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									           Choosing A Logistic Software And Warehouse
                 Management Software Reseller

Mr. Oliva was using different logistics software but soon switched to the
Magaya warehouse management software when a friend showed it to him.
“When I evaluated the system, I fell in love with it. It’s colorful and easy to use.
Not just that, but all the capabilities and the help from my salesperson and the
Tech Support team – they really make you feel like Magaya’s got your
back.”Approximately 70% of the business at Simple Freight Solutions is
imports sent from Asia to the West Coast of the U.S. The other 30% is exports.
The warehouse management software enables the user to define and save an
Inventory Item Definition that includes details about cargo items received
regularly such as part numbers, the manufacturer, dimensions and more. When a
bar code for a defined item is scanned, the details populate in the software,
speeding up cargo receipt, movements, packs and loads, and shipments and
reducing errors.

Mr. Oliva explained that the variety of software features helps his business as it
grows. “Some features we don’t use right now, but we know they are there when
we need them. We won’t have to buy a new program in the future.”One of the
software features they are taking advantage of now is the Custom Fields feature.
An example of how they use this feature is how they handle shipments and returns
for their Dutch customer that ships diesel pump assemblies. All the parts have
serial numbers.

These numbers must be tracked in the system in case of a return. If a pump or
accessory malfunctions, it must be returned and replaced. The return and
replacement parts must be tracked by Simple Freight and made available to the
customer to see online. All this data is managed in the Magaya Cargo System and
can be included in reports. takes a couple of clicks.”
   New Office Locations for Magaya Corporation’s New
                York and Brazil Offices

Logistics software company, Magaya Corporation is growing and has
moved its Northeastern U.S. office and its Brazilian office to be closer
to new and existing customers in each of these regions. The
Northeastern U.S. office was located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Since
opening in 2010, the office has grown with the addition of new
employees. The new location is in Jamaica, New York, just a few
minutes from the John F. Kennedy International Airport, in a major
warehousing and freight district.
“This means a huge increase in the investment in technology
applied to logistics. Magaya is the first freight forwarding
software company to move to this region and we propose to take
our full array of products to all the sectors of the supply chain in
this region,” said Ignacio Bencomo, Latin American Business
Manager for Magaya Corporation. Many US freight forwarders
and NVOCCs have partners or branch offices in Brazil. Using
Magaya logistics software on both sides of their operations
provides real-time tracking across their supply chain, one-time
data entry, and reduced communication expenses and labor costs.

Magaya logistics software is the leading choice of start-up
companies in the logistics industry. In addition to the New York
and Brazil offices, we have offices to serve you, including the
corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida and regional offices in
Houston, Texas, and Los Angeles, California.
To     manage       supply      chain
processes, software designed
specifically    for    wholesalers,
distributors, and other logistics
service providers can provide
numerous benefits for managing
the purchasing, ordering, sales,
and shipping of inventory. The
best solution includes built-in
warehousing                 features,
international               shipping
documentation,       and       online
tracking,     covering     all    the
processes from seller to buyer.

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