimmy’s estate. Harvey notified Scott Boyar of this and was told to put the entire $200 into the fund
for Samantha.

Harvey also reported that there is a fundraiser for Samantha LaRossa on Sunday, June 3rd at Mulcahy's Pub & Concert Hall,
3232 Railroad Avenue, Wantagh, NY 11793 from 2pm – 6pm.

Several of our members are traveling to NY to attend

Vice President:
Bob Hansen reported that 11 applications for the Club Scholarships have been submitted. The drawing will take place at next
month’s meeting.

Ben Pepitone submitted the Treasurer’s report for the month closing as of April 30, 2012

Beginning Balance                    $16,418.04
     Cleared Transactions
     Checks Written:                 $ -5,243.96
     Deposits:                       $ 2,481.50
     Total cleared Transactions:     $ -2,762.46
Ending Balance                       $13,655.58.

A motion was made by Bob Hansen and seconded by Brenda Jordan to accept the financial report as presented. Motion carried

Ben Pepitone reminded members that they could make a donation to the Samantha LaRossa Fund by giving him a check or mak-
ing a deposit into the Samantha LaRossa Fund Account at any Wells Fargo Branch. An account number is not needed.

Sam Reiver reported that there has been a change in the PBA Drug Plan. The lifetime cap of $120,000 has been removed; how-
ever the annual cap of $10,000 is still in effect.

It was also noted that the PBA now has a hearing aid program. Members are entitled to a $350 allowance every 3 years. Members
must file their claims within the year they got the hearing aids. The forms can be downloaded from the PBA Website.

Sgt. Arms-
Henry Dobson reported that he conducts a concealed carry course. Contact him for details.

Jim Houston reported that 25 tickets have been bought for the Saturday Night June 16th Charlotte Knight baseball game. The seats
are located behind the dugout on the third baseline. There will be a fireworks display after the game. Anyone else interested in go-
ing, can contact the Knight’s box office direct and tickets will be available in the same section. Jim also reported that anyone inter-
ested in tailgating should use the first parking lot as you enter.

Committee Reports
Social: At this month’s Board meeting a discussion was had about having our Christmas party at the K of C Hall where we had the
luncheon the day of Jimmy’s Funeral. Harry Dobson reported that the rental fee for the three weekends prior to Christmas would
be $2,100.00. He will be contacting the Grand Knight to see about getting a reduced rate.

Unfinished Business
Harvey informed the members that he will be sending club members an updated membership roster in a few days. He asked eve-
ryone to check it for accuracy and completeness. He reminded everyone that this information is essential in order to keep the com-
munication lines open.

New Business
Proposition for Membership:
       Jim Cronin                        Retired NYPD
       Rodney Brown                      Retired NYPD-Det
       Harold Berg                       Retired NYPD-PO
       Peter Cole                        Retired NYS Corrections- CO
       Bruce Conway                      Retired Woodcliff Lake PD Bergen, NJ-Lt.

A motion was made by Bob Hansen and seconded by Jim Houston to accept the above as members. Motion carried unanimously.

At the last Board Meeting a discussion was had about the numerous efforts made by the Board to contact members who were in arrears with their
club dues. Bernard Roe made a motion that a $10 surcharge be added to the dues of any member who has not paid their dues by March 31. The
motion was seconded by Frank DeMasi. To do this requires a change in the by-laws.

Harvey made a motion on behalf of Bernard Roe, who was excused due to a death in the family, to change the bylaws and charge
members who are delinquent after March 31, a $10 surcharge. The motion was seconded by Frank DeMasi and after a discussion
by the membership passed with 61 yeas and 3 nays. The change will go in to effect in April of 2013.

All members who are delinquent as of June 1st will be dropped from the Club and removed from our email list.

As of this meeting we have 273 members, 32 who have not yet paid their 2012 dues.

Good of the Order:
Harvey discussed the importance of having someone in line to take over the presidency of the club in case something happened to
him. He mentioned that Bob Hansen has done a terrific job as Vice President, but that he has no desire to become the president.

The 50/50 raffle of $110 was won by Paul Earls.

The Club’s ticket for the FOP Lodge 9 steak dinner and $10,000 raffle was won by Sam Reiver.

A motion was made at 7:50 pm by Ed Weir and seconded by Kevin Gribbon to adjourn the meeting. Motion Carried unanimously.

