Design Your Own Embroidered Hats In Three Easy Steps_ by xdhedward


									Design Your Own Embroidered Hats In Three Easy Steps!

If you have ever considered the possibilities associated with designing your own garments chances are good
you have been introduced to customized headgear. Online, you will discover oodles of popular options
where you retain the creative power behind each design. Yes, you can design your own embroidered hats in
just three easy steps.

With such attractive bonuses, you will want to ensure you consider all your options. Remember, you are in
control; you are in the drivers seat. With each of the designs, you are given the opportunity to try out
something new or rely on something old.

So how can you design your own embroidered hats in just three easy steps?

Choose your cap

This is the fun part! First, you get to select a favorite color and style of cap fitting your preference and need.
Choices you may have to choose form include a flat peak cap, a fitted flat peak cap, a brushed cotton cap, a
pro baseball fitted flat peak cap, a cyclone, a sandwich peak, a connector, a fitted cap, a military cap, a kids
cap, a classic bucket cap, and so many more!

Each style comes in appropriate arrays of colors and sizes. You get to stay in control so pick one style or one
hundred. The choice is completely yours which makes this process so much fun. Get the colors you need
and the style you want with each order. Because your order is never premade; each order is made to order.

Select your layout

Now the real fun begins in step two! You get to choose the future layout of the text involved. Choose one
line of text, two lines of text, or even three lines of text. Then you get to choose from arcing of those lines as
well. Perhaps you want the first and third line arced with the second line straight. The great news is that you
have complete control.

Another possibility is to actually use monogramming. You get the same options for the offset though.
Monogramming can be a fun way to keep people guessing. Commemorate an event or celebrate an
anniversary using monogrammed designs.

You will even be able to upload your own logo! This is an amazing options when you want something
specific. The logo or uploaded image will be placed in the center of the cap. Yes, you really do have options
that allow you complete control of the designing process!

Add your text
When you are on step three, you will be completing your creative journey. You will choose from such fonts
as Easy Script, Backlight, Block 1, Block 2, Energy, Columbo, Microgramma, Mandarin, Garamond, Kids,
Hobo, or other such fonts. There are virtually hundreds of choices to choose from so you do have complete

After choosing the thread colors and the words, you will be ready to take a last glance at the final product.
You will have discovered the beauty of why you should design your own embroidered hats. This is
exceptionally easy and the cost is next to nothing.

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