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         Standard VII A:
 The student will understand the
   Great Depression and WWII.
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        Standard VII A:
The student will understand the
  Great Depression and WWII.
  Pre-          The        Money                Trying To
Depression   Depression   Problems

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Answer 1-100
• What term described the hidden
  bars that allowed alcohol and
  dancing during the Prohibition

Answer 1-200
• What term described someone
  who smuggled alcohol during

Answer 1-300
• Who is considered to be the
  most famous bootlegger and
  gangster of the Prohibition Era?
  He was finally arrested for tax

•Al Capone
   Daily 1-400
Answer Double!!!
• What were four reasons for
  increased poverty during the
  1920s in Alabama and the U.S.?
•   1. Farmers were in debt from buying equipment.
•   2. Coal miners and railroad workers were laid off.
•   3. Unions were not well-organized.
•   4. African Americans, immigrants, and children
    worked for low wages
Answer 1-500
• European countries began
  establishing colonies prior to
  WWI? In what three areas of
  the world were these colonies

•Africa, Asia, and
 the Middle East
Answer 2-100
• What caused the Dust Bowl to

•Drought and
 non-rotation of
Answer 2-200
• Read the following passage: “Victory over this
  Depression…. Will be won by the resolution of our
  people to fight their own battles in their own
  communities…. by taking new courage to be
  masters of their own destiny in the struggle for
  life.” Herbert Hoover….     Based on this passage,
  what did President Hoover think would help solve
  the problems of the Great Depression?
• Individuals would work to resolve
  their own problems
Answer 2-300
• Which time period say the
  development of the following?
  (a) federally insured bank
  deposits, and (b) pension plans
  for retired people

•The Great Depression
Answer 2-400
• What event triggered the Great
• Black Tuesday, which
  occurred because the
  stock market crashed
Answer 2-500
• What were the three causes of
  the Great Depression?
• 1. Great gaps in the wages that
  people earned…
• 2. Stock market speculation…
• 3. Collapse of the farm
Answer 3-100
• Why did many banks fail in the
  early 1930s?
• In order to invest in the
  stock market, customers
  demanded to get their
  money out of banks.
Answer 3-200
• Who were the candidates in the
  presidential election of 1932?
  Who won?
• Republican: Herbert Hoover
  Democrat: Franklin D. Roosevelt
  FDR won!
Answer 3-300
• What is the term used to
  describe the rich getting richer
  and the poor getting poorer?

 distribution of
Answer 3-400
• What is the term used to describe
  engaging in a risky business
  transaction to possibly earn a
  large profit?

Answer 3-500
• Why did farmers have large
  debts after WWI ended?
• In order to feed the troops during WWI,
  farmers bought farm equipment on credit.
  However, after the war, the demand for
  food decreased, and farmers were still left
  with their debts for the equipment.
Answer 4-100
• Where did many farmers from
  Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas
  move when the Dust Bowl

Answer 4-200
• What book was written by John
  Steinbck that revealed the
  plight of farmers during the
  Great Depression?

•The Grapes of
Answer 4-300
• What were the farmers called
  who left Oklahoma during the
  Dust Bowl?

Answer 4-400
• What government agency was
  responsible for building
  hydroelectric dams in the South,
  including Alabama? This agency
  also provided badly needed jobs and
  cheap electricity.
• Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
   Daily 4-500
Answer Double!!!
• What area of the U.S. prospered
  as a result of the Tennessee
  Valley Authority (TVA)?

Answer 5-100
• During the Great Depression,
  what President believed that
  individuals, charities, and local
  organizations should provide
  assistance to the poor, not the
• President Herbert Hoover
Answer 5-200
• What was the name of the Great
  Depression belief that
  individuals had to solve their
  own problems?

Answer 5-300
• What name was given to the
  shantytowns that emerged
  during the Great Depression?

Answer 5-400
• What government agency
  provided federal insurance for
  bank accounts during the New
• Federal Deposit Insurance
  Corporation (FDIC)
Answer 5-500
• What federal act, passed under the New Deal,
  provided funds for the following?
  1. The Elderly
  2. The Unemployed
  3. Families with Dependent Children
  4. The Disabled

•The Social
 Security Act
Answer 6-100
• What federal agency was set-up under the
  New Deal to hear testimony about unfair
  business practices as well as determine if
  workers wanted unions?

•National Labor
 Relations Board
Answer 6-200
• What New Deal program provided jobs for
  unskilled workers to construct new
  government buildings? This program
  created one third of all new jobs during the
  Great Depression.

•Works Progress
 Administration (WPA)
Answer 6-300
• What New Deal program provided jobs for
  unskilled men between the ages of 17-23?
  They worked to create national parks,
  bring electricity to rural areas, build fire
  towers, and plant trees.

•Civilian Conservation
 Corps (CCC)
Answer 6-400
• What New Deal program raised the
  minimum wage to $.40 an hour, set
  maximum work hours at 44 hours/week,
  and ended child labor for those under 16?

•Fair Labor
 Standards Act
Answer 6-500
• What program created
  numerous agencies designed to
  get people back to work during
  the Great Depression?

•The New Deal

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