                                                               Next Meeting
                                                               June 26, 2012
Respectfully submitted:
Sam Reiver, Secretary

                                2011– 2012 College Scholarships

    Three $1,000 Scholarships will be awarded at the National Convention in August
                     Applications Must Be Submitted By June 30
  The sponsor must be a member in good standing of the National NYCPD 10-13 Organizations, or a member of
one of the National NYCPD 10-13 Chapters. (The term "good standing" means the sponsor must be a paid-up mem-
ber for two years or more.)

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          (704) 243-1919
    Intersection of Providence
         & New Town Rd.

  Frank & Karen DeMasi

20% discount to 10-13 members
who book services with Karen

                                                              Robert Schruhl
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           As a Buyers Agent
      Experienced in negotiating
  the Offer to Purchase and Closings
        Knowledge of the area
          (Native Charlottean)

            Associate Member
    Lodge 9 Fraternal Order of Police
       (I understand your needs.)
I’ll have your back in all transactions!

          Meba Thompson
         Real Estate Broker
        Allen Tate Company
        Phone 704-661-0699

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1ross Center Rd.
                Lt. Dex Wilson
Suite 150Stop What You Are Doing and Join Us
                  Waxhaw PD Firearms
                      NC HR218 and
Stop What You Are Doing and Join Us
                    Concealed Carry
                      Instructor          Denver, NC 28037
                                10% Discount to 10-13 Members

                                                           Good Samaritan Funeral Home
                                                               3362 North Highway 16
                                                                     Denver, NC
                                                      Office:704-483-2124     Cell:704-754-0813
                                                                   Michael J. Costigan
                                                                     Funeral Director

                                                             Owned and Operated by the
                                                                    Costigan Family

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                                                                                Congratulations on your 5th
1ross Center Rd.                                                                Anniversary. We are proud to
Suite 150Stop What You Are Doing and Join Us                                    have many of you as members of
                                                                                Charlotte-Mecklenburg FOP
                                                                                Lodge 9.

Stop What You Are Doing and Join Us                                              If you are not a member and
                                                          would like to join our lodge contact us at the lodge:
                                                          704-376-3838 or at
                                              Denver, NC 28037
                                                          For more information about Lodge 9 visit our website

                      PHONE: 704.

                  PHONE: 704.749.0296


                                                   137 Cross Center Rd.
                                                   Denver, NC 28037
                               Dedicated to serving all N.Y.P.D. Retired and Active Members
                                    and members of other Law Enforcement Agencies

                                     2012 Dues Renewal Form

LAST NAME______________________________________ FIRST ___________________________             MI _______ DOB ___________


CITY ___________________________________________      STATE __________ ZIP CODE ____________

MALE ( )   FEMALE ( )   SPOUSE’S NAME ___________________________________________________

HOME PHONE (____) _________________ CELL PHONE (____)_________________ BUSINESS PHONE (____) __________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________________

                              Make Check Payable To: 10-13 Club of Charlotte, NC, Inc.

                                           MEMBERSHIP FEE IS $30.00
                           (Husband and Wife Membership Fee will be $25.00 per member)


                                   NYPD 10-13 Club of Charlotte, NC Inc.
                                         137 Cross Center Rd.
                                               Suite 150
                                           Denver, NC 28037

                          Dedicated to serving all N.Y.P.D. Retired and Active Members
                               and members of other Law Enforcement Agencies

The 10-13 Club of Charlotte, NC Inc. is a not for profit organization whose newsletters are distributed to
     over 10,000 people nationwide, including 2,000+ people in the Charlotte metropolitan area.

                              Advertisement space is available in our newsletter.

                                     Business Card $75.00 per year

                                     Quarter Page $150.00 per year

                                       Half Page $300.00 per year

                                       Full Page $600.00 per year

 Contact Name _______________________________________________________________

 Telephone __________________________________________________________________

 Email ______________________________________________________________________

 Business Name ______________________________________________________________

 Address ____________________________________________________________________




          Please send business card or photo-ready copy along with payment to:

                                             Harvey Katowitz

                                          4707 Wyndfield Lane

                                           Charlotte, NC 28270

                                     For further information call:

                                               704 849-9234

     of Charlotte, NC Inc.


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