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            Planning a Trip
• Budget
  – Figure out how much you can afford and
    where can you go?
Think about what you want in a trip
  – Do you want to:
    • Visit family?
    • Visit a new location?
    • Go site seeing?
       – (see the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon)
Choosing your Destination

           • Look into travel guides
             – Travel guides give
               great tips on locations
               throughout the world!

             – Pick one up at the
               Library or at a
  Once you know where you want to go….
• Think about how will you get there?
  – By car:
     • how long will it take you? Would it be better to take another type of

  – Airplane:
     • look for tickets everywhere, shop around to get an inexpensive

  – Bus:
     • travel time is not quick but is inexpensive.

  – Train:
     • a little more expensive but can be faster than a bus.
            Cutting the Cost

• Plan ahead don’t
  plan in a month
  everything will be
  very expensive.

• Take a vacation
  during off season
• Look for transportation bargains on the internet
  or in the newspaper

• Bring some food snacks and food with you it
  can cut the cost of buying food at the hotel
Battle of the Vacations

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